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Found 3 results

  1. M. Duchene is a former merchant navy captain, he lost his ship during a tempest and since then, he lived in a miniscule log cabin several miles from the town of Eltina, in abject poverty. His neighbours used to call him "captain shipwreck". One day, while wandering in the beach, he found a month old newspaper, and his interest was aroused by a recruitment headline "The RNTC is looking for experienced captains". He said to himself "So maybe there is hope for me yet" He returned at his cabin and soon went out again, heading to the town. A few hours later, he came in front of a large building, flying the colours of RNTC, but to be totally sure, he asked a sailor passing-by if it was the RNTC office at Eltina. Unexpectedly, the RNTC officials were quite satisfied of M.Duchene's resume, and he received the commission of a newly-built Terraman, le Gaillard. Unlike the warships of la Royale, the Terramen of the RNTC are designed for the transportation of goods, these vessels do not have spardecks in their hold to have all the space available. The first deck doesn't carry artillery, the second deck carries a battery of reduced caliber and the forecastle is not armed. So, we see here le Gaillard at dock. The captain Duchene is discussing with a RNTC officer, and a young aristocrat who will share the cabin with him during the trip. And a geologist is about to board with his assistant, and a pile of cases full of samples. A rear view. To be licensed as a class 7 Terraman. Vive le Roi!
  2. The collier Le Gros has undergone a modification in the Royal Shipyard, now, we're ready to sail it to New Terra, to serve under the RNTC. En route to New Terra. From this view, one may think it's nothing else than a defenseless cargo ship, an easy prey for the piratey. A bird view seems to confirm this impression, just 4 small guns. The apparence is deceptive. Of course, we can always get ride of the cannons and make full use of its cargo hold. The captain and passengers should find decent accomodation in this cabin. - Need a little help? - Aye sir, quickly please. Thank you for viewing. Vive le Roi!
  3. Samppu

    [WIP] Imperial Shuttle

    Hello, there are two periods in Star Wars timeline that I am most interested in. The other one is the end of the clone wars and the other the time related to Grand Admiral Thrawn. For this latter I have been building an Imperial Shuttle, so here you go: [MOC] Imperial Shuttle Features: - Opening wings and retractable landing gear. They are actually synchronized, so when you open the wings, the landing gears will automatically pull in, or when you close the wings, the landing gears will automatically push out. - Two fiber-wired missiles with a range up to some 2-3 meters. They are under the floor, and they fire when you open their ports next to main turbolaser cannons. I will actually replace them with spring-shooters, because they are very difficult to reload as the shuttle weights pretty much. - Two spring-shooters behind the wing cannons, one at each. These ones are not present in the following pictures as I am making an important upgrade to them. Before they were launched under the wings that was again somewhat circus due to the weight. Now I make a button on the top of the wings, so that they would be much easier to launch. - Opening boarding ramp that is tall enough for a minifigure to walk in and out. - Fully decorated interior and cocpit. - Controllable twin laser cannon at the back of the ship that you can move from the inside of the shuttle. Control panels and viewport is inside the shuttle and a minifigure can actually be played to use this cannon. However, it does not shoot anything. - Cocpit walls can be easily removed so that you can play and access the seats. Also the main fin can be easily removed in order to access the other parts of the interior. This is still in the WIP-stage, because I will still make some modifications on the parts mentioned above. Also the wings have been built up in a great hurry for a Lego-Show, so I will try to make them more studless and symmetric. -Samppu