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Found 14 results

  1. Guyinaplaguemask

    Lego combinations

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to combine 9493 and 75102 into one kind of "super x-wing". I tried but it fell apart.
  2. My Version of a 1:40 minifigure scale T-65 X-Wing. It took a while to bring all the Angles together that make the front Body looks like it should. Unfortunatly i didn't made a better picture of the slim Front Edge of the Wing made of round Slopes. I took the Standard Turbine and turned it 90°. Guess i'm gonna show some more Pictures of the Wing Design in Time...
  3. Hello everyone. After a long time I have returned with a “new” MOC. The idea came some years ago, when I noticed the several inaccuracies in the official X-wing models. I already had the first two sets, but at some point I realized that the official models have enough inaccuracies to justify upcoming re-releases. So I started to think how a proper LEGO X-wing should be for me. I began with a simple LDD file which I showed two years ago here in EuroBricks. But after that I noticed my model was really unstable, so I decide to redesign the entire MOC until I was happy with it. And was very hard to be happy with the WIP, because that redesign took me a lot of time, and the final result has almost nothing in common with that first .lxf file. After delaying more than two years, that amount of time even looks wasted if you take in consideration that I still have the official versions. And the MOC is nothing new due the high number of great T-65 MOCs around the internet. Here are the pictures: -The cockpit can be opened and you can sit a minifg inside. There is also a targeting computer adapted for minifigs. -The S-foils can be opened manually like the first LEGO X-wing. -The landing gear can be retracted from the nose and the wings, like the “real” one. -The cargo bay door can be opened, although there’s no so much space inside. Thanks for your time, I hope you like it. As always, every comment is welcome. Gallery: Version 1.0 (2010) Version 2.0 (2012)
  4. atlas

