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  1. caiman0637

    [MOC]◄Dodge Challenger 2008 SRT►[2021]

    Wow, that looks good!
  2. caiman0637

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    These are some truly beautiful houses, I only wish I could build them myself.
  3. caiman0637

    [MOC] Old Town Tower

    Very nice, excellent staircase!
  4. caiman0637

    Free Build: Petraean Alley

    Very good build!
  5. caiman0637

    [MOC] Cat

    Aww, so cute!
  6. caiman0637

    Glow in the dark list

    Different color. It's right here:
  7. caiman0637

    Crusaders Keep - version 2.0

    Excellent job! Everything looks great!
  8. caiman0637

    [Iridonia - J7- TT] The Order (pt. 8)

    Very nice build!
  9. caiman0637

    [MOC] Azure V8 Racer

    Very nice!
  10. caiman0637

    [Factions Ep. 9 - Cat C][S16 - Kowak - TT] Lost in the jungle

    Excellent build! I like the use of those (Ninjago?) (Ice Swords?) in the waterfall!
  11. Wow, this is incredible! I love all the tiny details.
  12. caiman0637

    [TC20] 8846 Tow truck studless

    I love it! Looks great.
  13. caiman0637

    [TC20] 8846 Tow truck studless

    Ooh- good pick. I look forward to the final model!
  14. caiman0637

    Leaked 2022 Set List

    Fake. Why does it claim to be the January 2021 wave? Why no set numbers? And this guy is telling us not to take his word for it... so we won't.