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  1. Pirate_King_1982

    LEGO 2022 Bricktober Pirate Adventure Ride Set Revealed

    I don’t know I’d go that far. There’s a sextant, bicorn pirate hat, telescope they used for the mast thingy on the bow and bricks an pieces are always useful even as filler.
  2. Pirate_King_1982

    Is this the first look at new Pirate Set: Ray the Castaway?

    Cool. How much do you have to spend to get this? Looks cool. The only thing that doesn’t look all that pirates themed is the life ring, but it would be easy enough to leave that off.
  3. Pirate_King_1982

    LEGO 2022 Bricktober Pirate Adventure Ride Set Revealed

    Apart from breaking set down for parts these look like they’d be better for City/Amusement Park builds than Pirates.
  4. Pirate_King_1982

    Mixing-up large parts collection (new/used, diff era)

    I’m in a similar position except with clone/aftermarket bricks and LEGO bricks. I’m les worried about mixing things up because they’re easier to tell apart, but typically my MOCs, both mine and those I buy from Rebrickable I use clone bricks for, and official sets remain intact. There are exceptions like ship hulls, printed pieces and other piece’s unavailable from Webrick are LEGO as well.
  5. Pirate_King_1982

    Lego Quality Reference

    I’m going to be buying a copy of Barracuda Bay second hand but NIB for $100AUD more than it originally cost. Just wondering whether anyone could tell me the current quality of the reddish brown specifically, but also other colours now days? I’m going to open the box and assemble it as it would be a shame not to display a set I instantly fell in love with, even though I missed out on buying, just wondering if I need to take any special care building, displaying and maintaining it.
  6. Pirate_King_1982


    Wow what a great concept. Simple yet really, really characterful in their execution. Kudos.
  7. Pirate_King_1982

    [MOC] Japanese Castle

    That is a beautiful example of feudal Japanese architecture, be proud of a job done well, kudos.
  8. Pirate_King_1982

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Hi all, how has your week been. I’ve been struck by an idea for a MOC/MOD of the 3in1 Creator ship. I’m wanting to use the parts from the 3in1 ship along with a couple of VIP add on packs I’m going to purchase from eBay and the pre-fab hull pieces from the OG ‘93 Imperial Flagship/HMS Sea Lion to create a small pirate galleon. I know that the hull pieces are a little narrower than the 3in1 ship so it’ll take a little fiddling around to get it right, but I’m up for the challenge. My main concern and the reason I making this post is to see if anybody knows how different in colour the pre-fab hull pieces are from the reddish brown that the 3in1 ship are. It shouldn’t matter too much I suppose though. Also does anybody have any general advice going forward? Has anybody done anything similar to what I have planned?
  9. Pirate_King_1982

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    Hi the message I get is “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”.
  10. Pirate_King_1982

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    I’d like to join but as others have had problems with link I have too.
  11. I haven’t found anything too gross or unusual yet. But having said that I’ve probably just jinxed myself and I’ll end up finding something really gross like a bag of toe nail clippings.
  12. Pirate_King_1982

    Getting into Pirates

    Also I think it’s worth pointing out that the rowboat will now be available in white thanks to the ne LEGO Ideas lighthouse.
  13. Pirate_King_1982

    Has anybody used OK Brick Works for custom /made to order cloth sails?

    Cool Thanks for that. I’ll contact them once I’ve built the ship begin the process.
  14. Pirate_King_1982

    The NEW Lego Ideas book

    cool thanks for your reply. I’ll look into those books you mentioned.
  15. I’m a recent AFOL (well new in the sense that I’ve returned to building and collecting only just recently even though I’ve always had fond memories of LEGO and quite frequently would take a detour down the LEGO aisle of the department store) so aren’t really all that caught up on things myself, but I thought I would comment on how great your MOCs look. Kudos on the great work.