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  1. Interestingly, the 75149 X-Wing has been retired on the S&H website, whilst Poe's older version is still available In reality, I can't imagine that 75102 will be around for much longer unless it appears again in Episode VIII, presumably following an extensive re-build!! I didn't expect that at all and, as most system-scale sets have a sub two-year lifespan, I'm wondering if they'll be another X-Wing of some sort for 2018? They seem to be a near constant in the SW range; personally I'd like to see a new OT version as 9493 does look a little dated... and that would tie-in nicely with Yoda's Hut.
  2. I'm actually quite impressed by the new Luke minifigure; it's instantly recognisable and we've certainly had far worse! I've seen both of the official trailers, but I'm not that excited about the film yet, it just looks a bit generic somehow. I much preferred Rogue One to Episode 7, and it looks like Episode 8 will be more of the same.... hopefully I'll be proved incorrect.
  3. @medu - I've just merged your thread with this one to keep the forum tidy. And, welcome to Eurobricks!
  4. @Grizzlygreeno - I've merged your threads with this one to keep the forum tidy. We don't generally encourage discussions about resellers as it can be quite a contentious topic, but I'm equally frustrated myself with TLG's dismal handling of this launch. Hopefully it won't be repeated anytime soon
  5. @will - I've embedded the photos for you. Click on the image you want to use > The address bar will then show the actual photo address (e.g. ending in '.jpg') > Copy and paste it into the post and it will automatically add the photo. Great work by the way; I might do something similar once mine arrives (presumably sometime in November....)
  6. Yes, I think LEGO have realised that they've made a total hash of this The Supervisor I spoke to yesterday was acutely aware of the upset it had caused amongst their loyal customers (me included!) and I got the impression that they'll do their utmost to fix it. I followed up my call with an email complaint which relayed my considerable annoyance at the situation, and I'll be interested to see how they respond. As far as I'm concerned they've caused 90% of the problems with their decision to overly-hype it via facebook etc... and then not being in a position to cope with the inevitable buying frenzy that followed. Perhaps next time they want to release something similar they'll seriously consider a genuine pre-order (e.g. 2-3 months prior to release); they could then manage the production accordingly..... At least, if the pre-ordering window is spread over a couple of weeks the website might stand a chance!
  7. Usually they'll take a few days to appear on your account, but it might be a little longer considering that the website was in a near-meltdown over the last 24 hours. If they don't appear within a week, just call Customer Services and they'll be able to add them for you
  8. [MOC] Yoda's Hut

    @MeMan75 - please be respectful of other members, thank you. There are already preliminary/confidential images floating around the internet of the 2018 set (75208) and it's shown as 'Yoda's Home'. It looks quite small and I'd guess it will be in the £20-£25 price range; it includes Yoda, R2 & a new Luke.
  9. Yes, I'm not impressed at all I had to work today, and by the time I'd tried to order it they weren't even accepting backorders. I called CS and they were a total waste of time; they couldn't give any idea of timescales etc, or any explanation of why the UK website allowed multiple purchases (3) if there was any issues with the volumes available..... I've emailed them and just waiting for a standard 'vanilla' reply. Why the hell didn't they allow pre-orders over the last couple of weeks, at least that would have given them an indication of the demand for the set; the manager I spoke to kept saying that they'd 'learn' lessons from this!!! I don't know who they're employing to manage such things, but surely the traffic they had on facebook was enough of a sign... they massively over-hyped this set and I hope that they fix this fast.
  10. My main annoyance with the old design was the feet; the combination of 1x2 Jumper plates & 4L Grey bars was incredibly fragile and I lost count of the times that I had to re-build them! The new design appears to be a vast improvement, so hopefully that won't be an issue. I'll be interested to see how the internal frame is constructed, especially considering the increased part count and partial interior. I didn't have any problems with the Mandibles, but I only displayed mine for a few weeks at a time.
  11. I'm really pleased with the UK pricing, especially considering the current exchange rates (plus the price-hikes across the SW range earlier this year). £650 is around the cost of a decent Bricklinked 10179 so, in that context, a 7500 part set with a shiny box etc seems like a great deal! I'm not sold on the cockpit, and the 'weathered' brown/green tiling is a little overdone, but they're very minor niggles. The minifigure selection also looks a little odd, and those penguin-things look decidedly out of place, but perhaps they'll make a bit more sense in a few months.... This is a truly exceptional set and I'm delighted that it's received such a positive reaction from the AFOL community.
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    @Spongebob456 - they've just been re-posted
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Now that's a classy looking box! I wasn't too sure about the fuzzy image of the front floating around yesterday, but it's going to be worth the wait! The set looks amazing, but if I'm being really critical I'm not that impressed by the cockpit elements. Given the price point of it, I was hoping that they'd use a plastic mould, but with greebling added to the outside, to create a 'skeletal' external frame...it all looks a bit too smooth somehow (and an up-scaled 75105). Also, the Mynock looks a bit of an afterthought, but perhaps they'll look better in the official reveal. Hopefully the website won't crash on 14th September, but given the level of interest I'm a little worried.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I've scrutinised the highest quality image that I've found of it, but can't see what you're referring to - unless it's the '2 x 2 with Grille Fine Mesh Pattern' (link)? Admittedly the lighting is a bit odd, and my eyesight isn't what it once was, so apologies if I'm missing something! However, on something of this quality I doubt that they'll use stickers to any sort of extent; but being pragmatic a few scattered across a set of this size will be totally insignificant! 10179 had a couple for the cockpit, and I don't recall seeing a single negative comment about them.... This is an exceptional set, and I'm sure it will be a very popular amongst SW fans - it's a worthy successor of the original
  15. Thanks for sharing @Kieganlenihan - and welcome to Eurobricks! That's incredible work especially in just a couple of months; I'm not surprised that you've opted for an internal frame due to the weight! I'm looking forward to seeing the final version, please post regular updates! I hope you don't mind but I've deep-linked one of your flickr images into your first post so that everyone can see how impressive it is!