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Found 12 results

  1. Guilder walked through the warehouse district. He had a lot on his mind this month; as Eslandola's Secretary of Trade, he was worried about how to protect its trade ships from piracy. Captain Argentum would lead the fleet to sea aboard the Lady Cora ... if it was ready in time. Just then an MCTC courier caught up with him in the street, "Hey, watch where yer goin'!" shouted one of the cargo handlers at the courier. "Sorry, sorry! Very sorry!" he replied. Then he turned to Guilder. "Sir, we've received that report you were waiting for: the Lady is ready to sail." "Ah, I knew Captain Argentum would have Lady Cora ready in time," replied Guilder. "Thank Sol and Luna!" The courier seemed puzzled. "Lady Cora? No sir, I have word about the Cotton Lady II. The sistership for that old cog we lost a few months back is finally ready." You see, Willem Guilder was also director of the Merchants Colonial Trading Company. There was work to be done for the trade company as well. --- A quick build to sistership the Cotton Lady. A couple of extra pics of the build: Seemed like a good excuse to use some of those printed wall panels. All C&C welcome. .
  2. The new frigate's deck was as clean as it would ever be, and the crew went about their business getting the vessel ready for service in anticipation of the new captain's arrival. "Welcome aboard, captain!" There was no formal line-up of the crew, as time was of the essence in preparing La Raya Venenosa II to sail. "Mmpph..." replied the captain, and he immediately headed to his cabin. The lieutenant wasn't sure what to make of this. He hoped it meant the captain had things on his mind for their upcoming mission. --- Sorry I'm light on story. Just a quick build for sistershiping La Raya Venenosa. All C&C welcome.
  3. The captain walked the gun deck, checking on the progress of the crew. Cannons were still be lowered from the weather deck and positioned. "Make sure all carriages are properly secured," he reminded them. "And properly equipped! Shells and water buckets should be in place." The deck bustled with activity as the cramped confines of the ship-of-the-line's gun deck filled. La Comete III, sistership to La Comete, and Deuxieme Comete after that, would be ready to sail this month. --- A small build for the purpose of sistershipping La Comete again. Here's a look at the full build: All C&C welcome.
  4. Lavalette, the young postman woke at the early hours as usual, when other inhabitants of the city were still sleeping. He took a simple meal composed of plain bread and coffee, put his uniform on and shut the door behind him. But today, he looked in a hurry, because in his parcel there was an urgent letter to the RNTC office, stating that a sistership is ready to sail to replace the Licorne they lost a few months ago. This post is intended to sistership the Licorne of RNTC.
  5. The messenger, having delivered the orders from the Eslandolan Admiralty to Captain Florissone, headed back to the Salida Este harbor when he came upon a couple of sailors outside a small bungalow. Apparently local sailors used it as a flophouse to stay at when they were between voyages at sea. “Hey, kid!” called out one of them, “any news you can share with us?” “Captain Florissone just got assigned to the new warship.” “That does us no good,” muttered the sailor. “We’re not interested in a navy ship…” “…and they’re probably not interested in a couple of slackers like us, either!” added the other sailor. “What we need is to find us a good merchant ship that can make some coin.” “Well,” said the kid “they’re also bringing the Lady’s Revenge II out of drydock. I heard them saying somethin’ about needing to replace the Lady of Madrice.” “Now there ya go! They’ll be hiring crew for sure. Come on, it’s down to the docks for us!” --- A sistershipping build. Thanks to @Maxim I for the story lead-in. All C&C welcome.
  6. Commodore Dekker felt a wave of relief. The admiralty had seen fit to keep him in command of the trade squadron even after he had lost three ships, including his flagship, to a Sea Rat attack. But he was still anxious, as he had yet to see his new flagship. Arriving at the docks, he consulted with the naval agent. All was well. The Thunderer, sistership to the Stormbringer, had been readied for active service and was maneuvering in the harbor as the crew tested her running rigging. He need only fetch a longboat to go out and take command. Just a microbuild ship for the purpose of bringing the sistership online.
  7. Willem Guilder took his evening stroll through the garden. Here he could almost imagine he was back in Weelond, but for some reason he was still in King's Harbour. However, his ship was on its way, and his extended stay on the Corrish island was nearing an end. Just then one of his aides caught up to him. "Here you are, Gov'ner. I was lookin' all over for you. I was told you needed me, but they failed to mention where you was." "Well, you've found me, so all is well." Guilder let the man catch his breath for a moment, then continued. "Please see to it that these orders are delivered to the Secretary of the Navy. We need to commission the sistership of the Long Beard into service." "Aye, sir," replied the aide. "I heard about her. 'Twas a shame the Long Beard went down, but I hear she gave Zublius Von Wreck what fer, taking the pirate's ship from her. Better than a fair exchange if you ask me." "Indeed, the men made good with the capture of Hades' Hangman. The crew of the Long Beard have had quite the summer. But there is no rest for them, as the Long Beard II awaits." --- Just a quick build for the sistershipping requirements, and it gave me a chance to play around with a brick-paved walkway. The sand green tiles may seem like an odd choice, but I think they work well. All C&C welcome.
