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  1. Oh sure, delete MY comment. What kind of mod team promotes one-sided divisiveness like that? I’m really starting to hate this place
  2. No, I have something against people making fun of an entire country’s accent. This insensitive shit has plagued the Star Wars fandom since Bad Batch came out, the least we can do is keep it away from here.
  3. Good. Twice the warehouses, double the amount of places that’ll be out of stock.
  4. Australia doesn’t have a factory. Closest we have is a shipping warehouse in NSW that opened in 2018.
  5. I got the N-1 over the weekend too, for the same reason. The price is too much as is. Haven’t built it yet, waiting for a rainy day. Got the Vader helmet and Road Runner+Coyote brickheadz to get the hideout. I don’t feel completely ripped off, but with these upcoming price increases I think I’m finally at the point where I’m going to cut back on LEGO spending. Here’s hoping classic space gets a full on revival and I can get my sci-fi brick fix, the price of the new Galaxy Explorer is great value by comparison.
  6. Throwback to when LEGO Toy Story launched and everyone hated Woody. Personally, I love the figures. I think they’ll look even better when we see them in sets next to a normal figure. HD pictures look great. New moulds are awesome, build is solid if a bit small but I like what I see. Glow in the dark pieces!! High quality product for sure, justifies the price but still expensive imo. Definitely can’t wait to see the other three sets now, can only imagine what’s in store for the 2023 wave.
  7. Will need clearer photos to make up my mind, knowing the price of this one… not sure if the value for money is there. I know there’s licensing and all the new moulds etc etc but yeah, this is getting too expensive. Box art looks good, build looks great if a bit small. Seems to be a good parts pack. I’m a sucker for Ninjago dragons and it seems this theme will be taking a lot of inspiration from those builds. I want to know what’s going on with the floating island side build. Very keen to see the figures, glad they’ve got tails and am excited to see that the older, longer limbs are back. Hopefully we don’t wait too long to see the other 3 sets. This set was the one I was least interested in and it turned out awesome. I’m glad they’re doing a wave of things just from the first movie.
  8. Cad Bane looks good, maybe a little underwhelming. Omega could’ve used a unique hairpiece but she’s passable. I appreciate the effort put into TODO but that’s just off to me, especially when compared to BD-1. Still keen to see the build for The Justifier. Also, if that blurry catalogue picture is real then that’s the worst leak we’ve ever gotten lol.
  9. I think it’s the intent of the characters in the scenes that makes all the difference With the way the prices are going, would not be surprised…. will probably come out to around $90
  10. Step aside Half of First Order AT-ST, you’ve been replaced as worst set ever. Meet 400 piece grey baseplate! I’m scared to ask the price of this thing. Did the LEGO designers know what was going to happen in that scene? The box art seems to imply that they did. This is like, one step away from getting Anakin and the younglings as a set.
  11. Yes, the 501st set is on EOL lists… but considering it’s a good seller like some other sets that have been on EOL lists for a few years I’d say there’s a chance that it could stick around. You’re right when you say LEGO wouldn’t overshoot production targets. I know they keep a small amount of parts to send out as replacements for missing pieces but other then that it’s probably all accounted for. As far as it being cheaper to keep production going as is, in most cases I would say you’re right… though I don’t think what I’m suggesting would stop production. This wouldn’t be a case of redesigning a set while it’s still on the shelf, it’d be a case of putting a different mould in the machine before production even starts. As mentioned above, there is precedent for updated moulds making it into sets during its shelf life. I forgot about this one. That is definitely an example of LEGO updating a set midway through its shelf life to optimise production. Not the same, but comparable. I don’t see how using a different mould would be more complicated than using a different print. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It would be great to be able to put accessories on the 501st and 187th troopers.
  12. I’m still not entirely sure what you guys are trying to say? Of course there aren’t any of the new helmets currently printed in 501st colours if the new piece hasn’t yet entered production… I’m looking at it this way: The pieces are moulded first and printed on second. LEGO will have the capability to print on both the old and new mould. Let’s say, 6 months down the line, stores of existing mould run out but they have plenty of the new mould. The helmet pieces are functionally the same, why produce more of an outdated mould? Would it not be more efficient to just print on the parts they have on hand? Once they’ve run out of the old mould would it not be better for production to produce more of the new helmet and give it different prints? Doing so wouldn’t take up any more room in the warehouse and it would save time and money because nobody would have to swap out the moulds in the machine that produces the part. It might even save plastic if the new mould weighs less than the old due to the holes. The fact that it would give fans something cool is an afterthought. I’m no expert on optimising production but with what I know of how LEGO works this idea seems very plausible to me.
  13. On the contrary, LEGO absolutely does put remoulded parts in existing sets and the AT-ST raider is proof. This isn’t about updating the color/prints of some pieces, this is the actual mould used for the part. The technic connector piece used for one of the guns was remoulded midway through the production run… you can find countless posts on this because it made the build impossible to complete lmao. If LEGO determines that it’s more efficient for production to use only 1 clone helmet mould instead of 2 they absolutely will do it. As far as a potential UCS Razor Crest goes, that would absolutely sell like hotcakes regardless of price or the ship’s in-universe assembly status. The show is at the height of its popularity, LEGO would be stupid not to capitalise on it.