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  1. Zork

    Earthquake in Cologne

    WOW! There's nothing more to ad. All is said in the other comments. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!
  2. Zork

    [MOC] Modular: Arsenal Block

    WOW! I like the style of the houses in general. Smooth facades with an accurate amount of details. Good matching colours you used. Awesome story linked to the grey and sand building and how you transfered that into LEGO
  3. Zork

    [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Another top MOC. Congrats and THX for sharing!
  4. Zork

    Custom Floor Tiles

    Sorry to tell you this, but i'm also just using official LEGO parts. IMO ER0L summarized it very well. Don't get me wrong. I'm very ipressed what one can do today creating custom parts. But that's just the technical aspect of it, which fascinates me. Good luck.
  5. Zork

    [MOC] Red Vespa

    Congrats. Impressive what you did. Like LegoMonorailFan allready said: IMO also the scale fits pretty well. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Zork

    Tíre Village

    WOW, really impressive! The colours, the details... every part of your build fits perfectly. Even the "fleshies figures"
  7. Zork

    [MOC] Home Sweet Home

    Most of it is allready said, but never the less, congrats from my side for your work. Like the tiling of the floor with those 1 x 1 tiles - a lot of work in there. Fits perfect with the other details. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Very very very impressive what you did so far and what you will do!! Thank you for sharing and a special big fat THX for the LDD files AC Cobra is my favorite.
  9. Zork

    [MOC] Vive la France!!! French Town Hall

    WOW, really amazing! I would vote for it on LEGO Ideas I like the colours you used for the interior and also for the facade. Thank you for sharing!
  10. WOW, great job - congrats! Did you first build it with LDD or just try and error? Plenty of details especially on the inside - really like the interior. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Zork

    [MOC] Legoland Movie Theater

    WOW, great work - congrats! I was about to ask how you dealt with the wiring but then you uploaded more pics. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Zork

    [MOC] Classroom

    A classroom. Not my favorite place to be but well done. Congrats! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Zork

    Beck's MOC Thread

    Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to see more of your creations.
  14. Zork

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    Just can say WOW!! Superb work. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Zork

    MOC Limestone House

    Just can say WOW!! Thank you for sharing.