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Found 9 results

  1. Introduction : Sigrid's journal "We were called to a meeting with the other village leaders yesterday. Jarl Elisif wanted us all to know about the victory at the Enchanted Forest. Of course, the word had already spread, and everyone was already talking about how Jarl Thimolir's bear cavalry saved the day. After months of tensions, even the most ardent sceptics now seem to veer to the side of the Queen. And that's great news. Instead of worrying about a possible war, we can now hope for peace. Instead of focusing on arming and training our people, I can now step back and also plan for the long term. It's time to rebuild Horgaard." In order to assist my sigfig's efforts to rebuild her village, I'm going to build a mead hall. And given that this is the first time I'll build such a MOC, I expect a lot of thinking, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time. During the months by the housewarming hallwarming party, here is the thread where I'll track the progress of the construction and all the thinking behind. History Chapter 1. What could it look like? Chapter 2. Of roofs and doors Chapter 3. Woodworking Chapter 4. Construction delays Current state
  2. This is my entry for this year's Summer Joust, in the "Every Set Could be a Castle Set" category. It's a castle-ification of Friends set 41391 Heart Lake City Hair Salon - and a freebulid for Mitgardia as well as an Age of Mitgardia House II entry here in GoH! _______________________________ As a Dwarven barber, Per Wilkinsson had always considered that facial hair was a matter of utmost importance. A silky, impeccably plaited moustache showed off high social status in a tasteful, distinguished way. A disheveled, bushy beard indicated more than just a lack of elegance. He had been apprentice to the best barbers in Omurtag, had obtained the repected title of Master, and had learned all the arcane secrets of his art. He was at the very peak of his career when his wife unexpectedly inherited a significant mining concession in some remote, backwater corner of the Heavenly Mountains. And she decided they would move there. A simple life and the jolly atmosphere of a familial mine, away from the vicissitudes of the bustling city - that's what she suddenly wanted for their children. Undaunted, Per decided he would open his own barber shop there, civilize the local savages and bring them the light and benefits of proper beard grooming. _______________________________ As usual, a few more information of plants and animals is included in the hidden section below! And, also, a comparison with the source set.
  3. This is my entry to the Eurobricks Flower Show! It's also a freebuild for Mitgardia here in the Guilds of Historica. __________________________ As an aspiring herbalist, Sigrid used to find most of her ingredients in the forest that surrounded the village. But while gaining experience, she felt the need to grow her own garden. She needed to keep the most useful plants within easy reach - and also wanted to make experiments with flora that would not grow natively in the Mitgardian mountains. In a few years, she had managed to gather many medicinal plants from Mitgardia, and to acclimate a few ones from Avalonia. And her garden kept growing : there were still so many plants to learn about! __________________________ As with my previous builds, the spoiler section contains details about the featured flora. __________________________ Since many commenters seemed to enjoy the well, there is now a tutorial here in my flickr! Credits : the birch tree uses Katie Walker's leaves weaving technique.
  4. Last weekend, my husband challenged me to create something that would make me happy, and that I would actually finish by sunday evening. I decided to go on with Age of Mitgardia, and here is the result! __________________ Spring had come in Mitgardia. The snow had already melt in the southern foothills of the Heavenly Mountains, and the deep forests around Horgaard were slowly waking up after the harsh winter. Sigrid usually woke up early at this time of year, and enjoyed going on a ride around the village. She listened to the birds, observed the vegetation, and sometimes stopped just to pick something interesting. This morning, she had noticed the bright breen, tender tips that were blossoming on the fir trees. Perfect to make cough syrup....or some flavoured beer. __________________ As usual, more info on the featured flora and fauna below. My herbalist sigfig could soon create a "Natural History of Mitgardia" encyclopedia...
  5. Here is my entry for Book III Challenge IV, Category B "The Crown in Daily Life". It was a bright, sunny autumn day in Horgaard, but Sigrid was worried. The rulers of the nearby villages had gathered to discuss the rumors that kept being relayed and amplified. Bards from the south sang the greatness of Queen Ylspeth, her wisdom, and how pleasant and prosperous life was in Avalonia under her rule. Scalds from the north sang her weakness, her ignorance, and how hard and barren life was in Mitgardia under her rule. Some of Horgaard's neighbours wanted Queen Ylspeth down, while others were ready to take up arms to defend her. The debates had been heated, to say the least. And Sigrid had no idea of what was the right thing to do. The information that reached the tiny, secluded village of Horgaard was so inconsistent and distorted that she felt unable to make an enlightened decision. After an endless, sleepless night, she needed to empty her mind. She had neglected her precious garden lately, and there were many things to do to prepare it for the winter. As with my previous MOCs, the hidden text gives more information about the featured flora.
