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  1. My hope would be for E wing and Y wing, though I wouldn’t be upset about an E wing plus “bad guy ship” pack
  2. I’m really not a fan I’d call this one a fail, missed opportunity for a molded neck or headpiece that they could re-use in a Jabba-related set
  3. josebricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Looks like 4x Gimli axes 4x elven blades (see Arwen drawing on the Nine at the ford) 2x updated Sting 2x shards of Narsil 2x Aragorn’s Dunedain longsword 2x Boromir’s broadsword
  4. josebricks

    Lego Star Wars to Technic

    Bricklink is a pretty good start. You can find entries there that match the condition of your sets and geographic vicinity — you can then set the price accordingly. I do a lot of swapping locally and we use the bricklink standard for figuring out what trades are equivalent. Discount from those prices if you need to sell quick
  5. josebricks

    Let’s talk armor

    I’m on the ridged shoulder train. Fiddling around with configurations for a Rohan hero and finding that armor was just *chef’s kiss*
  6. the helmets are great! I picked some up from a bricklink seller a couple months ago, knew they were legit once I had them in hand, then was very confused when they weren’t included in the Viking ship set
  7. Gray armored knight with gold visor reported to be in CMF series 23. Hope that means the visor mold is back! My wallet hurts trying to equip my men-at-arms and knights
  8. Anything about specific accessories in there? I saw the statement about a variety of weapons, but thoughts about knights’ moveable visors, or reintroduction of some of the other helmet types in silver or metallic colors? If horse barding is happening then I’m thrilled!
  9. josebricks

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Awesome army! I enjoy your war wagons and their riders especially :)
  10. Yep. I have torsos that I flipped to have a plain blue French crossbowman (quivers cover most of the falcon crest), and with an armor over top they look good as well, with the metallic arms and leg detail complementing it well. Got some extra legs to add to KTown blue torsos with brigandine… need to build a big 100-years war MOC now haha
  11. josebricks

    Future Castle Sets?

    No idea how good an indicator this is, but some European sellers have the new Viking helmet in bulk in pearl dark gray. Wondering if this means that will be in the creator Viking set…
  12. josebricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Wow! I would love to be able to get the troll armor/helmet from Minas Tirith….so sad they never made the mold
  13. josebricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Not to my knowledge, though the revival wouldn’t necessarily have to start right away. The original theme came out in 2012, eleven years after the movies launched. I would think that “cartoon-y” spin offs like the Rohirrim movie would help down the line…perhaps after (if) the show is successful. Purely speculative, but still fun to think about as a medieval/LotR builder.
  14. josebricks

    [MOC] The Great Temple of Ulric

    This build looks very crisp, a good combination of shapes! Keeping a uniform color keeps it from looking overly “busy” visually, which I think can clutter a lot of medieval/historic builds. Great work :)
  15. josebricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Glad to see in the latest info, that the show will aim to appeal to “11, 12, and 13” year olds, negating the R-rated GoT fear that would preclude a Lego line