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  1. Paddi

    [MOC] Cargo starships

    I love them all, they look really realistic!
  2. Paddi

    Space Base H17

    Wow, this is impressive!!
  3. Paddi

    [MOC] Springald

    The mechanics look quit realistic!
  4. Paddi

    Digital PRR B6 locomotive

    Looks nice, would like to se that in real
  5. Paddi

    MOC - 7720 reloaded (DB E69)

    Cute :) Nice job!
  6. Cool, the many Bars really make it look authentic!
  7. Wow, great Snot work you did!
  8. Paddi

    Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    I love the Idea with the chairs, great idea!
  9. Paddi

    [MOC] BR Railfreight VGA Van

    Wow, the rips are one and a half plate thik, that stands for good building quality!
  10. Paddi

    MOC: E656 the Caiman

    I really like the skyline in the Background, nice work!
  11. Paddi

    [MoC] Lego Skull

    Hi, Thanks at all. It takes really a Long time to achieve it so well... @Captain Brasfed: Can you just tell me why you wouldnd buy it? Ist just not your favorite Lego Theme (Sculptures) or do you know how to improve it? Regards, Paddi
  12. Paddi

    [MoC] Lego Skull

    Hi, A few days ago i finished my sculpture of sull head an put it o Lego Ideas. There are a few pics: What did you think about the Model? I designed it first at MLCad, so if you want i can send you the partlist and se Model as a MlCad File. I would be really happy if you Support my Projekt, im Really new at Lego Ideas. Thanks and Nice Day! Paddi