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  1. Brikkyy13

    R2-D2 on Steroids

    Brilliant. Though I think the gun could be bigger, to emphasise the fact that he is indeed on steroids.
  2. Wait, they rewarded all his complaining about not being in LAN... by letting him into LAN? Just the kind of representation TFOLs need in the community right now.
  3. I don’t see who would need to be paid for lego to include a couple of extra stormtroopers, it’s not like the actors faces can be seen. Nor do I see printing a couple of extra stormtroopers being cost prohibitive if they think that they’re not interchangeable. Like I said a few pages back, the lack of troopers available in a conflict heavy theme is laughable. The transport that’s supposed to be coming with 2 stormtroopers should have space for 6 along the outside and who knows how much more on the inside... to not include more stormtroopers in a stormtrooper transport when stormtroopers are already hard to come by is a terrible decision in my book.
  4. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for when Ninjago gets 9 figures in a $30 set. We get 4 figures in $15 battle packs, stands to reason that they should be able to do more figures as the pricepoint goes up.
  5. He has not been "reliable for years," up until last year with the 501st battle pack he was wrong more often than not. It sounds too good to be true because Ahsoka v Maul, Imp Transport, Bad Batch shuttle, Mando fighter and Gideon's cruiser are all sets that fans have been wishlisting for.
  6. I probably suggested that the Slave I from the MBS Cloud City would make a good set if released on its own. Does anybody have the piece count for that model?
  7. Don’t get me wrong, the figures themselves sound great. It’s the actual selection of figures I dislike. It’s more of a comment on the fact that fake set lists usually have a ludicrous amount of figures for each set. Mandalore duel and Bad Batch Shuttle are the only 2 selections I’m happy with. Imperial troop transport should have 6 troopers and a pilot at a minimum, or Cara and Mythrol as well as Greef. 2 stormtroopers and a mortar trooper from a completely different episode isn’t enough for what’s meant to be a troop transport. No doubt those stormtroopers will have the terrible new helmets that can’t turn their heads Slave I speaks for itself, only Boba and Han (though Han will probably have his carbonite block too). Missed opportunity for Bespin Lando, Leia or someone else from ESB. Gideon’s cruiser sounds like a good lineup depending on what last figure is, but only 6 figures in such a large set is getting old. If it turns out the unknown is a dark trooper, then that means there’s only 4 traditional figures in the set. Mandalorian fighter, again, doesn’t have enough figures for me. Perfect opportunity for a Mauldalorian, or Almec, or Rex... Satine, Pre Vizsla, more clones, literally anything else. As usual I’m just disappointed that we don’t get nearly as many figures in Star Wars sets as they do in other themes. I get not putting in named characters because they would probably need to pay the actors for the use of their likeness, but not getting faceless troopers is insane. The last time we got more than 1 of the new stormtroopers in the same set was the 20th anniversary dropship, and once again that was a set that you couldn’t get in Australia. Constantly sold out on S@H and never came to retail stores, it was a toyworld exclusive and they sold out day 1 and never restocked.
  8. We were never getting an 11,000 piece Death Star
  9. Why, of all things, is the 18+ set Vader’s meditation chamber? Isn’t this one meant to be $160? What could they possibly do to the build to warrant it being 18+? That list honestly sounds too good to be true, but the figure selection is absolute trash all round so it must be real. I’m going to have to be quick on S@H if these sets come out, no way we’ll be able to find them on shelves in Australia after release day.
  10. Brikkyy13

    [MOC] UCS C-9979 Landing Craft

    That is truly amazing I love the curves on the top up the back. If you ever build it in person, some mini MTTs would compliment it very nicely.
  11. No factory but we have a warehouse that they opened in 2018, I suspect they get most of their stock from the Chinese factories to save on the shipping. The warehouse opening slashed the shipping times from 3 weeks+ to only a few days (well, for most people. Somehow my orders still take weeks because they insist on using terrible couriers). That, and the opening of certified stores, says to me that they recognise the potential of the Australian market, they just haven’t done a good job of keeping it stocked. If it weren’t for the pandemic they might’ve been able to work out the supply issues last year.
  12. Didn’t even realise they popped up in Target. I really hope they pop up somewhere again soon. I was lucky to grab two from the certified store the morning of release before they sold out (despite their limit of one per customer), but I still want a few more.
  13. Probably. We just don’t have the population to match the US, Europe and China. Our market is still big enough to warrant certified stores in our capital cities, and like elsewhere popularity has exploded since the lego movie and lego masters.
  14. Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.
  15. Brikkyy13

    Solid Gold C3PO question

    The description claims the last one sold for $300,000, and that the one your son had is now listed for $1,200,000