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Found 10 results

  1. TitusV

    Good Old Days

    I dreamed tonight. Of the times when our good King Artorious still sat on the throne. Of the times when Avalonia still was the strongest guild. Of the time I was part of the Dragonflight, and stationed on the Mystic Isles. Of the time our biggest problems were still hiding in the vast woods. Of the time life was simple. Of the time life was good. I dreamed tonight. So, my part of the Avalonian entry for the Guild Creation category in the Summer Joust, over on Flickr. A nostalgic build, using DC's Guide to Building a Medieval Village. Thanks to him for the lovely techniques, to my fellow team-members for the support and to InnovaLUG for hosting the contest!
  2. In the south of Mitgardia lays a small castle called Sudheim Keep. It's design is based on Nordheim Keep, but altough it's brother is build for, Sudheim Keep is build for peace. It is there, that Drondil signs a pact with three of the mightiest powers of Mitgardia, and even Historica. Tonight, Daydelon, Thorshaven and Drondil sign a pact to change Historica's history! Again, inspired by Soccerkid6 (I know, it's kinda becoming a habit. I should probably put it in my signature ). It's based on one of his older castles, while the name refers to the best castle ever build. These angled roofs were a real pain in the megablocks, but I hope you like it! CC very appreciated!
  3. TitusV

