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  1. A division of Aerospatiale Pucelabricks Pucelabricks Heavy Industries is pleased to present its first operational model for mass production: A cargo ship seater VTOL capable, heavily armed for ground attack for PAE-18. Comprising 4 jet engines to allow variable geometry VTOL capacity, no load is able to fly with one engine operating. Its armament consists of 8 air missiles Doomfire land in the lower wings and 2 double B-45 machine guns, able to provide covering fire while loading / unloading occurs. His nickname of Doom Raider comes with its missiles can create a ball of fire on vegetation to land or a ring of fire around the unit to be rescued, all without interrupting the covering fire with their machine guns double . It has no air defense capability but their air guns so in their course must be escorted by other air units. The tandem cockpit in more detail, the pilot seated in first place while the gunner is seated behind. Then demonstrate on a truppenwagen who lost their chains: To upload larger vehicles if necessary to land (not a download in a combat zone) in less than 3 hours on a base you can change the configuration B: PAE-18B with a more long legs in both the front and the rear. Here we see a loading a tank Panzer VI TIGER example: The full gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=547576 You can see all the chapters of The Chronicles of Lothbrock in: http://cronicasdelot...k.wordpress.com Chapter I highlighted: http://cronicasdelot...-2o-de-chima-2/
  2. pucelabricks

    MOC] ADU Pb-14 Wolverine

    Pucelabricks Heavy Industries Introduces New rover Pb-14 Wolverine. This vehicle is aimed to explore the terrain ahead of the assault forces in order to lead their attack. It has lots of listening systems and IR cameras, thermal, etc.. Because listening systems side circular, is known among soldiers as Mickey Mouse. The crew is 3 and is armed with 2 pairs of twin machine guns on each side, and the big news is a large mortar, recycling of stellar sea, intended to launch large projectiles fragmentation and smoke mislead the enemy if contacts the well and allow the flight, since the vehicle is not dedicated to fighting but to find the enemy. It also has a back room to carry cargo or up to 4 fully equipped marines. The interior more detailed: Have a great off-road ability, both in direction and up potholes. A couple of Wolverines in action
  3. pucelabricks

    Tank sd.kfz.234 for ADU

    ADU version of German wwII tank sd.kfz.234 Pucelabricks Heavy Industries is pleased to introduce the new PB-43 light tank Puma. It is a lightweight vehicle designed to move quickly form both front and reverse and support infantry fighting no heavy tanks on the enemy side. It has a crew of 4 and its main armament 75 mm cannon. The high mobility provided by its 8-wheel drive also makes it very convenient to get around on the ruins of an urban combat there to support where needed There are some pictures of the day of the official presentation of the first units to the Governor Eslava, Commissioner and Captain Lothbrock Freyja: A typical training squadron assigned to each vehicle for urban patrols All vehicles and historys of Lothbrock commisar in:
  4. pucelabricks

    [Index] Request for indexation

    One ADU Land vehicle: APC: PRD-76 Shooting Star, for Alien Defense Unit. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=81760&hl=
  5. pucelabricks

