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  1. ODA 401

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I feel like this would work to speed up the game.
  2. ODA 401

    Phase 3 Discussion

    A lot of these points are very interesting. I will say that it does take a while for any player to gain enough points to unlock a special function. Being in the mercenary faction, I have been contracted only once so far by the admin. I'm not sure if any player is close enough in points to request merc services (If I'm not mistaken @ParmBrick unlocked my faction's services for free because of a random square he conquered). On one hand, it is a little boring for me; but, on the other hand I don't have to worry about putting in a build on time while being a full-time student and having a part-time job (I have a lot of idea for builds but not enough time). I have been a part of GBW for a while now and have seen it go through numerous phases, and each time basically having to start all over again. If we don't want to start something entirely new, we could always reduce the size of the grids so it would take less time to gain more area. If a new phase (new map, factions, and teams) is desired, I would suggest allowing all us players to keep our current (up-that-point) score so we don't have to start all over again. Also, responding to the point made by @Feuer Zug, I did notice that a lot of builds for conquering a square were pretty small. I don't really have an issue with that (as long as they depict/mention an area being overtaken) and think that the battle builds should be the only builds that have a higher minimum mandatory size/detail requirements. I do like the idea of a D&D/CoD style game that @ParmBrick mentioned (maybe even add a fantastical element to it, i.e modern elves/dwarves). The only issue I see with that is, normally, you would need a dedicated group to finish 1+ campaigns to keep the storyline from going awol.
  3. ODA 401

    [GBW] - Side - Plighia - Arkangel of Death

    Mercenaries you say, I don't recall any mercenary activity in PSIC-occupied territory. Anyways, nice build. Its compact but filled with detail. I just hope those guys don't overheat in their full-body armor(especially when its basically 130 degrees F out there).
  4. ODA 401

    [GBW] M13 - Koszmar - Exploring the Mine

    Neat build! Unless and explosive is used. Lol
  5. It seems that the BoS is slowly gaining back its territory. I wonder how they are doing it....
  6. ODA 401

