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Found 31 results

  1. His recon mission completed, Major Brickleton was eager to rejoin the Corlander fleet before the ensuing battle. Word reached Fort Arltrees that the Corlander fleet out of Spudkirk would be headed near the town on its way to El Oleonda that night. In exchange for their horses, Major Brickleton arranged with the local Oleon command to provide enough dinghies to transport the squad of 18th Hussars that accompanied him. With a final wave and shove-off, the group set out in the foggy pre-dawn light to reunite with their own forces. ----------- OOC: An excuse to use my new olive green leaf plates (Groot!) and USB LED stud lights to reunite Brickleton with the main Corlander forces.
  2. Major Brickleton had seen it with his own eyes - Seawatch was besieged! The settlement was in desperate straits and was terribly close to being taken by Lotii forces. After successfully recording enemy numbers and positions, he had stealthily retreated away from the encircled city with his company of cavalry. While Brickleton believed they had escaped unnoticed, this time they headed to Fort Arltrees by way of the temperate central mountains of the island to hopefully scout out a second route allied forces could use to reach Seawatch. As night fell, he sat by a small campfire writing a dispatch to be sent to Colonel Wolf. "Forbes, toss a few more branches on the fire please. This dispatch will contain somber news and I mustn't mince words. Our forces must learn of the tenuous situation in Seawatch." -------------------- OOC: Just a quick build to play with a brick-built night sky and some funny trees
  3. After two days of travel, Major Brickleton and his party of cavalrymen approached the Carnite settlement of Seawatch. Reports suggested the town was under siege by Lotii forces and Brickleton had orders to confirm the veracity of those reports. Brickleton had the company of 18th Hussars dismount as they approached a low hill. Not far off they could hear the sounds of men at arms. Removing his bicorn hat, Brickleton crouched low and crawled to the top of the hill. He peered toward Seawatch with his spyglass. Kneeling to keep below the ridgeline, the troopers accompanying Brickleton took his lead and removed their bicorn hats as well. The trooper tasked with watching their horses wondered to himself what Brickleton was he seeing beyond the hill. Upon hearing a toucan in the tree above him, he mused to himself, "I bet that bird knows where the Lotii generals are". -------------------- OOC: Continuation of the recon mission to see the status of Seawatch.
  4. Newly promoted Major Brickleton had arrived just days earlier at Fort Arltrees on the island of El Oleonda. With him were multiple companies of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars. After conferring with Colonel Wolf, Brickleton sets out with a company of 18th Hussars toward the Carno settlement of Seawatch. Reports suggest the town is under siege by Lotii forces and Brickleton has orders to confirm the veracity of those reports. While the territory between Fort Arltrees and Seawatch is wild and mostly unexplored, the 18th Hussars, known as "The Lightfoot", are expert horsemen and navigate the terrain with deftness. The group rides silently toward Seawatch, listening for telltale sounds of the enemy but thus far only hearing the occasional monkey in the underbrush. Brickleton wonders to himself what they will find as they approach Seawatch. ------------- OOC: A recon mission to see the status of Seawatch. A closer up detail shot of the continued experiments with brick-built saddles:
  5. The call of "Land Ho!" had come from the crow's nest thirty minutes earlier - they were nearing El Oleonda. As they approached the wild-looking island, Post-Captain Rittenhouse consulted a map and said, "We're just to the west of Fort Arltrees, Sir Jonathan. I'll signal to the rest of the fleet to keep farther to sea as we round the next headland." "Very good! Corporal Yeoman, head belowdecks and let the 26th Foot know our long voyage is nearing its end! Soon enough we'll bring the fight to the Lotii!", Brickleton replied.
