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  1. caiman0637

    [MOC] Big Yellow Bulldozer with gearbox

    Wow! This looks like it could go really well with 42114.
  2. caiman0637

    [MOC] MG TC Racing Green

    Brilliant! Any chance of instructions?
  3. caiman0637

    [MOC] Ford Bronco pickup 2020

    I don't think I've ever seen functional Contol+ on such a small vehicle. And you succeeding in making minimal gaps between parts; far better than TLG has ever done. I applaud you. Any chance of instructions?
  4. caiman0637

    [MOC] Pink Classic Mini Cooper Sports

    Wow! You really captured the cuteness of the Mini. I'll have to build this myself.
  5. Genius! I love MOCs that use the real world. How on Earth did you get so many slopes?!?
  6. caiman0637

    LEGO Town Forum

    Same here.
  7. caiman0637

    [MOC] Small Art Gallery - Modular

    Very, very well done. Any chance of instructions?
  8. caiman0637

    LEGO Town Forum

    Some other people said a similar thing about the Technic forum yesterday... I wonder if this is related.
  9. caiman0637

    LEGO Town Forum

    Whenever I try to access the Town Forum, it just shows a blank white screen. Reloading does nothing. Is this my problem only, or is it happening to anybody else?
  10. I love how well this shows the true nature of the Empire... very well done.
  11. caiman0637

    A Lumbering Process

    Honestly, my favorite part is the base used on each model. For some reason, I love the look of that. Excellent roof on the second model.
  12. caiman0637

    [MOC] Tower of Elkmire

    Wonderful base, beautiful trees, not to mention the tower itself. Amazing job.
  13. caiman0637

    [MOC] Santa is on its way

    Amazing. Every time I see this, I notice another interesting part usage; the stud shooter, rubber band, zipline handle... It never ends. Great job. You have made me rethink how LEGO works.