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  1. $40 USD in 2016 will be worth $43 USD in 2020. Not enough to justify changing pricepoints imo.
  2. The new skyhopper pilot face print is fantastic! I hope this becomes the new standard pilot face print as really dislike the current one, the smile/scared look just seems wrong to me.
  3. Considering the 2016 version was as good as it was, yes, I would’ve preferred a recolour if it meant only getting 3 figures and keeping the cost down. $40USD was already pushing it for an AT-ST IMO. In my mind LEGO is a product for children, and to me that means that products should be affordable as toys. Just because I can afford to spend all my disposable income on toys doesn’t mean that families with children can. I understand that LEGO prices their sets before designing them, but I’m really not a fan of this trend of sets becoming more expensive, even if they are more accurate. Sets from the early 2010s era were almost perfect the way they were, accurate models with good figure selections and were priced well. We don’t see sets like that anymore. Do you remember the AT-ST from 8038 Battle of Endor? That was an extremely accurate model built out of less pieces... and also had more play features than the new one. If that AT-ST was a set by itself... oh man. If LEGO could release sets like that I don’t see many people complaining about price or quality.
  4. I just watched a comparison video between the 2016 AT-ST from Rogue One and this year's AT-ST from The Mandalorian. It's pretty clear to me where the extra pieces in this year's model have gone, they're in the extra detailing on the legs and the sides of the head, as well as making the "hip" section bulkier. The new AT-ST definitely takes a step towards a more screen accurate looking model, but again I have to ask if it was worth adding in the extra pieces and a price hike when a simple recolour of the last one would've been enough?
  5. Holy crap, those Aussie prices for the IX sets are awful. $45 for the two brickheadz? The last two-packs were only $30.
  6. Brikkyy13

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The Eta-2 is my favourite ship out of the whole saga, a UCS version would be a day one purchase for me. Good opportunity to bring back printed astromech heads, too
  7. I never understood why LEGO does this. Is one extra piece really going to make that much of a difference? Especially considering all the instances where they use two parts instead of one, like them using two cheese slopes next to each other instead of using a 1x2 cheese slope
  8. Just had a look at the Episode IX sets again, and man that A-Wing is disappointing. Good figures but the ship itself looks more like an RZ-1 than an RZ-2. In fact, it’s more or less the same build as the last A-Wing from 2016. Unless IX is bringing back the RZ-1 that’s a pretty bad move on LEGO’s part. As similar as the ships are, there is a big difference in the shape of the hull and it looks like no attempt has been made to replicate it.
  9. Brikkyy13

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I feel like we’re more likely to see the TIE Interceptor remade over Vader’s TIE Advanced, but hey I’m not LEGO so I don’t I own what would be the better move on their behalf. Someone mentioned a UCS Speeder Bike? Would be cool, but there’s other smaller-scale UCS sets that should come first... especially since we just got the constraction figure + vehicle set (which is great btw, I display it with the rest of my UCS sets) How would a UCS speeder bike be any different to that one? Also, it would look kind of naked without the pilot. I’d love to see more sets that have multiple ships in them, but only if they’re available in Australian retail stores. The A-Wing/TIE Advanced was online only, and at the RRP of $160 it wasn’t happening. LEGO needs to find a way to produce quality sets with less pieces (like they were doing 10 years ago) because the prices are getting insane. The designers are more than capable of designing the same ships with less pieces, just look at the A-Wing. 75175 from 2016 was 389 pieces and cost $80. 389 pieces is good, but just look at what it builds... it’s tiny. Now look at 75248 from this year. 268 pieces and will probably cost $45. It’s the same ship, more or less the same size and proportions, but has 100 less pieces and costs half as much.
  10. Has anyone been paying attention to what time the D2C sets have been going on sale lately? Or are LEGO still as sporadic as always?
  11. The first image of him without his helmet was from the Vanity Fair shoot. Here it is.
  12. Brikkyy13

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I’m in the A-Wing for May 2020 boat. I have no insider info but I’d be willing to put money on it, these last few UCS sets have been so predictable, I know myself and several other people on this forum were calling the Y-Wing when the snowspeeder came out, the Tantive/ISD combo when the Y-Wing came out... you get the idea. Another TIE has to be on the way too, probably a Bomber but I could see either an Interceptor or Advanced rerelease. Both are due for an update. Assuming LEGO keeps the trend of 2 Star Wars D2Cs a year, I could see the AT-AT being next. LEGO knows we want it and when it comes to UCS it’s pretty obvious that LEGO listens to our requests (we did just get the MILF and the ISD). I don’t buy the stability excuse anymore, a couple years ago I did, but their current designers are more than capable of designing an AT-AT. The problem with it is that we all want it to be minifigure scale, and I don’t see LEGO attempting a large AT-AT without trying to put space for, at the very least, 2 figures sitting side by side in the cockpit. Considering the size of some of the MOCs out there, yeah the price tag will come at something similar to the Falcon and Star Destroyer. I believe Cavegod’s AT-AT is minifigure scale and has around 6100 pieces. I wouldn’t be surprised if an official UCS AT-AT became the new largest set of all time (even if it only beats 75192 by a handful of pieces). But if LEGO wants to go the playset route, there’s no knowing what they’ll give us. If I had to guess, I’d guess they’d do another attempt at echo base. Nobody wants it but I’m sure it’ll come eventually. I hate jumping to conclusions from set patterns, but since the Death Star was in 2016 and Cloud City was in 2018 one could be forgiven for expecting something from RotJ. An Ewok Village rerelease would be nice, but I’d rather see Jabba’s palace or sail barge. Not to mention all the prequel era stuff they could do. I won’t make a list of it all, but in response to some of the posts here: Geonosis and Kamino would be amazing but they need the figures to back it up. Geonosians and Kaminoans obviously, but there needs to be more. I’m talking Death Star levels of figures, so 20 at the minimum. If we get Geonosis, it needs lots of Jedi and droids out the wazoo. Especially the droids. I know minifigures cost a lot to produce but the old MTT sets prove that battle droids are exceptions. If we get Kamino, the figures need to be clones, clones and more clones. Leave out Lama Su, Jango, Kenobi and all the rest, give us an army of shinies and their commanding officers, give us squads of battalions like the 212th and 501st. Give us the clones that we see eating in the lunch room, the clones that are still in their growth pods, hell even kid clones. And 99 of course. They can leave out every other important character from AotC and TCW but they can’t leave out 99.
  13. A new UCS Imperial Shuttle would certainly be welcome, especially since the last one’s price is starting to creep upwards. I’d also like to see TIE Interceptor and TIE Advanced remakes since the old models look pretty dated. I hope they bring out something new first, like an A-Wing or a TIE Bomber. Dare I ask for something from the prequels?
  14. There's probably a ton of reselllers who share your viewpoint. I anticipate supply to exceed demand, meaning little to no gain on investment, much like every other UCS set from the last few years. You can still pick up 10240 for close to retail. To me this is proof that the AFOL market isn't as large as we like to think it is. For years people on these forums asked for a new cloud city, and now it's going away just as fast as it came. I know it's not what a lot of people want to hear, but the OT doesn't resonate with the younger audience as much as it did with the older audience. I know when I was younger I found a lot of what happened in ESB to be boring, especially the cloud city parts.
  15. While we’re at it we should probably nip the Death Star 2021 speculation in the butt right now.