  6. Still in Terraversa following the hostilities with Oleon, Captain Brickleton and Major Brickford ( @LM71Blackbird ) go for a walk to discuss their plans to expand ETTC presence to every settlement in the Brick Seas. They stop near a barn and decide how they can bring the trade company to the settlements they govern. OOC:
  7. As a new shareholder of the East Terran Trade Company, Captain Sir Jonathan Brickleton elected to lead a caravan of ETTC wagons heading north from Westface along the Terraversan Trade Road. The shipments consisted of a variety of exotic citruses, including oranges, limes, and lemons. The traders would stop over at the island's new central trading hub before continuing on north to King's Port. The trade company had hired Terraversans in Westface to work the wagon train, but they counted on trusty ETTC Sepoys from Jameston to safeguard its passage. As the first wagon approached an Atwi adobe building, Brickleton saw a young boy and his mother watching their advance. Brickleton snatched an orange from the wagon and tossed it to the boy, who took a bite of the orange, peel and all, and smiled with a wide grin. My entry for Cat E of Challenge IV, the first part of a planned ETTC collab.
  8. Following Queen Annetta's proclamation in Belson, ships carried word east to Terra Nova. The first ship to reach Terraversa was a sloop with grayish sails. It made its way down the western coast and around the southern horn before making port in Westface. There, letters were dispatched to Colonel Allcock, Lord Spud, Don Montoya, and Captain Brickleton. Brickleton read the letter in disbelief. For his efforts in re-evaluating the defence of Elizabethville, establishing a settlement on the island of Panarium, participation in the Terraversan campaign and presence at the Pamu peace conference, the queen had made him a Knight Companion of the Order of the Compass Rose. From now on, he would be Sir Jonathan Brickleton. While his father had achieved great prestige and high rank within the Corlander armed forces, this was the first title bestowed upon their family. OOC: A quick build to celebrate all of the knighthoods granted in Queen Annetta's proclamation. Thanks @Ayrlego and @Bregir! OOC Update: Settled on the trans wine glasses for the path of the ship after trying a bunch of other small elements (minifig hands, red axles, bars with clips, antennas) - the others all looked too big/opaque for something this small
  9. A Terraversan peace agreement had been reached with Oleon, and a large portion of the Corlander expeditionary forces stationed in Westface were beginning to withdraw to points across the Brick Seas. Colonel Allcock had decided to stay in Westface with the remaining soldiers for the time being to assist L'Olius in establishing the new Commonwealth, and to justify the free trade agreement Corrington enjoyed with the new state. Before the commanders of the departing forces set sail, Allcock invited them to the inn where he kept rooms to share in a celebratory toast and meat pies. In attendance were Colonel Allcock, Major Brickford, Lord Spud, Don Isaac Montoya, Captain Brickleton, Captain Cooke, and Captain Redding. Colonel Allcock led a toast: "To the new Commonwealth of Terraversa! To the Queen! To Corrington!" OOC: Wanted to try a build with dark brown accents - hadn't tried that before Licensed as a large artisan in Westface Old Roof Version:
  10. Elsabeth Stockton was a lady of means. Her father was a general in the army back in Belson and she had grown up in a stately manor outside the city. She wasn't one to wait around twiddling her thumbs. She had arrived in Wullham earlier that month and learned of Captain Brickleton's mission away in Terraversa. Now she and her servant were staying at the inn located in the town center. As they headed for the front door of the inn intending to go for a walk, the attendant manning the hotel desk let Elsabeth know she had received a letter. The letter was from Captain Brickleton. He had caught wind of her travels to Wullham via an acquaintance in the Naval Intelligence Office. He let her know that his mission in Terraversa had been successful and the island was at peace. The war was over! He also included some notes about interesting things Elsabeth should explore in Wullham. There was a mysterious heart-shaped carving, Brickleton's own mayoral home, and an Onondaga friend named Treewa she should call on. She had already explored Brickleton's home when she initially sought him out earlier that month. She made a mental note to see the carving soon. The Onondaga friend intrigued her - the idea of meeting a friendly native of the Brick Seas fascinated her. The Onondaga were a native tribe from the island where Brickleton had been stationed prior to coming to found Wullham. Elsabeth decided to seek out the Onondaga friend, and