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  1. wookieejedi

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Oof that video test looks like something my cats would do!
  2. wookieejedi

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    It's a great version! Really gave me some inspiration to revamp mine, too.
  3. wookieejedi

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Speaking from experience in building an X-wing, the outsides can look very similar but the shaping internal structure can very quite a bit, so you can't really tell easily how similar models are unless you look at the insides too. On my X-wing I used a very different, Technic based skeleton compared to most other folks, though the outside looks relatively similar.
  4. wookieejedi

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Great work, I especially love the foldout landing gear!
  5. wookieejedi

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Looks good!
  6. That looks great, you really nailed getting good details with the scale!
  7. wookieejedi

    [Re-creation] Imperial fleet hangars

    Nice work! That TIE looks great, and it is always awesome to have dynamic movement in a star fighter!
  8. wookieejedi

    [Re-Creation]-Sneaking up on Campers

    Nice work! Rebel scum :D
  9. wookieejedi

    [Re-creation] - Fighting a Probe Droid

    Ah the nostalgia. You captured it perfectly! Great work :)
  10. wookieejedi

    [MOC] Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy

    Looks great, and no worries about the pics, they capture it very well! You really got the shaping and angles spot on!
  11. wookieejedi

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Thanks! The bonus is that the side panels don't have to be constantly readjusted to look right sine there is a pin that holds the ball joint in place :)
  12. wookieejedi

    [MOC] MINI Kessel run Millennium Falcon (Solo)

    Looks great! I really like the detachable front and the overall shaping!
  13. wookieejedi

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Ah thanks so much! The panels are 3-4 plates thick : ) Yeah the wings like to sway up and down, but that's just because of the gear solution to make the s-foils move, it's still very sturdy (like a tree in the wind haha). The nose cone was discovered by accident, as the only way it lined up with my Technic beam insert was upside down, then I noticed it actually matched the model better! I really appreciate the feedback. Not at all, I am happy to answer cost related questions. I did have that in mind as I designed this model, as I wanted to use parts that were relatively cheaper on BL, and parts which I already had. The nice thing about the X-wing is that I could use grey and tan pieces if I didn't have a white one. Long story short, my costs were about 85 USD, but if you BL the entire thing it would probably be about 120 I am guessing :)
  14. wookieejedi

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Okay added the physical model pics and some videos of the stress swooshing :) Again, I am happy to answer any questions! : ) More pics are on the album and in the first post, but here is a stress video for those interested.
  15. That looks great, I really like smaller, affordable scenes like this. Lots of play-ability.