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  1. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III Challenge II - Bread, Water and Drums

    Yeah, that’s what I meant.
  2. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    CHALLENGE II: Category C: At The Races

    Nice scene! The Conzaga stand looks great and appropriately grand. I like the use of the cloth pieces. I have to echo Navarre about the picture, it would be nice to see it at an angle.
  3. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III Challenge II - Bread, Water and Drums

    Neat story and great build! I love that roof, very nice use of colours. The blue in the wall however doesn’t work as well in my opinion. It gives of the DC vibes which I feel the rest of the build doesn’t match. The terrain is great apart from the big patch of brown. It’s just way too brown and no variation in texture. The trees are the best part though, they’re perfect.
  4. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I’m working on a cat B entry. It’s quite big so don’t expect it until the end of the month. I have no plans for the other categories though.
  5. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    The Ilesole Saga

    Man, that was confusing but oh so good! Incredible scenes, I’m looking forward to seeing what these characters will be up to in the future. Officially welcome to GoH then!
  6. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Can you guys give me some suggestions on what buildings an eastern varlyrian street might have. I’ve built a wine seller so far but I’m running low on ideas.
  7. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I’m going to enter category B, not sure about the other ones though. Apologies for my inactivity! I’m back to building now though.
  8. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    It's the same on mobile however it's extremely hard to copy the BBcode. I've done that once and I would give it a 1/5 on Google reviews, it's not a pleasant experience.
  9. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Khaor Guard Tower [Varlyrio, HSS]

    Very nice looking tower and cool figs! I like that you made it so that you can put all the mocs together. The water is too busy for my liking though, some tiles on that would make it better.
  10. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Varlyrian Olive Farm

    Thanks! I looked at pictures of olive trees to capture the look as good as possible. Thanks Grover! I used these to connect the tiles and then just carefully placed them there. It's a very useful technique for covering up small gaps. I used it on the rounded corner in my previous moc too. Thank you! Thanks Gideon! Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing some varlyrian builds from you! Thank you very much! Thanks! Thanks Isaac! Dark tan and MDF is indeed quite a nice combo, I might try it out on a house.
  11. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    The Busy Streets of Ostia

    Thanks! I'm glad you like the corner. Thank you! I agree with you, red coats definetly wouldn't look out of place but I think it gets a pass since this is historica Thanks Grover! You are right about the archway to the bakery, they will knock their head
  12. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Avalonian Traffic Jam

    This has such a unique look! The cottage has so many nice curves and the roof is seamless. The little pond is a nice touch and the wheelbarrow is genius!
  13. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Where the Map Leads

    After a long and dangerous journey through deep and deceptive forest of the Mystic Isles, the brave explorer has finally found what he came looking for, a gem from an ancient elvish king. Lots more pictures in the Flickr album if you're interested. This build is for the Summer Joust 2018 collaboration category. The team consists of @Henjin_Quilones, @TitusV, @The Maestro and me. Here is Henjins build, the rest will follow in a not so distant future. It was a great pleasure to collab with these guys once again, lots of fun.
  14. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Varlyrian Olive Farm

    Thanks! I did look at some photos of olive trees because they have quite a distinct look to them. Thank you! Thanks! I definitely think you should, it’s a fun colour to work with but it’s also quite restricting in that it doesn’t really work with a lot of colours. Normal green clashed quite a bit, hence why I only used bright green vegetation. Thanks Garmadon! Thanks! I agree with you on the door, I tried dark blue but it wasn’t bright enough. Thank you! There wasn’t much thought behind the shack to be honest I saw a use for my recently acquired white 1x1 round tiles and that’s pretty much it. I agree with you though, LGB tiles would probably be better. Thanks Titus! You’re going to have to wait quite a while sadly because my next build is going to be for Challenge I. Thank you and welcome to GoH!