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  1. That’s a shame. That’s right around the time the bootlegging took off, too. We still don’t know if there’ll be any sort of freebie with the video game later this year, don’t we?
  2. I’m almost certain they’ve had 2HY sets on display in the past, sometimes with placeholder minifigs but they’ve had the models out. Aren’t the advent calendars usually on display?
  3. Why does it have to be bound to the current season, or any season for that matter? It’d be so hard to count the amount of figures LEGO has thrown in seemingly unrelated sets.
  4. Funny, I’d consider the AAT the most likely candidate for an Ahsoka... just look at the TX-130 set with Aayla Secura. That said the AAT is just as likely to include Jar Jar Binks again.
  5. Star Wars seems like a mixed bag this year. The sets sound great but they also seem completely overpriced. Very keen to see the April wave. My focus has shifted more to display models so I might end up grabbing the busts and D-0 if they turn up at good prices. Hopefully some photos come out of NYTF. Summer wave sounds good on paper but will probably end up being one of the most overpriced waves ever. I really hope LEGO still reads these forums because it’s clear from these comments that they’re outpricing a lot of their customers. A nice mix of sets for the summer wave. A lot of rereleases but they’re good ones. AAT and the Night Buzzard will be definite purchases for me regardless of the figures, it’ll just be a case of waiting for a good discount. I love ETA-2s so I’m looking forward to seeing this next one. If it’s the yellow or the green one from episode 3 again I’ll probably skip it unless it has good minifigures. I already have all the interceptors from 2007 onwards so unless it’s something new I’m not that interested. Best case scenario is we get this version. BARC speeders have been horrendously overpriced in the past, even with discounts, so it better be good for me to get it. I want to see better photos of the Souless One, I have the 2007 version and I’m still very happy with it. Very happy to hear that there’ll be another AT-AT, plenty of people are after that one. Again, if the figures are good I might get it but I still consider the 2007 set to be the definitive rendition despite its inaccuracies.
  6. Those are the summer sets. April wave sets are the busts and D-0.
  7. Brikkyy13

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    Everything looks great! Those X-Wings are beautiful! Do you know how many pieces you used for the T-70s? Also, this is the first time I've seen ball joints used on the Vulture Droids, I can't believe I didn't think of it.
  8. Those brickheadz look great, but just like every other Star Wars brickheadz they’ll probably sell out instantly on S@H and never come back in stock. I wish they’d sell brickheadz in stores down under but for whatever reason they don’t.
  9. Probably NDAs and people not willing to share after how poorly past leakers have been treated by the forum. By the way some people are talking the info is definitely out there, it just hasn’t made its way to the surface yet.
  10. If any Aussies are looking for the new x-wing polybag (30386) I was just in zing and they had it as a promo when you spend $45 or more on LEGO Star Wars sets
  11. Brikkyy13

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    What didn't you like about it? I'm considering getting it because it looks very striking but if there's something big that I'm missing I may reconsider.
  12. I can already see the MandR video in my suggested feed
  13. Brikkyy13

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    If we’re strictly taking “most unliked builds” it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, for me I found most of it to be straightforward and boring. To answer the question of my favourite UCS set it’s kind of hard to not give it to the Falcon... that’s potentially the greatest set of all time, period. Ignoring the Falcon I’ve gotta give it to R2-D2. The ISD is also amazing on display. Slave I is fantastic too, not surprised to see a lot of love for it here. The 2018 Y-wing is one of the best sets available to buy right now. As for sets I don’t have, I’ve seen the Imperial Shuttle and B-wing at some conventions and they are both awesome. The old Naboo Starfighter with the chrome pieces deserves a mention as well.
  14. Brikkyy13

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    When I saw the post on the Ideas site the other day I instantly voted for the Gunship, filled up the suggestion box with every clone I could think of and moved on... but after thinking it over I’m sure I’ve made the wrong choice. If the gunship wins the vote I do not think the set that gets released would be a true UCS, and by that I mean a large scale display model. Everyone that voted for it seems to want legions of clones to go along with it, and that many clones would just be wrong for an oversized ship (just look at how out of place the pilot is in the Y-Wing). If the Gunship wins and we end up getting a rerelease of the 2013 set but with the number of clones being akin to 10195 I won’t be mad, but I will be disappointed that this UCS vote didn’t give us a proper UCS set. The TIE Bomber would be a great choice, it would fit with the current collection and it’s the only OT TIE variant to not get the UCS treatment. I was kind of shocked to see it on this list because I was sure we’d be seeing it within a few years, now I don’t know if it will even see the light of day as it’s clearly the underdog in this vote. I think that the medical frigate would be the best choice. Interesting build and the potential for unique figures like Luke and Lando from the end of ESB. It also seems like the Nebulon’s only chance at getting a set any time soon.
  15. As far as I am aware they’re unnamed background characters from the show.