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  1. Nicotoa

    [Factions Ep. I] Johnar's quarters

    Thanks, as for the lighting I'm still having trouble with it, the phone camera isnt that great to take good pictures. And I cant afford a big photo setup with white font and everything. If you have any tips for this, you're welcome. :P
  2. This warehouse of Nar Shaddaa was once run down and abandonned, but after some renovations it became a nice place to live and keep a low profile. There's even a hidden compartment for stashing contraband
  3. Nicotoa

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    About the episode, does the build have to be linked to a planet ?
  4. Nicotoa

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    I've filled up the Factions Character Creator a while ago, but I dont see my character in the Player Index. Tell me if I missed something.
  5. Nicotoa

    Faction: Black Sun

    Introducing Johnar Lasan, smuggler and member of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Backstory : Once a simple cargo pilot working for one of the numerous weapons factories on Balmorra, his life changed when he decided to smuggle out the very weapons he was transporting. His weapons smuggling buisness lasted for several years, but eventually he got caught by the Imperials and locked up. Until the destruction of the Death Star II shattered the Empire, where riots began to arise in imperial prisons. Seizing his chance, Johnar fought his way out and escaped the planet. He was decided to resume his smuggling buisness, but for that he needed contacts, credits... He joined one of his best clients from his past career, the Black Sun.
  6. Nicotoa

    [N10 - Uquine - TCR] Onboard the Relentless

    How did you did that baner ? It looks great in this scene.
  7. Nicotoa

    [I13 - Jakku - TCR] Transition Period

    I love that SW Battlefront II reference in the back !
  8. Nicotoa

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - BS] Sewer Rat

    Nice usage of the LEGO Friends stickers. Makes me want to buy some of these sets.
  9. Nicotoa

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Sad to hear this theme is ending. I think the main downside for me was the great lack of any structure sets, like Classic Castle have done in the past. I would have loved getting some townfolks minifigs or like a Knighton farm set with some bad guys raiding it. Too much focus on vehicles, but the idea of downloadable NEXO Powers for the app was good, reminded me of Exo-Force Code Bricks. The idea of the Wizards Council episode is good, but I've never heard of "Fletecher Bowman". Any ideas where this guy comes from ? I've even started to turn my stack of Shadow Knights from Knight Kingdom II into a chaotic mercenary army, using stolen Knighton tech to raid villages. Well, it was a good run, I just hope the next Action theme to take its place will be worth it, If they ever make a new one.
  10. I think the 4218 Garage door is your best option. They're not too expensive on bricklink, and they look high-tech enough to fit the Nexo Knight theme. Or if Trans-neon Orange is too hard to find, Trans light-blue can do the job pretty well, but it'll break the color scheme. (But I guess it's fine, Knighton techy things were light blue in the series anyway)
  11. Hello everyone ! My name is Nicotoa (call me Nico for short). I'm 22, Currently living in France, not too far from Paris. Some people can guess where I got that username from by looking at it ;) My favourites themes are Star Wars, Ninjago, Bionicle G1 and Marvel/DC Super Heroes. I've been lurking on this forum for ages (most notaby the adventure theme forum), and created this account a while ago, but never presented myself, so here I am. Currently being interested in joining the new Factions forum of the Star wars section, and stuck in building a Ninjago city expansion MOC since July. I'm looking forward to spend time with you people !