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  1. [OCT] Oktoberfest celebrations!

    A very nice build, I really like the minifigures posing, the architecture and the flags really caught my eye for some reason.
  2. The Eltina Courrier - October 617AE (AMRCA)

    I see, very...uh sophisticated of your sources. Although I must admit I have no idea what the last part means.
  3. The Eltina Courrier - October 617AE (AMRCA)

    And what beverage were they drinking.
  4. The Eltina Courrier - October 617AE (AMRCA)

    Just a question, how drunk were these local drunks?
  5. [POLL] WTC Elites

    I would say to maybe go with a mix of a few different Browns, it would add some variety and non-uniformity that I think would suit the WTC.
  6. [OL - FB] - The ugly Clock Tower

    What a lovely clocktower, Lavalette truly is lucky to have it.
  7. [COR - OCT FB] ETTC Sepoys for Jameston

    I really love this build, I can't believe I missed it, sure got pushed back a few pages quite quickly. The palm tree design is amazing, even if it isn't yours and the building is very nice. It's also nice to see the sepoys getting some attention, from both you and Bregir, they're a very unique type of troop and there's something exotic about them that just leaves me in awe every time I see them, must be the moustaches!
  8. I can see them just fine Maxim, although I may have experienced this problem as well. Does it just display a small text box with a bunch of numbers and letters (I think it's the URL) in it?
  9. Thank you very much for sharing this information, I was not aware hence my assumption they were to the west.
  10. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

    Very nice series Faladrin, interesting though that you have a Corlander merchant and an Eslandolan scholar.
  11. MRCA II Adventure

    I think that would be great!
  12. MRCA II Adventure

    If you don't mind, may I use some of your Mokolei cities?
  13. Well Maxim summed up my interpretation of the Mokolei pretty well. I also think it's worth noting that we've not only seen oriental characters but ships as well, I believe there are a few junks floating around. Anyway I envisioned there being an oriental state further to the west, imagine this. We take a map of Europe and Asia and flip it, as we know the Middle East separates south east Asia from Europe, Europe being Halos, the Middle Kingdoms and the Northern Mokolei Empire being the Middle East and China being a yet unexplored state further West. They were just my thoughts and they are bo no means definitive, I hope they help though.
  14. Bureaucracy at its finest, I love it!
  15. @Elostirion I would be very interested in joining you to flesh out the NPC nations if it is alright.