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Found 14 results

  1. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_5 by Meyerj, on Flickr hope you enjoyed the comic style version, I tried it, not to sure i'll stick with it takes a lot of time. cheers Jody Meyer
  2. here is my try at the star wars world with a bit of comic style to it.. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_5 by Meyerj, on Flickr hope you enjoy, comments always welcome.
  3. One of the benefits to being of a higher rank is that when I put in for time off, it generally gets rubber stamped. Things had been hectic lately and I wanted a few days to just clear my head and break from routine. For many, perhaps most, in the Empire that would mean either some resort planet or finding a bar. I understood the bar route, sometimes you just needed a break and drinks provided that. However, once the drinks are gone your problems and the things you were trying to forget are still there and you just have a lighter wallet to show for it. I preferred to find secluded spots where there wasn't a lot of noise and crowds. When I listed where I was going the clerk seemed surprised. "There is nothing out that way." he offered. "Exactly." I smiled as I replied. He nodded and clearly understood -- at least as much as he could. Being part of such a large organization as the Empire you rarely are alone. Even time off felt like you were being watched as you had to keep your location known in case they needed to find you for some reason. I'd become accustomed to it by now, but there was a certain allure to being far enough away that they wouldn't easily pull you back. And if they did, it likely meant something large I'd rather be involved with early on instead of trying to do clean up later. Nar Eurbrikka had a spot I had found that wasn't too far from a major city, so I wouldn't spend days getting to it. I took a shuttle down to the surface and then used a high speed transport stop to get me even closer to the Sha'emenor Well of Souls. It wasn't a hot tourist spot since it lacked the flash people are so used to. There were no holovids or interactive games. The walk from the transport stop was about a mile and I found that the noise level dropped off as I got closer. I'd brought a data pad just in case and had some light supplies. Always be prepared. The Well of Souls was supposedly where the souls of the Sha'ek religion practitioners went after they passed away. It was a sort of temple that was considered a very sacred place and had the guardian statue out front of Amenkanor -- Protector of Souls. Supposedly he guided your soul to the temple where it was given eternal peace. The sacred tree at the back of the temple was supposed to date back hundreds of years. The grounds were immaculately maintained by the monks who lived nearby and were selected to have the honor of maintaining the temple. Generally the monks kept to themselves, though they weren't forbidden from speaking. Given that I was here for the quiet I certainly didn't feel any need to strike up a conversation. The building itself was good sized and very sturdy. It was all laid by human hand, no droids as they were forbidden as part of the religion. The lack of a soul in a humanoid shape was seen as evil. I spent time just appreciating the simplicity and thinking about my past and future. I wasn't one of those who thought the Empire could do no wrong and I'd recently interacted with enough Rebels to know they weren't the "bad guys". I knew plenty of good people in the Empire, guys who wanted order and structure. They liked that under the Empire there was water and power reliably available and hopefully an end to fighting. It wasn't an easy question of whether the peace and stability was worth giving up some rights and freedoms -- and for now I knew it was my job to enforce the laws. This place was being left alone on a planet that didn't see much fighting. I doubt they would elect to remove the Empire presence and invite in the unknown and potential for chaos. Our operation with the Rebels proved we could unite to fight a foe like Xizor. There was a lot of distrust on both sides and we all knew it was a temporary accord. But maybe it could happen again and both sides could see the human instead of the Rebellion or the Empire. My upcoming promotion to the Imperial Department of Military Research would be interesting. Perhaps I could slowly move the needle to a less combative approach to Rebels. More likely though I'd find myself under suspicion by my comrades for my lack of zeal in the Empire group-think that seems to have gripped our highest commanders. Tree: Statue: All the pictures: Please Judge and all comments and critiques are welcome!
