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  1. Nice gallows, reminds me of the opening scene of PoTC 3. Beautiful Moc :)
  2. Legonaut

    [GOC] Patroling at the beach

    Hi, Thank you for the compliments! I tried some walking poses but they didn't look well. Thank you :) For point 2: I edited the photo ;) Nice that you like it :) Thanks! Well, I'm glad you like it. Now another one if the jury has to give a thumbs up I guess (?). Thanks man, I ordered 18 Soldiers last September from Lego, but they're away now :( otherwise I would've bought another 75. Thanks for your comments :)
  3. The Red coats of Port Woodhouse are Patroling :)
  4. 4th February 619 Garma's Key After Edward was appointed as infantry captain of some new recruits he decided to take some of his man on a patrol. Because he thinks that you have to know the people that serve you he diceded that he would talk a bit with everyone. In the late afternoon they came back to Port Woodhouse... ____________ My first entry for the first GOC task :) Built in ~ 1 hour. Hope you like it! Greetings Legonaut/ Timo @Bregir @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  5. @Ayrlego Dear Matthew Allcock, I received the offer to serve as Infantry captain in Port Woodhouse by Sir Dirk Allcock. I accept the offer an I'm ready to serve. Your sincerely Edward Brown
  6. @Ayrlego Port Woodhouse, Garama`s Key 3 February 619 Dear Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock, thank you very much for your offer. I promise I will not disappoint you. I`m sure we´ll meet soon. Yours sincerely, Edward Brown -----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Thank you all for your welcomes! The part isn´t old at all. It was first released in 2016, here is it on Bricklink ;)
  8. For the most Tasks you have to build 3 Scenes, can you present them in one Thread or do you have to post them all separately?
  9. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Thanks, yes those snakes are a great piece, especially if you haven't a lot of those olive green plants ;) Thanks for the nice greeting :) You can't imagine how I struggled in finding all those 2x2 round plates (I should sort again). First I watched for a good yellow face for Edward, but there was just none so I lately (yesterday) decided to change the color. Btw: Your Moc's brought me to Pirates and therefore here :) Thanks! Thank you, I think I reached now a point in Landscaping with which I'm happy. The house is really a simple Build but I wanted to go the "Classic Pirates" way. Well, there wasn't so much learning before this entry, just a nice conversation with Bregir :) I absolutely agree, Edward will definitely find a new Job :) Like I said earlier I'm happy now with my Vegetation building skills, special thanks to some Friends of mine that helped me to come where I'm now: @Balbo @Dr Zarkow @markus1984 Good Idea but for this Challenge I'll definitely Build something else ;) Thanks again to all that commented or read at least to this point :) Greetings Legonaut / Timo
  10. Hey Guys, in this thread i posted my Entry :) Hope you like it! Greetings, Legonaut/Timo
  11. Born as the son of a sailor and cartographer, Edward Brown had the advantage of beeing introduced into the high society of sea travellers at a young age. His father taught him navigation skills and while his father sailed Edward lived with his uncle which was a cavalry Veteran. At the age of 16 edward decided to goto the military academy. Two years later he served for the ETTC (East Terran trade Company) as a cavalryman. After years of work for the ETTC he decided to leave the Company. He made that decission because he wanted to serve for the Queen in the Royal Army. In late 618 AE he began his journey to Cascadia, Celestia and Garma´s Key. In 619 AE he arrived at Port Woodhouse... BoBS Entry - Edward Brown by Lego Naut, auf Flickr {to be continued} --------------------------------------- Hey Guys, My name is Timo and here I present you my Entry for Corrington :) Hope you like it! Greetings Legonaut/Timo
  12. I can't PM you, could you start the Conversation?
  13. Hello there, I'm really interested in Joining Corrington. I have already a SigFig and I'm building the entry Moc which is located at Port Woodhouse. Is someone here (maybe someone that speeks german) from Corrington that would help me a bit?