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Found 33 results

  1. Well here's my 2nd MOC posted here on Eurobricks The all mighty Panther Ausf. G in 1/15 scale will full RC functions. Lego Panther Ausf. G 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr and another pic of it with my cat James for fun. Lego Panther Ausf. G 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr more Pics and info here
  2. I was just playing around with some parts when I decided I wanted to make a M3 halftrack (which, btw is something I have wanted to do for ages). During the built I also decided to make it all purist, so here you have it, pretty neat design, and completely purist, I even made a brick-built browning, just like the good´Ol days ;-) Lego M3 Halftrack [MOC] by =DoNe=, on Flickr Oh and before I forget, more pictures can be found on my MOCpage:
  3. Everything except for the houses and vehicles are rather simple, yet effective from my point of view, wish I hope you share with me, over and out.
  4. Hello good peoples of the Minifig Customisation Workshop Taking a break from studying for my exams which are currently going on, I decided to create some decals based off characters from my films/graphic novel. Here's one of them, a German Major General called Angelo Vogel. Please lemme know what you think of the decal! His face: The face is based off the Collectable Minifig Series' Pilot ( Series 2 I think? ), but younger. I might re-make it with thicker Eyebrows and a deeper colour for the "wrinkles" and what not.. I'll throw in two reference pictures here, so people have an idea what the 'real' Vogel looks like. Here's the film one: And here's the Graphic Novel drawn version (In the center): The character to his right is the one who's decal I shall be making next, tomorrow night possibly. What is any decal worth if it's not applied to a minifig? I'm not sure, but I applied it to one of my minifigs, i've yet to get a proper camera, so here's a bad quality picture, sorry I might try making a bright-grey coloured "skirt" for him, some point in the future. I might make the tie on the torso darker too, it seems too bright. Anyways! Please let me know what you think, or what I could do more to capture the likeness? Axle
  5. Axle

    1940's German Car

    So after not having created any Lego cars for say.. 6 years, here's my first attempt :P It's based off of what one of those Citroen cars from WWII looks like, but I only had my head to imagine it, so it isn't very like it in the end. But i'm happy with it's looks! It's for Captain Gunther Von Stauff, a character from my films, and my future graphic novel. Again, please excuse the camera quality, I only have a phone at the moment for pictures :( Here's the rear, with a boot to boot! It opens, revealing Gunther's equipment: binoculars, a pistol, and handcuffs. It has a larger to small side profile, the front being chunkier than the smooth rear. I should probably fix this! Due to lack of door parts, I constructed some myself, and they open nicely enough. Gunther's also kitted the car with some luxurious dark tan leather seats! Don't let the 4-wide windscreen fool you, it actually fits two people inside comfortably: Another view of the two-seating. Thanks for looking! Please leave a comment and feedback on what I could do to improve! Axle
  6. Hi! This is a Vig based off of the Substitutiary Locomotion Battle at the end of the 1971 movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". I tired to put some of my favorite parts of the battle into this scene. Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee by Blockburn12, on Flickr Es gibt keine Hexen! by Blockburn12, on Flickr Advancing slowly by Blockburn12, on Flickr Here is a link to the actual clip if you're interested : There are a few more pictures on my Flickr. Decals were made by Cpt. Kirk. C&C is always appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  7. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms Spring 2013 Release

    Just a heads up to all that BrickArms just released a new wave of accessories! Definitely a nice set of accessories for the variety of genres they cover. Whether you're a WWII, modern, or scifi builder, there's something here for you! More shots of each new item can be found on Will's Flickr stream
  8. Although not entirely new, I realized that I haven't posted it here officially. CombatBrick released the second batch of weapons 8 weapons from WWII period : British Bren Light Machine Gun, Russian Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle, Japanese Type-99 Machine Gun FG-42 Battle Rifle, Gewehr 43 Semi-automatic rifle, MP-40 Submachine gun Russian Tokareve TT-33 Pistol, Walther P-38 Pistol 8 weapons of Modern Warfare : Adanced Assault Rifle, Israeli TAR-21, Assault Carbine, L85A1 British Carbine Special Forces Assault Rifle, SMG-45, Russian PP-19 "Bizon" M14-EBR Sniper Rifle, Tactical Tomahawk Available from and Resellers