  4. Dear all, We know (and hope ) that you are all busy with some awesome entries for the last chapter of challenge V. And while we do not want to take your attention away from that, we still have a little something extra to offer. As some of you may know, Eurobricks is the home of several RPGs, and one of them, the Star Wars themed Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, has proposed a collaboration. In short, we (and other Eurobricks RPG's) build for the NPC faction in their challenge, and they will offer their builders for some of our challenges in the future. But what is our role in this? We are building for the Black Sun in this challenge (Operation Eclipse) together with volunteers from other eurobricks RPGs. As such, our builds will compete against the two player factions in SoNE, comparable to if we had someone building for Mardier in a future challenge. A few words about the Black Sun from Nar Eurbrikka staff member LucasLaughing: The deadline is the 3rd of June, well after our own challenge V ends. Each builder can build one build, placed in one of three locations: The Sewers Imperial and Rebel builders must show their sigfig sneaking through the sewers of Coruscant to infiltrate Xizor's palace Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters protecting the entrance to the palace Xizor's Palace Rebel builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to rescue Leia Imperial builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to capture Xizor Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters fighting off the intruders Xizor's Skyhook Builders must show a chaotic space battle as Imperial, Rebel, and Black Sun forces fight around the skyhook Our builds will be scored similarly to the player builds, and if the Black Sun (us) wins, the player factions will lose territory. If you are interested, or want more information, go to the Black Sun sign-up thread and state your business. The Brethren Court would like to encourage you to participate, to spur cross-theme collaboration and to gain the assistance of other themes in some of our future challenges. Therefore, participation will be awarded as follows: BOBS prizes: All participants are awarded the right to license a small property based on a microbuild. Best (BoBS) entry instead gets a large property. 2nd best gets a medium. These licenses must still be paid for, but only requires microbuilds for activation. We hope you like this offer - and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or over in the Nar Eurbrikka forum. May the force be with you!
  5. Judgement: Story: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle: I was being extremely subtle with this, but if you pay close attention, you might catch a popcultural reference or two.
  6. “We Are Being Boarded!” Aboard an Imperial medical frigate above Naboo Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “All units report to Section C3! Repeat, All units report to Section C3” -Bzzt- *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #1 (Flashback): “Rebels- Aghh!” *Shot in head by Rebel Soldier* Stormtrooper #2 (Flashback): “They’re Everywhere!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): “Die Rebel Scum- Aghh!” *Shot in arm by Rebel Soldier* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded! All personnel Evacuate! Report to your designated escape-” *Blaster fire heard over com* -Bzzt- AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Wait help me! I’m still alive! No! Please… help me…” *Blacks out* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “The rebel forces have taken the bridge! I repeat we have been boarded, all personnel to the escape pods!-Bzzt- *Flashback Ends* Shoretrooper Captain: “Wake up!” AwesomeToa: *Heavy Breathing, Half Asleep* “Huh? Sorry sir.” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded, all units move to intercept the rebel forces in section C3” -Bzzt- Shoretrooper Captain: “All units means you too, get up! Here’s your blaster.” AwesomeToa: *Less Heavy Breathing* “Yes sir.” AwesomeToa: “Wait, section C3!? That section is filled with civilians!” Shoretrooper Captain: “Exactly, that’s why you have to move, now!” Later, in section C3 Shoretrooper Captain: *Over Loudspeaker* “Attention Rebels! Please release your hostages to us, we will not fire as you do so!” Rebel Trooper: “We don’t bargain with imperial Bucketheads!” *Shoots Shoretrooper Captain* Shoretrooper Captain: “Aghh!!!” Stormtrooper #3: “Medic! Somebody get a Medic!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “Fire!!! And don’t stop until every single rebel is dead!” AwesomeToa: “But sir, the civilians-” Imperial Navy Trooper: “-are of no concern to us. We have orders to kill these rebels and that's what we’ll do!” AwesomeToa: “Yes sir!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “We need reinforcements!” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “Reinforcements are on there way to your position now sir.” -Bzzt- Two Death Troopers enter the hallway, one has a Thermal Detonator… The Death Trooper throws the Thermal Detonator. AwesomeToa: “Take Cover!!!” The Thermal Detonator explodes, killing the majority of the rebel fighters along with a dozen or so civilians, AwesomeToa is also knocked unconscious. *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #4 (Flashback): “Run, to the escape pods!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Don’t leave! Don’t leave. Please, don’t leave...” *collapses to floor* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com, slowly getting quieter (until silent at end)* -Bzzt- “All personnel to escape pods, we have been boarded! Escape pods launching in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...” *Flashback Ends* *Out of Character* Please Judge!
