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  1. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Yes, I’ll do this in the coming weeks.
  2. The eyes on that creature are amazing! Lovely arches everywhere, especially the on on the left tan building. I do think the buildings could use some more texture though.
  3. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    CHALLENGE V: Category B: La Cospirazione: Part III

    Thank you very much! Thanks! Thank you! The story is entirely the work of @W Navarre. It was a pleasure collabing with you too! Thanks a lot! Thanks! Thank you! I can confirm, the corner roof was a pain to build
  4. La Cospirazione: Part III Cadgie De Fiori had indeed gotten himself into another mess. And if the mess he made was not enough he had Capri De Fiori to handle for the day, and that may have dwarfed all the other problems he had in life. It’s not quite certain in fact how much of a hand she had in all of his problems. But problems he had, and of a sobering nature. “Dawn. At dawn Alesio arrives. At dawn Capri should be off my hands. At dawn I must see those brothers. And I don’t think they have good intentions. It was certainly not wise to accept their tryst after that affair with those people the other day. And certainly Alesio must arrive. And most certainly I must not take Capri tomorrow.” But Alesio did not arrive, and Capri did accompany him: much more due to her willful nagging than to his own wishes; perhaps it also had something to do with her remark, “You can’t leave me here alone in this bleak old castle! I’ll follow you on foot!” To which Cadgie had pertly answered, “I go by gondola, signorina!” “Then I’ll follow you swimming, signore!” was her impudent retort. Well, that would have been worse. Since Capri did not know how to swim. But Cadgie knew she would keep her word, and he did not wish to spend part of his busy dawn fishing the girl out of the water, so that is how they both found themselves disembarking in the busy little piazza near the southern end of Tergiversa. “Sit here,” whispered Cadgie, motioning to a wooden bench by the waterside. He sighed deeply. “Please, Capri, don’t move unless I tell you to.” “Are you going to fight?” Capri cried impatiently, looking over Cadgie’s shoulder at the man pacing up and down near the statuette in the center of the piazza and the small crowd that was gathered near him. Cadgie smirked very good-naturedly at her. “Now, Uncle, you know it’s not good to go fighting other people, what is none of your business.” She stood on the bench and looked down on him. “If you kill somebody I am going to tell my father!” Capri imperiously avowed. “And I mean it, sir, and my Uncle!” “Unfortunately,” Cadgie remarked with a sarcastic smile, “it is my business.” He tapped his fine sword proudly. “I am Captain of the Guard, Capri De Fiori, and if these trouble makers want trouble, it is my task to give it to them!” He put his hand to her lips to stop her from talking anymore and sweeping round marched to the center of the small piazza. An alley led away to the left, and a man leaning against the wall there leapt off it and moved forward, backing up the fellow who had been pacing up and down. “Look here, De Fiori, you gentlemen are too proud,” began one. “Is it true,” took up his companion, who wore a heavy black jerkin, “that Susto and Falco de Fiori, and the guard of Tergiversa, were the chief conspirators and collaborators who overthrew Supano Amancio?” “Explain this, Cadgie De Fiori, or bring the murderers here and have them answer.” Cadgie grasped the hilt of his weapon and snapped, “What murderers?” “Susto and Falco De Fiori!” cried both men vehemently. “Who dares to insult the name of Fiori?” answered Cadgie, enraged. “Quelli in incognito,” they retorted fiercely. “We’re here to settle a debt, De Fiori, and you must pay it if your sons will not!” continued the man in the black jerkin. A pair of swords flashed out and glittered in the sun. Cadgie threw himself at them at once. “The De Fiori’s have no innocent blood on their hands, Gentiluomini!” he thundered. “He who says otherwise may answer to my blade!” A cloud of dust rose into the air as the two men stepped forward and lashed out with their blades. Cadgie De Fiori, a skilled swordsman, defended himself with skill, poise, and tact, but the supposed brothers who were matched up against him were incredible warriors. Blood was spilt on both sides, as they marched up and down the streets dashing about with their swords, playing with the point, the edge, and the environment around them. Twice Cadgie had one of them trapped against the walls, and once he cut deep into the arm of the foremost of them. But the unequal combat left only one possible outcome, and at last one of the attackers dashed Cadgie De Fiori against the statuette in the center of the piazza and put his sword against his throat. “It is the end of the power of the De Fiori’s,” the man whispered coldly. He forced open Cadgie hand and his sword clattered to the ground. “At least the De Fiori’s are no murderers or cowards!” Cadgie hurled back at him, striking him across the face with his heavy metal gauntlet. “You will pay for that blow, Fiori!” the man brandished his sword wildly as he recovered his balance. Cadgie gasped, dashing for his weapon. But with fire in their eyes both men leapt forward and plunged their swords through Cadgie De Fiori’s mail breastplate. Then with a final blow the one struck him to the floor. Capri De Fiori had watched the whole fight on her tippy toes, restlessly hanging on the edge of the crowd, and with a frightened cry she jumped forward as the man dealt the final blow. She threw herself at her uncle’s side, crying, as the assassins sprinted quickly away. Cadgie De Fiori’s eyes lit as he saw her face bending over him, and he whispered fiercely, “Capri!