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  1. caiman0637

    [MOC] Eldorado Fortress Remake

    This looks amazing!
  2. caiman0637

    Purist Victorian/19th Century Figures

    Nice! I especially like the Buffalo Hunter.
  3. caiman0637

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    Nice! Great lighting and minifigures!
  4. caiman0637

    Boeing 747

    Wow, looks excellent!
  5. caiman0637

    [MOC] UH-34D Seahorse

    Great build!
  6. caiman0637

    [P17 – Trigalis - TT] Planning in the dark

    Excellent, excellent lighting! Great build!
  7. caiman0637

    [MOC] Mechanical Calculator

    Wait- this actually works? That's likely the most impressive thing I've ever seen.
  8. caiman0637

    Pottinger TOP 762C - windrower rake

    Nice! Another great build!
  9. caiman0637

    Alnya Mountain Lodge

    Nice build, wonderful tree!
  10. caiman0637

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Tracking on Devaron

    Great tree! Are those... Rancor arms?
  11. caiman0637

    [Moc] Crusaders red Castle

    Nice build!
  12. caiman0637

    [MOC] Volvo FH

    This looks amazing!
  13. caiman0637

    Star Wars - Nano-Scale Fighters ~early 1990s

    This is great! Wonderful builds!