    Mitgardian Love

    After long talks and many couriers, Alric's wife Elysabeth has decided to build a Mitgardian ambassady. She hired one of Nordheim's most famous architects to put a Northern building in an Avalonian landscape. Of course, the building features full interiors: In the central hall, Elysabeth and Nordheim's ambassador Hollr are talking about trade agreements. Maybe an alliance follows... So, I always liked Mitgardia, but Soccerkid's and kabel's builds kindled a true love for the north in my heart. The building itself uses only "Mitgardian" techniques, while the environnement is based on Full Plate and DC. Special thanks to SK for helping out with the roof (who is better now then on most of the images) and to Halhi141 for the stained glass windows
  4. Elysabeth was nervous. And not a little bit. Today, she would have her first meeting with Eslandolan ruling class, and maybe even with the king! The Great Hall was full of people, likely IMPORTANT people. When se entered, she was at a loss. She really didn't know where to start. Attacking a battalion Oleanders, who just got a message from their gods to kill you, on your own with a spoon was funnier then this! The guardsmen (thankfully a helpfull Eslandolan) seemed to recognize her: "You're Elysabeth of Drondil, aren't you? I've seen you riding this morning. Megablocks, how you did that! It looked like you were born on horseback." Elysabeth only nodded. "At a lose, are you? Well, let me introduce you!" "Altough the king won't visit today (he's busy with the Viceroy, something about newly discovered lands), there are lot of other interesting peo^ple here..." "We have a lot of outlanders here: there, on the balconry, you can see the ambassador of Corrington. He's a judge, of all people! Probably never seen a swor in his whole live!" In spite of everything, Elysabeth had to laugh. "There you've got the stupid Oleanders. Just evade them, and don't laugh with their gods. Altough these are quite funny." "And over there, we've finally arrived at the good Eslandolans. The one with the bicorne is Lord Maximilian Damaximus, lord of the city of Stedor. A very good fellow!" "Hi, Lord Maximilian! Here's someone you've got to meet!" -"It's me a pleasure, mylord. I'm Elysabeth of Drondil." -"The pleasure is all mine, mylady. I'm Lord Maximilan Damaximus, of Stedor. You may call me Maxim." "And this is Mattheus Tomvaximus, Master of MAESTRO, the third, but future first trade company of Eslandola..." But Elysabeth didn't hear anymore. She was at a loss in the eyes of lord Matteus. --------------------- I'm getting in form!!! Hope you like the hall. For one reason or another, I seem to have forgotten the flags. Check out the first picture for that please, and I hope you guys like it!!!
  5. Elysabeth was nervous. And not a little bit. Today, she would enter the royal palace and court intrigues of her beloved Eslandola. She took a deep breath, and then the gates to a New World opened. -------------------- Just a small introbuild, hope you guys like it. I tried a new roof-design this time. For my sigfig's backstory, check out the Eslandolan Discussion Thread. additional images:
  6. The Rivergate, also known as the "Bucksgate", for the shield over the gateway, is the most important gate leading from the Inner City to the Harbor District. As such, it is quite important for the trade and defense of Drondil. Due to the early hour (read: due to the lack of minifigs), there's not much folk about, except a tradewomen thinking to make bussiness. ---------------------------------- Thank you all for the kind comments on the docks, I think this answers your questions about Drondil being modular. (But since these are all the bricks I have, I will tear this down so you can also see other parts of the city. Building a totally modular city O can keep intact still stays the goal). Thanks again to Kabel and Bregir.
  7. The city of Drondil, capital of the county of Drond's Feelds, and one of the major cities in the south, lies next to a river. And altough the river is not comparable with it's brothers in the Trifork, it still allows a lot of trade. Thanks to Bregir who made this incredible map. Of course, to regulate such a flow of wealth (and more important: to make sure a part of it stays in Drondil), the right infrastructure is needed. Therefor, the whole bank is build full of warehouses and other needed buildings for merchants. On these banks, you can find people from all over Historica (even from Varlyrio), for example this young Mitgardian... Wealth attracts thieves, and thug attract thug, but this Avalonian lady still walks alone... ... 'cause the city guards keep everything safe (if the're not sleeping, of course - one has to set priorities). The Kaliphlins seem more interested in the excellent local wines... For good order, the Kaliphlin was removed by a guard who woke up of his noise. Guards can't put up with that. And he spoiled the sight. -------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all for watching, this is supposed to be the first real part of the city of Drondil (the stables and vinyard lying outside it). I'm not sure what to enlist it as, but I'll call it nautical untill someone says different. I need to thank two people for this build: Bregir, who really welcomed me when I started, exact 6 moths ago, and made that brilliant map you saw. He's also really cool to work with for the Saga (don't worry, it will continue) and has another dozen qualities, I'm not going to sum them all up here. The second person is kabel. I met him two weeks ago at BMA, and he was fantastic. I knew some SNOTting techniques fom DC and Adair (thanks to him too!), but he showed me the logic behind them, so I can now invent in place of copy. And I've seen a lot of styles for cities, going from Skavenport to Barqa (wich are two really cool cities), but I never saw the style I wanted to adapt and make my own (that's why the previous build where located outside the city itself). Untill I arrived at BMA. One glance on Thorshaven, and I was in LOVE. With capitals. The monday after, I started building. Kabel, thank you so much for inspiring me. Titus
  8. It was a cold night. A shadow glided over the courtyard of N'Ora. It was no more than a shadow, perceived from the eyecorner. It dodged guards like it dodged light. When the shadow reached the stairs, it hesistated a moment. Then it took the way upward. When it came to door at the top of the stairs, a single candle lighted human form for a few moments. Then the light decided it didn't want to have anything to do with the stranger, and seemed to twist around it. A tendril emerged from the darkness, and reached toward the door... ------------------- The Mayor of N'Ora shivered and stretched his hand a bit further toward the warmth of the fire. It was a cold night, too cold for the time of the year. And like his grand-aunt, may she rest in peace, always said: "Cold nights, colder tidings." A wise women she was, his aunt. He looked up. Was that a noise outside? He decided it wasn't. And if it was, his guard would dispose of it. He had more important matters at hand. Only a couple of hours ago, he had received a message from his liege lord, Alric, saying that... He never saw the shadow coming, never saw the knife flashing. While the wind howled outside, his inside went silent... --------------------------- Thanks to you all for following, and to SK6, who gave me the inspiration. I'm very very sorry for the picture quality, but quite proud of the MOC itself. Enjoy! Edit: thanks to Ska for changing the topic title! Additional pics, figless: And, since it would be a pity to only show the figless ones:
  9. Chapter 1 Alric was in the study, speaking about the soldiers wage with his general, when he heard commotion outside. A guard entered, pushing a young, armed woman before him. Now Alric got a better look at her, he saw that she was more a girl with a too large sword. "My Lord Count, my Lord General, this woman absolutely wanted to speak with you. She wouldn't drink, eat or rest before that." "Say what you have to, lady." "Thank you, m'lord... It's... I'm coming from the east, m'lord... And it's hordes... Hundreds... And they 'ttacked... Noone's save over there, m'lord... I'm so sorry about you wife, but they said someone'd to give thou a message... Said I was too small to fight... Bu your wife, m'lord..." "Yes, what's with my wife? Speak up, girl!", Alric bursted out. His general jumped in: "Everything will be allright, Mylord. But let the girl tell here story, and give her the time to make sense." Alric, angry at himself for becoming angry at someone he had sworn to protect and clearly hadn't, went to the shelfs and searched a map of the east, while his general talked with the girl and managed to get a comprehensible story out of her. "Well, you can call me Cath. I'm the daughter of the local smith in a village near the ruins of Aestwäld. Your lady was visiting our town, to buy some of my mothers chandles," a bit of pride in her voice, "when we heard noise outside the chandlery. One of her guards went to look, but when he didn't return, my mother took command. She sent my father to watch the door, together with his sword-my dad's the best swordsmen of the village, m'lord. Even old Druin sais that, and he learned me to fence." Again that bit of pride."While dad wathched the door, the shouts increased, and we heard the banging of steel on armor. My mother said it was our duty to defend your wife, since you are a good lord and reasonable with the taxes... So when the door clanged open and my father had to face three men in red and black armor, clearly not your men, she said i should take the backdoor and warn you of the danger... She said that when i followed the ways west, I would always reach your keep, m'lord..." Alric immediatly started to organize an expedition: "My lord general, assemble a company of your finest men, with you at their head. We need to be able to ride out by tomorrow morning." Against the guard he said: "Send messages to Lord Beorthan. If he takes a small force from the east, and we come from the west, we can crush any resistance." Against the girl-Cath- he said: "Get something to eat in the kitchen, and make sure you're rested. You'll be our guide in the morning." Aigainst himself:"I'll regulate the keep. Tomorrow I'll leave with you. Noone takes my wife from me unharmed!!!" ---------------------------------- Thank you for reading all this stuff. It wasn't my purpose to get another build up this soon, but I got some spare time yesterday evening, and here it is! Comments are of course very welcome, I'm gratefull for the encouraging posts on the first chapter. And I hope you're enjoying the story. In every case: I do! @People who are folowing this because of the ancient artefacts in the first chapter: they will return in chapter 4 or 5 Additional pics, figless:
  10. Once the land was ruled by a nation long destroyed... A nation of wich now only remnants of remnants remain... Their civilization's gone to dust, their names forgotten... Only the smallest artefacst are left over... One of these is the so-called Stone Throne, to the east of Drond's Feelds... A rider rushes by on the old cobbles, now just a dirty way. No eye for the remnants of old stone shaped into a chair so long ago, only for the destination... To be continued --------------------- Okay, school started again in Belgium, so no great builds for me, but this should be the start of a storyline composed of some smaller builds. Please let me know what you think of it!!! (Sorry for the really bad images, we've got three weeks of bad weather here with never enough light to take a decent picture, so i decided to just take them in a too dark setting.) Additional pic, figless