    [WIP][MOC] red 5 X-wing

    hello! At the start of last month I began work on by next project, which is a minifig-scaled model of the "red 5" x-wing that Luke flies in the death star assault. So far I've completed most of the wings and have also done some of the rear fuselage. project album on flickr: stage 1: stage 2: description from flickr: Problem. I am trying my best to make this as proportionally accurate as is possible with lego. Fortunately, using my scale (4 studs = metre, meaning a projected length of 50 studs), the 4-wide cylinder intake piece and 4-wide half cylinder are basicall the perfect size for the engines. Using a top down image of the ILM red 3 studio model the engine width is about 8% of the total length of the model, from nosetip to exhaust. So that is a good basis for the size of the rest of the wings : 6 studs wide from front to back at the laser cannon mounts, and it's already been established by other builders that the 4x2 wedge plate is also almost perfect for the angle of the back of the wings. My main issue with this currently is that the distance between the interior edges of the engine half cylinders is too great. As shown in the photo it is currently a 9 stud gap between them, and if I built a fuselage to fill this gap, it would be much too wide. Using other reference that I've been gathering, the distance between the interior edges of the engines seems to be close to 2 times the diameter of the engines. Meaning it needs to be 8 studs wide. This is really difficult to achieve because the scissor mechanism I have built (which is derivative of mike psiaki's click-hinge scissor but more compact, and using finger hinges so that each wing shuts flush instead of 0.5 studs apart) is based on a central shaft which is 1 stud wide, with the arms of each scissor measuring 4 studs from that shaft to the edge of the engines. Somehow I am going to have to reduce the gap by 0.5 studs on either side. I don't think using a 1x2 technic brick with a centre hole is an option so I will try shifting each engine assembly 0.5 studs inward with jumpers first. stage 3: description from flickr: two steps forward and two steps backward. I fixed the proportions issue from the last shot, but at the cost of the strong scissor mechanism i had before that forced a 9 or 7 stud gap. The new scissor is made out of technic liftarms, but the impossible problem is that to have a gap of 0 LDU between each wing when closed, i had to use part 32530. I just can't figure out how to make a strong connection between that part (on its sides so that the antistuds point directly toward the cannons) and the wing assemblies. I can't lock it in, at the moment they are just attached with snot bricks. It's strong enough to stay attached with minimal drooping, but nowhere near as tough as the previous one. I'm not sure whether to persevere with the old one and make it 8 wide somehow, or move onto the fuselage and concede some fragility. This is the third major overhaul of the wings (first: made 6 long at the tips instead of 5, second: finger hinge scissor mech, third: this technic iteration. You can see the old mechanism in the background with the orange hose through it. I really liked that, simple, compact and strong but egh, it's too wide. The bottom engines have open landing gear doors. I have one set of parts to have the doors open and gear down, and another set of parts (identical to the coverings on the top two wings) for flight mode. I didn't bother with having them retract, and as dmaclego pointed out having the gear fold into the engines does't really make sense. stage 4: description from flickr: I have started on the fuselage. Before that, I decided that I wanted to include a gearbox and gear mechanism for the wings to open and close. Doing it manually is easier but i thought what the hell. I probably have less technic skills than a 5 year old so I decided to reverse engineer dmaclego's creation (see here the fuselage, I'm trying to see if it's possible for me to have all 9 surfaces included on my model, at the rear. Currently I have the top 5 attached, the main headache is figuring out how to get the bottom 2 surfaces attached (see here for the greebling, it's not reall proportioned properly, but I'm trying to include the main details. The rectangular box thing with the circular greebly thing is there, but is a bit too wide. (i also realised after I had already built that section that the circular greebly thing should have the edge part pointing down - i believe this was a unique feature of the red 5 ilm model, but i can't see a way to fix that. you can also see that I got some new parts in so the overall look has improved. I'm quite pleased with how the small "used-universe" colour details have turned out. I think the sand blue, dark orange and other colours adds a lot of character to what would otherwise be a boring, gray mass. (as an aside, those parts also arrived with the final pieces needed to finish the T-70 x-wing, so hopefully I wll be able to properly photograph that soon). And i'm satisfied with the choice to make it gray now - under strong lighting, the LBG plastic has that off white look that the film models did. Still a little bit too dark, but much better than lego-white in my opinion. another thing - for anyone reading this and looking at my photostream - do you like seeing WIP images like this while I'm building something? if you do, please let me know and I'll be glad to post more frequent updates! as always, comments, critique, etc. are very welcome! -------------- as I said, comments, criticism, suggestions, questions, etc. etc. are always welcome. As a make progress i'll continue posting updates to the project until it's finished!
  5. wookieejedi

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Hey Eurobricks, First time poster but I wanted to share the my custom T-65 X-wing I have been working on for the past while. Flickr album: LDD File: Part Count: 1056 Length: 34.5 cm, 13.6 inches, 43 studs. Width: 39 cm, 15.4 inches, 49 studs Height: 13 cm, 5.2 inches, 16 studs Bit of Background: I have loved the X-wing since I first saw the movies, and it was the first MOC I ever completed as a kid. Now as an AFOL I was recently able to block out some time for building a MOC and I wanted to update my first X-wing from many years ago. LEGO's versions have been solid, but the more I examined them the more I wanted to design my own that more closely matched the shape of the OT movie props. I was inspired by the amazing MOC X-wings I have seen created by many folks, including Gray Mouser, Inthert, Psiaki, cehnot, and dmaclego. My Objectives: Model building focused on three key components. Overall I wanted to make an X-wing that was relatively accurate to the source props but also very sturdy and still possessed important play features. 1) My first goal was to provide structural stability to allow for maximum swooshibillity. I will be the first to admit my MOC doesn't capture some aspects of the shape perfectly like others have done, but I wanted to focus on using a Technic solution to build a hull and wings that were very strong. I designed a custom skeleton using Technic beams and bricks across across the entire ship so the model can actually take a short fall without exploding entirely. :) 2) My second goals was to capture the proper shape with the heptagonal fuselage, proper angles and correct length and width proportions. Using the original model and screen grabs from the films as a base, I also drew inspiration from the great models of Gray Mouser, Inthert, Psiaki, cehnot, and dmaclego. I used hinge plates and Technic large ball bearings to achieve the slanted heptagonal shape and these were attached the rigid skeleton to maintain structure/swooshibility. It also means I can hold the model by the nose :) Here is a stress test swooshing videos. Two more are on the Flickr album. 3) Building working 'play' features such as retractable landing gear, removable R2 unit and opening s-foils. Since this was going to be for swooshing and not just display I wanted to incorporate the action features that were present in the official LEGO sets. The first was fitting an entire R2 unit behind the cockpit, legs and all. Fortunately, the skeleton allowed for a large space bind the cockpit and I used hinged panels around the R2 unit so the entire droid (legs and all) can be removed and inserted easily. I also made retractable landing gear a part of the rear engines and the front fuselage. Again the landing gear don't look quite as pretty as a display set, but I prefer the play-ability aspect myself. :) The s-foils can also be opened with a knob on the rear or a switch on the top of the craft. There is also an option to use a knob on the top of the fuselage, but I think the top knob would stick out too much. Just for fun here are the past two iterations of my MOC, from many moons ago I would love to hear thoughts about what others think of the model and I would be happy to answer questions or provide my LDD file, too! Thanks!
  6. Inthert

