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  1. Zork

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Fantastic and impressive build! Highly detailed sceneries and cool colours you picked. They match very well. Thank you for sharing
  2. Great what you did - I say this as a big fan of the 60's and 70's cars! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Zork

    [MOC][IDEAS 5k] Zoo

    WOW, great work!! Would very well fit into my city. You've got my support on Ideas Thank you for sharing
  4. Zork

    [MOC] The Fortress of Falkenholt

    WOW!!! Wonderfull diorama. I like your landscapeing and the tons of details. Like EKnight already mentioned, simple but very pointed techniques. Makes it smooth and interesting. Thank you for sharing.
  5. WOW, very cool what you did with this set. I bought the instructions immediately, because I already have my own Police Station. Now your MOC offers me a great alternative in the use of the original set. Same thing with the corner garage. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Zork

    MOC - Ch√Ęteau Guillard from Overwatch

    Just WOW!! Nothing more to say. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Zork

    Swimming Complex

    WOW, nice building! Something different. I Like your taste in colours and the modern touch of the building. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Zork

    [MOC] Theo's Trabuchet fishing hut

    Thank you for sharing. Looks really nice. How did you do the ladder going up from the sea to the hut? Like the cliff of the coast.
  9. Zork

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Thank you for sharing. I'm surprised and impressed that you don't use any software in advance. When it comes to colours the digital build helps me a lot. Fantastic building(s), love it!!
  10. Zork

    [MOC] The Red Keep from Game of Thrones

    Just... WOW!! Did you count the workinghours?
  11. Nice work What I like most is the ability of spliting the mountain. That's what I forgot to implement in my mountain, which makes it difficult for replacement. Depending on the altitude, mountains are pretty plain. So no worrys about that
  12. Zork

    [MOC] Boiler room

    very nice (technical) details. what I like most, is how you did the wheel track. thanks for sharing.
  13. Zork

    [MOC] The Hills Police Station

    WOW, like it not an everyday built and because of that, very eyecatching.
  14. Zork

    [MOC] Old Town Tower

    just WOW. I like the fusion of the three different types of buildings. fits perfect together. thank you for sharing