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  1. Incredible that you've packed so many functions into it. Very impressed with the pneumatic function shifter, and the windscreen wipers are really cool! Pardon my ignorance, one question I have is about the driving ring on the diff lock. Would the old 2L ring (part 6539) not have worked here? I haven't done much in the way of Technic MOCs in recent years and don't have any of the new fangled differentials, so maybe it's not compatible or something...
  2. Fantastic model, I really like the shaping with the tiles and wedges and the little details like the droid arms under the back wings, and the video sound effects are a nice touch :D Curious about the sand green - are the windows that colour? I guess the colour palette for gold ingots is very limiting.
  3. EWay

    [MOC] St.Miguel - Armada Flagship

    Wow, it looks amazing! I know we're supposed to be here to appreciate the Lego but I'm struggling to take my eyes off your beautifully painted sails :D For those like me to decided to take you up on the suggestion to "google it"... I found better results searching for sao martinho armada, at least as far as google image search goes.
  4. Great job on the ratios in the orrery, and I really like the elliptical orbit too!
  5. Good point, will make sure to do that if I ever build a full solar system one :D
  6. Very much jumping on the orrery bandwagon right now... I made this almost four years ago as a commission for my dad, but I wasn't active on EB back then (arguably I'm still not :D) so now seems like as good a time as any to share this! This is far from the first Lego orrery as I'm sure everyone reading this is aware of by now, but I believe mine is unique in that the centre of rotation of the Earth-Moon system is offset by one stud. This because the Moon doesn't rotate around the Earth, in fact they rotate around each other (wikipedia: barycentre), but the centre of rotation just happens to be close to the centre of the Earth because the Earth has much greater mass. You can see the barycentre offset in the next photo - there are two 8-tooth gears side by side under the black 1x7 liftarm; the one that's not directly beneath the Earth is the one around which the entire Earth-Moon system rotates: The gear ratios are as follows (counting one model Earth rotation as one 'day'): Moon completes one rotation around the Earth: 28 days (a synodic month*) Earth completes one rotation around the Sun: 360 days (a year) The sun rotates fully on its axis: 24 days ** * A synodic month should be about 29 days and a sidereel month should be about 27 days. A synodic month is one full lunar orbit with respect to the position of the sun, as viewed from Earth, whereas a sidereel month is one full lunar orbit with respect to the stars as viewed from Earth. There's a difference because the Earth is going round the sun and by the time the moon comes back around the Earth is not where it started. Comparing the moon to where the sun is is the equivalent of one full rotation of the small 28-tooth turntable that holds the Earth and Moon. ** Since the sun is a fluid, it doesn't rotate uniformly. The poles rotate roughly every 35 days and the equator rotates every 25 days. When I built this I used an incorrect source of information that told me it was 30 days at the poles and 24 days at the equator, so I chose 24. Here's a video of it in operation: And there are loads more photos in the album: https://flickr.com/photos/eastawat/albums/72157713506039878/
  7. Allow me to interject with a bit of astronomical education... there are two ways to measure a lunar month (well actually there are more but two relevant here). There's a synodic month, which is the lunar month as observed from earth, and there's the sidereel month, which is the lunar month as observed from a fixed point in space. A synodic month is 29 days and 12 hours, and it's 2 days longer than a sidereel month because after a month of looking up at the moon, you've moved 1/12th of the way around the sun, so the moon has had further to travel to appear to get to the same angle in the sky. So I think a 12:1 ratio is closer than a 13:1 ratio in Lego, because any gearing that controls the moon is also moving around the sun, so it is essentially gearing from a frame of reference on the earth. I expect we'll get a ratio of 360 earth rotations per "year" and 30 earth rotations per synodic month, because that's pretty easy to do with Lego gears. Hopefully the sun rotates as well, but that could be anything between every 24 and every 30 earth rotations, because the sun, being a fluid, doesn't rotate uniformly - it goes faster at the equator. I've got some experience in this area... I'm going to jump on this bandwagon and post my orrery on here tomorrow :)
  8. EWay

    [MOC] Various vehicles

    Thanks all :) I also forgot to mention that there are free instructions for the Clio and the Range Rover on Rebrickable for anyone who's interested: https://rebrickable.com/users/eastawat/mocs/
  9. EWay

    [MOC] Various vehicles

    I built a few vehicles for my city. I'm not a fan of Lego's propensity for sports cars and off-road vehicles - these are all vehicles you'd see every day on Irish roads. They've been works in progress for a long time, with some being designed in stud.io back in 2021. All were built this year between July and October. Some are based on very specific makes and models, others not so much. More photos in the flickr album (also including stud.io renders of some vehicles that I haven't built). My favourite is this keg truck, based on Guinness trucks commonly seen wherever there are pubs: Another truck, representing a chain of Irish grocery stores. Usually the trucks have pictures on the sides but I just love brick lettering and a picture wouldn't be possible without a sticker. Nice excuse to use some dark turquoise as well :) A Renault Clio (2007), based on my own car at the time: The most instantly recognisable as a particular make/model - a Range Rover Classic, otherwise known as an amphibious exploring vehicle, a finisher car, a transporter of gods: A Ford Transit Connect van: An ambulance: A modified ordinary road-going version of the Mini Cooper from set 85894: And (admittedly I put a lot less effort into this one than any of the others) a Garda (police) car:
  10. This was probably my favourite set as a child and I always loved Model Team, and this is a great modern rendition of it! Also very impressed that you managed to squeeze in a working engine.
  11. EWay

    [MOC] Honey House in Provence

    Love the sunflowers, they caught my eye immediately! Must just be a reflection of my current state of hunger but my mouth started watering when I spotted the jars of honey!
  12. EWay

    [MOC] 1977 Pontiac Trans Am 'Bandit'

    Although I'm not generally a fan of 8 wide but this is fantastic, great choice of subject matter and great techniques used!
  13. Just finished mine with efferman's mods (thanks again efferman :)) and now going to implement this as the two LBG axle/pin connectors have a slight tendency to work themselves loose! Nice solution CelloFellow. Any extra friction is preferable to parts coming loose anyway!
  14. Aaah that makes sense. Would be helpful to make it green or something.