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  1. Somewhere on eastern end of the Eastern Arm, Fenris Group has settled in to their newest FOB. An underground bunker that was used for vehicle and equipment storage when the Soalon Government was still in power, seemed the perfect site for Fenris Group's additional base of operations. Mr. Helgason was able to procure this facility through a former Soalon Military commander he knew. Eurobricks: The Great Brick War by ODA 401, on Flickr Because the Soalon Government deemed this a military installation, its walls were thick enough to deter ordinance and it was camouflaged enough to deter most detection devices. It also contained a small living quarters and a war room. The primary entrance allowed for large vehicles/cargo to enter, but it had smaller man-holes used as secondary entries and exits. Small low-tech periscopes had been installed next to the man-hole for last-minute security checks. These were camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings. Here Wolf 3-C, a.k.a. "Sigrid" is setting up to perform a sweep of the area in case the passing motorcyclist had left any "dangerous" debris behind. Even though the base isn't the most spacious or up-to-date, it still provides a good outpost in a contested area. And that is the objective.
  2. Thanks. Now that you mention it, I see it too. lol Thanks.
  3. Somewhere on the continent, the crew busies itself for the changes to come. Eurobricks: The Great Brick War by ODA 401, on Flickr Mr. Tyr Helgason (a.k.a, Boss): "I'm sure you've been keeping up with the news in Soalon, therefore I will have you know that I am working on securing an old facility over there where we can set up a sort of FOB." Connely: "It sounds like the right idea. I'm sure we'll be called upon in the near future." Boss: "Brief your team tonight. . . I will give you all the necessary details when we get to my office. I want to start shipping the supplies over within a week." Connely: "Will do." The two continue their talk while Merlin and Krueger work on the teams APC, a modified Buffel Mk. IIA.
  4. ODA 401

    Third Parties for Hire

    ODA 401 ODA 401 FENRIS Group These are the primary members at the forefront of this small-but-powerful Private Company. Their contracts have included anything from escorting HVIs and cargo, to security for high-level installations. They also may or may not include plausible-deniability operations. Each member has had at-least five years of experience in active-duty situations and is a staple member of this organization. (From left to right) Name: James “Burnside” Finnigan Country of Origin: Bolintia Background: Bolintia State SWAT Call-Sign: Wolf 3-B Name: Erica “Sigrid” Jansdottr C/O: Erotema Background: CTI Call-Sign: Wolf 3-C Name: Bruce “Parker” Connely C/O: Plighia Background: CCT (Combat Controller) Call-Sign: Wolf 3-A Name: Mateo “Merlin” Gomez C/O: Walara Background: Engineer Corp. Call-Sign: Wolf 3-D Name: Jon “Krueger” Smuts C/O: Commonwealth of Southern Territories Background: CoST 1st Bt. Ranger Call-Sign: Wolf 3-G Fenris Group provides a myriad of opportunities for its clientele, though primarily focusing on making sure that the client feels secure with his/her armed sector and/or claimed land. VIP Protection Do you have a very important person in charge of the goings-on in your territory and wish that they would be safer? Well, we offer services that make sure the VIP is well protected without impeding their daily tasks. ( +1 in overall score when defending a square) Asset Protection Is there an Asset belonging to you that you couldn’t bear to lose? If hired, Fenris Group will make sure that won’t receive a single scratch (within reason). Can be hired at any point to defend a square, but costs more. (+1 in overall score when defending a square) Military Training Do you feel that your soldiers can’t tell which end of the rifle is which, let alone hit the broad side of a barn? Fenris Group can turn them into one of the best fighting forces in the world. (+1 in overall score when attacking a square) D.A.M.s (Direct Action Missions) Sometimes issues that pop up need to be dealt with right away, and you may not have enough resources to deal with that issue. Therefore, Fenris Group can help you by dispatching its manpower and resources to aid you in your mission. (Attacks a Square for you. Only 1 nation per DAM) Seek & Destroy Is there an opposing leader/commander that is becoming a thorn in your side? We at Fenris group can help remove/reduce the pain. (Negative attribute to the other player that impacts the game's trajectory. Outcome handled by Admins when completed.) -DM for price of each service- (Each nation can request only one service per turn) -Willing to consider other services that are not listed here for the right price. -All Requests through DM
  5. ODA 401

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I would go for the second option.
  6. ODA 401

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Due to the decrease in time I have available for this specific forum, I've decided to pull out for now. @TheBeeze , you can open up Plighia for another player.
  7. ODA 401

    Operation: Island Rush - 5/14 - 7/26

    Where is Burke Atoll located in relation to the Deland Republic?
  8. I am okay with the new development. It'll be interesting to see where this new political agenda will lead our country.
  9. ODA 401

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Another Plighian is always welcome.
  10. [GBW] - Supporting the War Effort - Plighia - Blue Team Mission
  11. Task Force. Designate: 35-5 Nakka-Huh, North-East Coast,: Hum-Int observation of possible Underground Market. S.A.U-I operatives designated Vermin 016, 017, 018 to conduct observation of foreign location believed to conduct black market operations. 1230 hrs December 30, 2019 On a regular afternoon in Nakka-Huh, there is little to see since the heat drives everyone indoors. But the rush-hour is just starting at the famed Oasis Casino, standing out among the dunes like its name-sake. Its regulars are seen entering and exiting the building, their expensive cars to and from the main stairway. Many are native to Nakka-Huh, but some are foreign though still wealthy. Pictures Coming Soon! Some three miles away, in a roadside motel, three operatives are watching the crowd as they go about the Casino. They have been tasked with watching for any familiar faces listed among those who wish to do harm for their own gain. Vermin 016: "I've got eyes on Yankee 2 walking up the steps on the right." Vermin 018: "Right on schedule. I wonder how much cash he's got in his satchel, if there is any." Vermin 016: "He must be strapped, since we've been watching him for over a month now." Vermin 018: "Hey Roebuck, you got that?" Vermin 017: "Loud and clear." These operatives have been observing and gathering intel for almost three months, hoping to gather enough evidence to sanction an arrest. They have been working closely with Plantasean and Deland Republican agents to eliminate the possible black market action being held in the Oasis Casino. Vermin 018: "Hold on. . .It looks like Yankee 1 and 3 are approaching the casino right now. Packard, can you confirm?" Vermin 016: "Aye-Aye. . .Yankees 1 and 3 are close behind Yankee 2, looks like we hit the jackpot!" Vermin 017: "Vermin 017 to Actual, Yankees 1 through 3 are connecting. . .over." Actual: "Roger Vermin 017. . .Viper teams notified. . .beginning phase 2, over." Vermin 017: "Roger that. . .please inform Foxtrot to hurry up so that we can get the hell out of this oven. . .over." Actual: "Actual copies all." Vermin 016, 017, and 018 continue to observe, waiting for the operatives from the Deland Republic to arrive for the next phase of the mission.
  12. The nation of Plighia will respond to the BoN's call.
  13. Surprise, Speed, Violence of Action. This is supposed to take place at the same time as @marvelBoy123's "Red Team Mission". Finally done!