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  1. Pirate_King_1982

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    Hi all, sorry to add to an old post. I’m just wondering if anybody can confir whether the TrixBrix track pieces are plastic injection modded or 3d printed?
  2. Pirate_King_1982

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    Thanks for the info. Just out of curiosity, how much space is required between two separate tracks? Could I run an outer R40 track and an inner R32 track so I can have two trams travelling in opposite directions? I feel a little apprehensive about running them on R24 tracks but think R32 might not be as bad. However I’ll have reconsider using R32 along with R40 if both trams would constantly colliding and derailing each other and breaking pieces off.
  3. Pirate_King_1982

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    I assuming that these track pieces will allow for tighter curves and smaller diameter track loops?
  4. Pirate_King_1982

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    Yeah after a little investigation Circuit Cubes seem like they’re likely the route I’ll go. I’ll do some in depth research into them tomorrow and find out exactly which parts I’ll need. Thanks for assist guys, much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I’m currently in the process of building up a small city that has to fit within the footprint of six baseplates x 4 baseplates, and I’m thinking that the Winter Village Tram may be a good way of having a train in my display, as a larger train would end up chasing its tail. Now assuming price isn’t a concern and I don’t mind chasing down parts on Bricklink, would it be feasible to build the tram around an ol 9v train motor and run it on the 9v tracks? I get that there are more modern parts and solutions, but I think that the battery box and receivers and such a look ugly in this particular model and I am.assuming that the 9v setup would use less space, allowing the top half of the tram and the interior to remain untouched. I’m just wondering erring whether anyone with experience in the 9v train range and/or the Winter Village Tram could offer any advice. Any assistance anyone can offer with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Dusty.
  6. Thank you kindly for the help.
  7. Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me out with identifying this part that I assume is a Technic part and if you’re able to, provide me with a part number. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  8. Pirate_King_1982

    Review: 6280 Armada Flagship

    I prefer this to the Redcoat ship, but it’s not as good as the Clipper. The minifigs are excellent. I think it’s a shame these guys didn’t get more sets, lacking especially was a real base. Both the Bluecoats and Redcoats got a smaller ship than the Pirates, but a bigger base, but they shied away from this trend with the Grrencoats. However, this ship and Redbeard Runner were both very good, even though the rest of the range wasn’t that good by comparison.
  9. Pirate_King_1982

    [MOC] HMS Certitude

    Wow, what a beautiful ship. Kudos.
  10. Pirate_King_1982

    Two old boats

    A couple of great looking ships, it’s a shame that they aren’t assembled anymore. I especially like the small rRedcoat escort vessel for the flagship.
  11. Pirate_King_1982

    [ENTRY] Skulls Eye Schooner remake (6286)

    I agree with others, the ship would looke better with green cannon flaps and better still if you changed out the dark red for red.
  12. Pirate_King_1982

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    I need these minifigs, they’re great. The whole MOC great. After seeing this I could probably say I know which I’m voting when the voting starts.
  13. I’d say maybe size/part count determined divisions so that smaller, simpler MOCs don’t have to compete with larger, more elaborate MOCs. The size of the prize could reflect which division it’s awarded to. Just my ten cents.
  14. Pirate_King_1982

    Help needed using Bricklink.

    Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.