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  1. Photos of the 3 in 1 set are out there now, it’s got the landspeeder, obi wan hut and the mustafar duel as predicted.
  2. I remember reading in a book like 10 years ago that 200k was the cost of a new mould. It’s probably gotten cheaper over time but some of the more impressive parts would still be expensive.
  3. Funny, I don’t see ample stock of those sets you’re referring to. In fact, there hasn’t been ample stock of those sets at all and they’re already fetching ridiculous resale prices despite not even being retired yet. If you want those sets where I live you’ve gotta pay a 50% markup from resellers. So yeah, I’m going to continue believing that lego clone stuff sells out because that’s exactly what I’m seeing with lego clone stuff.
  4. Of course you won’t see those two CW black series figures, they were limited release and they sold like hotcakes. X-Wings and TIEs warming the shelves because everyone has them already and they’re saving their money for the new wave of CW stuff, no stores near me have anything CW cause it all sold out day 1.
  5. Microscale trench run sounds sweet, especially since I was never sent the last one with the A-Wing. This is shaping up to be a great start to the year, love that they’re taking risks with the display sets rather than giving us tired old system scale rereleases. Yeah, I’d prefer prequel stuff, but I definitely like the sound of these dioramas over another Y-Wing. I will say that it’s a bit weird that some of these are meant to be released in May and we’re hearing about them now…
  6. Apparently a tree, a sunken x-wing and a display base isn’t enough. Knowing LEGO the figures will probably be new variants too. Resistance X-Wings from 2015 and 2016, although that was justified with different colour schemes.
  7. As always there are people who missed the last one who would like the figures and build without resorting to buying on the aftermarket
  8. We’ll see… as tight as Mando’s production was, castings still leaked. Agreed on the potential figures though.
  9. Oh, that. Don’t think I’ve ever seen those turn up in Australia. It’s only gonna have 630 pieces or something right?… could probably work out what sets it’ll have with that info.
  10. Boys love Padme’s midriff The only one that was “misprinted” for me was the one from the forge. Trouble on Tattooine, Slave I, Light Cruiser all fine. Don’t have the calendar yet.
  11. 2. He’s been in 2 sets. The combat speeder and the UCS gunship. Hardly a boring choice when they could just as easily give us Anakin, Obi-Wan or farm boy Luke.
  12. After the sandspeeder anything is possible. I hope this one pans out, it could be the best set in a while if true. I’d be taking no chances on it this time, I’d buy the max allowed from s@h day one since Australia is still waiting on 501st battle packs and the AAT.
  13. Contrary to what the gunship haters believe the designers don’t have anything against fans and they’re not actively out to mistreat any of us. It’s not the designer’s fault that some people are blowing their comments completely out of proportion. They have no reason to lie to us, they know how much we want minifigures we’ve been asking for a CMF for like a decade now. If they could do it they would’ve done it by now.