she and her servant set out at once. They found the Onondaga friend Treewa at his home outside of town and he offered to take Elsabeth for a nature walk. He had scouted out much of the island when the settlers first arrived. The group traveled inland toward the large interior mountain. They approached a rushing stream and Treewa leapt up onto a fallen tree trunk and crossed over. Elsabeth and her servant warily followed. On the far side of the stream they found a large assortment of sizable mushrooms surrounding a rotting tree stump. Treewa recognized the fungi varieties as edible and collected them for the group to have for dinner that night back in Wullham. OOC: @Ross Fisher's shell craters that looked to me like rotted tree trunks got me thinking about mushrooms Also was really intrigued by @Kai NRG's Cherry Blossom Fort where she loosely coupled slopes and inverted slopes in the walls to make tessellations with gaps. i figured the same could be done with slopes and wedges
  11. With a copy of the signed treaty calling for cessation of all hostilities in hand, Captain Brickleton thundered southward on his horse, throwing pebbles and rocks up in his wake. The Terraversans of Pamu, from whom he has been lent the horse, claimed it was the fastest mount available - and as Brickleton galloped at full speed for hours on end this appeared to bear fruit. He would seek out Colonel Allcock and attempt to stop Corrington's assault on Tarlor before it was too late ( @Ayrlego ). OOC:
  12. In his last letter to Elsabeth Stockton, Captain Brickleton had said he would need to stop writing for a short while but didn't explain why. After a month of no correspondence, Elsabeth became worried and determined that she must travel to Wullham to discover why Brickleton wasn't in communication. Following a long voyage from Belson, Elsabeth Stockton arrived in Wullham to find Captain Brickleton gone. She had her servant place her belongings in a rented room at the town's luxurious inn and then traveled to Fort Stockton (named after her great-grandfather) to inquire after Brickleton. At the fort, she cornered Lieutenant Bollford, who was in charge of the fort in Brickleton's absence, and wrung out of him that Brickleton was away in Terraversa on a secret mission of diplomacy in the hope of averting a war with Oleon. Glad to know the truth but worried for Brickleton's safety, Elsabeth returned to the inn for a fitful night of sleep. Inn licensed as a medium artisan in Wullham OOC:
  13. Part One is here Part Two is here Captain Brickleton figured the group must have traveled 125 miles in their journey from one end of Terraversa to the other. Based on the maps he'd consulted before their trip, the distance was only 110 miles as a crow flies but they weren’t crows. The track they followed through the interior connected Atwi villages and thus wandered here and there. Lord Spud had to admit some grudging respect for Brickleton's ability to choose the correct path each time. The group's path was also circuitous because Consul Montoya's horse wandered off the single track quite often as he pondered a butterfly or giant centipede he'd caught in the corner of his eye. Brickleton was ever so grateful for Montoya's steady aide Baker, who would direct Montoya back to the group. Lord Spud and Brickleton were also grateful for the questions Baker asked around their nightly campfires. While none of the men were especially outgoing, Baker drew them out by innocently asking about their past adventures and current initiatives. Captain Brickleton showed them all the native constellations he'd learned in Elizabethville from the Onondaga. He also let them know of his hopes regarding the beautiful Elsabeth Stockton. Lord Spud described his grand plans for the nascent Spudkirk settlement, and Brickleton took note as he was also guiding Wullham as that settlement's new commander. Via a description of a particularly beautiful moth, Montoya recounted the adventurous tale of how he and Baker had arrived by raft on a deserted island. Brickleton and Lord Spud admired the resourcefulness of the pair. Brickleton didn’t like to be a stickler for appearances, but he reasoned that as a representative of Her Majesty's Armed Forces his refined appearance to Oldis at Pamu would be a sign of respect. Since he'd already exchanged his officer's uniform for a more travel-ready trooper's set at Westface, shaving was the least he could do. As they approached Pamu, he decided the benefits outweighed the risks and he paused the group to shave his mustache with a sharp dagger while looking at his reflection in a pool of fresh water. They were greeted by Pamu town guards and directed into the town. Brickleton couldn't help but notice the expressions of relief he saw on the faces of townsfolk when they saw his red uniform. Now for the reason they'd come...
