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Found 5 results

  1. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] XTS-620

    Receiving transmission: "Commandant. We have recovered the secret data from the archive. The data was highly encrypted but after our best hacker decrypted it, we found out that it had highly sophisticated mech frame plans. We carried out the XTS-620 experimental mech frame to the test range and it pretty much passed all the test in record timing. This is one of the most destructive mech we have ever built. We call it "Twins". This "Twins" mech is piloted by two pilots working in perfect harmony with eachother. The left side is mounted with a highly destructive gauss ion cannon. It has enough power to pierce our experimental "Cocoon" armor. The weapon is still not fully tested so do not go over 70% power or you risk destroying the arm completely. On the left side, we have a high pressurized pyromite launcher that has 3 times the range of our standard pyromite launchers. Also for melee combat, the left arm is mounted with a large plasmite claw. There is enough power to crush a class 5 titan head like an egg. The legs are equipped with experimental dampening systems that allow the mech to jump down without any damage to the actuators. This mech requires highly trained pilots that can sync up in perfect harmony. We have sent you this experimental mech for a field test on real action. Be cautious." -Mech build lab
  2. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] XT-G20

    Receiving transmission: "Commandant. We have a solution to the invasion from the coast side. We would like you to try our latest weapon: the XT-G20. This combat walker is equipped with heavy lasers that will destroy the flying enemies with pinpoint accuracy. The lasers need a short time to ramp up but after charged, they can shoot down fliers from long distances. To keep swarming enemies on their toes, we added 8 long range missile pods to the shoulders that have flak tips. If however an enemy or two gets to land, we gave the XT-G20 arms that can punch or grasp into things. The XT-G20 is a heavy class mech with medium armor and it's only weakness is attacks from behind. It's however exceptional at long range anti air combat. Use your radar and locate the enemy fliers before they get too close. We have sent you 5 XT-G20's to help you in your next mission." -Mech build lab "Alright, let's see what this mech is made of. There is a large swarm headed our way." -Commandant
  3. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] SW-K10 "Sasquatch"

    Receiving transmission: "Commandant. We have designed a new weapon for your command. May we introduce to you, the SW-K10. We nicknamed him.. "The Sasquatch". This combat walker is equipped with corrosive pyromite flamethrowers that will melt the armor from the outside and cook everything in the inside. This pyromite chemical will stick to any surface and continue to burn up to 5 hours on it's own. For ranged combat, we added some explosive tip medium range missiles to help you get closer to the enemies. We do not recommend to get up close and personal but as a last case scenario, we added some plasmite claws that heat up and help you claw trough heavier armor like it's paper. The SW-K10 is a medium class mech with high armor so it's only weakness is the slow movement speed. But the armor should make you durable enough to withstand long ranged weaponry for a short duration. Use terrain as your advantage and get to medium or short range to wreak havoc to the enemies. We have sent you 10 SW-K10's to aid you in your next mission." -Mech build lab "Ten SW-K10's deployed. Let's turn up the heat and roast some aliens." -Commandant
  4. The Premise Underneath Antropolis city, a new hive has been breached, this time with beasts bred specifically for combat. After crushing the Hero resistance, these new beasts are now spreading across the world like a plague. With new, improved machines, the Heroes charge into the heat of battle hoping to push back the wave of monsters. The Beasts Crystal Beast Pose Size Comparison VS Drill-Machine Flyer Beast Pose Front Back VS Brawler Mech Jaw Beast Pose Side Head Detail VS Freezer Machine Splitter Beast Combined Front Side Back Split Beta Gallery Gamma Gallery Tunneler Beast Roaring Front Side Back VS Rocka Crawler King Beast Roaring Side Confrontation Decked in the schnozz The Battle Machines Brawler Mech Pose Front Flying Repulsers Close Up Shield Detail Drill-Machine Pose Front Size Comparison Freezer Machine Pose Front Back Predator Mech Combined Front Combined Side Combined Top Surge's Walker Front Surge's Walker Side Rocka's Flyer Side Rocka's Flyer Back Comparison Rocka Crawler Front Back Side XL-Mech Pose Front Side Back Criticism is welcome, spam is not, have a good day. I will try to get all of my pictures up as soon as possible, and If you have a reasonable photo request, I will try my best to shoot one for you in a timely fashion. Gallery for your viewing pleasure (when public).
  5. hey, so i was abe to pick up the xl, the jet, and the stealth mechs yesterday! i decided to try to throw the stealth and the xl together, so this is the result. sorry for the pics, my cam is busted, ill try to get better ones soon. this build can be made using the parts from the aformentioned mech sets, plus 2 extra y-joint parts in the hips. "EVO, ROCKA, COME IN! The auto-builder prototype has been damaged severely, we cannot produce the parts to replace your fallen mechs! you may be able to use it to re-attatch the usable parts of your old mechs into one larger machine, rocka, see if you can fix the machine while evo designs the machine!" first moc posted up here, so give some feedback if you dont mind! i will replace the pictures once i can get better pics, but i may need to rip this one up for parts, so the next pics may have a slightly different build.