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  1. After the Civil War had lasted more than twenty years within Mardier, the island of Terraversa has finally gained its independence in March 617 AE. It is said that their leader Miro Oldis, formerly Mardierian Viceroy of Terraversa, has led the troops to victory himself, when they chased the Death Guard of King Alphonse XIII of Mardier into the sea, and officially, finally and irreversible declared their independence. Today the young nation has to establish itself: Structures are required for government, military, administration but also things like an education system of their own, which they have never had. This is no easy task for Miro Oldis, who is hasting from council meetings to official speeches to diplomatic correspondence. Will he stand up to the task of forming Terraversa into a lasting and powerful nation? Miro Oldis, Archduke of Terraversa The lengthy war of independence between Terraversa and Mardier has created many militias and small troops, often under the command of one nobleman or another, or even a self-elected leader. Almost every soldier has been decorated with medals of honour from someone, and wears his self-created epaulettes and other enblembs with pride (which may often lead to odd-looking uniforms for militias). Many Atwi have fought alongside the Halosian Terraversans, and formed squads of their own. For now the feeling of unison still holds strong within the young nation, but establishing a real military organisation, with uniforms, ranks and common strategies will be one of the key tasks the government will have to tackle. Prima Compañía, the first official Terraversan miltary unit Terraversan Militia Units a noble bannerman, a townguard of Westface, an explorer, a musketman Sailors of the Terraversan Naval Forces a captain, a navigator, a common marine, a mercenary sailor from a privateer Warriors of the Atwi Tribe a militia-guardsman of Pamu, a tribal archer, a musketman from a militia-squad, a member of the crew of L'Olius Those emerged from our NPC development group (see Jameis Fastrider's Guide). I though I'd dedicate them a topif of their own which I could just link in the Terraversa text over there.
  2. The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview and introduction to all non-player nations in Brethren of the Brick Seas. For the player nations please see their respective topics (Corrington, Eslandola, Oleon, Sea Rats). The information posted mainly describes history and background of these nations. The included images of buildings, troops and flags serve as general inspiration - feel free to develop all nations in your unique way, and feel free to adapt your MOCs to your personal collections as well. BoBS is a world for the players to develop. Please post any suggestions, feedback and questions in the Intro Thread. Index - Click on the nation name to read more Madrice Peninsula Altonia At the North eastern tip of the Madrice peninsula, Altonia is dominated by high mountain ranges and harsh winters. Carno Pragmatic and honest traders, the city states of Carno are located in the south-east of the Madrice peninsula. Garvey Tough seafarers, the people of Garvey are very active in the new world amassing wealth as both traders and smugglers. Mardier Former leading power of the peninsula and new world, Mardier looks to recover their past glory. Namere Chaotic Madrice Borderlands Pontilla A frigid land of mountains and ice, The passes of Pontilla form a bridge between Halos and the Madrice Peninsula. Varcoast Land of forests, bogs and swirling mists, Varcoast forms the southern buffer between Halos and the Madrice Peninsula. Northern Halos Great Alliance States A powerful and rapidly modernising confederation of states dominating Northern Halos. Kingdom of the Great Raider Nomadic horse borne tribes that roam the vast north eastern steppes of Halos. Middle Kingdoms Successor to a once great empire, the Heptarchy is still a powerful presence in Central Halos. Mokolei Empire A huge and diverse Empire that spans the continent. Pan Pearl of the Guelph Peninsula, dominated by the coastal stronghold of Hassana. Salleek The rugged desert coasts of Salleek shelter vast numbers of corsairs preying on shipping in the Rogian Sea. Tellvok Home to both nomadic desert tribes and sophisticated urban cities, trade flourishes in Tellvok. Southern Halos The Lotus Empire Placeholder for text The Monomonto Shogunate placeholder for text The New World Prio placeholder for text Terraversa Gateway to the New world, independence from Mardier didn't last for long before the island was partitioned into four zones.
  3. From the Fontonajo dockyard in Nova Terreli comes "La Descoberta", one of the largest ships yet to sail the Brick Seas. This Terraman with 26 cannons and its two decks gives room for more than 100 crew. It even provides some cages - both for exotic animals found on adventures towards unknown islands and pirates defeated in battle. "La Descoberta" will soon set sail to lead the Fontonajo family, the MCTC and Eslandola to new glory. Additional Pictures: Some details of the crew: I actually completed this ship a loooong while ago (more than two years). However I never found the motivation to post it here. Now here you go. Sorry for the lack of story... But for what I originally intended I should have posted it two years ago... And now I didn't come up with anything, unfortunately. When I started working on this one, I had class 8 in mind. Looking at all the other ships I think it's probably a class 7. A total of 26 cannons, and ~50 people (visibly) on board. Actually I am quite disappointed that I did not take any topshots or other pictures of the deck, or the lower deck, or the cages with tiger and jaguar in them, and so on... So many details have not been covered in pictures... I even took a lot of effort to build varied colour trans plates behind the windows, but you cannot see anything of that... well well, photographing this large MOC was quite an effort.. Whatever, no way to change any of this now, so here you go. You can see some of this on this WIP here, but that's far from the finished one: Edit: I have discussed stats with Capt Wolf and we decided upon the following: Class 8 Range = 5 Maneuver = 3 Guns = 6 Crew = 5 Cargo = 7 Hull = 4
  4. Ceniza Bajo is a place for those who take opportuinities. Like this fruit merchant, who established his booth right in front of the leftovers of what may once have been the immaculate masonry of a temple, or an assembly hall, or even a king's palace. As with the wooden totem, enough is left on the Luther Islands to know that where the Eslandolans have now established Ceniza Bajo once rose a massive town - but not enough to tell who exactly had lived here, nor why they no longer are. A Small Commerce for Ceniza Bajo on Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands).
  5. I just wanted to do a small scene in Nova Terreli again. A colourful house, a nice balcony, and covered in vines all the way... As MCTC needs to raise some more troops... they just happen to be walking in front of this house in Nova Terreli. As a result: No more story about this MOC. Just some MCTC soldiers marching through Nova Terreli, before being deployed to their destination. Inspiration taken from:
  6. Elostirion