  7. Please judge this freebuild. _____________________ During a deceptive period of cease-fire between the Alliance's and imperial forces around the sector, Jacob Nion uses his time to renovate the SoroSuub Luxury Yacht he had found during the evacuation of Cloud City long ago. The endless junkyards of Nar Eurbrikka provide enough spare parts. And it's a good opportunity to meet again an old friend. And some shots of the ship Sadly there's still pure emptyness. Simply because I have no idea what I could install inside. So, finally. After a long time I'm glad to return to SoNE. I had the Yacht finished for a while now, but didn't want to post it until I would have got better photo equipment. And then there was a different rpg on eurobricks... but here it is! When I did my first Luxury Yacht for the very first episode of SoNE, I fell in love with this ship class. And I really wanted to improve it. You can compare the model to the original in the wookieepedia article Thanks for having a look! And man, it's good to be back on Star Wars!
  8. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw *drip drip* *drip* *squeeeee ... * Clang! Once out of the pipe, I pulled off my helmet and helped Raven up. She peeled off her hood and tried to untangle her hair. "I'm not sure what they run through those pipes," Raven said as I took out my weapon and checked to make sure it had not been damaged by the long crawl, "and I don't think I ever want to know. I'll never wash all that slime out of my coat." She looked down in dismay. "And it's such a nice coat, too." Once we had dealt with the three Weequay security guards, we had backtracked to a maintenance corridor. Inside, we had found a pipe that was big enough for us to crawl through and wasn't full of running water - or worse. Judging by the leaves, shreds of paper, and small metal objects which I was now picking off of my armor, this was a storm drain pipe, though what it was doing running through a bank's basement is beyond me. The intricacies - or, more likely, the lack thereof - in Hutt design and architecture have always been a mystery to me. "Did the datatapes make it?" I asked as I holstered my blaster. "Yep. They're all right," Raven said, giving up on her hair and pulling them out of an inside pocket. "Where are we now?" We had followed the pipe until my helmet told me we were in an area marked as being "under construction." The concrete-walled chamber we were in was about fifty feet below the surface, but there was supposed to be a manhole about twenty feet away, through the door. "Almost out of here," I said, scraping grime from the inhaler and eyeshields of my helmet. "What do you plan to do next?" She shrugged. "Leave Nar Eurbrikka, that's for sure. I'll probably try to disappear somewhere, maybe on Coruscant, maybe not." "Why not come work for the Empire? I could use somebody like you on my team." "You have a team?" she asked sarcastically. "I do if you join it," I replied, shaking the leaf litter from my cloak. She studied me for a while. Then she nodded. "Sure. Why not? It's not like I've got anything better to do. And I suppose I owe you one." We shook hands. "Great. Now," I said as I slipped my helmet back on, "let's get out of this hole. I'm going to have to do an awful lot of paperwork before this is done." END OF REPORT I would like this entry judged, please.
  9. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw Once inside the building, it was a fairly simple matter to locate the rigged safe deposit box, open it, and retrieve the tapes. The bank was remarkably elegant for an institution frequented by Hutts - even the wood floor was spotlessly clean. But now there was a ... problem. The door we had entered the bank by was locked again, and someone had jammed it. "Looks like we'll need to find another way out," I said after Raven had given up trying to open the door. "Um ... I don't think that's going to be our biggest problem," Raven said, looking around. I took the first thug down quickly, but there were more behind him. They were probably the bank's security force, and we must have triggered some sort of alarm without knowing it. We took cover behind the heavy wood and leather couch. "We're going to have to get out of here before one of them signals for help," Raven said. "I think I have an idea," I replied as I stuck my head up and shot at one of the Weequay guards. I would like this entry judged, please.
  10. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw "What's taking so long?" I asked. We were standing in a dark alley in the newer quarters of Nar Eurbrikka. "I'm working on it, okay?" Raven hissed. There was a little flash and an unhappy tone. "Confound it! This wasn't so hard a week ago!" Judging from the piles of garbage, one would have thought we were deep in the Eurbrikkan slums, but in fact this alley ran up against the back of a newly-completed bank. It was here that Raven had hidden her data, and, after donning more suitable outfits for the task, we had come here to attempt to break in and recover the tapes. Again, my thanks for the speedy processing of my materials requisition - the armor used by the Shadowtrooper corps is far more suitable for the work of an ISB operative than is standard-issue armor, being less conspicuous than combat whites and offering far greater protection than ISB grays. I will refrain from asking how you managed to obtain it. "Where exactly are these data tapes?" I asked as I stood watch. "In a safe deposit box," she said. "You mean you just deposited it in a box here?" "Sort of. I didn't exactly tell the bank. Their vaults open in response to electronic keys, and I've recalibrated one of the locks to respond to my tool." She waved the glowing-tipped silver rod. "They don't check the vaults regularly, so the tapes should still be there." "Well, hurry up and unlock that door before someone finds us here," I said. I would like this entry judged, please.