–” “Poor Uncle, what did they do to you?” She passionately gritted her teeth. “Listen Capri,” the Captain of the Guard said briefly, holding on to life for only a moment more, “they have plotted the end of the De Fiori: girl, run!” Capri whirled round with wide eyes and saw at once what Cadgie De Fiori meant. A troop of soldiers were rushing at her! She quickly kissed her dying Uncle on the forehead and then leapt up and sprinted for the alley, but she could not beat the soldiers, who with cries and shouts intercepted the girl, seizing her by the hands. “Don’t struggle, little girl,” one of them whispered kindly in her ear. “Va bene,” Capri answered in resignation. She let herself hang limply in the hands of the soldiers as they dragged her away. Then as the fateful piazza square slowly passed out of sight she said softly, “Addio, Uncle!” She knew she would never see her Uncle, Cadgie De Fiori, Captain of the Guard of Tergiversa, again, for he was dead. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Stay tuned for the rest of the story and please let me know what you think of the build!
  5. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to Varlyrio! Excellent choice!
  6. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    This has crossed my mind aswell and I think it's a great idea.
  7. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Here you go: https://brickset.com/article/49348/review-71027-collectable-minifigures-series-20-(part-1)
  8. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I can recommend Assassin’s Creed II aswell, especially the Venice part.
  9. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Thanks! And well done everyone else! It was nice seeing so many great entries and so much activity in GoH.
  10. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    Thanks, that means a lot! Thank you very much! Not gonna lie, the architecture was the main focus for me, the game part was just an excuse Thanks! Thank you! I varied the colour palette to not get too repetitive, I’m glad you like it! Thanks man! The windows were definitely a pain to build I like the end result aswell. Thanks! I think the greenery will be what characterises Ostia. I see what you mean about the 1x1 studs, I saw that aswell when I photographed it. I guess I never took a step back to look at it. The reason why I didn’t use round tiles was simply that I didn’t have enough of them. That’s an interesting use of the stadium tiles though, I’ve never thought about that. And the white balance as always. I think I need to lower the brightness on my monitor when I edit because I really thought they were bright enough, oh well. Thank you! I’ll work on my photography and editing for my next moc. Thanks mate! The tree is one of those ones that are always on the verge of falling apart. I’ll have to figure out a way to make it survive a car ride. Thank you very much! Those rounded sections are an upsized version of the same thing I did in my first Ostia moc. Thanks! I’ll definitely keep on building varlyrian mocs. Thanks! I’m glad you like the story, I think it’s the first time I’ve actually written any type of story to accompany a build. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! I’m usually not a big fan of the prefabricated arches but they definitely served their purpose here. Thanks! I’m glad I gave you a laugh. Thank you! Hehe, thanks, glad you like it!
  11. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My entry to Cat B:
  12. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    After hearing the news from Cedrica, Luca di Carlo got slightly nervous about having to host an event him and his family would have to pay for themselves. Just as he sat and mourned his future expenses his father burst through the chamber door bombastically ranting about how his personal gondola rower managed to capsize the gondola and how he had fired him even before he got out of the water. Thats when Luca knew how they would entertain the people of Ostia. A game where gondola rowers can duel eachother while each standing on a board and holding a paddle to knock their opponent into the water with. The grand prize ofcourse being permanently employed by Nicola di Carlo (Luca's father). Gondola rowers lining up to compete. The location was carefully chosen because of the nearby di Carlo olive seller. Nicola and Elena di Carlo. Great opportunity to feed a gambling addiction! Man, it was dificult to create 40+ figures and i still would have liked to have more but oh well. It was nice to get to try out the cheese-slope arches and I think it turned out well. I'm not quite satisfied with the sand green building but i didn't have time to scrap it and come up with something else. Lots of things to comment on but I don't really have time now either, but please let me know what you think about it! Any critisism is appriciated!
  13. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    [MOC] The watchtower on the hill

    This looks great! You should have a look at the first build you posted to EB, you’ve improved a lot to say the least. Have you considered GoH btw, I think you’d like it!
  14. It’s funny how these types of threads always turn into genital measuring contests. Though, I have to admit, it’s very entertaining to read. The rarest thing I own is probably 51163cx1.
  15. ZlatanXVIGustaf

    Book III Challenge II - Bread, Water and Drums

    Yeah, that’s what I meant.