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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to move my team to the right 1 space and then up. A small cell of Rebel troops was tasked with navigating the dense part of Endor to find a Rebel pilot. The Rebel pilot, a Duro, was grateful and joined the Rebel cell in their next mission to heada toward the Empire's shield generator. As the group navigated their way in the forest, little did they know there were being carefully being watched.
  2. Movement: We'd like to move up 1, to R3. "Hey boys, look what we have here!" shouted one of the Rebel troopers. "Looks like this Scout Trooper needs to go back to the academy!" "Should we cut him down?" "Nah! Let's leave him to whatever creature set up this trap."
  3. Hello all! I am the General Moe, and i create stop motion films. My first taste of Lego Brickfilms came in 2007, when the Lego page featured some stop motions in the star wars section. I was hooked! An Average Death Star Day was my favourite by far, and i have a love for the Brickfilms of the past. So i decided to create a series that harkens back to the classic age of lego stop motions! I deliberately recreated the style of the old films. This involved lowering the frame rate and camera quality. A plain and consistent lighting was used, with the occasional flicker and set mistake. The parts and figures used were all kept pre-2007, and the sets were built in the simple, straight forward style of the early brick films. Most importantly, the practical effects! People were very limited back them, so i imposed those limitations on myself as well. I hope you enjoy theses films and bring back the memories of the time spent on the Lego Star Wars homepage!
  4. LegoStarWarsLDDShop

    [LDD][MOD] Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bike

    May I present this new design up for sale:--Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bike-- Many Star Wars fans recognize this vehicle. It's well known from the Endor Speeder Bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi. It's also appeared briefly in Revenge of the Sith, and more recently in Star Wars Battlefront as a playable vehicle in both the training mode and the Endor maps.It goes without saying that LEGO has released several designs based on this vehicle. I went to the source material for inspiration, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Starting at the bow, I included the usual flap & rod design. It's obviously a novelty cliche among LEGO's speeders, but considering they are the best part in LEGO's brick palette, they had to do.What's new about it is the rods are now connected in a very sturdy way, and this way also allows for a small underside blaster, just like the one in the movies.Moving on to the man body, I included the usual handlebar it works really well with the minifigures. I did fix the top of the speeder with some smoother brown pieces to make it look more like the original speeder.Finally, with the stern, I added two things: some parts to mimic a seat, and a rear flap design. I'm still surprised we haven't seen the set of rear flaps in the original LEGO variations, but for now, this one definitely works.I am very excited to share this product with you all, and I hope you guys are excited to build it for yourself. MOCpages Let me know what you think below.
  5. Samppu

    [MOC] 74-Z Speeder Bike

    Hello guys and girls, here is another MOC from me: [MOC] Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike -Samppu
  6. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    Imperial Scout Bike MOC

    This little build is part of my current AT AT project. I wanted to build a scout bike that fits into the troop compartment of my AT AT MOC which is based on the 8129 AT AT set. Not only should it fit into the compartment, but I also wanted to have some space remaining for some troopers on the tray which inserts into the troop compartment while the bike is on it. On top of that, I naturally wanted the bike to sport the shapes and proportions we know from Return of the Jedi as much as possible considering the size (or lack of size) of the build. So, this turned out to be another teeny-weeny build, but I'm very pleased with the result and therefore like to share this here and read your comments and suggestions. Here's two images of the bike: The bike is very sturdy and folds up in the middle, so that it fits on the tray. As you can see, it leaves a 2-stud-wide edge on the tray where 4 troopers can be comfortably placed: I'm currently also improving on the AT AT and will post new and more detailed photos in the relevant thread.
  7. Sir Brickalot

    [MOC] A Sticky Situation

    Just my luck. I was just on patrol round the forest moon, minding my own busines, on the look for rebel scum. I was riding my good ol' speeder bike. She was one of the earliest models in the fleet, but I was in no rush to change her. You have to be a skilled pilot to navigate the trees on Endor. Luckily I was, or at least I thought. I was grounded on a tree. Oh dear. I had to get to the left fender to kickstart the engine. Stupid design, I tell you. So I grabbed my screwdriver and cautiously made my way to the fender, and... ARGHH! I slipped. That was close. I had to call backup, but my coms link had fell out of my belt. I just hope no rebel scum get here. Could a mod please make it bigger? Thanks. C&C welcome. By the way, this is not a SoNE entry.