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Found 16 results

  1. MaxTube55

    [MOC] TIE/IN Interceptor

    So this basically exists because 12 hour ago (from posting) I was bored out of my mind. So I took apart 75150, and used any other parts I could find from my bin. It could technically be a MOD, but since I changed enough I believe it is considered a MOC. Anyways I ended up with what I have now and I am pretty satisfied with the results. This is also my very first attempt at a MOC...with real bricks (I've made two LDD attempts at the Yavin Base). Enjoy. More pics can be found by clicking here. I am very fond of how the wings turned out and it looks great from the front. But, I'm not very fond of the back, but due to it being done in a day and not having the right parts what I have now works. Anyways I hope you like it and please leave comments, suggestions, and thoughts. Edit: I have fixed the rear with a huge improvement. Please leave, thoughts, comments, and criticism.
  2. Samppu

    [MOC] 74-Z Speeder Bike

    Hello guys and girls, here is another MOC from me: [MOC] Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike -Samppu
  3. Samppu

    [WIP] Imperial Shuttle

    Hello, there are two periods in Star Wars timeline that I am most interested in. The other one is the end of the clone wars and the other the time related to Grand Admiral Thrawn. For this latter I have been building an Imperial Shuttle, so here you go: [MOC] Imperial Shuttle Features: - Opening wings and retractable landing gear. They are actually synchronized, so when you open the wings, the landing gears will automatically pull in, or when you close the wings, the landing gears will automatically push out. - Two fiber-wired missiles with a range up to some 2-3 meters. They are under the floor, and they fire when you open their ports next to main turbolaser cannons. I will actually replace them with spring-shooters, because they are very difficult to reload as the shuttle weights pretty much. - Two spring-shooters behind the wing cannons, one at each. These ones are not present in the following pictures as I am making an important upgrade to them. Before they were launched under the wings that was again somewhat circus due to the weight. Now I make a button on the top of the wings, so that they would be much easier to launch. - Opening boarding ramp that is tall enough for a minifigure to walk in and out. - Fully decorated interior and cocpit. - Controllable twin laser cannon at the back of the ship that you can move from the inside of the shuttle. Control panels and viewport is inside the shuttle and a minifigure can actually be played to use this cannon. However, it does not shoot anything. - Cocpit walls can be easily removed so that you can play and access the seats. Also the main fin can be easily removed in order to access the other parts of the interior. This is still in the WIP-stage, because I will still make some modifications on the parts mentioned above. Also the wings have been built up in a great hurry for a Lego-Show, so I will try to make them more studless and symmetric. -Samppu
  4. Lord Vladivus

    Episode VI: Ord Mantell

    Ord Mantell. Captain Jak is with, after mine and Deran's failure on Mon Calamari. I've got a bomb to blow a hole in the floor. Apparently Fett is hiding underground round here in this horrible junkyard. Captain Jak: "Get that demo charge set!" A few moments later, BOOM! The hole was blown, and Captain Jak had thrown himself into the hole blaster, ready. We heard Jak scream, and Deran ran to the edge of the hole to see what was wrong. Turns out Jak had dropped straight into an Imperial installation housing an Imperial officer and his Stormtroopers were firing back. The blaster fire intensified and others screamed, before silence reigned. A Kel Dor climbed out of the hole, easily carrying Captain Jak's wounded body. Kel Dor: "You would be wise to leave. There are more troopers coming. For your quest, you must unlearn what you have learned. You will find me again once your heads are clearer." The Kel Dor disappeared, leaving the cryptic message lingering, an empty junkyard and a room full of bodies below. What next? And an overview: So, my second entry, this time for Ord Mantell! C+C welcome!
  5. After our unsuccessfull search for Boba Fett on Ord Mantell we got the order to continue our search on Felucia. The day we arrived there I thought this was the most beautiful place in the universe far and wide only psychedelic plants most of us have never see before. But after three days of planless searching in the endless and humid jungle of Felucia with all it's alien plants and all kinds of giant alien mushrooms we found nothing but a long time deserted Republic outpost. A relict of the days of the Clone Wars taken back by mother nature. After another quite unsuccessfull search for the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett we left Felucia and headed back to the ISD Avenger. To be continued...
  6. Our dark trooper diver reported from another scum infested planet - Mon Calamari. He had to go deep under water to make contact with some sympathisers of the Empire. Dark trooper: Commander I have reached the contact and we have some good news. MstrOfPppts: Finaly, and what is the news? Dagoh: As I have explained to your trooper, Boba is here. MstrOfPppts: Is there a safe way to get to him? Dagoh: No, the part of the city he landed in is full of Rebel troops. MstrOfPppts: So what is the good news? Dagoh: Boba is leaving soon and we are certain his next stop is Bothawui. MstrOfPppts: Good, we have our troops there.
  7. And now for something completly diffrent ... Part III: Searching on Felucia Indeed, Boba Fett wasn't on Ord Mantell, so Monty, our brave hero went searching on very strange, yet beautiful planet - Felucia. Felucia is planet full of diffrent unusual plants, usually in strange colours, which you wouldn't expect to see in jungles. Many of them are very beautiful, but there're also some very dangerous and big, some of them even that big, that can eat a whole Wookiee. But there aren't just dangerous plants, but dangerous beasts like Rancor, too. But Monty and Rog didn't travel half of universe just to deal with botany, they came to find that old scoundrel, Boba Fett. -Monty, pal, I think Boba isn't here. Since we're driving here for hours and ... -... Since Felucia is also known for Rancors..., I know, Rog. We're leaving this botanical garden at once. To be continued ...
  8. Wedge09

