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  1. The calendar mentions a microfighter launcher, anybody have more info on that?
  2. We all spend more than we should on LEGO, might as well get our money’s worth. Slave I in one hand, X-Wing in the other...
  3. Brikkyy13

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I remember an old thread about the Slave I itself drooping over time, but not the stand. I think that is what @Hold0511 was referring to. I have the Slave I, TIE Fighter and newer X-Wing, Y-Wing and Snowspeeder UCS sets, all displayed on their stands. I have not noticed any bending at all, all stands are very solid and the bricks that make up the stands have no visible deformation. The X-Wing has some stability issues but that's caused by the ship itself being back heavy, the stand is completely fine (I was playing around with swapping the ships on their stands, the X-Wing stand can hold both the Y Wing and Snowspeeder without tipping over). The worst stand that I've come across is by far the one that comes with BB-8 from last year, can't move it without breaking something. I'd be more worried about the stickers on the newer sets than anything else. I've noticed the stickers on my Snowspeeder have already started to peel. Any other 75144 owners noticed the same thing?
  4. The third helmet could be accurately represented with the mandalorian helmet piece. If LEGO realises that too and is willing to give us the T-shaped helmet then we could have all 3 guard types
  5. I can’t believe that after years of waiting for a cloud city set, all anyone can do is complain. What makes it worse is that this matches the description we got months ago, we knew it would look like this so there’s no surprises. I sincerely hope that this is just the opinion of the vocal minority and the people who like it are keeping their mouths shut. I love the look of it, and I’ll be proudly displaying it alongside the Death Star and the rest of my UCS sets. Pose the minifigures in these types of sets right and they look fantastic on display.
  6. So much info, it’s hard to keep up! Are we getting a system and a juniors Slave I or just the juniors? Also sad to hear that the praetorian battle pack only gives us one new helmet
  7. Sold out on day 1 from what I hear. I know all the k-marts and targets near me are either sold out or low on stock as well.
  8. On that note, Big W in Australia has 20% toys off until the 15th I think. Grabbed the new AT Hauler, haven’t built it yet though. Would’ve grabbed they conveyex and x wing but they didn’t have them
  9. Make that a market of two. Its actually a beautifully designed model, it’ll fit right in the rest of my display sets. I don’t get the hate on Porgs, they were hardly in the movie and if you don’t like the mountains of merchandise just don’t buy it.
  10. Brikkyy13

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I normally stick around the Star Wars forums. Here in Australia the Hogwarts Express will be exclusive to S@H and Toyworld. Release date for Toyworld is Nov. 1.
  11. Disney is too smart and too money-hungry to only have it US only. They’d lose too much to piracy. To be frank, if it is US only they deserve to lose the money imo
  12. Not surprised to hear Cloud City is “small”. If it really is like the top half of the Death Star it sounds about right. I need to see photos obviously before I decide on it... but here’s hoping LEGO have learned from the Falcon and it’s easy to get. I haven’t seen the Y-Wing go on back order yet, but Cloud City is a different beast.
  13. Brikkyy13

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yup, happened to me with Assault on Hoth. Happens from time to time, my guess is either manufacturing error or something to do wth the pressure of the plane cabin during transport
  14. LEGO Advent Calendars only have 24 builds
  15. Looks like it. No doubt the head won't have the respirator as an alternate print.