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  1. What happened to that rumour of a buildable Baby Yoda? Was that legit or just MandR trying to gain brownie points again?
  2. Landspeeder. LEGO loves the landspeeder almost as much as they love snowspeeders.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, the playsets are good sets. Assault on Hoth is actually one of my favourite sets of all time. But with both Hoth and Cloud City retiring earlier than expected, as well as the Death Star on the way out, I’m really surprised that LEGO would attempt another playset like this so soon. I don’t imagine this set looking very appealing, probably just a box that folds out. Will not be surprised if it ends up being a bunch of pods on hinges like the smaller versions they’ve already made. I wouldn’t put it past LEGO to forego putting a roof on the building just so there’s enough pieces to include another landspeeder. The figures will be good no doubt, it will be good to get more Biths and the like on the market, but if Ponda Baba is the only new mould that will be very disappointing. Do doubt we’ll be seeing Jawas or Tusken Raiders to pad out the figures. Hopefully the Ithorian and Dewback moulds return. LEGO would have to do something big, like include a Bantha or Owen and Beru to make me want to get it day one. Very disappointed that the shuttle rumour didn’t pan out, especially since the source that said that usually gets their info right. That’s one of the best sets LEGO’s ever released and the aftermarket prices are insane.
  4. Another cantina?? What is LEGO thinking?!? These massive playsets have proven to be flops. Where’s the Lambda rerelease? Will wait to see photos but will almost definitely be waiting for a massive discount on it, the 2014 version is enough for me. Might even forego the set altogether and just bricklink the figures for a change.
  5. All signs point to the 2HY D2C being a shuttle at this point, I think it was the brothers brick who posted the initial confirmation.
  6. Not to mention that half the time they’re not even hints, they’re just comments that people take the wrong way. I won’t be surprised if the original commenter comes back in a week just to say that they never hinted at a cantina set.
  7. I still prefer the black heads from 2012 as I hate seeing the skin tone poke out through the armour but this is definitely a welcome improvement over Angry Clone.
  8. I really hope that's true. I also expected a rerelease of the shuttle sometime in the future but if it's really this soon... I missed it the first time and there's no way I'm paying $700+ for it on the secondary market. The last set is pretty solid, I don't see the design changing much, if at all. Maybe a fix to the landing gear? As long as it's as big as the first one I will be happy. I wouldn't be surprised to see it come with less figures than last time. In addition to the new UCS rumor there's also this:
  9. Brikkyy13

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Gonna throw out a couple guesses for the 2HY D2C: Playscale Venator, akin to the Tantive IV from last year. Hopefully a bit larger than the 60cm long ships we've been getting for years while still being "affordable" Ewok Village re release Echo Base/large Hoth set. Not that we need another one but it's about time we got one. Hopefully with a large shield generator. Obviously will include a snowspeeder. Mos Espa Podrace - modern re-imagining of the original 1999 set D2Cs I think are likely in the near future: TIE Bomber - we already know that this model has been considered for a UCS set Nebulon B - It's just a question of time before we see this set UCS Naboo fighter - hasn't been done at a large scale before and if LEGO decides to branch out into prequel era UCS sets the sleek yellow design of this ship would be an excellent addition to the current UCS range Eta-2 Actis Interceptor T-70 X-Wing TIE Interceptor remake - the 2000 model is incredibly dated TIE Advanced remake - again the old model is dated T-65 X Wing remake - the last model is great but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Newer UCS collectors will definitely want to add an X-Wing to their collection. Rereleases of the Executor, Imperial Shuttle, Slave I and R2-D2. All fan favorite models that have prices rising on the secondary market. My most wanted D2C: Modular building style Coruscant. Coruscant city block akin to the Ninjago City D2Cs. I image it being like 2 buildings on the same baseplate, with a walkway in between. Dex's Diner as the base of one building and Outlander Club as the base of the other. Palpatine's office at the top of one tower, Padme's apartment at the top of the other. Generic Coruscant things in the middle of the towers with plenty of greebling and walkways for figures to stand on, even a landing platform for a speeder. Includes both Anakin and Zam's airspeeders. And of course a generous selection of figures to populate it, like the Death Star this would be a great opportunity to include figures from both Episodes II and III. I'm thinking Episode II and III Anakin and Padme, Episode II Obi-Wan, Palpatine, Mace Windu, Saesee Tinn, Agen Kolar, Kit Fisto, Mas Ameda, Dexter Jetsterr, FLO, Jango Fett, Zam Wessell, 2 Couruscant Guard clones (ideally with Phase I and II helmets) and couple extra figures like aliens or droids to fill out the scenes.
  10. To me all of this suggests that LEGO is trying to cut costs. All of these things are small corners that can be cut without drastically affecting the overall product.
  11. Anakin's interceptor needed one extra figure, it could've been any random jedi that we haven't gotten yet. Just like when we got Kit Fisto in Obi-Wan's interceptor. LEGO can afford to give us an extra figure every now and then, I don't know why these interceptors don't get it.
  12. There’s no way the AAT wasn’t coming with Ahsoka... I’m glad we can finally put that to rest. Seeing the same Kashyyyk battle droids and Obi-Wan figures again screams “cost cutting” at LEGO. I’m surprised Anakin isn’t the same as the other starfighter set. I was hoping the Eta-2 would have the slightly different colour scheme. Easy pass. Night buzzard looks great Grievous fighter looks way too expensive but I want it. Good to see the final duel again. I personally don’t like the set but it’s a very well executed playset that a lot of people loved last time, I’m glad those who missed out will be able to get it. I don’t like the galaxy’s edge ship.
  13. This is the ways these discussion threads have gone for years, this is nothing new.
  14. I remember something about the figures being the last two knights, the ship’s pilot and Rey but I can’t remember if it was confirmed or if it was just wild speculation
  15. All these people guessing that the D2C is a Death Star have already forgotten that it’s been confirmed to not be a Death Star.