    [SoNE EP. VI]

    EDIT: Damn editor! Please if any Moderators can add the title, I will be very gratefull, sorry! Here we are with my final entry for SoNE Episode VI: With the help of the Bothan Spynet... C&C are always welcome, and I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! Another step for Wedge09's squad: after failing on Fondor and Ord Mantel, the rebel squad came to Bothawui, home of the biggest spynet in the known galaxy to search for help in the quest for Boba Fett and the Slave I. Even if Bothawui was a neutral ground for Imperial and Rebel Intelligence and the Imperial presence was minimal, the rebels didn't want to draw any attention on their activity and as quietly as possible they reached an hidden data center. There they were greeted by the Bothan in command of the security of the data center "Welcome on Bothawui, Sir. Your visit was unexpected." "I know, but this is a priority mission." "What needs the Rebel Alliance?" "We want to know if Boba Fett is here, or if he spent some time on the planet recently." "I will see what I could do." the Bothan motioned to a Bothan officer who accompanied them in the depths of the data center. "This is the technician who will help you in your search, he will do everything possible; if you have additional needs, please call." the Bothan officer left them as the technician sit and the search started... A few hours later, the Rebel soldiers and their Bothan counterparts met again and the technician, results at hand, spoke "I searched as you requested Soldier Wedge09 and I find what you wanted: the Slave I was here, as Boba Fett. Their last sign of activity was at Drev'starn's Spaceport, they remained here for some time but we lost trace of them. However, we can infer that they have abandoned the planet as confirmed by some satellite readings of a ship of a very similar shape; we can also try to guess a possible destination..."
  9. The second to make contact was Karin. She was sent to Bothawui on a espionage mission. We knew that Bothans are very close to rebels, so sending a pack of stormtroopers there might be a suicide mission. Of course for a reasonable price we have some reliable contacts there too. Karin: I've met the contact you told me about. MstrOfPppts: And what is the status? Karin: Boba was not yet here, but is certainly planning to stop here for a quick refuel. MstrOfPppts: Good, you should lay low and wait for him. Give him the card and get out of there. Karin: Understood. But this planet is overwhelmed with the rebel spies, I might try to get some information about our next mission. MstrOfPppts: No, It's too dangerous ... <transmission interrupted> ... Karin? Goddammit that woman will bring us nothing but trouble!
  10. My first time leading an assignment coordinating multiple groups. And what an absurd one?! We have to locate a bounty hunter on a rumored route, because Darth forgot to thank him ... as if he ever does. And for being even harder I have to coordinate the search mission from the Avenger with troops scattered over five planets. Anyway, the guys from Felucia were first to make contact. Trooper: This is squad from Felucia reporting ... MstrOfPppts: Trooper report your status. Trooper: We've landed about an hour of walk from each of the three settlements and we are half way to our target. MstrOfPppts: What about the other two groups? Trooper: We haven't heard from them, this planet truly is psychedelic, I wouldn't be surprised if something ate them. Maybe it'd be best if we return ... MstrOfPppts: Well since no one else made contact yet, you should proceed as planned. I'll keep you updated.
  11. Here we with my second entry for SoNE Episode VI: Bounty Hunter Hunt on Ord Mantell: Intercepting the communications... C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! The spaceport of the capital of Ord Mantell, Worlport, had barely a IT infrastructure that could be defined like this, so the team of the rebel soldier Wedge09 had been diverted to another type of interception: all the ships that want land and depart, had, even little, to communicate with the spaceport, if only to know what docking bay they would use or if their route was clear, so if you could monitor the communication, you would know who and what was coming and going. Installed an interception antenna away from prying eyes, the rebel team began the slow work of sifting the telecommunications from their new location. "Hey, boss!" called the technician doing the interception "We've got something!" An identification code of a vessel was connected to the Slave I "Found it!" "Wait... there's a problem..." the technician remained silent for a moment continuing to watch the screen and listening to the communications in his headphones "They report that is departing from Ord Mantell!" "Damn!" This meant that the Slave I and with it, Boba Fett, were already on the planet when they arrived but that they were very well hidden. "Another hole in the water, but this time we were closer..."
  12. Here we with my first entry for SoNE Episode VI: Bounty Hunter Hunt on Fondor: Searching in the logs... but it's gone... C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! Wedge09's squad was sent on the trace of Boba Fett; sent on the industrial planet of Fondor; their objective was to search in the logs of one of the most important spaceport of the planet in search of the Slave I. Disguised as industrial workers, the team of Rebels adventured into the depths of Fondor until they got under the spaceport, more precisely to a maintenance node from which they could access the IT infrastructure. "The perimeter is secured, if the Imperials come, we should have time to get out..." "Ok..." the man at the console replied with a monosyllable while he went deeper into the IT infrastructure of the spaceport. "Here are the logs..." he said after a while, on the screen had appeared the names of all the ships that had arrived and departed from the spaceport, with the identification number, the time of arrival and the time of departure. Searching in the logs, the name Slave I appeared but when they saw the arrive and departure time, the soldiers cursed. The Slave I and Boba Fett with it had arrived and had gone before the Rebels could do anything. "Ok, let's back to the ship, we have to warn the command about this..."
  13. Aland1916