  11. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: [NONE] During our last contact, we were unfortunately interrupted. At the time, I was involved in an extremely sensitive operation, and could provide no details due to the risk to my sources. I am pleased to inform you that this incidental operation has been successfully concluded. I submit that it should be recorded as "Operation Outlaw," and will refer to it as such in further dispatches until orders to the contrary are relayed. Subsequent to my promotion into the Imperial Security Bureau, I was stationed, as you are aware, on Nar Eurbrikka, pending a more permanent posting. Shortly after my arrival, a message was delivered to me by the local ISB station chief. It consisted of the name "Raven Williams," the address of a Nar Eurbrikkan club, a date and time, and a memo from the station chief or his yoemen, which said that this note had been delivered through an Imperial agent in the local Rebel underground, and that I had been identified as the intended recipient by my name and operating number. The name "Raven Williams" was far from unknown to me, and it is unlikely to be unknown to you. Williams was born a Corellian of low to middle class, and was shanghaied by a space freighter at age fifteen. She disappears from known records until age seventeen, when she emerges as captain of said freighter in the salvage documents - the freighter was destroyed by pirates, and, the documents note, she survived by taking cover in a mining facility on a nearby mega-asteroid. She joined the Rebellion at eighteen, and today is an information broker and occasional operative in Alliance Intelligence. What the record does not state, and what has likely been until now unknown to anyone but myself and Raven, is that the facility in which she hid from the pirate attack on her vessel was my own mining base, during one of my early mining expeditions into the Outer Rim. She sheltered there until the freighter with whom I contracted my supplies of consumables made its next visit, and then bought passage away. Evidently, Raven still remembered my name, and seemed to have something worth communicating. I judged the risk acceptable, since I as yet knew little of critical value to the Empire and thus could reveal little of value to the Rebels should this prove to be a trap. Accordingly, I proceeded to the club, and was there at the appointed time, 2300 Imperial time. I wish to pass along my thanks for the timely processing of my materials requisition. My ISB armor would hardly have been suitable for a rendezvous of this sort, nor indeed would have my uniforms. I was, at any rate, sufficiently inconspicuous, even in a nearly-empty room, that it took Raven a moment to recognize me. She was precisely on time, and over a hand of cards she quietly explained why she had arranged to meet me. As an officer in Alliance Intelligence, she was painfully aware of the stark price the Rebellion exacted from its supporters, and the lack of protection it offered in return. She, like myself, had no interest in supporting a lost cause. But the Rebellion polices its own forces as effectively as the Empire, and her dissent was discovered. When she learned of this, she passed a message through a known Imperial agent (in light of this data, I recommend a complete analysis of all data produced by Nar Eurbrikkan infiltrators in the Rebel ranks), hid her data in a secure location, and made her escape. Now, here she was, seeking political asylum. As an officer of the ISB, I had the authority to grant this if it would further the goals of the ISB and the Empire. So, we made a bargain. We would need to recover her data in order to render her useful to the ISB. So, if she would assist me in recovering that data and delivering it safely to the ISB, she would be granted asylum and a full pardon in accordance with the Bureau's war powers. She was quite willing, and now all that remained was to retrieve the data. I would like this entry judged, please.