    [OL FB] Wine Press

    Marvellous texturing of the house, I love it!
  7. The terrain is really cool -good idea to show the actual scene without minifigs. Those small scenes from yours are always all around well done.
  8. Neat little scene - the transition from sandy ground to green is really well executed, and the minifig-posing clearly shows activity. Nice MOC!
  9. Elostirion

    [BTV1-OL] Kingsport Peekaboo

    That's maybe the most out of basically a one-stud-wide-wall-MOC regarding photography and presentation I have seen. Using both sides and many angles, adding the post production effects, the great minifig posing and so on. Don't get me wrong: The wall is really well MOCed, great facade and texturing. But the amounf of pics and presentation you managed to extract from this is stunning.
  10. Elostirion

    [COR - FB] Glassblowers, Mooreton Bay

    This is just a great execution of what a small factory is and should be. Great work! Also lots of nice details, like the smoke or the flowers. Great addition to BoBS.
  11. This is a fantastic scene. It provides a great impression of height and size, and also a feeling of wilderness and roughness, yet beauty at the same time. Wonderful work! I would suggest to make the vegetation at the bottom of the rocks a bit more dense, more wild, more "chaotic" even. Oh and I love this waterfall foam. Fantastic.
  12. Whatever you MOC seems to be amazing. This one is no exception. Everything is so well in place, the proportions always seem just right, and you never see any flaws in the execution. And yet there is still always something new, like the orange-leave-tree. And there are always some small details to love, like the 1x1 small round plates lying around on the right side, or the small mushroom, which just add depth and realism. Just all around amazing.
  13. Elostirion

    [COR - FB1] The Brickleton Family Sword

    The MOC is all around just really, really good. Nothing to criticize here, so let's start with the good things: The impression of a colonial age party comes around perfectly. The contrast between the crowded ballroom and the empty sideroom comes around perfectly - you can really feel the silence in the small room, and those light noises coming in from the conversations in the other room. The photography is spot-on and really transfers the mood. Well done!
  14. Really clever idea and very well executed to take the bow with those clearly recognisable flags. Lovely waves in the water, by the way!
  15. Eslandolan Mercenaries at the Sea are marching towards the coast near Fuerte Unido on Isla de la Victoria in the Brick Seas. Those veteran mercenaries will soon set sail for Terraversa - neither for glory, nor for their families, nor for freedom. All they are in for is their decent pay. They are professionals through and through, veterans of many battles. Those troops will be licensed by MCTC. I tried to stick with the Fuerte Unido style as closely as possible. Posting Greencoats inbetween vegetation is actually not too easy. I hope the uise of olive green and lime green works out so that the greencoats are still clearly visible... The torsos are custom printed, and have both front and back. If anyone is interested I might share the files.
  16. Elostirion

