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  1. legomarat

    [MOC] Huddig 1060c

    Very Cute!
  2. Wow! very realistic! I like your color scheme too!
  3. legomarat

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
  4. legomarat

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    thank you all! looks like it was fixed without me =)
  5. legomarat

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Fixed! Thanks!
  6. RC driving and steering. All wheel drive and Live axle suspension Lifted with Mickey Thompson tires: Internals More on my Flickr Youtube video (I know doesn't work in some countries, you can find it on flickr too)
  7. legomarat

    [MOC] T34-85 WWII Soviet Tank

    Thank you everybody! Yes, they are wedge belt wheels
  8. legomarat

    [MOC] RC Credo Econell 12

    Cool!! I like the looks and mechanics is awesome!
  9. legomarat

    [MOC] T34-85 WWII Soviet Tank

    Photos of the internals: A little more on my flickr Marat Andreev
  10. legomarat

    [MOC] T34-85 WWII Soviet Tank

    Thank you all! I will make photos of the internals soon.
  11. legomarat

    [MOC] T34-85 WWII Soviet Tank

    Thank you! Also thanks for showing how to embed video!
  12. I prepared this model for Brickworld Chicago couple weeks ago. It is quite playable on a table, and was a great show material. I build a slope with books and make it go up and down. The winter livery was due to limitation of available Lego pieces. However few stickers I made are based on my memories of a monument I saw in Russia, rather than pictures online. The model has 4 motors and Sbrick for smartphone control. RC functions: drive left and right track, turret rotation and gun elevation. Also the model features authentic Christie suspension. Video on youtube
  13. legomarat

    [MOC] Datsun 240Z

    I'm glad you like it!
  14. legomarat

    [MOC] Datsun 240Z

    Thank you, guys! Yes, I am very happy with the performance =)
  15. legomarat

    [MOC] Datsun 240Z

    Thank you, everybody! yeah, I am unhappy about color variation too. Here is bottom: You click it to go to flickr, there are more photos.