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  1. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks @CopMike - my prize arrived safely today! They're all amazing - you're an absolute star!
  2. ..

    Agreed; I don't seem much point in keeping it open so I'll lock it. If anyone would like it unlocked please PM me.
  3. It's currently back in stock on the UK LEGO website (link) - you may need to be quick!
  4. The Y-Wing looks like a great set, and is almost in 'bargain' territory in the UK (£169.99) especially as it's almost 2,000 parts. Definitely a day one purchase for me - I'm looking forward to building it
  5. It's happened in the past - 75058 was spotted in a store before we'd heard any rumours about it. And, if I recall correctly, there was a similar screw-up with 75159 which was seen being built in a LEGO store prior to it being officially launched. If it's a fake, they've gone to a lot of trouble - it looks far too good to be anything but legit.
  6. That's a classy looking set, and definitely a day one purchase for me! It's odd that it's been 'revealed' in this manner - I was getting slightly worried that they'd delayed it.
  7. 75144 was unveiled on 24th March last year, so they're cutting it fine if it's scheduled for release on 4th May The first leaked images of the 75144 box appeared on 15th February, so TLG have either got a lot better at security or the rumoured delays could be correct. I guess it could be a result of the limited availability of the UCS Falcon - perhaps they've decided to focus production on that for a few months. It's a bit of a shame if true, as I've been looking forward to ordering the new Y Wing on 4th May (assuming it does exist!).
  8. And, in other news, the prospect of a new UCS Y Wing has increased considerably.... There's an image of a OT Rebel Pilot on Imgur (white helmet and brown/gold/green markings); it looks pretty legitimate from what I can see!
  9. What have they done to poor Chewie..... it looks like it's based on a really bad Passport ID! Perhaps that's the reason why nobody else attempted to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs - it really is that exhausting!
  10. It's back in stock at John Lewis online in the UK if anyone's still after one (link). And, yes, the first 'exclusive' offer is a little underwhelming..... I'd happily settle for a decent minifigure at this point!
  11. The UCS Falcon cards are linked directly to the corresponding VIP account so I can't see that they'll be much demand for them. And, unless someone has gone to extreme lengths to create multiple accounts (e.g. using different addresses & payment cards etc) it's unlikely that anyone is holding multiples. The first few offered in London have made silly money on Ebay, but I think that was due to the uniqueness of the event; I can't imagine that many people would pay much for the later (and personalised) ones!
  12. Yoda's Hut looks great, and I'll be adding one of these to my shopping list. The new torso print for Yoda is excellent; it's nicely detailed but not over-done unlike some newer minifigures! I also like Luke who's been in need of an upgrade, but I'm not totally convinced about the printing for R2-D2. Perhaps I'm reading far too much into the new wave (as I usually do) but it does add a little more weight to the possibility of a UCS Cloud City for 2018 (e.g. X-Wing & Yoda's Hut)....
  13. What was wrong with 10227 B-Wing Fighter?

    This set was totally ruined by the awful cockpit/canopy, but apart from that it wasn't a bad set - I did a review of it a few years ago (link). The sales figures must have been fairly dismal as it was eventually sold at 50% off in the US, and 30% off in the UK - and even now you can get it at about £300 MISB so there isn't a major demand for it. In my opinion, it's not in the same league to other similar-sized UCS sets currently available (e.g. Slave 1, Snowspeeder & TIE Fighter) so I can easily understand why it hasn't done well in the after-market.
  14. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks @CopMike, you've just made my day - with a prize C Manatee! Congratulations to all of the other winners, it's been great fun as always! Merry Christmas everyone
  15. 'The source that is rebellious and scummy has found potential verification from MakingStarWars.net' - that might be a good starting point