  6. This is an entry for Age of Mitardia - House Phase I. Orri Ingvarson, Horgaard's herdsman, was a happy young lad. Every summer since his coming-of-age, he would lead the small herd to the high mountain pastures. Up there, everything was quiet, everything was peaceful. He enjoyed being alone above the tree line, watching the clouds drift by of listening to the eagles' shriek. This year was a special one : the old, decaying shed where he used to spend his nights and seek refuge during thunderstorms had been demolished. With the help of all the villagers, a new one had been built a short distance further. And Orri felt there was something...odd with his new home. The floor seemed to clean itself. The dishes seemed to wash themselves. Flower bouquets seemed to appear out of thin air on the table. And his goat milk supply was depleting. Like with my previous build, you'll find below a few details on the featured flora.
  7. Here is a freebuild for Mitgardia! A small scene of everyday life in Horgaard. Falconry was a serious matter in Horgaard. Generations of birds of prey had been raised and trained there : generations of powerful hunting companions, tireless war messengers, and, on at least one occasion, life-saving air fire support. Little Siggi, nine years old, already knew everything about this critical aspect of his education as a young noble. The different kinds of birds, how to handle them, and how to train them. The history of the art of falconry, the evolution of the techniques, and their regional particularities. He even knew the names and stories of all the famous birds raised by his family much better than he knew the names of their owners. However, his falconry knowledge remained desperately theoretical. He had already been allowed to fly a trained kestrel, but the adults considered him too young for a greater bird. Sooner or later, he would train his own mighty eagle. In the meantime, he had much fun handling the lure. As usual, more information on the featured flora/fauna is given in hidden text.
  8. This is my first build for the Guilds of Historica! It's a Free Build for Mitgardia, and I'd like to add it to the Landscapes of Mitgardia community build as well (if it's still possible). Not very far from Horgaard, in the foothills of the Heavenly Mountains, stood a stone. It had always been there - as far back as men could recall. Nested in the snow throughout the winter, lost among wildflowers in the heat of summer. It was said to be a gateway to the world of the unseen, to the world of mighty mountain spirits and mischievous gnomes. And sometimes, extraordinary encounters happened. As my sigfig Sigrid Haraldsdottir is an enthusiastic naturalist, you'll find below a few details on the flora and fauna featured in this build.
  9. As I'm impatiently waiting for a few BrickLink orders to add the finishing touches to my very first GoH MOC, I began to doodle a few inhabitants for my Mitgardian village Horgaard. Then it went out of control. I got really enthusiastic with the definition of each character, their story, their personality, and then the selection of the appropriate parts. It felt like designing costumes for a theatre play. Now Horgaard has many inhabitants, but still no finished building... Horgaard Inhabitants by Aurore, sur Flickr From left to right : - Dagmar Haraldsdottir, ruler of Horgaard, with her sister and advisor Sigrid (my sigfig) - "See, sister, everything is well in Horgaard. Stop worrying about the constuction delays and try this excellent plum pie." - Their niece Solveig, showing her new doll to the blacksmith's wife under the watchful eye of her tutor (and of a cow) - "She's named Nanna!" - The innkeeper, who hates pigs unless they've been turned into ham - "Foul beasts!" - Solveig's older brother Sigmund, with the steward of Horgaard and veteran soldier Arne, respectfully waiting while the blacksmiths checks the blade of the steward's sword. Behind them, Snorri the storyteller arrives in Horgaard - "Greetings everyone, how is the new granary construction going?" - Solveig and Sigmund's little brother Siggi, friend to all living things, befriending one of the pigs lead by a young farmer - "Hi little guy!" - The blacksmith's daughter and a young hunter discussing the comparative merits of the longbow and the slingshot - "You should give it a try!" - The fisherwoman, a woodcutter and the village elder having a hard time with uncooperative animals - "Hey lady, may I help you?" And in case anyone would be interested, I've added a few close-up shots as spoiler. Thanks to all the brave souls who would have read the whole description!