    [ESL - Troops] Mercenaries in Fuerte Unido

    - Download some torsos which some great person created from some site (I think it was Bonapartes Custom Torsos somewhere here in the pirates forum) - In a decent photo editing tool (Photoshop, Gimp, ...), do a) Some color-editing, or add a button, or whatever you like to those torso b) Properly adjust the size / scaling - I use my HP 277dw Laser printer (multifunctional device for around 350 €, I assume any laser printer would do) - I use some random stick-on label paper (links see below) - Always make sure to have a test-print on white paper before! - Hardest part is actually cutting it properly with a random scissors - Then split the two parts of the stick-on label paper (usually that's easy at the edges, but as I cut those away it takes some seconds; finger nails might help here; be careful not to fold it too hard, that my harm the printing) - Then just stick it on the torsos To sum it up: Everyone can do this, hardest thing might be the color laser printer. Executing it decently isn't too hard either (I really am not an expert at precision engineering, but my results look fine). There may surely be better ways, better sticker paper, better ways to print it, to cut it, and so on. But I am not even sure if those ways would look better in large MOCs anyways... https://www.amazon.de/Herma-8634-Adressetiketten-Adressaufkleber-selbstklebend/dp/B000M249G2/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=14OFMBKCR0177&dchild=1&keywords=herma+ettikettenpapier&qid=1603728782&sprefix=harma+ettik%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-5 https://www.amazon.de/Herma-8637-Universal-bedruckbar-selbstklebend/dp/B000M249F8/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=14OFMBKCR0177&dchild=1&keywords=herma+ettikettenpapier&qid=1603728782&sprefix=harma+ettik%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-6
  17. Troops gathering slightly outside Fuerte Unido...
  18. After La Reya Venenosa II was sunk in an intense battle at sea against those nasty pirates, only two ships returned to port. However as the Eslandian efforts to fight for free trade across all the Brick Seas had once more come to fruition, the local authorities at Salida Este, on behalf of the Colonial Council, decided to immediately build a sistership of the sunk man'o'war, Lay Reya Venenosa III. Lumberjacks went into the woods a bit landinwards and did their best to find strong trees, while ropemakers and sewers were already doing their best in town. The Eslandolan fleet would soon be able to welcome La Reya Venenosa III, and continue to fight for freedom. La Reya Venenosa III will be licensed by Eslandola. I did some experimentation with tree design, to create volume. While I am really happy with the treetops and the scene overall, I am not so happy with the treetrunks... But well, those will be better next time.
  19. Lumberjacks doing their work outside Salida Este to build La Reya Venenosa III.
  20. A merchant's house in the newly founded Eslandolan settlement of Ceniza Bajo on Luther Islands (which are actually called "Eileanne neh Luithhr", the newly claimed island #9 in the New Haven Sea). The volcanic nature of the islands is reflected in the materials used to pave the streets and build the houses. The architecture displays a mixture of colonial style, wealth, but also solidity and practicality - because life in a trading town is not about displaying luxury, but about getting the work done, and living a good life. The settlement is new, less than a year of age, and the houses show little to no signs of erosion yet. Ceniza Bajo is built on the ruins of an ancient native civilization, that once used to live where the Eslandolans have now settled. The remainders of the natives have been recycled and integrated into the town - that's why quite a few gardens are home to a totem or some other random weird sculpture. Will probably license this as a medium residence.
  21. I just wanted to praise this great MOC. Really well executed, great idea and I love how you display the whole production process. And great to see that Oleanders are in fact not looking for violence but are just here to build some infrastructure for Terraversa. ;-)
  22. That ist just so good. Your very clear and recognisable style is fantastic, yet you never stop to amaze and always bring in some new elements (I love that small olive green plant behind the big barrel). And great to see some love for TER.