  8. Somehow, Eslandola's Willem Guilder had still not departed King's Harbour after travelling there for the Great Ball, and was becoming quite adept at conducting business while travelling. Last month he spent much time with his predecessor as Admius Legistrad of the Colonial Council, Román Fontonajo. Today finds Guilder sending off another set of dispatches. "See to it that this gets to the master of our shipyard. The MCTC is commissioning a sistership of the Piece of Eight," Guilder told his courier. "Yessir," the courier replied. "And might I say, sir, the Piece of Eight was a fine ship. One of the fastest on the seas. A sistership to her will be a fine addition to the MCTC fleet." "My thoughts exactly, Eduard. Now, off with you!" And the courier hurried away, dispatch in hand. --- Just a little build for the sistershipping requirement, and a chance to use my copy of the hall for the Great Ball that I never used at the time.
  9. Anthony Crol had received a dispatch from Willem Guilder, Director of the MCTC. He was to file the necessary paperwork to commission a sistership of the Lady of Madrice, which had been lost in a storm last month. Now captain of the Far Horizon, Tony had been first mate on the Lady of Madrice two years ago. The old sloop had a long record of service in the MCTC, and she was well past her prime. It seemed like everyone in the MCTC had been a part of her crew at some time or another, and all knew her affectionately as the Wench. When Tony entered the office, he was greeted by a gloomy old man with an ill-fitting wig. "State yer bizness" the man behind the desk said gloomily. "I'm here to file notice of the commissioning of the Lady of Madrice II." The old man perked up a bit. "Sistershipping the ol' Wench? Why in the names of Sol and Luna would anybody do that?" "Hey, she was a fine ship!" replied Tony defensively. "She was past her prime, but she had good lines and handled beautifully." "Harumph! Past her prime indeed!" Tony was clearly agitated. "Enough with the comments, old man. Scribble down the particulars in your records and I'll be on my way." --- Just a quick build as required for the sistershiping of the Lady of Madrice. I hadn't noticed I didn't get the hairpiece fully down on the clerk's head until I was editing the photo, so I figured I'd just write it into the story.
  10. "How's the work going on that old galleon? Have 'er ready yet?" "See for yourself. She's out of dry dock, just loading equipment and getting her ready to sail." "Why are they bringing her back into service anyway?" "Ah, the MCTC lost the Prince Fernando two months ago. You know, when we had all those bad storms. This ol' mistress of the sea is from the same class, so they're refitting her to replace it." ------ Just a small build to sistership the Prince Fernando.
  11. With the loss of an entire squadron, the Oleander colonial has received a terrible shock. Lagaufre, just landed in Eltina, jumped on another ship to travel to Granoleon. After a long and boring voyage, he reached his destination and presented himself at the door of Oleander Admiralty. Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed to get inside, visits forbidden without appointment. Our Lagaufre is not someone who give up so easily, he put his luggage aside and wait for monsieur de Beauregard. Many hours later... - Oh, my dear, a beggar. - No, mon chéri, he must be one of these captains who have lost their ships. - Poor guy, he must be broke. Take this, a doubloon. - Thank you, my good lady. - Hey, YOU! The officer over there, give my your letter, I'll hand on it to monsieur de Beauregard, you are a real embarrassment! His perseverance was rewarding, de Beauregard agreed to allocate 2 new ships to the colonial fleet, and assigned an officer to accompany him to the shipyards. - Romain! My friend! - Gaufre, old bloke, I thought you were retired. - Not yet, are you accompany me to the shipyards? - Better than that, I'll go with you to New Terra, time to stretch my legs.
  12. Captain Cornelius Reyngout was relieved to get a second chance. Released from Bloody Bill’s capture when the Corries paid Bloody Bill’s price for the Heart of Eslandia, Capt Reyngout feared the MCTC would blame him for the loss of the ship. But the lack of proper escort was deemed the problem, and Capt. Reyngout’s reputation was intact. With the activation of the Heart of Eslandia’s sister ship, the Prince Fernando, Capt. Reyngout was once again in command of an elegant, large trader. The Prince Fernando, built back in the youth of the Eslandola king, honors him with a royal crest on the main foresail and a princely figurehead on the bow. And with normal canvas sails that are not blood-red like on the HoE, the ship looks less Corrie-ish than its now Corrie sister ship.