    [MOC] Incom T-65 X-wing

    Hi As a new member of Euro bricks I'm a little unsure of what I’m doing so please say if haven’t I’ve done something right. I actually finished, and uploaded pictures of this to Flickr almost 2 months ago, but I figured I might as well put it up on Eurobricks as well. With that out the way, I give you… yet another X-wing MOC (seems to be the thing to build at the moment). The X-wing features the essential opening wings, two small cargo areas and working landing gear. Let me know what you think and I’ll gladly answer any questions too! T-65 X wing (1) by Inthert, on Flickr T-65 X wing (4) by Inthert, on Flickr More information, pictures and instructions on how to build the fuselage can be found on my Flickr page here: And even more pictures can be found on my brickshelf:
  7. This started out as a 9493 that I picked up second hand, but complete. I was surprised how crude it looked after more recent sets, so I began tweaking it here and there, and then it just sort of got out of hand, and I don't think there are two bricks of the original set still in their original configuration! I'm not a quick MOCer by any standards, I tend to come back to things and tweak a bit, rummage through the spares, get inspired by others builds etc. There are plenty of things I could have done for greater accuracy, but I wanted it to be a tough build, and whilst there are techniques that would allow the shaping to be more screen accurate, they tend to be quite fragile, which is a compromise I was unwilling to make. Anyways, on with the pics The wings open and close in much the same way as in the originally set, though much of the mechanism has been messed about with and changed. The knob for opening has been relocated to the rear, and the rubber bands have been made a little more discrete, though I think if any further development on this happens, i may ditch it and revert to the wing mechanism used by many other x-wing MOCs. Tried to get the shaping on the underside as close as possible without it being too fragile, I think the shape is ok, but the slope section could do with being a little more secure. It doesn't fall off, but it's only connected at the rear. The gap in the underside is to accept the stand which is designed to hold the ship at an angle so it looks a little more dynamic. So yeah, it's not finished, I keep doing things to it when I find different or better solutions to things. I feel the rear of the fuselage might be a stud too long, so that's something I might look into. The greebling could be more accurate, but that's not a major worry. I realise the shaping is a little more rounded than some, but it's also a little less "studdy" too. I'd like to incorporate some landing gear but at this point I wanted to make sure it looked right, and the stand makes gear less vital for display. Overall I'm quite happy with it, but I'm also open for suggestions on improvements.
  8. FTG Prime

    [MOD] Red Five 9493

    Hello everyone here´s a project that took a while but it´s finally here´s Luke´s personal X-Wing based after the 9493 set As you can see a lot has changed since it was 9493, i tried to get the most accurate color scheme to Luke´s Red Five, i couldn´t make all the details on this scale so i had to paint the blue lines on the blasters & the gray line next to the tan one on the nose. Some of the most hevy MODs are located on the cockpit so let´s go there This is how all started i wanted to get a nicer cockpit so i did a nicer looking seat,a place to hold the light saber and some other controls. One of the sections i´m the most proud of is this,one of the things that always bother me on 9493 was that R2-D2 was in a vertical position instead of a horizontal one so i changed that and i heavely moded the greebles to be more accurate over all. Here´s a look on the back, it looks way nicer and accurate IMO (i originally had a Technic disk instead of that black nob but it was really hard to lock the S-Foils so i used the black nob instead) Here´s a look at the other side as the color scheme changes. I also added an UCS style base for display Here´s the X-Wing on all it´s glory. Thanks for taking the time for reading this i hope you like this thing as much as i do. I´ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope you have a fantastic day !! -Prime
  9. Khaled Yousef

