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  1. Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That thread by Kai should give you some inspiration.
  2. Old Mage's Tower

    Thanks Puvel!
  3. Old Mage's Tower

    Thanks Henjin! I couldn't imagine anyone else but an eccentric old man living in such a tower but fear not, my next build actually involves my character, believe it or not. It is slightly larger though so I won't finish it for a while. I'm glad you like the tudor and roof aswell as the wheelbarrow!
  4. Old Mage's Tower

    Thanks! I'm glad you like the stonework as that is the most tedious part to build. I can definitely see your point, it is quite top-heavy. It might have looked better if the tudor-panels were'nt sloped outwards. I just bought some good lights and yes, these pictures are way better than any of my previous ones. Less editing aswell Hmm, maybe the tower is on par with yours but your groundwork is still miles better!
  5. Old Mage's Tower

    Thanks! Thanks! Yes it is a wheelbarrow. Thanks! I'm sure you'll be able to build something like this, you just need some experience and a lot of parts. Thanks! I'll try that when I post my next moc! Thanks Titus! It's definitely inspired by TM's towers.
  6. Shinmizu Village

    Fantastic scene! The rockwork and water is excellent!
  7. Summoning gone wrong

    Great build, fantastic job! Good amount of texture and the trans green windows are a great contrast.
  8. Old Mage's Tower

    The old mage, or more commonly known as the crazy old man, lives in his leaning tower that is held up by the magic spells that he cast upon it, however in reality the credit goes to the treebranch that over the years has started to grow inside the house and even poking out the window. Old Mage's Tower by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Old mage by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Tree by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Side by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Wheelbarrel with flowers by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Window by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Roof by jonatansvenning, on Flickr A build I finished a while ago now but only now got around to posting it. I really like how it came out, the only thing I think needs improvement is the middle roofsection (middle of 3). There are a few more pictures on Flickr. Any critisism is welcome, hope you enjoy it! (Also, how do i post pictures from Flickr without it getting the link on the side?)
  9. Unintentional Exploring

    Thanks Henjin! You are spot on actually. It was going to be an entry in the challenge until I realised that I had only posted one free build and I didn't feel like posting five small and rushed builds just to be able to compete in the challenge.
  10. Unintentional Exploring

    Thanks a lot Isaac!
  11. Unintentional Exploring

    Thanks Titus, I'm glad you like it! I can't unsee the sea snakes now
  12. Unintentional Exploring

    Thanks Gunman, glad you like it! Thanks! The arches was actually what I build first and at that point I didn't really know what i was going to build. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Gideon! I wanted the cave to look dryer than the outside so i decided to go for the olive grass. The tree is heavily inspiered your tree here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonas_wide/33796369024/in/photostream/
  13. Unintentional Exploring

    An Avalonian fishingboat was caught in a storm and got shipwrecked. Three of the crewmembers managed to swim ashore but they have no idea where they are or what dangers might be lurking for them in the forests... Unintentional exploring by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Untitled by jonatansvenning, on Flickr Untitled by jonatansvenning, on Flickr This was a fun build, nothing really challenging other than the small tree to the right. I really like how the beach turned out as this was my first. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. Also, pictures are terrible as usual... meh. Hope you enjoy it!
  14. Lleidr Citadel

    Very well done here Maestro! The stonework is excellent the tree is beautiful. The house is the best part though IMO.
  15. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    Thanks! The three big parts I used for the tree are this, this and this. The light blue flowers are indeed very nice. I have to agree on the brown edge though my bad lighting makes it look worse than it actually is. Thanks Titus! The bad lighting is partially at fault here too. Can't wait to see the outcome Thank you! Sand green is definetly my favorite colour and it goes very well with light bley. I'm very happy with how the foliage turned out so i'm glad you like them. Again, the bad lighting is partially at fault.