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  1. Lord Buckethead

    Fazia Country Residence

    Fazia family members are renowned for being somewhat paranoid, and who can blame them. As such they own a multitude of country residences, scattered across the Varlyrian countryside where they can plot without fear of retribution for their many indecent acts. This is one such country residence, owned by Giuseppe Fazia, heir to the family. It is guarded by one of the renowned Fazia guards, elite soldiers who pledge their allegiance to the Fazia family and to nothing else. __________________________ This will act as an entry into guild challenge 2B as this will not be my sig-figs primary residence. I hope you like my first actual build in GoH and I look forward to building more. By the way my sig-fig is the one in the slouch hat. Thanks for viewing.
  2. Lord Buckethead

    The Fazia Family (Varlyrio)

    The Fazia family is a family renowned in Varlyrio for being at the centre of a web of mercenaries and bounty hunters. While they present a friendly exterior and will never openly double-cross or betray anyone, they are one of the most cunning families in all of Varlyrio, doing whatever it takes to achieve their ultimate goals, whatever they may be. Nothing is below the Fazia's, provided it is done quietly and without a trace. Although the general populace is for the most part unsuspectful of the Fazia's, they have garnered something of a bad reputation among the Varlyrian noble families, and many are hesitant to do business with them. Fazia Family Members Alberto Fazia Alberto Fazia is the head of the Fazia family and is in charge of most of its operations. While still something of a scumbag compared to most ordinary people, Alberto is not as cunning or ambitious as his fellow family members and is much more focused on internal stability of the family, which the Fazia's are not exactly known for, many willing to stab their own family in the back for their own gain. While Alberto still has many of his days to live out, there are whispers that he heavily dislikes the top job, and rumours of early retirement have begun to circulate. Nonetheless, Alberto has managed to unite the Fazia family towards a common goal and for that he is most respected by his fellow family members. Giuseppe Fazia
  3. Lord Buckethead

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Well I must apologise, I missed the part about not using the head of our family as our sig-fig and so unfortunately I don't have a vignette of him. I will however post his backstory and pledge my allegiance now. ____________________ Giuseppe Fazia is the heir to the Fazia family, a family renowned in Varlyrio for being at the centre of a web of mercenaries and bounty hunters. While Giuseppe's family is mainly focused on domestic affairs, ministerial roles and such, he is much more interested in expanding the family business to the rest of Historica. Despite their trade, the Fazia's aren't exactly known for their combat prowess, however unlike his family Giuseppe has no qualms getting his hands dirty and while not quite a master, is an adept swordsman.
  4. Lord Buckethead

    [SR - MCRA June] Negotiations

    Well Mesabi walked right into that one. This was a nice story to follow with some great accompanying builds. Should also probably thank you guys for not turning this into a full blown argument as you easily could have done. Best response you could have come up with.
  5. Sorry to hear, but I suppose that's just how it is nowadays. I hope to see you both back building soon, until then best of luck.
  6. Lord Buckethead

    [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    With renewed caution the expedition made its way deeper into the crypts. After some time the traps became more and more scarce until the expedition was unhindered by them. Tunnels sprang into every direction from the main stream, the expedition however, elected to stay as one. On the walls they found scribbles of text that resembled that of the Guelphian languages, in some rooms they found catacombs and in others places of worship. One of the scientists guessed that they had discovered one of the rumored underground cities that had been constructed by the indigenous population to shield themselves from Mokolei rule. A pair of Sepoys soon found out they weren't the first foreigners to find this archaeological breakthrough. It was unclear what had happened to the original inhabitants, but it was obvious that they were long gone. To be continued.... @Ayrlego
  7. Lord Buckethead

    [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    "Do you see him?" asked Fernsby. "No Captain, just sand as far as the eye can see." Replied Williams. "Hmmmm, do you think we'll make it before we get hit?" "I can't say for certain sir, but I shouldn't think so. The storm appears to be moving quite fast." "Very well then, tell the expedition to buckle down." Ordered Fernsby. _______________________________ The expedition clung on for dear life, anything that wasn't strapped down being blown away by the storm. After several hours, the barrage of sand finally lifted. Some members of the expedition had sustained minor injuries but on the whole the expedition was in fine health. The storm had however uncovered something. _______________________________ This is the start of our continuation of our expedition. I should first apologize for delaying it so long, we were all quite busy. I'll hand it over to @Bregir to continue the story. Thank you for viewing.
  8. Lord Buckethead

    [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    Post for events that occur in Tazelft outside of the expedition.
  9. After several weeks at sea, the Jawed's Fortune finally docked in Arlinsport on her first voyage to the New World. She had been purchased by Lord Augustus Fernsby in Tazelft as a way to earn doubloons to fund his fledgling society. The crew hurriedly unloaded her cargo in an effort to make her seaworthy for next month. ___________________________________________________________ Thank you for viewing my first BOBS ship build. Sadly i can't really take any of the credit for it as it's from a YouTube video I found by 'MOC YOUR BRICKs'. I of course made some personal tweaks to her but nothing too major. She will be a class 7 trade ship starting in Arlinsport. I would like to eventually make sails for her, but at the moment I'm clueless as to how to make them.
  10. Lord Buckethead