    Phase 3 Discussion

    That's pretty crazy. Do you know the root cause of the fires? In California, where I live, they recently arrested a guy that had started numerous ones this year.
  7. Thanks. Also, no need to get ahead of yourself. The counterattack by Satsok hasn't happened yet so no one knows who else did it other than the BoS.
  8. Thanks. Yup. I've used that feature on some of my other builds from the previous phase.
  9. Technically this territory belongs to the BoS, since it was seized for them. Also, if you wish to change sides and become a mercenary, inform @TheBeeze to see if the admins can allow it.
  10. West Coast of Soalon: Grid Location Golf-1 BoS Client Requests D.A.M. against occupying garrison Fireteam Alpha Designation Wolf 1 with support form Fireteam Bravo Designation Wolf 2 are tasked with retaking enemy-occupied zone for client 2200 hrs August 5, 2021 It is a peaceful night in Soalon, and a small garrison that recently occupied and partially renovated a small farm is making good use of their downtime. Some are having a drink while others are either sleeping or chatting with their loved ones far away. There hasn't been much activity at their temporary checkpoint so these members of the 39th Bandaud Army Reserve aren't apprehensive. But that is about to change with the stealthy appearance of a drone high above them, circling the farmhouse. Wolf 2: “Wolf 2 to Wolf 1…” Wolf 1: “This is 1, send traffic” Wolf 2: “Have visual on target area..Break...Multiple hostiles in the open with possible OpFor inside structures...Break...Sentry with possible thermal scope facing west, over” Dark figures with their faces covered begin moving along the unlit sides of the farmhouse. Wolf 1: “Understood Wolf 2..We are in position and waiting on your signal, out” 1-Golf: “This is 1-Golf...I’m in position and have good L.o.S. On targets...over” Eurobricks: The Great Brick War Wolf 1: “Copy 1-Golf, good hunting” The small force in the distance readies their attack. Wolf 2: “Wolf 2 to all wolves...splash in 3,2,1” A pop is heard in the distance and seconds later..Boom!...The APC's turret is launched into the air from a HEAT round hitting the magazine in the vehicle. The soldiers are temporarily stunned as the shadowy figures begin their assault. 1-Bravo: “Frag out” One of the figures throws a grenade into one of the rear windows of the farmhouse. The reservists are still stunned from the initial attack but are quickly gathering their wits to respond to the threat. In the ensuing firefight a round strikes one of the assaulters, throwing them to the ground. 1-Bravo: “Man down” The black-clad figures continue to dominate the fight, taking down the remaining soldiers. 1-Delta/3-Charlie: “Right Clear” 1-Bravo: “Left Clear...Hey Parker, you good?” 1-Alpha: “Yeah [Grunt]...it hit the plate...Wolf 1 to Wolf 2, area cleared and beginning egress” Wolf 2: “Roger, will meet you at the rendezvous point...out” 1-Bravo: “Heads-up, we got a live one” The operator points to a severely-wounded vehicle crewman. The apparent leader of the team suddenly takes out his pistol and fires a round into the wounded man's skull. 1-Alpha: “It's better if he were dead than to be captured by these BoS radicals. Besides he was gonna bleed out soon anyways... Ok team, time to exfil...Burns’...Lay out the welcome mat for our clients” 1-Bravo: “Copy” One of them breaks off pulling out a large folded-up flag and drapes it over the farmhouses roof. Another operator pulls out a small flag-patch from their pocket. 1-Alpha: “Sigrid, what's with the Kozmari Flag-patch?” 1-Charlie: “To sow more confusion in case of a counter-attack” 1-Alpha: “Good idea...Let’s get a move on, Wolf 1” The team leaves, fading back into the dark and leaving a pile of corpses and a burning vehicle behind. In the early hours of the following morning a white armored truck with more black-clad figures drives up to the checkpoint. BoS Insurgent: “Al-Wadiya, the occupiers are all dead” Nasir al-Wadiya: “Good...our friends have earned their pay...Bring in the rest of the force” BoS Insurgent: “As you command” -APC based off of Brickmania's M113 APC-
  11. That's what you call artistic liberty. Thanks.
  12. Basically an up-armored truck like what Al-Qaeda and ISIS used for their vehicular suicide bombers.
  13. Much of the Anti-Brotherhood propaganda found in both PSIC and KLR nations portrays the Brotherhood as bloodthirsty killers who only desire death and destruction to appease their god. Many sympathizers view that as extreme stereotyping, claiming that they are only trying to take their country back. However, certain individual and/or groups within the Brotherhood aren't too far from the claimed "extreme-stereotyping"; such is the case for Nasir al-Wadiya and his followers. Nasir al-Wadiya, a.k.a "The Butcher of Balafi" was already seen as a religious extremist before the collapse of the Soalon government. He had been responsible for the killing of certain government officials because of their views on the nation's religion. He is very reclusive and very perceptive, being that no military has been able to track him down. His Ruthlessness has given him renown amongst the more fervent leaders within the Brotherhood, especially the Shaykh, and landed him the position of being their main headhunter. on Flickr
  14. Somewhere on eastern end of the Eastern Arm, Fenris Group has settled in to their newest FOB. An underground bunker that was used for vehicle and equipment storage when the Soalon Government was still in power, seemed the perfect site for Fenris Group's additional base of operations. Mr. Helgason was able to procure this facility through a former Soalon Military commander he knew. Eurobricks: The Great Brick War by ODA 401, on Flickr Because the Soalon Government deemed this a military installation, its walls were thick enough to deter ordinance and it was camouflaged enough to deter most detection devices. It also contained a small living quarters and a war room. The primary entrance allowed for large vehicles/cargo to enter, but it had smaller man-holes used as secondary entries and exits. Small low-tech periscopes had been installed next to the man-hole for last-minute security checks. These were camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings. Here Wolf 3-C, a.k.a. "Sigrid" is setting up to perform a sweep of the area in case the passing motorcyclist had left any "dangerous" debris behind. Even though the base isn't the most spacious or up-to-date, it still provides a good outpost in a contested area. And that is the objective.
  15. Thanks. Now that you mention it, I see it too. lol Thanks.