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing Starfighter

    Here is my take on the iconic X-wing. Lots of builders have been bringing out some incredible models, and I decided to hop on the X-wing train and see if I can bring something interesting to the table. The objective of the project: To build the perfect minifig scale X-wing and make it look like a mini UCS X-wing, not because I'm a genius, but because I'll be using the best design ideas inspired by the best X-wing builders out there. The design guidelines: Accuracy in overall shape, scale and proportions. Convincingly accurate color scheme. Abundance of details. Sturdiness. Working S-foil mechanism. Modularity and easy assembly. Using the new windscreen. Detailed cockpit. Convenient R2 slot. Storage compartment. LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 0 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 1 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 3 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 4 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 5 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 6 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 7 4K by Khaled Yousef, on Flickr The build: The ILM model used in the CGI work is dirty white, while the life size model leans towards grey, so you pick the one you prefer; there is no definitive answer to that question. I chose white because the X-wing is a lot lighter than the Falcon, and the Falcon is definitely grey, so there is no other choice in LEGO except white. I tried however to darken the overall tone a bit by using grey and tan parts whenever possible to give it the battle scarred look. I used red and dark red for marking to give it a dirty look while at the same time be able to use the original Red Five striped 1*4 tile on the wings. An all dark red markings would just make it look dark not dirty; dirty is more accurate. I found that L-DI-EGO's and Inthert’s idea to use the 12*3, 4*2 & 3*3 wedge-plated to illustrate the nose to be the perfect solution. I just wish LEGO would make a 6*2 wedge plate so I could use it instead of the 4*2. I also think Inthert is the best builder to incorporate this idea to achieve the perfect overall shape. I had to use the new windscreen because it's just gorgeous. The only problem with it is that it ends in 4 studs and doesn't taper inwards; it should taper inwards to 3 studs to fit seamlessly into the wedge plates of the nose. This caused a slight unavoidable gap between the wedge plates and the top of the nose. I’m working to fix this issue. The build of the body is sturdy enough, and the wings are removable for easy maintenance of the s-foil mechanism and for easy storage. Psiaki was the first to inspire me to think outside of the box when it comes to designing the X-wing body; he was the first to use SNOT techniques, modularity and angled plates to make a more accurate overall shape for his X-wing than the official set. The nose tip is a new design, I hope I managed to make it look as smooth as it should. I used LEGO's S-foil mechanism with rubber bands, it's the best and most professional one to use, it opens easily with a twist of the top 2*2 round plate and snaps right back perfectly. I improved on LEGO's design by concealing the rubber bands so it won't look stupid. I consider this model to be a work-in-progress, so any ideas to improve on this design would be much appreciated. I intend to improve the S-foil mechanism by connecting the opposite wings to achieve more balance while keeping the core rubber band system, which is tough considering the tight space I have. I also want to add retractable landing gear inside the engines and the nose without compromising the shape or the integrity of the structure. I hope I've succeeded in building a better and more accurate X-wing, worthy enough of the 40th anniversary celebration this year, bringing together the best ideas of the best builders out there with professional techniques from the official sets and some personal ideas of mine to make it look like the perfect minifig-scale X-wing. I wanted to take more time to improve on this model, but I don't want to cause delay to my next MOC, which is going to be my best work ever, so I think I'll move on immediately to my next MOC, which will be "on the way at the speed of light".
