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Found 10 results

  1. Not to be outshone by their northern ursine cavalry brethren, the elves of the Dragon Clan in the Enchanted Forest in Avalonia had long maintained their fleet footed stag cavalry. Or, if you like, the generic stag unit.
  2. This was my entry for round 5 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics. My category was Valinor from The Silmarilion, and I chose to recreate the Kinslaying at Alqualondë. The build was loosely inspired by this image, particularly the landscaping. It took 7 days to complete, and weighs a whopping 26.2 pounds, making it my largest solo build to date! The build process proved to be very challenging at times, especially the water and mossy hillside. Initially I just was using trans clear 1x2 bricks for the water, but it was warping so much I had to add plates to connect it to the bottom layer of water, so that it would attach correctly. Below is a summary of the Kinslaying at Alqualondë for those of you who are interested. "The Kinslaying at Alqualondë was the first slaying of Elf by Elf, and was the act that banned the Ñoldor from returning to Aman, the lands of the West, for centuries. When Fëanor intended to leave Valinor, he needed ships to get to Middle-earth without great loss, but the Ñoldor possessed no ships, and Fëanor feared that any delay in their departure would cause the Ñoldor to reconsider. The Ñoldor, led by Fëanor and his sons, tried to persuade their friends, the Teleri of Alqualondë, to give him their ships. However, the Teleri would not help in any way against the will of the Valar, and in fact attempted to persuade their friends to reconsider and stay in Aman. Unwilling to take "no" for an answer, the Ñoldor started taking the ships and sailing them away. This angered the Teleri, and they threatened the Ñoldor with rocks and arrows, and they threw many of Fëanor's followers out of the ships and into the harbor. They also began to attempt to block the harbour; however, it is only slightly possible that the Teleri drew first blood. Then the Ñoldor drew swords, and the Teleri their bows, and there was a bitter fight that seemed evenly matched, if not even in favor of the Teleri, until the second Host of the Ñoldor, led by Fingon, arrived together with some of Fingolfin's people. Misunderstanding the situation, they assumed the Teleri had attacked the Ñoldor under orders of the Valar, and they joined the fight" Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and constructive criticism very welcome!
  3. soccerkid6

    (MOC) Rivendell

    My second micro Lord of the Rings creation, after Edoras. Andrew JN suggested that I build Rivendell, and I was skeptical about being able to pull it off in micro-scale at first. The main build process took a little over 2 weeks, and then I needed to wait a bit longer for parts to arrive to finish the model. It was primarily based off of these two images: picture 1, picture 2.The model is view-able from all sides, and while one of my most complex micro creations, it was an extremely rewarding build. Rivendell, also known as Imladris, was an Elven town and the house of Elrond located in Middle-earth. It is described as “The Last Homely House East of the Sea”, referencing towards Valinor, which is west of the Great Sea in Aman. High resolution images on flickr. Check out all of the pictures on brickbuilt to make sure you don't miss any details. Thanks for looking
  4. LittleJohn

    Lír Teilien

    My second entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XIV, for the Medieval Archery Tournament category. It was quite fun building all the angles and curves in this build, as well as trying to capture the elegance of Elvish architecture. The elves are renowned for their skill with the bow, and often hold archery tournaments to maintain their mastery. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  5. My Temple of Shanara presented in Expo LUG Brasil 2015. Temple of Shanara is an elven temple to one of the last Trees of Life in my Elven Kingdom Hybrasil. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr
  6. bricklearth

