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Found 12 results

  1. Petraean Alley Some say black oil is the most precious resource in Kaliphlin, but if you look at where people live, you’ll see it is water. Tall buildings line the the narrow streets and alleyways of Petraea. Crowded cities arise around the scarce sources of water in this desert land.
  2. KevinyWu

    Outskirts of Petraea

    The outskirts of the Kaliphlin capitol are as busy as ever, with bustling markets selling everything from fresh produce to weapons. Merchants and travelers constantly come in and out of the guarded gate, hoping to make a small fortune from the traffic of trade. This was built for the Middle Eastern Setting category of the Summer Joust. This is my first creation in the middle eastern style, so I'd like to thank all the Kaliphlin builders for inspiration!
  3. "Divide and conquer, that's how we'll do it!" the Desert King was said to have declared. He boasted that no street of the capital did not have at least one Desert King soldier. He seems to have gotten the quote a little off though... The unfortunate mummies were constantly getting trapped between High Council and Ulandian troops... Figless: My last build for Category C! For some reason I thought WZ10 wasn't due 'til the end of this week, so my planned humongous 48x48 ended up a bit smaller Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. Warzone 10: The Battle for Petraea Location: F9 Who Can Participate: Everybody (Special) Terrain: Petraea is the largest city in Kaliphlin. The main governmental buildings are there, the high walls are there (anyone who wants to dig up some links for reference would be my hero), many of the historic monuments of Kaliphlin are there, and the terrain itself is a dusty arid climate, yet irrigated from the Lick of Salt. There are lush gardens within the city’s walls, including the famous Grand and Exquisite Gardens of Petraea. The University of Petraea’s campus is considered one of the wonders of the world itself. The Observatory Of Adus Krhon, on the campus of the university has stood for 500 years and has been a symbol of Kaliplhinite desire to learn since its creation. Some buildings in the city reach five stories, and many live inside of large multifamily housing units made of brick and mud. There are a series of barracks the protect the city, and the main road of Kaliphlin, the Oil Road stretches through the city in one wide straight boulevard. History: Petraea has been the regional capital of Kaliphlin since the disappearance of Kaligem long ago. It has always been the center of wealth for the guild, and most oil is first brought to market within the walls of the city. As the seat of government, many lords have secondary residences within the city. It is the cultural heart of the desert, and of the Siccus Badlands in general. Mini-challenge: This is one of the final battles of the Kaliphlin Civil War. All forces will be driving their armies towards the capital, as it is so important culturally and strategically. It is assumed that all three armies have gotten into Petraea, by force or by subterfuge. The many streets and alleys of Petraea have become the battleground. Civilians are trying to keep cover, or flee the city, for war has been brought to the capital. Builders should depict their forces winning the battle in an urban environment. Remember, Petraea is a very rich city, with ornate and spectacular architecture. Even lower-end tenement buildings have a little gild on them. Restrictions: 48x48, with limited overhang. Due Date: June 1st
  5. The liberation of Petraea would long be remembered in the historical annals of Kaliphlin. The High Council was the first to violate the capital's neutrality, occupying the city in an attempt to secure its support in the Civil War. As the war raged on, the occupying troops were siphoned off for High Council campaigns in other regions of Kaliphlin. Desert King spies embedded in the city watched closely as the city guard dwindled in number, and informed their masters of the city's growing weakness. They also fomented revolt among the city populace, which wasn't difficult as residents resented their forced involvement in the war. Civil unrest raged in protest of draft orders mandated against the city's male population. Insurrection hit a boiling point after the city's granaries were earmarked by the High Council for its military campaigns. The Desert King's spies knew there would be no better time to strike the city. One quiet evening, the soldiers guarding the city's main gate were bribed into taking an early break. Several sympathetic residents raised the great gate, allowing a large Desert King contingent waiting secretly nearby to enter the city unopposed. By the time the city guard knew the city had been infiltrated, it was far too late. The High Council troops fought with distinction but stood little chance against the numerically superior and seasoned Desert King soldiers. The High Council received no support from the city's residents, who locked their doors to the fleeing soldiers and pointed out High Council strongpoints to the Desert king liberators. When the sun rose the next morning every district of Petraea was under the Desert King's control. Recognizing the city's desire for normalcy, Desert King commanders ordered cart loads of food to be distributed to city residents. Residents who had been forced into the High Council army were released and returned to their families. Damage to the city during the battle had fortunately been light, but Desert King soldiers were quick to help clean the streets and repair people's homes. The battle was declared one of the Desert King's greatest victories, but his commanders knew this action would not be the last conflict Petraea would see in the war. The city had to be held against a High Council counterattack, and there was no doubt that the Ulandians also had their eyes set on the capital. But the Desert King's army had won the hearts and minds of the Petraea's population, and, unlike the High Council, the new occupiers bolstered the city's defenses. With the Desert King in control, Petraea would not fall again. In fact, the city would eventually see a new era of prosperity and serve faithfully as an ally to the Desert King. Desert King troops capture Petraea's administrative district from the High Council: Some close ups of the fighting: A member of the High Council occupational government watches from high up as the Desert King forces capture the city: A soldier waves the Desert King's flag from one of the city's government buildings, signaling the city had been captured: Desert King soldiers hand out food to Petraea residents, while others clean debris and repair damage caused during the fighting: ---------------------------------- Hello again! This is my entry for the WZ10 minichallenge which takes place in Petraea. A very early entry considering the June 1 deadline, but you guys have no idea how glad I am to be finished with this one. I've been working on it very slowly for the past month and a half, mostly because I had to keep stealing parts to use in other civil war builds. Now that you've seen it, I can finally tear it apart for good and use the parts without feeling bad! Anyways, I've been wanting to build a large Kaliphlin urban scene ever since seeing Gideon's wonderful Streets of Barqa MOC, and obviously he is a lot of inspiration behind mine. I tried to stick closely to Ska's description of the city, with the tall buildings and lushness that characterize the city. I might have gone overboard I suppose with the greenery, but I really liked the idea of a major urban center filled with vegetation. Also, I haven't yet chosen a next WZ for this build since whatever I pick may be obsolete by the time the June 1 deadline rolls around. I'll update this post once we get closer to then. I also want to note that I'm as stumped as you may be over why the tan bricks do not have the same hue in the photos I took. I used the same lights and general light direction, so I'm not sure why some of the tan came out more vivid in some pictures than others. Well, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ10;DK] Taking Petraea by Storm