  14. After Captain Brickleton's horse lost a shoe, Lieutenant Tennyson gave him a ride home. Brickleton was glad to see that his attendant had the fires going inside - there was a chill in the air. Brickleton had chosen the spot for his home during an early scouting survey. When he saw the magnificent oak next to a small stream, he knew he would build his house next to it. With so few trees on the island of Panarium, a mature oak was to be treasured. Licensed as a medium residence in Wullham
  15. After a quite painless voyage from Elizabethville, Captain Jonathan Brickleton arrives on the newly named island Panarium (Island 4 in the New Haven Sea) to establish a new settlement for the Crown of Corrington. Claimed by Corrington, Panarium is the most northerly of the New Haven Sea islands at this longitude. The island is exposed to harsh northerly winds that have left most of the island devoid of trees. Instead, the hilly landscape is dominated by lush grassland and low shrubs. The winds bring plenty of rain but also lower the temperature significantly compared to the more tropical climate of neighboring islands. Rocky outcrops dot the grassy hillsides and add pops of color with bright lichen growth. A unique lavender-colored mineral appears in the lighter grey rocks found nearby. Along with his mixed company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars, Brickleton is joined by a few dozen adventurous pioneers from Elizabethville who will help found the new settlement, which he names Wullham. Upon first inspection, the small sheltered valleys that surround the coastal location he has chosen for the new settlement appear to be quite fertile and will likely be ideal for grain crops. The few sheep they have brought with them appear to enjoy the terrain and Brickleton expects them to thrive. Rather than use the few trees on the island for firewood, Brickleton sends a small group out to cut some peat for their fires. They then begin setting up a makeshift camp at what will become the settlement of Wullham.
  16. Captain Brickleton and Lieutenant Tennyson enjoy some fresh melon that Trooper Rolston has halved during his solo sabre drill. Captain Brickleton instructs the hussars to drill regularly to stay in tip-top fighting shape, never knowing just when they will be called upon to ship out in the fight against Oleon. OOC: I wanted to try out a new kind of SNOT base. It isn't as sturdy as the one I usually use, but is nice for change of pace.
  17. When Martin Shoemaker went into town and told the mayor that two of his prize white stallions had been stolen from Shoemaker Farms, the mayor went to Captain Brickleton. As the ranking officer in Elizabethville, Brickleton knew it was his responsibility to keep the townspeople and their property safe. He had figured that meant from Oleon (who Corrington was at war with), but it did encompass horse thieves as well. For the next few dawns after receiving the news, Brickleton and a small group of Elizabethville Militia and 26th Foot lay in wait at the seaside horse farm, ready to spring in action upon the would-be thieves arrival. On the third morning, the thieves arrived by boat and the soldiers sprung their trap! Process shots: To be licensed as a large plantation in Elizabethville OOC: I approached this build wanting to try a few new things. First, I wanted to try to build a shiplap shingle outbuilding like @SilentWolf built in the Elizabethville downtown. Secondly, I wanted to try an @Ayrlego-style base that gradually dropped from SNOT on the sides down to water in the corner. Thirdly, I wanted to try to make a natural-looking hill landscape with an Irish-looking small stone wall.
  18. With his seventeen-point readiness plan enacted in Elizabethville and many new trained members swelling the ranks of the settlement militia, Captain Brickleton and his mixed company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars depart Fort di Legno for their next adventure. Second Lieutenant Bolton gathers militiamen in front of the fort to see Captain Brickleton off. OOC: Wanted to break out my red legs and log bricks again before a change in scenery, and to move Brickleton's story along!
  19. After meeting the two Onondaga warriors earlier in the week at his cabin, Captain Brickleton invited them to camp to meet the soldiers. The Onondaga put on an impromptu show of marksmanship with the bow and arrow at the edge of camp. Captain Brickleton invited the warriors to give the soldiers of the 26th Foot and colonial militia a series of archery lessons. The Onondaga gladly accepted. While the Corlander soldiers were well-trained with muskets and sabers, Brickleton figured it couldn't hurt to have them learn a new skill from expert teachers.
  20. Without a harbor in Elizabethville, the ship carrying Captain Brickleton and his mixed company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars couldn't get that close in. Anchored offshore, smaller boats ferried the men, horses, and supplies to the dock and beach in front of Fort di Legno. Arriving on the first boat, Captain Brickleton was greeted by Second Lieutenant Bolton of the Elizabethville Colonial Militia at the stockade fort. After introductions, together they went to retrieve the manager of the nearby stables. Returning with a few stablehands, they helped guide the frightened horses from the shallows inland. Following the chaotic yet successful disembarkment, Bolton gave Captain Brickleton a tour of the stockade. As the new ranking officer in Elizabethville, Captain Brickleton was keen to start off on the right foot. He left Bolton, who was clearly very proud of the smallish wooden fort, in command of the stockade and began to move his men inland to set up camp. A troop raising build for Elizabethville.
