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  1. Thanks! You can blame Pombe for that idea, lol. It is a great one....dammit. Thanks Ayrlego!
  2. Gabe

    Fresh Baked Goods!

    Wow... so much going on in a very compact build! It's almost chibi-scale for castle. I like the sloping path and the cart design. The figure poking her head out the upstairs window is a nice touch too. Best of luck in the CCC!
  3. Gabe

    AoM: Mills Phase 2: Ambarvale Mill

    Lovely! The rooflines are especially attractive. I really like your clean and uncluttered style. I'm not 100% convinced by the waterwheel, but they are a tricky shape for sure, especially in a smaller scale. Congrats on getting this blogged on TBB!
  4. Gabe

    Cyclops Hut

    Great roundhouse design and i like the irregular base. I kinda feel though that the right hand side of the base is a little empty - feels like dead space. Maybe a small outcrop of stone or totem or something would helped there? I like your cyclops character and hope we see more of her!
  5. A lovely solid build en_zoo! The different blues really pop and i think they mesh really well with the olive vegetation. It's eye catching for sure!
  6. This is so good... the lighting is amazing, especially the way the bottle in the mouth of the kiln glows, and i love the wide shot with the big rack of bottles. Your description of the glass blowing ingredients is interesting too. Question though... what elements are the big tub/barrel with the spout (behind the glass blower) made of? I can't for the life of me figure it out!
  7. Lovely build Little John! I really like all the different levels in the building, and touches like the gently moving curtains in the doorways and the clean fence design around the goat enclosure are perfect. The window arch design is fantastic too - i'll have to try that sometime. The colours are great too - i love the way the pink on the flowering trellis calls out to the mix of earth colours on the ground. Best of luck in the CCC!
  8. Damn, well i guess that seals it then... giant chessboard goes onto the build list, heh. Thanks Garmadon! Thanks Basiliscus, Muakhah, Lord of Bricks and Mike! Glad you like it. Cheers en_zoo! I'm glad to hear that you feel that i have injected some of my own style into the build. Certainly the face, hands and feet are very much in Eero's footsteps, but beyond that i just muddled around until i got it to somewhere i liked. The background is just an Ikea blind - a tip that i picked up from Gideon i believe. It is great cause there are no visible seams between foreground and background, which means much less photo editing. Thanks Modular fan for your kind words! Cheers Gideon! I had a lot of fun building this, it's nice to break out into a different scale now and again.
  9. Ohhh... that makes so much more sense now, sorry, i should have looked at the reference pic first. (In fact, i think i have that reference pic myself in an 'future builds' folder somewhere, heh) I think i was confused by the shimmering ocean floor... knowing what it is now, it reminds me of those 'pools of death', such as Cenote Angelita in Mexico. The update looks cool - i like the cave, although i'm not a huge fan of the modified facet bricks for angled rockwork.
  10. Lovely build and a great way to round out your contribution to the 'Kaliphlin at Work' collab. I really like the wall texture on the lower level of the fountain building using the new round plate flower element. The shape of the main entrance to the courtyard on the right hand side is excellent too. Great to see Morphet taking shape!
  11. Gabe

    Eldford Barracks

    Very nice indeed! A very naturalistic colour palette and wonderful textures. The helmet as a chimney top looks perfect too. As others have said, a window or two wouldn't go astray. I also feel that a more prominently stepped path leading up the hill to the front door would look great too. Best of luck in the CCC!
  12. Gabe

    Writing for Peace

    A lot of threads have been left hanging in Kaliphlin after the civil war, so the letters are a great idea to move the DK's story on a touch, and get members collaborating. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I will have to make a reply moc, although i'm not quite sure what that will look like yet. I'm guessing Nammuat will be wondering who Muakhah is and just how much influence they actually have. Regarding the moc, i like the bookcase/lectern thing and the cluttered table. I'm not so sure about the lamp hanging overhead - it looks a little simple for my taste. I find the palm tree top element to be good as a lighting bracket, might be worth experimenting with if you have any.
  13. Nice work, i like the raised garden bed and the aqueduct. I agree with soccerkid though about the irregular base not deviating enough from the basic rectangular shape.
  14. Beautiful scene Kai! I think composition of the second shot is my favourite, highlighting the planter boxes and the great details like the mincraft head pot and small brickbuilt basket. The repeating arches make a great backdrop too.