    The executions of the 2nd Chima

    Sorry for my english Twenty-ninth year of the war of Ragnarök , after the victory in the Battle of Sirius B6 and death of the caudillo Gorfan Roftgut at the hands of the commissioner Lothbrok and 8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment of La Vera , when she finally believed that the war had completed, the master assassins of Gorfan Roftgut , nicknamed " the rat " , took refuge in the deep galleries of numerous karst formations on the planet offered . To get out the rats from their nests It was necessary heavy drilling machinery and the nearest was in a distant system. Meanwhile in Chima system where animals evolved to intelligent forms coexisted with humans in peace in a difficult balance after a war of liberation against their former oppressors and tyrannical rulers. The arrival of a self-proclaimed messiah prodded all the tribes of animals against humans, and a fierce persecution against them was initiated . The human empire decided to lift several armies to begin the reconquest of the system, and falls within the 2nd Army Chima was newly promoted to Division level , the, 8th Mechanized Infantry Division Commissioner Lothbrok , in which numerous regiments from La Vera system were included. The planet system main capital was Chimagrado, and after a fierce battle, house by house and building by building was taken . The scene appears here immortalized is given after making full of the capital (except isolated pockets of resistance) , in the main square , where they are, in the center, the Governor's Palace to the left the ruins of the cathedral and right what remains Administrorum building . In the center, the statue of victory, brought specially for the occasion and placed as the area was secured by the 96th Regiment of Engineers from Pucela , represents the victory of humanity over the different tribes of animals. Once victory was a fact, the newly appointed governor of the planet Sebastian de Eslava wanted to make an example of , and thought to use it in old ways as Decimatio , or Carniciquina , but the commissioner refused Lothbrok saying " back these practices we would do better than the animals that have beem defeated, the 8th of La Vera not tolerate that thier prisoners are treated as this, and tan this victory was from the 8th of Vera , we will be those who choose the punishment , when your excellence win anything by itself he can choose the best way he understand " And the punishment chosen was the execution of the main leaders . Complete Flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98265044@N03/sets/72157640776011974/ The commissioner directed the firing squad Leaders of all races will be executed. Contemplate the executions of the 3 armys members, crew vehicles, marines and pilots. Prisoners awaiting their turn Androids are those carrying the corpses to the pyre of purifying fire The corpses are cremated A guard of honor before the statue of the victory of humanity over animal tribes and rendered these weapons. Snapshot of a war correspondent who went down in history as the symbol of victory. The flag is the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Vera. The correspondent taking photo A platoon down a Chinook helicopter Members of the three armys, trying to enter the ruins of Administrorum looking documents. PRD-14 anti-aircraft vehicle Hydra An injured is taken to the advanced medical post A patrol behind a tank PB-43 Puma No will be peace for the wickeds
  6. pucelabricks

    The battle of the Moon Sirius 6B

    After an Orc Waagh the comissar Lothbrok take the revenge for the humanity:
  7. pucelabricks

    Spanish fortress under english siege

    Sorry Aitoruco, I missed you at the list of ship constructors, thank you for remember me Radmond Barry (Rad Draven)
  8. pucelabricks

    Spanish fortress under english siege

    [pid][/pid]235B Hello A historical diorama about an english siege into a spanish fortress at the caribbean. It was exposed at MADBrick, into Madrid,Spain organaised by ALE. Ships by Rad Draven and fortress by me.
  9. pucelabricks

    Alien Conquest Walker

    An excelent explorer vehicle
  10. pucelabricks

    Black Seas Barracuda's little secrets you might not know

    Thank you very much for this nice pictures, They bring me a lot of memories
  11. Oh my god, I need hundreeds of Huron Indian for a Last of the Mohican diorama
  12. pucelabricks

    Scale 1:1 Facehugger

    Excellent MOC, it looks like very real and make me feel a lot of fear. I hope you don´t build a Alien 1:1 Scale , I couldn´t sleep well again
  13. pucelabricks

    LEGOzeland of the Rings

    Excellent pics and excellent country to take there
  14. Rad&Draven Advanced Weapons y Pucelabricks Heavy Industries presents from Spain the new: APC: PRD-76 Shooting Star, for Alien Defense Unit. This new model have a crew of 3 menbers and it can carry a crew of 8 marines fully equiped. It has a heavy machinegun, dual cannon Mk44 Bushmaster II ,3 SAM missile BitterSweet and 12 rockets. His advanced communications and targeting make it a letal enemy. ADU the last border between Aliens and the humanity Full Gallery http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=526587
  15. pucelabricks

    Big space diorama

    Hello, the diorama is already complete, finally I used all the bricks I found for make the pedestals. In this stage of the diorama the miners of Mars Mission are attacked for the aliens. First of all the video: