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  1. Star Wars Battlefront II - Heroes vs. Villains on Yavin IV

    This cracked me up.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront II - Heroes vs. Villains on Yavin IV

    A very nice moc, but I think it needs some more lootboxes.
  3. After Action Reports (AAR)

    Lord Buckethead (Refnor) Placeholder
  4. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    I will sign up for Refnor then, I will create an AAR post and will upload a picture of my signing tomorrow.
  5. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    So I've been thinking about joining this game for a while now as I'm really interested in the military, my choice was going to be Balafih as I saw that they had an open spot but just out of curiosity would Refnor be considered open seen a sVaderFan has since been banned?
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    The pictures are on the legoleaks discord if anybody is interested.
  7. [SR - FB2 Nov] 3rd Fort of Bastion

    Well this is suspicious, nice build anyway.
  8. [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    The mood was tense, somewhat awkward as Sergeant Doyle was tied up to the flogging post. Everyone thought the punishment was harsh relative to the offense that he had committed but the Mokolei demanded justice, its just their idea of justice was different to that of the Corlanders. Despite the fact he was about to endure the worst pain he would ever receive in his life, Sergeant Doyle remained fairly calm. Floggings were quite rare in Corrington nowadays many seeing the practice as outdated and overly cruel however most battalions still carried the equipment as a callback to the past, never intending to use it. It was actually quite fortunate for the Sergeant that the equipment had been packed for otherwise he would have been subjected to the Mokolei way. And just like that it began, normally an officer would read out the offenders crimes before the flogging started but in this instance most thought it best to keep quiet and get it over and done with as fast as possible. "Unpleasant business, but it is all for the good of Corrington" said Captain Abbot. "Indeed, fortunately Captain Fernsby isn't here, he would likely puke" replied Lieutenant Williams. "And where would the good Captain be at the moment" asked Abbot. "He didn't tell you?" asked Williams confused, "He's taken the engineers to go and repair a lighthouse, part of our reparations you see". Meanwhile... "And so I believe this will be sufficient enough to repay you for the...damage we have caused' asked Captain Fernsby. "Indeed it does Mr. Fernsby", replied the Mokolei elder, "I also came across some information earlier this morning that may be of some interest to you, a Corlander diplomat has been sighted in the town recently, if this is the same diplomat that you mentioned before then perhaps you can finally continue with your journey". "Thank you for bringing this to my attention, i was not yet aware of this. In light of this new information I think you needn't worry about us much longer."
  9. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome Merc, very nice backstory and a great build. Its simple but it gets the point across wonderfully and I'm really liking the chandelier. When it comes to resizing your picture I think most people just do it in a photo editing software although I believe there is a way to do it on eurobricks, once you've linked the URL double click on the picture and you should be given the option to resize. Enjoy.
  10. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Diplomacy, with a pirate? Blasphemy!
  11. [Esl Oct] Octoberfest -The One Drink

