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  1. Legonaut

    What did you buy today?

    Bricklink Order with Sand red!
  2. Legonaut

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It is a Solid Line of minifigs but I can't understand why they did only a series of 16, they could have easily Made 20 so there would be 3x the whole series in one Box. One big issue is also that besides Neville there is no fig for me which I'd buy multiple times. With the First HP Wave it was Something different, 2x Newt, 4x Dumbledore, 4x Voldemort, some Harrys, Harrys again, Hermiones, Rons, Deans, Chos, Dobbys, Dracos and Nevilles. So with that Said I don't think they will Well as good as the First Wave, also why didn't they include some of the Last Fantastic beast Film? Young Dumbledore, French Bad witch, Black Wizard from Paris and the follower of Grindelwald from the macusa would have Been great additions.
  3. As what would a Lumberjack Hut Count, Factory or Artisan?
  4. I know that there is a free license for (rather) new players. Is it for land properties level 1?
  5. Legonaut

    Castle Palisade

    Love that Palisade and Gate and the Micro build is a great way to present the setting of the castle!
  6. Legonaut

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Thank you two but I meant for example with what age an elf gets into adulthood, what Orcs are, subrace of Elves or Something completely different, but I See that those Things are not determined.
  7. Maybe Kali can climb Up on the Gold ladder with more and more builders! I also want to Note that the First chapter of my Characters Story will Take some more time as I'm working on a large scale Story with numerous Characters. At the moment I'm making a big Mindmap with their Relations etc. without having started to write. I also want to Note that altough Covid-19 is still a Thing it is Summer and till September I Most likely won't build a lot but we'll See.
  8. Thank you two! Well propably I'm gonna start a village in the Rakath Mountains but the delta in the region of Ras-El-Akhen is interesting too. For the Rakath Mountains, where exactly are there the boarders to the other Guilds? I don't want to build deep in the Mountain Range but it would be good to know where Kalis realm ends.
  9. I'm happy to present you Oronér, his name is made out of two words from the old Elven tongue Tolkien created - Quenya. Oron means Mountain and Nér means Man, so his translated name is Montainman. This is not a coincidance but a hint to his origin. In fact he is one of the old Elves from the Rakath Mountains, they had a small city in a hidden valley but the darkness of Nocturnus spread in the mountain range even to the valley. It weakened the elves, so they abandoned it and spread into all edges of historica. More to read in the Entry thread, happy to join! GoH Entry - Through the Desert by Lego Naut
  10. At least the Blues are under us muhahahaha Congrats to the winners, I'm curious about the Other categories...
  11. Legonaut

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Is there a general Lore for Elves, dwarves, orcs etc. or is it up to the players? I ask this because my characters will be of several Species and for story purposes I'll include a lot of Lore and I don't want to mess things up with Other peoples Lore for those things.
  12. Thanks @jtooker ! Hmm, well as his last Post is 4 years old I don't think He is still active there, If the Leadership ist okay with it I'd "Take" the city.
  13. Is Ras-El-Akhen a settlement and If so is there any Player active?
  14. Legonaut

    [SR - Ch III - cat. D(1)] Privateering

    The Micro scenes are very pleasing, Also NPU on those Lotii sails. The Text aides the scenes which makes this all in all a very good Entry
  15. Legonaut

    [OL-FB] Bomb ketch - la poule

    A very good looking ship and those big cannons... Only the flag it's sailing unser is Not so good