    Mage Network Newsflash! Desert King troops have won the battle of Petraea and have marched into the city. See it all in your nearest magical orb! Our "News Mage" is directly reporting from the south gate of Petraea, near the famous Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn, where Desert King troops are advancing as we speak: We are standing in front of the famous twin stairs of the Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn which are paved with pure gold! Man, this city is gloriously rich! But the fleeing defenders have no time to stare at the beauty of the city... The victorious troops are more than happy to take a look while more and more Desert King soldiers are filing through the famous gates. (On the very left: famous Mounted Ostrich Archers (MOA)) So this is all pretty much settled here, no surprises to be expected. And the Desert King wins this exciting match in the second half. (Note: Blue sky background is not meant to be part of the MOC.) C&C welcome!
  7. We had been Traveling through Kaliphlin for some time, and I was anxious to return home. Amir Navabi had promised a ship to take us when he could secure one. But we were caught up in the Civil War, and I feared I might never see my homeland again. But as we traveled, we had come upon an Ulandian Lieutenant, and he and Amir had decided to venture into enemy territory. I personally had no wish to fight, only to return. But if returning meant raiding traveling parties on the road, thus be it. And we had just stumbled upon such a party. I head the Desert King Commander disscussing options with his escort. But they would not be afforded the time to think. "Surrender," Amir called. One of the bandits protecting the caravan spat at him, initiating his own demise. "Attack!" Amir was always ready for battle, and wanted to spite the Desert King as much as possible I, on the other hand, while not exited about fighting the Desert King, felt the feeling all Vikings feel before battle. Warrior rage. Rollo and I engaged the DK forces on our side, and made quick work of them. They were bandits, not the Warriors fighting at the fronts of this terrible War. Amir was once again re-asserting his ability to fight with his sword. The man was a natural, I hadn't seen a swordsman like him in my life. While Rollo had speed and power, Amir had something more. His sword strokes somehow.....flowed, like a dance. His sword just seemed to weave in and out, doing it's deadly work. I doubted if anyone could defeat him in open confrontation. Meanwhile, I had seen the Escort Leader sneak up on Amir. With a bellow of rage to wake the dead, I charged. The force of my stroke was so powerful it sent the mummy warrior tumbling right past Amir and the DK Commander, running into one of the horses. Amir hadn't even had to use his sword on the poor leader, which was just as well. The person I though was the leader of this Caravan was a lass of no more than 17. "Last chance," Amir told her. "Surrender." And she did. We had won the battle, but much remained to be decided. "I snitched one of there," Lydia told us, holding out a ruby of outstanding quality. "So we can sail back to Mitgardia." "Yes," Rollo exclaimed. "Now we can go home!" "Not that simple, I'm afraid," I interjected, stopping their celebration. "If we try to re-cross the border, Desert King forces will surely capture us. It's a miracle they didn't on the way in." "Then how do we get out?" Lydia asked, crestfallen. "We'll help Ulandus win Petraea. if they win there, they'll give us a boat." "Very well," Rollo murmured, still angry at our predicament. And with good reason. As Amir and the rest of the raiding party moved forward, I pulled him aside. "Amir, you're heading to Petraea, aren't you?" "Yes, why?" He had been heading there from the start, after all. "We will help you take the city," I told him. He actually smiled, which was the equivalent of tears of joy from him. Then his face shadowed. "In return for what?" "Safe passage, and a boat back to Mitgardia after the battle." Amir frowned for a moment, then decided. "It's a deal," He told me. Parting shot............ and the build without figs (mostly, anyway) Builder's notes: So this was fun to build, and I really love the olive green and dk orange I got from BL. But tell me what you think! Author's notes: Not much story here ether, but oh well. I have a huge build planned for Petraea, and the story will get really interesting from there. Oh, and sorry I haven't posted in forever........But I have finals for school coming up, so I probably won't be that active again until May/June. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and did I mention? I would like to claim UoP credit for Geography: Desert Landscape. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  8. Robin Creations

    MOC: The Stress of Leadership

    "The stress of leadership was getting to Robin. But he had to persist. It was his duty..." The Stress of Leadership by Chance Reed, on Flickr The Stress of Leadership by Chance Reed, on Flickr --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted to expirement with lighting, so I tried photographing it in the morning (I take my pictures outside). Sometimes it looks good for certain builds, but I'm not sure about this one. I haven't been able to get the light to look like in my Minifigure series here: . If you guys have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them By the way, the mosaic is supposed to be a carpet with the four guilds and Cedrica in the middle. (Cedrica is blue and gold right?) I would like to claim UoP DoH for: - Mosaics - Interior Design Thanks!
  9. Rhandel of the university of petraea, ancient documents department had arranged to meet a grizzled old sailor at a seedy dock side tavern, for this sailor had in his possession a document telling of a secret passage leading into the strong room of one of the principle towns on the inland sea. when the sailor eventually turned up (much to Rhandels relief) a deal was eventually struck (involving no small amount of haggling and a good deal of gold). Little did the hagglers know that they were being watched by one who's motives were a lot more sinister, for the passage ended in the towns strong room, where all it's gold was kept. When Rhandel eventually left the tavern with his precious load, a cloaked figure detached itself from the darkness by the taverns window and began to follow him.
  10. Just a little MOC I did. What do you think?
  11. Master Architect Challenge: Repairing the Walls of Petraea The walls of Petraea is one of the mightiest structures in Kaliphlin, tall and strong they have protected the city for centuries. Several miles long, they encircle the entire city of Petraea. During the onslaught by the elementals, for example as described here, parts of the walls got damaged and hard work is ongoing to repair them. The wall is faced with cut blocks of the ubiquitous Kaliphlin limestone and has a core of mortar mixed with various solid objects such as bricks, stones, roof tiles and parts of even older structures. In long parts of the walls a clever building technique has been used,where several bands of brick are laid through the whole thickness of the wall. In addition to its decorative value, the brick bands also bond the stone face to the mortar core increasing the strength of the wall. At irregular intervals, depending on the terrain, towers provide defenders with positions to fire upon attacking enemies. A typical tower can be seen here, with a battlemented roof and several floors with windows or arrow slits, depending on the height above the ground. The lower floors of the tower are accessed by a door at the back of the tower, while the top floor and roof platform are accessed from the walkway on top of the wall. Sir Gideon is assisting in this effort by hiring the Arkbri Falcons to repair one stretch of the wall where the tower and top of the wall got damaged. The Falcons are of course doing very little manual labor themselves, but are instead using a group of orcish prisoners of war captured when The soldiers of the Arkbri Falcons seize all the opportunity they can to bully their captured orcs, and everyone turns a blind eye to this practice as former servants of Victor Revolword are thoroughly disliked in Petraea. Ediz Falconi and his men certainly don’t work for free, not even when aiding old friends as Sir Gideon. As with the Arkbri Falcons, the Petraean guards also prefer to idly watch the orcs do the work rather than lending a helping hand themselves. A captain of the Petraean city guard is however patrolling the walls to inspect the progress of the repairs, and he might not be entirely satisfied with his lazy soldiers... Don’t look down! Built in only three days as my time away from my bricks got extended due to extraordinary good weather. This was by far the most forced build and also the most tan-consuming build I’ve made. I’m not entirely satisfied with the photos, so I will maybe re-shoot later but this first attempt is what I had to work with to meet the MAC deadline. Also pardon (and please point out!) any typos and grammar errors as I write this at a time which is way into the night Swedish time...
  12. Legonardo

    A home in Petrea

    Steven, second son of Legonardo. during his study of math and architechture at the grand university at Petraea he fell in love with the land and something - or someone - else. since then he has married a young kaliphite girl and taken residence here in Kaliphlin. this is his home where he and his newly wedded wife live together, designed by robert and built by local builders. YES I am aware of the spelling errorEdit:errors in the title(s) Hey all, here is my latest freebuild, the main motivation was me playing with domes for the last 1 1/2 weeks, i wanted to use one for something. also it has an Avalonian so its avalonian freebuild points happy 2013!!! ~Legonardo