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  1. May I present to you the Aide-de-Camp to Genera Hercule Francois, Capitane Louis de la Tour Forbie:
  2. TribunM

    [MOC] Gothic Cathedral

    Absoulutely stunning! Great job, wow!
  3. Nice scence, awesome interiour and great punching line!
  4. TribunM

    [OL - FB] Wine Terrace, Lavalette

    Must have loosened it when pushing the leafs back into position. Mea culpa. But has some charme too^^
  5. TribunM

    [OL - FB] Cemetery, Lavalette

    Thanks for nice your words and input, guys!
  6. "Be my guest, dear Willem" "Monsieur, we need a bottle of your best wine!" "Santé! To Arnauld de la Tour Forbie, a man whom we both didn't know" "So let me guess: my new brother is an Eslandolian?" "Hmmmm" "So how comes you are not a succesful trader?" "A man whom we both didn't know!" "So your... family structure limited your progress?" "So to say." Let's enjoy the nice ocean view!" "Santé!" "Santé!" "So what have you been doing... for living?" "Travelling, trading. A lot abroad." "But not in..." Louis emphasized his next words with an deep breath, looking at the ocean: "an elevated position?" "A man..." "I always imagined Eslanola was the way you wanted it with faith?" "Well, my family wanted it this way. Not lucky with my mom's adventure." Louis squinted his eyes and looked at Willem: "maybe we can help each other." "How so?" Louis turned to his left where a green apple laid on the table. "What is that on the table?" "An apple most obviously" "A green apple!", Louis replied. "And...?" "It's quite easy: the apple develops like nations: - at the beginning, it is sour and few like it in this state; - then it matures and gets red, a typical apple everybody likes; - some of them fall to the ground where rats guzzle them; - and some of them will be really graded up and find their destiny as a elegant spirit, so to say blue" "There is a lot potential in Oleon and it's colonies, and i want to throw open a lot of doors. Having that kind of brother might benefit you as well..." "An apple may stay green!" "Few people like those!" "Come with me, we may profit from one another. I am heading to a position that might be the first door. Maybe it's first door for you too?"
  7. TribunM

    The Trolls came down the Mountains

    I just passed by, but the I can only emphasize how great that build is! The landscape, the orc mob and esp. the fire... well done!
  8. TribunM

    [OL-FB] As the Cherry Blossoms Do.

    Awesome pointe!
  9. Originally, Louis de la Tour Forbie had intended to take a ship straight to Fort Altress to report for his new post , but the things with plans... He had received a letter and to come to Lavalette on Stéphanique to come and to contact the Order of Hades. When he arrived, he once more was sent to a new address, and when he arrived, somethin dawned on him. He entered the cemetery and approached a brother of the Order of Hades: "Bonjour, Monsieur! I have received a letter concerning my father. He is supposed to be gravely ill." "Please follow me", answered the pries without greeting and further ado. It didn't take to long and they stopped infront of a simple grave. "Your father has crossed the Styx two weeks ago." Mer..., Luis thought. On his old days, his father had developped a new inclination for faith, especially Hades. Maybe some thought of his nearing end? Panic? Who knows. Anyways, he had left his premises and went to Lavalette, to spend his time with... religious stuff? Praying, hope for absolution? Who knows again? While they were talking, a third person arrived on the scence. "Hello... Brother... Monk... Mister?" he greeted, inconclusive of how to address this brother of Hades. "I have received a letter from you tom come to this island. At the order's housing I was sent here..." "Your father has crossed the Styx two weeks ago", the priest once again said in his dry manner. Well, this was news to Louis and him. While they were looking at the grave, undecieded what to do or think in this strange situation, for the first time, the priest took the initiative. "You will be luckly to hear that your father turned into was really eager and honest in his wishes to find absolution for his sins", turning his head to the third man giving him a soft smile". "And you will be even more lucky to hear that most probable this absolution will be granted", the priest said and turned to Louis with his soft smile before starting again. "He offered all his land to the order. That is generous, but also adequate", once again looking at the third man. This FOOL!, Louis thought. Thoughtful to free US from the resources for sinning! "I will leave you for a silent prayer", and the priest left. THe two man stood there for a moment in a real strange situation, perplexely staring at the grave of the man who seemed to be their father. And for giving them everything, they placed him at the site for ppor people. Nice. After all he got a candle! he thought. Louis took the initiative: "Bonjour, Louis de la Tour Forbie!" "Willem Molenberg", he answered. Looking at the grave, he added: "Obviously Willem Arnoldszoon Molenberg". "Care to join me for a whine? We have a lot to talk!" "Yes, with pleasure!" And so they left the scene. Edit: corrected order of pictures.
  10. Hahaha, well written and very entertaining!
  11. TribunM

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Excusez moi! Right now I am lacking horse as well as Lotis ;)
  12. TribunM

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thank you lads for the nice welcome! Well, I intend to use this figure only sporadically for military. Actually I don't know yet, it will develop. He's got a brother for military purposes.^^ It is my understanding for the encyclopedia that there are no cuirassiers as of now. Question 1: there is no need to apply in any way? Question 2: is there some kind of fraction communication channel?
  13. TribunM

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    The familiy "de la Tour Forbie" from Oleon’s north-western province of Pontia is a typical example Oleon’s lower nobility: for generations they provided knights and officers to the ranks of the military in an unspectacular way, with a battalion or regimental commander here and there. While the name sounds fancy, it actually means that they controlled a small castle (or tower^^) located at a busy river crossing of river Chanon en route to Allondrelle. It goes without saying that that over the centuries - like other nobels - they grew fond of the idea of chivalry and live it today in various cavalry units. Louis de la Tour Forbie is the second son to Arnauld, Chevalier du Royaume, and therefore has little more to inherit than a name. His elder brother Henri will one day get that title, except for the case that his duty at the cuirassiers gets him killed. Well,who knows? Like many members of this functional military class, Louis had been a cadet to Orleons royal army. Like many other second sons, he joined the ranks of the dragoons. While many in the society of Oleon consider this as some kind of setback, that constellation comes very close to the personal preferences of Louis: being a cuirassiers can bring you a looooot glory and fame, but that glory and fame quite often is only carved in stone... While the navy might have been another option, he hated the idea of two ships pounding each other until one sinks all hands aboard. The order might have been a choice… for people who don’t value the savoir vivre of Oleon: good food, wine, nice clothings. No, the dragoners were the perfect fit for his character: they are flexible like he is morally and socially , and they independently exploit opportunities, where they arise. Recon, attack and retreat are common and cleverness is your trump card. As a cadet, he gained valuable insight on how to the rules of the Oleon game: how higher nobility behaves, how faith is signalled, the etiquette how to behave and who might be important for your personal advantage. He learned a lot and is a social chameleon: a trader from Eslandoa might hear joke about his family name where a tower stands somewhere in nowhere, while a lady from Oleon will hear a story about chivalry and great military tradition. Now the army time of Louis is leaning towards an end and he is contemplating what to do next. The best place for this decision is home, where he is occupied with administrating the family’s domain while his father is abroad. And then a letter arrives...
  14. TribunM

    Lurker's Bay

    Thanks for advice. I am thinking of a story line that opens up for some MOCs. A ship is yet to be imagined^^ Question: While there is a Seawatch coordination threat, I find it hard to piece together the elements of where, when and who (sure, alle three state fractions involved), I am lacking context. Is there somewhere consolidated information about it? Aaaand: great thanks to CapOnBOBS for a loooot of consultancy!
  15. TribunM

    Lurker's Bay

    There is no easy way into this, is it