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  1. Really enjoying this one, I believe Everything was already Said but still thumbs Up for this!
  2. For a long time the Corlander colonial administration in Port Woodhouse had been interested in the island located in the northern approaches to the Garma Strait known to most as Gunpowder Isle. Several Royal Navy vessels had surveyed the coastline with it's distinctive black sand; however, rumours of extremely hostile natives had kept the vessels launching any forays into the interior to verify rumours of strong veins of copper. Recently stories have filtered back to Port Woodhouse of Sea Rat and Eslandolan activity on the island and strange tales of monstrous birds and hallucinogenic bananas can be heard in taverns across the Paradise Isles... A Corrie merchantman had taken shelter in one of the islands bays recently and a shore party seeking freshwater had been attacked by natives who had only been repelled with heavy losses. All of these factors combined have caused the administration to act. Newly promoted Major Edward Brown of the Port Woodhouse garrison has been given command of an expedition to Gunpowder Isle. A strong force of infantry will protect the engineers, civilian geologists and surveyors of the expedition. After some time preparing, Major Brown and his force land on Gunpowder Isle. Landing on Gunpowder Island by @Legonaut Prospectors immediately start taking samples for further analysis in nearby Jameston. Rumours of an abundance of copper were one of the main motivations for launching the expedition, so Corrie geologists are keen to get their hands on samples taken from the isle. Prospecting on Gunpowder Island by @Ayrlego Furthermore; a Martello tower fort; based on the design successfully implemented in Mooreton Bay, has been constructed to protect the anchorage and base camp for the Corlander expedition. Armed with eight powerful cannon and a fighting platform on top, it protects against both native aggression and any marauding buccaneers. Corlander Martello Tower by @Ayrlego _________________ The beginning of a Corlander mining expedition (and collaboration) on Isle 16 'Gunpowder'. The second scene is a prospecting build and the fort will be the beginning of a squatting mining settlement for when/if we start mining operations.  Greetings Ayrlego & Legonaut!
  3. Legonaut

    [WTCM] WTC Monthly - Issue 14

    Really Nice to hear that (at least in Europe, poor Aussies) with Fall there is coming the Life of the RPG Back. I Like this newspaper Style even with a recipe looking Forward for the Moc's!
  4. Sounds really interesting to me! Well what can I say, Like Always it's a beautiful Moc with some really cool Details. Especially that you use the chimney Design (and Maybe that tea Thing I Used once) is pretty cool. Overall the shape of the Build reminds me of This. Keep Things Up! Really adorable Moc there :)
  5. Thanks! Thank you sir, really appreciate our little "Port Woodhouse revolution work". nice to hear taht you include that Chimney design! For the licensing, should I license it as small residence or barracks? (Someday someone just needs to help me with all this EGS and Licensing stuff ) Yeah Bregir, I know, the photographing is still my the most lacking part of my stuff, thanks for the suggestions, will definetely try this. Really cool to get all that positive feedback :)
  6. Legonaut

    The town over the cliffs

    Really Neat Build there, the Overall Look and the Background Story give a nice Touch. Especially Like Bregir mentioned before is the Elevator crane a really cool and creative Idea! Keep Things Up :)
  7. I'm really Glad that you Like it! It's a Cookie from the Harry Potter CMF Series but with the hand it's a Email :) Thanks a Lot for your warm words!
  8. In follow of Edward`s captiency promotion he changed his residence from a room in the Ports tavern to the officers Barracks where he now has his stuff. Because he is often on Patrol with his Men to check the bays of Garmas Key the house is the most of time just used by the other officer living there. http:// this is my most recent Build, hope you guys like it! Greetings, Legonaut
  9. Legonaut

    [GoC] 14 Gun Brig HMS Ymir

    Wow Man, This ship Just Looks so great! The color sceeme, the rigging and the sails are phenomenal and really would buy Something Like that for my desk! I also think that those 14 cannons are Just right for the size and the Overall Shop does Not Look too overpacked. Greetings, Timo :)
  10. Unfortunately I already sorted it Out ( normally for me this Takes months) and I don't have other Pictures of it. The Problem ist that there isn't really a Front Side because it's an exact quarter. But... I think my next Moc will propably Suit better for the Front Page!
  11. Wow Markus, Size and troop Numbers Here are great! Love the Tan fortifications and the kitbashs of all the Main characters Look astonishing too! Keep Things Up Greetings Timo/Legonaut
  12. Thanks a Lot Man, it means a Lot to ne that you Like it! I think I'll build Pirates again soon.That building Period was in the end disgusting but I'm Glad of all the good response. Thanks a Lot Timo/Legonaut
  13. Thank you, Well I guess the next time I build Something with cannons I'll build Artillery ;) Nice that you Like it! Maybe I Post some Pictures in the next couple days. Cool, I'm looking Forward for your Building!
  14. Thank you for the nice words Also thank you for the praise, I understand your point with the cannons, probably I redo them. Originally there were some Soldiers that carried a Boat over the Beach, but it looked a Bit Strange. You can Just click on the Photo and Zoom in on Flickr ;) Looking Forward for new Orders, but I have to say that I'm building Something for GoH and some Apocalyptic Stuff right now...