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  1. Thank you guys! I appreciate your support!
  2. Good point! The title has been edited.
  3. Long time no see, @Thirdwigg! Thank you!
  4. Thank you all for nice words! They give me motivation to build more!
  5. After several years I am back! My latest MOC is Lego telehandler based on CAT TL642. Since it is not an exact reproduction I decided to change name and logos. Buwizz and iPad are used to control it remotely. There are four motorized functions: drive with PF L motor, boom elevation with PF L motor, fork tilt with M motor, and steering with PF servo. Front wheels are driven through a differential, and the rear axle has a simple suspension. Overall, it is maneuverable, easy to operate thanks to the proportional control of Buwizz, and very fun to play with. Please check out my flickr and my instagram Interior controls are made with stickers Also I found a nice reflective sticky paper to make mirrors
  6. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
  7. thank you all! looks like it was fixed without me =)
  8. RC driving and steering. All wheel drive and Live axle suspension Lifted with Mickey Thompson tires: Internals More on my Flickr Youtube video (I know doesn't work in some countries, you can find it on flickr too)
  9. Thank you everybody! Yes, they are wedge belt wheels
  10. Cool!! I like the looks and mechanics is awesome!
  11. Photos of the internals: A little more on my flickr Marat Andreev
  12. Thank you all! I will make photos of the internals soon.