    [SoNE] I: Bothawui

    Han Solo, great rebel hero is frozen in carbonyte. The block he is in, is in Slave I, spaceship of famous bounty hunter. Alliance has to track him down. Their spies gave them a list of planets, on which Boba Fett will stop. One of them is Bothawui. Our hero, Erik Alander is there too. He and other rebel soldiers, MontyPython, Manx, Jannik, Jakorin Swiftsword and LegoFjotten are searching throught the ancient Bothawui cities to find Boba Fett. All Erik's allies were unsuccesful, so he hope he will find him ... Me and Jakob just came to one of old Bothawui buildings. I climbed on a tree and Jakob stayed down. Jakob: Can you see anything? Erik: No, there's no sign of him, he isn't here. But I see a ship, far away, behind that yard. It's just flying away ... Jakob: What ship? Erik: I think it's Firespray 31 class ship ... Jakob: This must be Slave 1! We missed him! Erik: Oh, no ... We have to leave Bothawui as fast as possible ... To be continued ... More pictures: It's my first entry for Episode, so I hope you like it. Thank you for watching!
  14. After the successful mission on Endor I got promoted to the Imperial Survey Corps. With my promotion I got the commadership over two regular stormtroopers. Our first mission in the Survey Corps was to find Boba Fett to thank him for capturing the smuggler Han Solo. Our Imperial Dropship Transport dropped us at the outskirts of Worlport, the capital of Ord Mantel, a truly inhospitable place, a planet that is just one big junkyard. We asked all the retainers at the market if they have seen Boba Fett's Slave landing on the planet. A Rodian junkdealer claimed that he has seen Fett in his cousin's spaceport cantina but that was two nights ago, so we have missed him. I gave him some credits for his cooperativeness and then ordered the Dropship to pick us up and bring us back to our shuttle. We are heading back to the ISD Avenger now to wait for further commands. To be continued...
  15. After creating my micro X-wing and TIE-advanced, I wondered whether I could design new micro models, or whether my first MOC was just a lucky shot . I decided to expand my collection of builds, aiming for a maximum piece count of 15 per build (so that it could fit in the advent calendar). The TIE-interceptor came first. The most recognizable parts were the wings, so I started looking for pieces. I'm glad with the result, but it would be even better if a "fin"-piece would appear with one straight edge and a pin at that side. But well... I'm complaining too much . Then, I needed a rebel fighter from episode VI (for playability of course! ). I tried the Y-wing and B-wing, but didn't got that far. The A-wing was a tough one as well, because the most recognizable element is the overall shape. I got stuck once more. In the meantime, I was building set 4507 (Prehistoric creatures), and I stumbled across the Bionicle eye piece. It was a hit. The idea of rollerskates as engines followed a bit later on. But the canopy was a real pain... Untill I discovered it was already there with the clip for ataching the nose . My build was finally complete. The TIE-interceptor consists of 13 pieces, the A-wing clocks in at just 9 pieces ! I'm happy with the result, but there's a downside: the fin pieces that make up the TIE's wings are not available in black and the rollerskates are only available in black. None of these models is buildable in real life... so far.
  16. This is my entry for the SW Contest (small category) - 16 x 16 studs. I'll take some more photos when I've finished it, and the lights better, but thought that you might like to see a little preview It's illuminated with two sets of Technic LEDs which are all held within the main structure to comply with the competition rules. The saga continues.... Episode VII – The resurrection of the Emperor 20 years after the second Death Star is destroyed a small band of loyal Imperial forces has managed to clone the Emperor from a sample of his blood, and are once again planning to take control of the Galaxy. Deep within the Geonosis catacombs they plot their revenge.... via the construction of a third Death Star!! “Yes, I know that the first two didn’t work out as well as planned, but I’ve got an idea” said the Emperor. He continued “What we’ll do with this one is ensure there aren’t any small exhaust ports on the outside, and we’ll also have a defensive shield for it...and this time we’ll generate the power needed for it within the Death Star!” He chuckled at the thought of his evil genius. Edit: Additional photos added. Apologies for the quality for the quality of the's rather dark in the UK at the moment!! I'm quite pleased how the rocks turned out, I've never tried building them before & it was really fun! Side view: Reverse side: Full view: The battery box was a bit of an afterthought....I didn't know how else to hide it!! C & C welcome! Cheers, Robin