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a revamp. If I may I'd like to share some thoughts on the structure of this game. One of the things that's prevented me from building as much as I'd like in this game is time restraints on my part and how linear the game is, especially compared to other EB RPGs such as BOBS. One of the things that's great about BOBS is that you can always post a small build to further your characters story, within you real life time limits and part restrictions. That just really isn't possible in GBW, here we have campaigns and side builds (with other things like contract missions) which all feel really linear, I don't feel free to do what I want and it's not always possible to participate in a campaign (tims restraints etc.). Take this for example, in BOBS I didn't feel like I wanted to explore the New World, so I set up an expedition to discover southern lands all on my own accord. Whereas GBW seems like you have to build this in this location, there's not really much player choice. Now I'm not saying that GBW must become as open as BOBS, as has been mentioned before that will just lead to arguments. What I'm saying is that I think a little bit of freedom in GBW could go a long way in terms of boosting participation.
  11. Lord Buckethead

    The Eltina Courrier - June 618

    But the Eltina Courier has been brought to us by the WTC? Are you planning to sue yourself?
  12. Little known to most, Lord Augustus Fernsby actually has an older brother, Cecil Fernsby. Cecil is considerably older than his younger brother Augustus, having commanded a company of the 7th Royal Hussars in the Juniper Wars. It was back then that he suffered a severe case of shell-shock in one of the final battles of the war. He has since gone somewhat...mad, earning the moniker Lord Buckethead for his newfound obsession with bucket related headgear. He is always followed by his former lieutenant from the war, Bob who has taken it upon himself to take care of Cecil, due to his unpredictable nature. The pair have traveled to Mesabi Landing in search of new riches, their first business venture, the establishment of a mine in Mesabi Landing. Granted many other mines have been built there, none of which have really found anything, but Lord Buckethead's feeling lucky. To find his riches Lord Buckethead has enlisted the help of the Royal Engineers who have grown tired of Mesabi Landing. _______________________________________________________________ Thank you for viewing my latest build, its pretty light on story but I haven't had a lot of time lately. Lord Buckethead is a character that I will be developing in Mesabi landing when I get time to build, along with Major Walsh. this will be licensed as a prospecting build.
  13. Map Name: Studica Grid: E8 Location: Science and Research Centre Delta After the first invasion, site Delta was placed under the control of Xenorian intelligence. The testing that takes place in the facility is highly classified and is unknown even to the upper echelons of the Xenorian Aristocracy. Suddenly in the midst of an experiment, the alarms in the facility are sounded. Site Commander: What is it agent? Xenorian Agent: There appears to be multiple heat signatures moving in from the North-West, but I can't get a clear visual due to the rain. Site Commander: Check in with the team outside, it's probably nothing though. Xenorian Sergeant: We can't see much out here at the moment sir, but everything seems in order. Xenorian Agent: Affirmative sergeant, just make sure to keep an eye out. Sergeant Buckethead: Slow and steady boys, we're in no rush. Corporal Gump (Sniper): Sir, looks like they've got a machine gun nest up top, you want me to take it out? Sergeant Buckethead: Affirmative corporal, on my signal. Sergeant Buckethead: Corporal, everyone's in position take the shot. Just as the sniper takes the shot, a bolt of lightning appears throwing off his aim. In response the Xenorians begin firing wildly into the shrubs. The two sides exchange fire for a number of seconds, neither able to properly see each other until the two Xenorians by the door are killed. Sergeant Buckethead: Everyone regroup at the bunker door, on me. The Refnorians mass at the bunker door, Corporal Tillerman fires a grenade at the machine gun nest, taking it out. Sergeant Buckethead: Specialist, where are we at? Specialist Parker: I count five KIA sir, probably more wounded. Sergeant Buckethead: ****, Corporal Tillerman, any idea how we're gonna open this door. Corporal Tillerman: Well sir, looks like the doors weakest at its edges, where the hinges are. Could probably cut around them with the saw and blow it down with a bazooka. Sergeant Buckethead: You sure it'll work? Corporal Tillerman: Maybe? Xenorian Agent: What are they doing sir? Site Commander: They're cutting around the edges, everyone back now! Private Sawyer: Backblast! While the bazooka barely dented the door, the blast pushed it clean off of it's hinges. Smoke filled the air and the Xenorians covered their faces, trying to shelter themselves form the smoke. The Refnorians piled into the bunker, as the Xenorians fired blindly in a frenzy. Several more Refnorian soldiers were lost to enemy fire, but the resistance at the entrance eventually fell, many of the Xenorians in shell shock from the blast. As Sergeant Buckethead finished clearing the entrance, the squad was paid a visit by Colonel Matthias. Colonel Matthias: Good job Sergeant, good job indeed. You'll soon be reinforced by 2nd and 3rd Squad at which point you can proceed further into the complex, for now I want you to hold the entrance. Sergeant Buckethead: Yes Sir. ______________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for viewing my first Campaign entry, admittedly it's not as polished as I would have liked, especially in regards to the presentation, but oh well. I was unable to use my lightbox, nor edit due to my current circumstances so sorry about that. I also acknowledge that the story isn't very realistic at all, but what can I say, I'm not a very good writer.
  14. Lord Buckethead

    [GBW] - Troop Movement - Refnor - Catching the Train

    Thanks, are we not allowed to use them? If not I can easily change them for something else.
  15. In preparation for the upcoming offensive, Refnorian High Command saw fit to mobilise the reserves given the potential consequences of the mission failing. Sgt. Buckethead was one such reserve, he and his platoon were lucky enough to catch a ride on one of the trains travelling to the front. Others weren't so fortunate. While the looting of enemy bodies was officially forbidden by the Refnorian military, it didn't stop some people trying to search for trophies from Xenor's notoriously well equipped troops. Thank you for viewing my first GBW build, if I've missed something or I've done something wrong I would greatly appreciate it if you could point it out so I can fix it right away.