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  1. Not to add fuel to the fire, but when in the past has there ever been "fake leaks" before? I remember a couple fake Falcons last year, the Throne Room (which I think is real, but even if it isn't we'll be getting something similar anyway) and that's it
  2. Anyone notice the yellow tab on the side of the throne room leak? Also looks like Rey under the watermark. Could be the moving floor feature that the descriptions from toy fair talked about.
  3. The rebel scum article links to this report which talks about the Brickheadz sets we'll get. There's the ones we already knew about, but it's also saying we'll get a Luke/Yoda double pack and Boba Fett.
  4. Only in North America
  5. How are people taking this as a supremacy is coming? Correct me if I'm wrong, but by "flagship" you mean "large set that receives marketing," yes? Like the walker did for TLJ? You think the Solo Falcon will be that set and you are not referring to a large set that's we haven't seen yet?
  6. The minifigures are nothing new, they seem to be cropped from the high-res set images that leaked a little while ago.
  7. Sorry, I was unaware there were images already.
  8. Is the rumored V-19 the same set that's supposedly retiring after 3 months? If it's not, and this is just wild speculation, maybe LEGO finally worked out a deal to get a Star Wars minifigures series? Minifigures normally last about that long, don't they?
  9. Myer has 20% off LEGO and TrU has buy 1 get 1 half price on at the moment. No clue when either end sorry.
  10. I haven't seen a video of theirs in years, but last time I checked them out they were already receiving support from LEGO and they gave every set they reviewed a 9 or 10 out of 10 (even when it certainly did not deserve it, especially from a neutral standpoint). Maybe they're scared that saying something bad will lead to their support being cut off? (I've given a couple sets some less than stellar reviews as part of the LUG program and nothing bad has ever come of that...) Right now I'm in the boat that these rumors are too good to be true, but I do trust the folks over at rebelscum. The figure choices, prices and descriptions all seem a bit off to me.
  11. One source suggests the V19 will have Rex, Cody (with a new helmet), a Clone Pilot, Obi Wan (with a new hairpiece), Plo Koon (with a new head), a battle droid and a droideka. 7 figures in an $80USD set is ridiculous considering sets at that price have had only 4 figures for the last few years. Not to mention this "rumor" follows the same format that all the fake ones always do: way too many minifigures for the prices and the community's most wanted set/figure(s) of the month are in the mix.
  12. I've seen LEGO use "sold out" and "temporarily out of stock" interchangeably before. Don't worry, I'm guessing the Falcon will here to stay for a long time, much like the Death Star
  13. The Mimban Stormtrooper in the TIE Fighter has a new helmet mold, the eyes are pushed back just a bit. I wonder if/when we're going to start seeing normal Stormtroopers with that. Also, RIP army building
  14. Probably cause the mods were insanely strict with their title policy and deleted everything. Everything was posted to the normal sub anyway so it's no real loss
  15. That page says we're getting Vader, Luke, Leia and Stormtrooper brickheadz! Brickset has them listed as well so it's probably old news. Hopefully they don't look too bad (like Phasma). I probably will get them.