    As always your minifigures posing is terrific, it really adds to the atmosphere of the already great build. Good job.
  12. The Mokolei Empire and Allied States Flag: Primary Colour: No single colour defines the Mokolei. Each satrap (administrative region) will use unique (generally bright) colours. Secondary Colours: The Emperor generally uses green and dark red and most Mokolei armies will have green and dark red banners spread through their ranks. Demonym: Mokolei Nickname: ‘The Southern Empire’ Primary Real World Influences: A vast Mughal (Indo-Persian) style empire whose territories span from Arabic type culture in the north-east through to a more Persian type culture in the centre and around the capital before moving down to more Indian/Pakistani style cultures in the south. Ruler: Emperor Jawed III Capital: Mokolei People and History Very little is known among the nations of the Madrice peninsula concerning the history of the Mokolei Empire. Madrician scholars generally agree the empire was formed sometime towards the end of the Great Empire that once united most of the known lands of Halos and that the rise of the Mokolei coincided with the decline of the Great Empire. While still strong, the empire has not undergone any major expansion in the last 300 years and culturally and scientifically has begun to decline. The current Emperor, Jawed III, is in his 70’s and has pursued an inward focus for his reign. His son, Jawed IV is expected to ascend the throne on the death of his father and is rumoured to have more interest in external affairs than the last several Emperors. The Mokolei Empire is made up of many different cultures over its vast expanse of territory that are ruled by a central dynasty. The core regions of the Empire are the lands around the capital from which the Mokolei people originate. As Mokolei power spread and new territories were absorbed, the Mokolei developed a method of minimal intervention in the local societies that they ruled. With local cultures and traditions left largely intact, the Mokolei administrated their new and diverse territories by infiltrating the local ruling class through marriage alliances or substitution while at the same time introducing a common bureaucratic method to support the local rulers and ensure taxes were paid and levies supplied to the central government. Each administrative area is known as a satrapy and is ruled by a satrap. The system has worked well for the Mokolei who have held together their vast empire for hundreds of years now. The Empire is famous both it's trade in rare spices and the more basic commodity of salt. Salt production is centred around the large inland lakes found in the core region of the Mokolei and the salt trade was the cornerstone of which Mokolei power was originally founded. While there are several main religions practised throughout the empire, ‘The Faith’ as practised by nations of the Madrice peninsular is not among them. Mokolei Cities and Towns of note Mokolei (Imperial Capital) Tazelft Morghun Kahnabad Malarpura Mokolei Settlements in New Terra None known Diplomatic Relations: Relations Diplomatic relations are rated on a scale of 1-5 (1=Very Friendly, 2=Friendly, 3=Indifferent, 4=Unfriendly, 5=Very Unfriendly/Hostile. A rating of 5 doesn't necessarily mean the nations are at war and conversely a rating of 1 doesn't mean the nations have an alliance.) Corrington: 3 Indifferent Eslandola: 3 Indifferent Oleon: 3 Indifferent Sea Rats: 3 Indifferent Tellvolk: 5 Hostile Selleek: 5 Hostile War: While an official state of war between the Empire and the smaller states of Tellvolk and Selleek does not exist, an almost constant state of cross border raids and skirmishes is currently occurring. Diplomatic alliances and pacts: None known Mokolei Characteristics Each NPC nation has values for eight primary characteristics set by leadership for the purposes understanding the powers of NPC nations. These values are dynamic and may change periodically in response to events in the Brick Seas. Naval Power: 2 Mokolei power is largely land based and little attention is paid to the Navy. Coastal satrapies may raise small naval forces mainly for combating piracy. Galleys, xebecs and dhows are common. Larger Mokolei vessels have been seen in New Terra, but these are generally thought to be either trading vessels or pirates. Military Power: 9 The huge land armies for which the Mokolei are famous are mainly made up of levies raised and commanded by each satrap and as such equipment, uniforms and training vary greatly. The Emperor does maintain a relatively small (still bigger than most of the minor nations of Madrice) professional army that are better trained and equipped than most of the levies. Most local satraps also maintain small professional units that fight alongside the local levies. Artillery is very important to Mokolei armies and is used in most engagements. Artillery pieces range from huge siege guns that are hauled into place with elephants to smaller more mobile cannon. Cavalry also make up a large proportion of most Mokolei armies, both horse and camel mounted. Scientific Advancement: 4 Mokolei scientists once led the field in advances ranging from military technology to medicine and agriculture. Indeed Madrician scholars believe gunpowder to have possibly been invented in the Empire, although rumours are that it actually originated in an unknown land to the south. Regardless Mokolei advances in science have been in decline for at least the last 200 years. Political/Diplomatic Influence: 5 The sheer size of the Empire is enough to provoke either respect or fear from neighbouring nations. The Empire has however had an inward focus for the past hundred years or so. Cross border raiding and skirmishes are common in some areas, although these are almost always the result of local disputes and not Imperially instigated. Inner Stability: 5 The satrapy system with its large degree of local autonomy has been mostly successful in unifying the vast empire. However infighting between neighbouring satrapies is common and can consist of anything from raiding up to full scale battles that require Imperial intervention. In most cases the Emperor’s decrees are obeyed and major civil war is usually avoided although wars of succession have become more frequent in the last couple of centuries. Treasury/Coffers: 7 The vast empire may have many poor subjects, but trade and a system of tributes from the satrapies has made both many satraps and the Emperor himself immensely rich. Bribes and corruption are also widespread, leading to further concentration of riches. The populace is rather poor, though, meaning there is a limited potential for further taxation, should a long period of war, famine, or disaster hit the empire. Exploration: 4 The Mokolei are aware of the existence of New Terra and Mokolei ships have occasionally been spotted in the Brick Seas, however no Imperial effort has been made to explore or settle New Terra to date. Mokolei knowledge of the old world, especially to the south and west is however probably far superior to that of most nations of the Madrice peninsular. Cultural Advancement: 7 The Mokolei were for hundreds of years known throughout Halos for their art and culture. Of particular note are textiles, especially carpets and rugs, and poetry. Cultural advancement has slowed in the last couple of hundred years, although a strong legacy remains. Known Mokolei Personalities and Organisations Emperor Jawed III, Well into his 70's, Jawed III is a shrewd and cunning political operator who has successfully managed to hold together the many satrapies of the Empire throughout his long reign. This inward focus was inherited from his father, and his father before him as the dynasty struggles to hold the Empire together. His son, also Jawed, is rumoured to be just as ruthless but have a much keener interest in the world outside of the Empire. Examples of Mokolei builds Coming soon! Examples of Mokolei troops
  13. [COR] [WTC] Wayfarer Trading Company Forces

    I like the idea of posting all your different troops in a single thread. I'm also really taking a liking to your captain, have we seen them in any builds yet. With your elites may I suggest putting the epaulettes under the backpack, I think it would look better that way. I've noticed that all of your troops are very drab in colour, is there areas on for this? Maybe it's just that I prefer the very bright, flamboyant uniforms of the period.
  14. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    An evil warlord you say, thanks for giving me some insight into how your trying to play the character, his actions seem to make a lot more sense to me now. Just for the record I don't hate the way you play, I think it adds great variety and as I said is very funny. I was just saying you may not want to make even more enemies, however as you've said that's how you would like to play the character which is great.
  15. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    Don't get me wrong I always find his stories hilarious, especially when he looks at complex situations with a simple point of view. I'm just saying that perhaps he doesn't need any more enemies.