  12. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Junkyard

    This is part II of my story. If you like, have a look at part I (link) I would like to have this one judged. Jacob's story Part II: strange meeting at the junkyard After escaping the imperial mining installation Jacob arrives at one of the countless junkyards on Nar Eurbrikka, rusty witnesses of the galaxy's industrial lavishness and technical progress. At this inhospitable place he will have a fateful encounter... "Hello there. On the run?" "Indeed. What about you? I wouldn't have guessed to find someone both organic and sentient out here." "And I didn't expect a visitor. Well, you are the first in more than twenty years. I once was called Hunter." "Jacob, pleased to meet you. You lived here alone for two decades in this garbage? The only plausible reason for this self inflicted exile would be to have the full attention of the empire." "Oh no. I don't consider myself to be that important. Unless the Empire still wants this ancient piece of scrap back." "An Alpha-3 Nimbus! Can't believe it! And it's in catastrophic condition." "Pipe down! It's not as impressive as it was. But I spent the last 20 years keeping it in good repair. Nevermind. You seem to know a thing or two of such vessels. Do you fly?" "Yes, I once was a pilot. In a former life. You were a pilot during these clone wars, right? "Right. See, I'm much like this junk around you. Produced for war, then thrown away when war was over. Now I'm weighed down by age acceleration and the poisoned air of this junkyard." "So you are maybe the last living clone! But how did you get here?" "After the fall of the Republic, most of my brothers served the Empire without a doubt. That was the only thing we knew. We were reared to be soldiers. To obey every order we may conceive. But for all that I suddenly made my decision. I ran away. Oh, and I wasn't alone at all. That's my old Astromech. My only true friend, R2-W7, but I call him Wilson." "1001001010001" "Don't feel offended, but why would you do that? Leaving everything behind and live in this junk? I thought clones were loyal." "Because I knew what freedom means, unlike most over clones. Maybe it's a thing only a pilot can understand...But for now I guess you need a ship. Wanna take my old V-Wing? You can also have my old flight suit." "And you should take Wilson with you. He has proven himself in many battles. And he's a very interesting droid to talk to." "01001001000100101" "I know, Will. I will miss you, too. But unlike me, your time hasn't come yet. I believe there's still something to do for you. Any idea where to go now?" "Not really. I think at first I'll just enjoy flying again. After all these years." "Yes, that's a funny thing to do. But you will have to choose a destination. If possible a destination that doesn't need a hyperjump. And more important, you'll have to find something that's worth flying for." "Let me guess: freedom? Fighting the Empire? Shall I crush the whole imperial fleet with your invincible oldtimer? That's pointless. I thank you very much, but I can't change the system." "Perky idiot!That's the most stupid crap I ever heard. Of course one pilot can change everything! At war, when whole armies weren't able to enforce a planet, one pilot on the right mission could turn the tide. Look: the only freedom I could claim was on this junkyard. But you could reach so much more. Even on this trashyard I heard rumours of this Rebellion. I'm sure they could need a guy like you." "*sigh* I keep it in mind. Good bye, old oddball. Thank you." "And if you ever meet a surviving Jedi...tell him that not all of us just obeyed order 66. Some were strong enough. And Wilson: I'm sorry! I'm sorry Wilson!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Over all:
  13. With Episode One of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka now launched and Bespin under invasion, I thought I'd have a go at creating one of Cloud City's residents, someone LEGO hasn't yet had a spin at. The Cloud Car Pilot, part of the Bespin Wing Guard, the security forces on Bespin. LEGO have only released one Cloud Car in the Star Wars Line, 7119 back in 2002 (thats not including the recent mini-build), and that came with Lobot, so no actual cloud car pilots have been made. Because they only feature in the film for a split second, there is little information on the uniform, so this version is mostly constructed from the action figure, which is why he has that awesome seventies moustache. Also included is the parts list so everything matches up. (Forgot to add that he is equipped with a DC-17 tiny blaster) Click the image to go to my Flickr Page, where the full size image can be downloaded for your enjoyment. I would love to see where in the universe he ends up (especially in any Nar Eurbrikka free-builds), so if you do end up using him, please post some pics or links. If there's demand for it, I can make a few more alternative pilot heads and ranks when I get a chance. ^_^
  14. Probably the most famous Meme in the Star Wars Universe, definitely the biggest in-joke. From a simple, podgy extra running around Cloud City with a Ice Cream Maker as a prop, to a Hero of the Rebellion escaping with the City's Memory Core, holding the names of the Rebel's biggest financiers. This guy epitomises the Star Wars fandom and the Expanded Universe, where any background extra can get a back story tightly woven and is integral to the main plot of the films, all from a couple of frames screentime. He's a tribute to the fandom's sense of humor, and devotion they have to the series. After doing a little research into Bespin and Cloud City for Episode One of Nar Eurbrikka, I came across this guy and thought that I just MUST have a minifigure of the guy to play around with. ^_^ Click on either image to go to my Flickr Page, where the full size image can be downloaded for your enjoyment. Surprised nobody's made a LEGO version of Willrow to date (that I could find). Thought he might have turned up in the LEGO Star Wars Games as background joke/tribute, but nothing, where's the Willrow Love? ALSO, THIS GUY WOULD MAKE AN AWESOME COMI-CON EXCLUSIVE!