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  1. Looks Great! I'm just waiting for some parts to come in.
  2. Thanks. I tried to pack as much detail as I could.
  3. Location: Undisclosed Time: 1300 hrs "Good morning sleepy-head." Agent 1: "Hey come on, that was just a power nap. . . anyways you want some Joe?" Agent 2: "Yes please." GBW-Plighia by Agent 1: "Ahh. . .what a good vacation; an ocean-side apartment in a foreign country with the woman of my dreams by my side. . . Agent 2: "Do you want me to send you to your room?" Two agents from Plighia's Foreign Intelligence Agency (FIA) are following a possible lead on an arms deal involving terrorists. Agent 1: "If it involves going back to bed, then yes. . .Anything interesting pop up?" Agent 2: "Nothing yet, its weird though that the streets are empty. . .Especially the beach." Agent 1: "Didn't you read the document? Everyone is taking a siesta." Two men round the corner along the beach, coming into view. A truck slows down to a stop, backs off the road, and three other men climb out. One of them is in an Army uniform while the other two are wearing combat gear and holding machine-pistols. Agent 2: "Oh yeah. . .Hold on, I have two military-aged males walking along the sidewalk by the sand. . they just popped into view." Agent 1: "They are probably just some light sleepers." Agent 2: "Maybe, but what about that truck that's. . . slowing down and has just stopped right next to the two men?" Agent 1: "I'll get set on the vocal-receiver. . .Man, I was beginning to think this was a dead lead." Agent 2: "You and me both. . .Hold on, three men just got out of the truck. It looks like their all wearing military-style uniforms." GBW-Plighia by ODA 401, on Flickr Agent 1 moves quickly over to the laptop and begins to listen through the microwave eavesdropping device. Agent 1: "This might be interesting." Agent 2: "Are you picking up anything from that device?" Agent 1: "Just some small talk, their greeting each other. Listen to this: Muffled voices: ". . .Do you have items? Yes, but only a sample, the rest are at the warehouse. When do I pick it up? In three weeks time. . . " Agent 1: "Jackpot! Do you have any photos yet?" Agent 2: "Working on it. . . show me your faces please. I'm sending them to you." , Agent 1: "Sending them to facial recognition now. . . Hello, who do we have here."
  4. President Robert Wayne- Ambassador Curro Jiménez, you are mistaken. My country did not accuse either Erotema or Alsarh. We are simply trying to figure out if those accusations are true or false.
  5. By the way, when will the Solo campaigns be graded?
  6. President Robert Wayne: [picture coming soon] Fellow members of this council, I am grateful to President Dmitrievich for hosting this gathering in an effort to find a peaceful outcome in these confusing times. Getting down to the point, we are gathered here to clear up the accusations put onto the the nations of Alsarh and Erotema with putting a blind eye towards the terrorists running unhindered within their borders and into other nations. To find out if those accusations are truthful or are lies harboring content. Concerning the offered cooperation of my country with Alsarh, I will have to ask for a slight deviation, that those countries that have both accused you and have been affected by those terrorist cells be included in this proposed combined task force. As for the proposed "Western Block Alliance", I will neither say aye or ney until I hear the opinions of the rest of those gathered in this room.
  7. ODA 401

    The Brick of Nations

    Ambassador to Plighia-Gregory Jefferson To President Dmitrievich of Alsarh. My President has agreed to meet with you to discuss the matters at hand. If we determine that the nations of Alsarh and Erotema are indeed turning a blind eye to terrorists running freely within their borders, actions will be taken.
  8. I am. A big giveaway would be the wording in the post, or if some of the words are blacked out like so: Let me know if you can read this. If a post states that an unknown force is operating somewhere, that is a big hint which is stating that it is a secret operation. Also, if the person vaguely describes who is conducting the action, especially in the intro, there is a good reason to believe that it is secret. When it comes to the response, any player can respond with a build counteracting the actions taken in the previous post. But they should at least show why their forces are responding in that manner and how they know about what happened. Its like watching a movie: you know what will happen to the character, but the character only finds out when it actually happens in the film. @BoBKiDI hope this clears it up for you.
  9. Hey guys, what up! I just have a few things to clarify. If the build is set up to look like a clandestine operation, I ask you to treat it as such. Even if you know what is taking place in that build, your country "should not" (unless otherwise noted by the admins). Because it'll help the game run a little more smoothly. It is totally fine if you choose to respond to a build knowing exactly what is taking place in theirs, but if you could hint that your side knows this due to some spy network, it will help add to the story-line and make it more interesting. I'm not complaining or trying to bash someone, I just want to have a good experience without everyone trying to one-up each other. Other than that I look forward to the next events and am eager to see what will transpire. I am open for discussions if anyone wants to add/respond to this.
  10. ODA 401

    The Brick of Nations

    Ambassador to Plighia-Gregory Jefferson Fellow Ambassadors, I urge you to listen to what I have to say, especially the representatives of Alsarh and Erotema. First, to the President of Alsarh, if your information is correct, my country will want to open talks with your country, for if they have indeed funded terrorism, then they have done so under our very noses breaking our trust and potentially our alliance. But if the Ambassador of Walara will assure their cooperation in eliminating those terrorists, I advise you, Mr. President, to stand down your troops and instead aid us in destroying these insurgents. To the Ambassador of Erotema, I am appalled by your accusations, but I will keep a civil tongue! I have contacted many of my fellow officials as well as some high ranking friends in our military. I have even contacted our president, and none of them have any knowledge that confirms your allegations! Therefore I urge you to rethink your decision before it backfires. That is all I have to say. Now I must ask for Walara’s Ambassador to please step up and reassure us of this issue.
  11. An interesting development.