  10. Hello everyone ! I am very excited to show you a MOC that i've been working for a while and that i really wanted to show you, my new and improved X-Wing. Now i know there's been a... X-Wing fattigue (for lack of a better term) here, and with such great models as Inthert's or Maciej Szymansk's, i knew i had to live up to those standards, weather or not i did it's up to you, so since i knew i couldn't do this alone so i asked for help from LiLmeFromDaFuture, Kit Bricksto and Inthert to help me out with this model, the result.. what i consider a decent (at best) representation of the iconic ship. Now, my main goals with this was to use the new windshield piece and to make it look organic into the model itself, i also wanted to give the nose a nicer/smoother look and to give it that nice angle from the nose to the windshield, to keep it as smooth as posible (since i prefer that style of builds), give it the right proportions, keep it minifig scale and to give it the hexagonal shape that the X-Wing it's known for. My all time favorite color scheme for the X-Wing is Luke's so i wanted to get as close as i could to that specific set of colors with my model and throwing some random tan & light bluish gray, some old darker and slightly discoloured pieces,along with newer ones to show wear One mayor thing that was missing from my previous one was a proper targeting monitor, so i made sure to include it this time around, one thing that's easier to note in this pic is the fact that i tried to hide the technic as much as i could, it aint perfect yet but it does the job for the time being. One big improvement was the back of the fighter, you can see that the main body looks waaay better now and i added some extra greebles there just for the heck of it. And one of the sections i'm the most happiest of it were the 2x2 round brick/mechanism activator is, i used hinge bricks and plates along with tiles to give it that nice outline on the back while keeping the shape, that's an idea that Kit and Inthert gave me and i cannot thank them enought for that. I think this picture (the trench run pic as i like to call it) shows the new nose in all it's glory. And that's pretty much it guys thanks for taking the time to read this, oh wait there's more actually heh, the last time i uploaded a X-Wing quite some people wanted instructions for it, but i didn't make any because that model wasn't the most stable, however i designed this one to be quite sturdy (it's not as solid as a LEGO set but it should do, it's ment to be a display piece anyways) so i'm very happy to announce that for anyone that woul like to build this... well now you can, i made a full PDF file with the actual instructions and some further stuff you need to know about this. The X-Wing that's on those instructions is a blank looking one (what i mean by that it's that it's mostly if not fully white and with complete red marks) so you can come up with your own color scheme, it can be a Black X-Wing, a member of the Rogue Squadron or even one of the new cool gray X-Wing squads that will be on Rogue One the choice is up to you. Because it took quite a while to develop this unfortunally the instructions do have a cost they're only $6.50, this can help me develop and fund more awesome builds like this but i'm willing to lower the price if i see that enought of you think it's too high. You can find the instructions here: And they will be on the Bricklink MOC page soon ! (i'll post the link when they go up) Sorry for that huge plug, and thanks again for taking the time to read this, i hope you all like this as much as i do, and huuuugee thanks to Kit,LiL & Inthert for their help Have a great day and May the force be with you ! -Prime
  11. UPDATE : Here is a picture and the ldd file of the latest version. Cehnot also uploaded some upgrades, check out the following pages! Flickr album: -------------------- Hi, A few months ago, Inthert set forth a MOC of the T-65 xwing. A fantastic MOC. Not only that, but he also took the time to publish instructions as well. It so happened I was looking for an x-wing MOC at the time, so that I could use it as a gift for my girlfriend. But even though there were instructions, there was no brick list, and some pictures were not quite clear. So I downloaded LDD and built a numerical version of Inthert's MOC. You can find more about Inthert's design here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=138324 Upon completion, I realized I was proficient enough with LDD to try to improve some parts of Inthert's design that didn't seem as good as the rest of the MOC. Don't get me wrong, Inthert's MOC looks very, very good and fitted very well with what I remembered from the T-65 x-wing. But when compared to visuals from the movies, there were definitely differences. Subtle ones, to be sure, but differences nonetheless. I started with very minor modifications (the canopy and the slopes on the wings). And things kinda got out of control from here. Since then I've spend a lot of time modding Inthert's MOC with the intent of making it as close to the real thing as possible. So the original MOC underwent very heavy modifications. I feel I modified most of the ship, and if you cannot tell at first glance that's good, it means I didn't screw everything up. So here is the result of my efforts. I don't know if you will notice what I modified, but I'll make a list of what I did if anyone is interested. Please let me know what you like, what you dislike, what looks better and what looks worse. Maybe I'll tweak this mod a bit further. Here is the link to the Flickr album :
  12. Kendo

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Hello guys , I am currently working on an X-Wing moc. The focus is to get it as close to the movie version as possible ( while strictly keeping it minifig-scaled ) , without caring about action-features , play value/"swooshability" etc . While waiting for a couple of Bricklink orders , I decided to post some WIP photos of what I have so far . Do have in mind that many of the parts' colours are substitutes while waiting for the correct coloured ones ( such as the brown nose and every white piece in there ) . Lastly , I 've decided to go with light bluish grey and not white for the main colour . I know this debate has been going on forever , and fully respect the people who want it white , but for me light bluish grey not only represents the actual colour a bit better , but also provides that battle damaged - real world and not CGI feel that I love about the original trilogy ( it's a real, living world , with real vehicles and that sets it apart as the best in the sci-fi genre , imo at least ). Anyway , enough indirect prequel shots fired , here are some pictures , please share your opinions and/or suggestions (sorry about the medium-low level quality , a friend borrowed my camera so I had to make do with my phone ) . There's also and LDD file I made which I'm attaching , it's not quite the whole thing , it's more of a sketch-up of how it's going to look without caring about how everything will connect ( as it is better to find that out when physically building it , when illegal and unorthodox connection techniques can be used ) , so have a look there , as there's much more than I've shown built in the photos above ( almost the whole thing , or at least the first version of it ) . Finally , note that there's going to be a "88295" part (http://www.bricklink...colorID=66&in=A) stuck on the "85861" parts on each of the four laser-canons , they're just not available in LDD so I couldn't show it there . Please share your opinion , recommendation or any other type of feedback guys , I really need it and will truly appreciate it . Thanks for looking !
  13. FTG Prime

    9493 Heavy MODS-W.I.P

    Hello everyone!!. So i´ve been an X-Wing fanatic since i was 5. And when i got my 9493 about 3 years ago i was pretty happy,but since i bought it something felt wrong. I started doing Mods when we first saw 75102,one mod lead to another and well here it is thus far. I did Luke´s X-Wing since his color scheme it´s my favorite,also some mods are not my ideas i took a lot of inspiration from marchetti36´s X-Wing so credit to him.I won´t use this background since i don´t like it,i´ll take proper photos when it´s finished. So most of what i´ve done are color changes(some of the pieces here are temporary,and will be changed) and some other one´s for example it has the structural changes to use 75102 Windshield. This color scheme is based after several models that seem accurate to the Movie-Prop.Unfortunally i wasn´t abble to brick-built the gray line next to the Tan marks,if i found a way to use bricks there i´ll use that but for now it´s painted :/ The cocpit has been modified to look a bit more accurate,it has more controls & a control stick,also has storage for the lightsaber hilt. The back was one of the ugliest parts IMO so i cover the Technic holes(in a pretty cheap way) and made the back of the main body accurate,The mechanism is fully functional. The R2 unit now sits horizontally !! Also re-did the greeble( i didn´t knew you could fit a stud beetween two hinge bricks). That´s the reference photo i used for the greeble. Here´s a Break-down of how i did the greeble for those of you that want to built it. And i added an UCS style stand. Hope you like the MOD´s so far,i´ll be updating this topic everytime i do some progress so stay tuned. If you have any suggestion i´ll be happy to hear it. Regards. -Prime.
  14. rx79gez8gundam

    Incom T-65B X-Wing

    I set out to create a more screen-accurate minifigure scaled X-Wing, and this is my result. The model is built to accept the canopy used in the new Poe's X-Wing Fighter set (75102), but it is not yet available to use in LDD so I created a stand-in for now. I am collecting the pieces to build the model, which is 1471 elements total. It features a geared S-Foil wing system controlled by the wheel on the back, opening canopy, and positionable landing gear with doors. Please visit my Mocpages to see more of my work. Comments/feedback appreciated!