  21. While General Brickleton (Captain Brickleton's father) has been retired from the Corrington Armed Forces for a few years, he still reports for duty every December. After getting set up on the 3rd floor of the northeast tower of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces in the Corlander capital of Belson, he opens and responds to Merrymas letters from the children of servicemen and women currently abroad. Lieutenant Steeling brings in bags of letters the children have sent to the powers that be, and Brickleton does his best to grant their Merrymas wishes. With a sizeable fortune at his disposal, the retired general often sends attendants off on errands to purchase gifts. Process Photos OOC: Curved wall technique from Isaac. Thanks to @CapOnBOBS for the idea for dark brown / reddish brown furniture. Reposted a few days after first posting in The BotBS Advent Calendar 2020 thread as I wanted to submit it as a free build as well.
  22. After learning of the Onondaga's myths and constellations, Captain Brickleton wrote a note to Elsabeth Stockton detailing the encounter with the medicine man. He arranged for his father, retired General Brickleton, to purchase and deliver a telescope and bottle of port to her family's country retreat outside of Belson. Elsabeth's servant helped her set up the telescope on one of the 7th floor balconies high above the estate's tree tops. From there, she followed Captain Brickleton's notes to find the Onondaga constellations. She enjoyed some port in the night air, and then retired indoors to begin a long letter in reply. OOC: I wanted to try a vignette build where there was a rooftop high up above some trees, and you could only see the treetops. Not sure I pulled it off, but was fun to build.
  23. Lance Corporal Dryer didn't mind digging latrine pits all that much - the new latrine pits were usually far enough away from the old latrine pits that there wasn't much smell and he enjoyed the rhythm of digging. He was in for some excitement when his shovel hit something hard; as he dug around the hard object, he began to uncover what looked to be a large spine. He couldn't imagine what the animal would have looked like that had such a giant spine. With the help of Corporal Griffith, they pulled the spine out of the half-dug latrine pit. Below where the spine had lain, they uncovered large six-inch teeth. When the teeth were presented to Captain Brickleton, he was taken aback. Thinking of a large alligator, the beast that owned the large teeth must have been huge! He would write to Colonel Dirk Allcock (@Ayrlego) and request he send a note on to the Parliament of Science suggesting further investigation. OOC: I wanted to try out an @Ayrlego-style baseplate and some new tree styles that are thinner than the birches in the bridge MOC.
  24. As a child growing up in Corrington, Captain Brickleton would gaze out his bedroom window at Orion's Belt and the Big Dipper. Now a grown man and leading the Corlander military contingent in Elizabethville, Brickleton would still gaze up at those same stars. On the return leg of his trip to the interior looking for a waterfall that rained gold, the captain encountered the medicine man of the Onondaga and invited him back to visit the military camp outside Fort di Legno. The medicine man told the captain some of the tribe's histories. He showed Captain Brickleton the stars he had always known, but explained them in a new way: Orion's Belt was the Goose Foot and the Bigger Dipper was the Wolf Brothers. Same stars, but different names. ------------- OOC: I wanted to a try a night scene with muted nighttime colors and use technic axles as stars! Went with yellow axles for the dark sky, and dark tan axles for the darkening sky. I don't have that many dark bricks but I scrounged up all the ones I could find. The picture was shot in low light.
  25. Based on a tip from his new Onondaga friends, Captain Brickleton and a squad of the 18th Hussars head inland into the interior of Lacryma in search of a waterfall that rains gold. At least that's how the Onondaga describe it. Deciding that if the waterfall really rained gold the riches would be too good to pass up, Captain Brickleton plans a day trip on horseback. As the group passes over a rickety bridge on foot, they reach the end of the Elizabethville road and the beginning of the Onondaga single-track that preceded it.