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  1. Nicotoa

    Episode II: The Nine Vigos

    Guess all this time playing SWTOR will be usefull here
  2. Nicotoa

    Episode II: The Nine Vigos

    About the stud shooter seed part, does it have to be without the dark gray piece ?
  3. Nicotoa

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] The Can Can

    I'm speechless. Everything in it is amazing, from the lights to the greebles and figs. How much time did you spended on this ?
  4. Nicotoa

    Episode II: The Nine Vigos

    About the flag piece, I know TLG produced two versions of it. One who waves to the right, and one who wave to the left. Ar we limited to only the most recent one (right wave), or we can use both versions ?
  5. Nicotoa

    Episode II: The Nine Vigos

    Does it mean we can use multiple seed parts in a single build ? Or we are limited to only 1 single seed part ? For example, U7 Baros, Can I use multiple Top hats, or am I limited to only one ?
  6. Nicotoa

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] TIE Tunneler

    When you mix the Tie Crawler with Power miners... You get an awesome mobile space driller/crusher ! Making combo models with SW and Power Miners/Rock Raiders could become a thing in the future.
  7. Nicotoa

    [Q16 - Christophsis - MG] - Mining site

    Finally a Mining Guild build ! That crystal flower looks pretty cool, and the drill is great.
  8. Nicotoa

    [Factions Ep. I] Hangar 37

    So you mean you have more than 2400 2x2 tan bricks ? Do you buy them on bricklink or you take the hard path and buy x100 the same set ?
  9. Nicotoa

    [Factions Ep. I] Hangar 37

    Now I know what to do of my old 1999 Chewie fig. Great build !
  10. Nicotoa

    Episode I: No Place Like Home

    I kinda feel myself out of league with my small entry.
  11. I'm particularly found of your chairs.
  12. Nicotoa

    [Factions Ep. I] Johnar's quarters

    ] Tried to lighten the picture, and removed most of the studs on the floor. Also tiled up the cabinet top, and added pipes and boxes to break up the gray. Dont worry though, the hidden stash under the bed is untouched.
  13. Nicotoa

    [Factions Ep. I] Johnar's quarters

    Thanks, as for the lighting I'm still having trouble with it, the phone camera isnt that great to take good pictures. And I cant afford a big photo setup with white font and everything. If you have any tips for this, you're welcome. :P
  14. *Your entry has earned 3XP* This warehouse of Nar Shaddaa was once run down and abandonned, but after some renovations it became a nice place to live and keep a low profile. Old pics here:
  15. Nicotoa

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    About the episode, does the build have to be linked to a planet ?