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  1. I remember we discussed everything you just mentioned a few months ago, I’m still just as frustrated as you and my opinion hasn’t changed. I bought the whole wave (except the meditation chamber) this week because of the 501st debacle. Thankfully I was able to get 10% off everything except the gunship, but I really miss the days when stores had plentiful stock of sets that were over 6 months old. Hopefully my gamble DOESN’T pay off and other people are able to find these new sets consistently in this country. 501st will be available until the end of 2022 at least As for Finch, that’s fake as hell. I do hope he turns up again somewhere, even if I have no interest in him. It’s about time LEGO knocked the aftermarket down a peg with a move like that. I had the opportunity to get Finch from LEGO customer service but I chose not to because he’s from The Last Jedi. No way ANY character from that megablocking movie is worth even $5, let alone $500. My gunship was delivered today, but I’m not in the same country as you so it didn’t ship from the same warehouse.
  2. Yeah there’s a handful of army builders who are hoarding them here, I’ve seen them brag about it in Aussie FB groups. The rest are going to scalpers. Thankfully the set is going to be around until the end of 2022 at least, so maybe there’ll be an opportunity to get it, but if my info is correct none of the retailers are able to order it from LEGO anymore so good luck finding it in a store. The cheapest I can find it right now is $60 which is still way too much for what it is. At this point I reckon I’m just going to bricklink a large amount of 501st clones and give up looking for more sets, I have a battle display I’m slowly building up and it desperately needs more clones.
  3. GRRRRRRRR Why couldn’t it have been in stock when I ordered the gunship? I have email notifications set up for that set and I got nothing sigh... Anyway, looks like there’s going to be a LEGO Star Wars Halloween Special on Disney+, coming October 1 and titled “Terrifying Tales”
  4. Sorry I can’t hear you, the sound of the shuttle’s engines... it’s too loud. Oh no, what’s this?? Moff Gideon has travelled backwards through time and is unloading on the Bad Batch with his cruiser’s massive deck cannons!!! Tech is screaming for someone to man the rear turret, one of the wings is on fire... megablocks really hitting the fan at the moment, I gotta go. I think we need air support over here, Echo is calling in Boba Fett and Bo-Katan as I write this. That’s LEGO for you. I never get orders on time when ordering direct, even before covid. When I got the UCS ISD I even paid an extra $100 for expedited delivery and it still took a week to arrive. Estimated delivery on my gunship was yesterday but the Toll tracking hasn’t updated since the shipment was created on Sunday Patience is a virtue that I do not have.
  5. I just realised that you can preorder the forge... just not in Australia again I’d rattle off my usual complaints but all I can do this time is laugh, because I know everyone else is still waiting for their Bad Batch shuttle preorder to ship and I got mine from a physical store about a week ago now
  6. That made me laugh. The ball joint they used already hinders the whole rotation gimmick because of the friction... would’ve much preferred something like a b-wing cockpit that rotates freely with gravity. While we’re at it, anybody with the Mando fighter notice the front part of the cockpit area likes to tear itself apart? Specifically the plates that attach to the large angled base pieces underneath. Between that, the friction in the cockpit and a couple other minor nitpicks the mando fighter has unexpectedly become my least favourite set in the wave (still like it lot, even considering a second one at some point). Also, before anyone calls out my previous comment regarding the doors on the Gunship, that was directed at the people who think the door should cover the whole troop bay like the LAATs in TCW. I consider the complaints in the video @DeductedMiller posted to be perfectly valid.
  7. Man, why is this gunship discussion in every corner I visit today? Not a single person who voted for the Nebulon expected a minifigure scale model with battalions of troopers to accompany it. It’s been said before, I’ll say it now, be prepared for someone to say it again: The #GunshipGang crowd clearly didn’t understand that they were voting for and they’ve only just realised it, that’s the only reason why we’re seeing so many complaints. If this was a normal UCS release without the whole fan vote spectacle around nobody would be spewing things like “it’s too big”. Some complaints I’m seeing are valid, like the connection point for the bubble turrets, exposed technic, that sort of stuff. But the people out there going on and on about how it isn’t minifigure scale have no leg to stand on because we knew what to expect the moment LEGO said “vote for the next UCS”. And then there’s the people spewing nonsense like “the doors don’t even close properly”... sorry to be a gatekeeper but they are obviously not the Ultimate Collector this set is meant for.
  8. I paid about $130 for mine, must say I’m very happy with it and probably would have been if I paid full price. I would recommend the set, especially if you’re enjoying the show. Even if you don’t like the characters that much (I don’t really care for them either) it’s still nice to have that part of the franchise represented in your collection. Unless The Bad Batch explodes in popularity and they keep the set around like it’s an x-wing, I can definitely see the set going the way of the Ghost after it’s discontinued. First some pros you missed, then I’ll address your cons. The shuttle build was fun and different to the other shuttles with some cool angles. The speeders are nice and they were actually in the show so it’s not like parts have been wasted in the name of creative liberty. I don’t think that the shuttle could’ve been made much better with the relatively small amount of plastic used for the speeders. And of course, the set comes with Gonky too. The shuttle may be on the small side but it can accommodate 4 figures and could easily be modified to fit more. With the wings extended the size is good enough for me. I don’t have any issues with the roof, and again it would be easy to mod and put a couple of extra studs there if you feel the connection isn’t sufficient. As far as the figures go they have their issues but if you want official LEGO figures of the characters, this is it. Inaccuracies aside they’re still better than a lot of other Star Wars figures out there. Just keep their helmets off if they bug you that much, they do include hairpieces for the figs after all.
  9. Brikkyy13

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    In the last week I've bought and built duel on mandalore, the imperial marauder, Slave I, bad batch shuttle, mando fighter, Gideon's cruiser and the probe droid. UCS gunship has left LEGO's warehouse and should be here by the end of the week. Still trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on the cantina.
  10. I got spare Wrecker armour in the shuttle but unfortunately no spare Dark Trooper armour in the cruiser
  11. Ordered my gunship at the crack of midnight here in Aus with no issues, got the cool looking sailboat too. Best of luck to people living elsewhere.
  12. I will say this though, I like the mortar trooper now that I have it in hand. It has a backpack spacing the head up from the body so it can turn its head easier. I still think the helmets are oversized.
  13. That happened to me in 2016 with the rogue one sets, it’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? Glad you got what you were after :) I got that spare too! It confused me a little at first, I ended up checking the inventory in the manual to see if it was meant to be there hahaha. Should be a good part for MOC figures.
  14. PSA for fellow Aussies, Big W has the new wave up for order on their website. Got my click and collect in already, picking up first thing in the morning. Shuttle, light cruiser, marauder and slave I... mando fighter was already sold out unfortunately.
  15. No, you’ve got 3 of the best Bionicle figures ever released and complete creative freedom to tell your own story I doubt the site will crash this time but be prepared for it to happen, as well as all the new stuff selling out even if we don’t think it’ll be popular.