    [WIP] Elven Army

    I've been working on building up an army of elves, using Elrond from the Witch-King Battle set, and some slightly customized helmets from the Atlantis theme. I think they look pretty solid form-wise, but haven't painted them yet, so they're clearly in-progress. Even in their not-done state, I think the effect of a dozen of them together is pretty cool, so I wanted to share/get feedback. It might be a better question for the Minifig customization forum, but does anyone know a good paint to get close to pearl gold? Need to track that down to finish these :) Untitled by bricklearth, on Flickr by bricklearth, on Flickr by bricklearth, on Flickr
  7. This is my latest/last LOTR Grey Havens project before presenting the humongous set that joins all previous ones. Description: Mithlond or the Gray Havens The Grey Havens was founded at the beginning of the Second Age by the surviving Elves of Beleriand, those who chose to remain on Middle-earth after the wars against Morgoth. It was afterwards used by the Elves to leave Middle-earth for Valinor. The Grey Havens was part of Lindon, the kingdom directly ruled by Gil-galad, last High King of the Ñoldor in Middle-earth. It was also one of the main sources for the Elven fleet of ships that sailed back and forth between Númenor and Eldamar in Aman. According to the map of Middle-earth Grey Havens's anchorage is divided into the Harlond (the "south-haven") and the Forlond ("north-haven") which occupy the southern and northern banks, respectively, of the River Lune. Because of its cultural and spiritual importance to the Elves, the Grey Havens in time became the primary Elven settlement west of the Misty Mountains prior to the establishment of Eregion and, later, Rivendell. Even after the death of Gil-galad and as the Elves dwindled in numbers by the year, The Grey Havens remained a focal point of the history in the northern part of Middle-earth. Third Age and beyondCírdan the Shipwright was the master of the Havens since its founding; Galdor of the Havens, his messenger, was among the Grey Haven's known inhabitants. Aside from Elves, Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins also went to Valinor from the Grey Havens, and a family tradition held that Sam Gamgee (having been himself a Ring-bearer, albeit briefly) did likewise, in the year 1484 of the Shire Reckoning. (Fourth Age 61) The Grey Havens still existed into the Fourth Age under Círdan but its population declined as did the elven presence in Middle-earth. It is unclear just what the Fate of the Elves of Middle-earth was in the early Fourth Age and how long Círdan or his remaining folk dwelled at the Havens and continued to build the great ships that carried the Elves to the Blessed Realm. The set: Basically I decided to portray in several mosaics the voyage of the elves to the grey havens - showing the ships sailing in sunny days, through storms, into the sunset, etc... The gate is a very tall one but it is firmly put together with the use of several plates along. And as usual I've used several motifs from my interpretation of Beleriand Architecture If you missed the previous projects you can check them out here: - - - -
  8. Hello. New LOTR project. Hope you like it and support it. http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/51716 Thanks!
  9. I was going to ask this question in the LotR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion Thread, but then I figured it might be better suited for it's own topic because a poll can be used here. This thread is also meant as a discussion about the pros and cons of buying each specific number of Mirkwood Elf Army sets. If mods disagree and want to merge it with the other thread then by all means. Personally I was planning on buying about 10 of the MEA sets in total. After taking a closer look though, I think 5 seems like a much more reasonable number. That way I can still get a good number of elves, orcs, and Wargs without going to crazy with the elves (or Thranduils). I will probably end up just buying another 10-20 Gundabad Orcs (with hair) on BL for hopefully under $4 a piece, 5 more elves to make it an even 20, and then buy 5 or so more of the dark brown Wargs. I am guessing the Wargs should easily be under $7 and closer to 6 since they are going to be available in such a cheap set (almost half the price of the Warg Attack set the gray Warg came in). Right now the gray Warg is barely over $8. As I already mentioned, I have no need for 30 more elves that 10 MEA sets would give me. I just got 20 of the Mirkwood Elf polybags last year so that would give me 40 green hooded elves and over 50 elves total! More importantly though, I don't want 10 Thranduils. Unlike Eomer in the Uruk-hai Army set, Thranduil's head piece makes him way to distinctive to serve as anything but Thranduil. With Eomer it was pretty easy to mix him in as a standard Rohan grunt. For this reason, and also the inclusion of so many elves, I don't see this set selling anywhere near as well as the Uruk-hai Army one did. I personally bought over 20 Uruk-hai Army sets and I know there were others who bought many more than that. People on average seemed to buy way more of that set than the 1-3 MEA they plan on buying too. So, how many Mikrwood Elf Army sets do YOU plan on buying and why?
  10. The forests of Avalonia have thrived for centuries, and have always been inhabited by druids. Legends say that the druids of old wielded great power and had expansive knowledge of natural and mystic lore. Most people doubt that any of the modern day druids have the blood of the ancient druids in their veins, but they do possess a wealth of lore about the Avalonian woods. The Sisters of Spring are an order of druids that tend to the cycle of life that is forever flowing through the forests. This order is non-militant, and lives in harmony with nature, culling the week and promoting growth and renewal. The Sisters live in camps throughout Avalonia, and prefer to avoid permanent dwellings such as houses. This particular camp has established at the entrance to a series of caves beside a small waterfall. While this camp is composed solely of Elves, druids of other races are not unheard of. The Sisters keep bees for honey, and can also glean information from them about the growth of the forest's flowers and buds, as well as the impending weather. They also harvest wild grapes to produce a potent wine that is popular with Avalonians. The Sisters trade with townsfolk for bottles their wine. They gather herbs and roots from the surrounding woodlands for food and medicinal purposes. They have also been known to bring down fowl for their dinner tables. The Sisters also trade for bread and cheese to supplement their diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey and cider. Fish from the stream are cooked and dried for the winter ahead. The stream also provides water for cooking and bathing, and the Sisters fill cisterns in the caves below. The Sisters live in harmony with the woods, as they have for centuries. As custodians of the forest, they will care for the plants and animals and ensure that they continue to flourish. Flickr Gallery: