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  1. Brikkyy13

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Photos of the bag the VIP card holder comes in are lurking around the internet. Apparently it's resealable and the image is a piece of card, not printed onto the bag like a normal polybag. Call me nitpicky but putting the stand in a bag is just one final "screw you" to the black VIP members. Every exclusive for a convention, LUG or whatever comes in a special box. As for the yellow hands on the figure, at first I thought that we would be encouraged to swap out the head for our own, but now I doubt even that. I know LEGO normally has all their sets designed at least 6 months in advance and usually puts actual effort into them, but I really want to chalk this one up to sheer laziness. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we found out this one was designed two weeks ago. I can only imagine LEGO HQ the day they came up with this. "Hey, December is a week away and those fools who fell for the black card bait are getting restless. Any ideas as to what we could give them?" "Lando in Han's clothes?" "We don't have time to get approval from Disney for that. What can you make with the bricks on your desk?" "I don't know, maybe a card holder?" "I want it on my desk in an hour, you've got sets that people will actually pay for to design. Have a graphic designer slap that picture from the card onto a torso and we'll call it a morning." "What about the packaging?" "Send the intern to the supermarket and have him get a couple packs of ziplock bags, it's too late to get a box made up."
  2. I don't normally enjoy MandRproductions' content but I have to agree with him on this one. It is absolutely infuriating to see that these "exclusive" sets have been sold to the public, I hope LEGO is smart enough to not ship them. I'm normally one to blindly follow LEGO as I generally agree with their moves as a company as a whole but this black VIP promo has been a complete letdown and a waste of everyone's time, to end it off with yet another middle finger to the dedicated fans is a major misstep on LEGO's behalf. 5 promos in total through the year after what was marketed as a very different program. IIRC the original wording was "a year of exclusive offers, contests and early access" or something along those lines. We got one round of double VIP points, a polybag that had been available for months prior and an "exclusive" "poster" that ended up being given to regular customers too (I don't think it's fair to complain about the metal figure giveaway as that was the only one handled appropriately). Something tells me that MandR's(?, I know someone said it) assumption is right and that there may have been some plan in place but because the ball was dropped on release of the MF they scrapped it. I don't care. What follows is sure to be an unpopular opinion but it needs to be said. The program should've been as all-out as the MF set, more VIP points year round (hell, 10% extra would've been fine), early access to sets, sales and/or discounts and we 100% should've been given some type of exclusive figure based on actual Star Wars content, not this... thing... in the card coffin. The torso is cool but has no value out of the context of the set it comes from. Anybody who says it wouldn't be fair to those outside of the program shouldn't kid themselves; it's a VIP program, exclusive perks should be part of it.
  3. Really? It got bumped around on these forums quite a bit when the set was first released. Before then, though, I’d never seen it either. I’m waiting for the day that I can nonchalantly use it in a casual conversation
  4. Pathetic excuse for a promo in my opinion, however it’s better than what we’ve gotten previously. In the end, I’m thankful we’re getting something somewhat exclusive but like others I really do believe LEGO could have put more effort into this program. What they’ve released does match the description of the program given last year, however it’s fair to assume that they would’ve given us more. Anybody willing to buy a set with the MILF’s price tag is either gullible or dedicated; someone buying that set is most likely giving a lot of money to LEGO already. Would something as simple as double VIP points all year not have been easy for LEGO? I’m sure they wouldn’t stand to lose too much revenue from it in the end. If LEGO tries to do something similar in the future I hope they get it right, but I will not be part of this program again.
  5. Say it again for the people in the back
  6. What is with LEGO and making new, oversized helmets? Nobody asked for them and the old ones were perfect the way they were, and tbh I think they should be spending the money on developing new parts that can actually be used for something instead of updating helmets that don’t need updating.
  7. Saw the set list in the other 2019 thread, very interesting that the first UCS of the year is $120 US. Glad to see its something smaller, that makes my wallet happy. My gut tells me it's probably an A-Wing at that price, but only time will tell. Can't wait to see photos of these new sets.
  8. Don't forget that we get a lot of molds for alien characters and trooper helmets. Besides, there aren't that many creatures in Star Wars to mold that we haven't gotten already - the only obvious one I can think of is a Bantha
  9. Today I learned. I’ll have to check it out next time I make a LEGO purchase, thanks for letting me know! :)
  10. As far as I’m aware, Amazon is still only for books here in Australia so it better be available through other channels. I’m starting to get realy pissed at LEGO for giving the US preferential treatment. Brand stores, exclusive sets, better prices, earlier releases, wider set availability... the list goes on. If you’re selling your products worldwide you should at least act like you care about everyone. (In their defence, Australia did just get a new S@H warehouse so orders are finally arriving in a few days instead of a month, so that’s been the step in the right direction.)
  11. I find this hilarious. The arguments against a cloud city playset and for a display set brought up the point that the exterior look of cloud city is “more iconic,” and yet I’ve seen a lot of people ask what that advent calendar build is. Cloud City doesn’t have any defining exterior features (like the Death Star) that would let people pick it out, because everything iconic that happened at cloud City was inside (dining room, carbon freezing chamber, “I am your father” etc)
  12. The calendar mentions a microfighter launcher, anybody have more info on that?
  13. We all spend more than we should on LEGO, might as well get our money’s worth. Slave I in one hand, X-Wing in the other...
  14. Brikkyy13

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I remember an old thread about the Slave I itself drooping over time, but not the stand. I think that is what @Hold0511 was referring to. I have the Slave I, TIE Fighter and newer X-Wing, Y-Wing and Snowspeeder UCS sets, all displayed on their stands. I have not noticed any bending at all, all stands are very solid and the bricks that make up the stands have no visible deformation. The X-Wing has some stability issues but that's caused by the ship itself being back heavy, the stand is completely fine (I was playing around with swapping the ships on their stands, the X-Wing stand can hold both the Y Wing and Snowspeeder without tipping over). The worst stand that I've come across is by far the one that comes with BB-8 from last year, can't move it without breaking something. I'd be more worried about the stickers on the newer sets than anything else. I've noticed the stickers on my Snowspeeder have already started to peel. Any other 75144 owners noticed the same thing?
  15. The third helmet could be accurately represented with the mandalorian helmet piece. If LEGO realises that too and is willing to give us the T-shaped helmet then we could have all 3 guard types