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  1. The Brick of Nations

    Ambassador to Plighia-Gregory Jefferson Members of the Brick of Nations, I am sure you all know by now that the president of my country has just passed away. I have also been asked to inform you that the vice president has now assumed command and has declared war on the nations of the RoN. That is all.
  2. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

  3. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I think we should add DAMs ( Direct Action Missions) to the build list besides the spec-ops missions.
  4. The Brick of Nations

    Ambassador to Plighia-Gregory Jefferson "Members of the Brick of Nations, Fellow CoAC Allies, These times are full of sorrow, anger, hope, and confidence. We have allies that will help us in any way, and enemies that would try to destroy us at any chance they get. This is War! War has already ravaged my country in the past, and we do not wish to see it done again. That is why our president has decided to keep Plighia out of this war. We firmly believe in the alliance with our fellow CoAC nations, and we will do whatever we can to support them with food and equipment. But I will say this ahead of time to forewarn any aggression on the Nation of Plighia and its comerce and interests: if any nation fires on Plighian ships (Military or Civilian) their actions will be met with firm reactions." "To the Representatives from Balafih, this recent incident will not go unnoticed and uncounted for. We require your countries formal apology for firing on and damaging one of our frigates. We will not give any reparations, for we aren't to blame."
  5. Nice setup! It will be an interesting task dealing with your nation.
  6. Nice story! I like all the different PT features.
  7. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Like it!
  8. Very good build. I like how you are portraying downtime during Boot and the details are quite intricate.
  9. Welcome to EB! Hope you have fun with the Great Brick War (and other stuff here too)! :classic:

    1. ODA 401

      ODA 401


  10. After Action Reports (AAR)

    Plighia Rank: 0 Side Builds: Campaign Builds:
  11. [GBW] CP2- FIlace - The first Volley

    Neat build! I really like the look of the minifigures.
  12. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I can't seem to add a photo to the topic. Please Help!?
  13. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Pvt. 2c Cian Thorson by ODA 401, on Flickr Cian Thorson enlisting in the 115th Radio Relay Company, Armed Forces of Plighia. Being a "Military Brat" with both parents in the Armed Forces, Cian new that he wanted to join up as soon as he could. After graduating from high school, he immediately enlisted in the army. And thanks to his family connections, he was able to go into the MOS that he wanted (Radio Relay Co.). Ever since he got his Ham Radio license in high school, he was fascinated with everything evolving around it. His parents tried to urge him to attend officer school, but he didn't want to have to sit behind a desk doing paperwork most of his career.
  14. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Thank you for the update Thebeeze111. Would it be possible for me to join Plighia, I am still working on my sigfig.
  15. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Hi, I'm interested in joining this group, but I have a few questions beforehand. I see that Erotema ~(COAC) is available, but what is its difference to Erotema, since these seem to be two different factions?