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  1. As part of the peace treaty for Terraversa, Silitholina has been split between the newly founded Commonwealth of Terraversa and the Oleonese territories, along the river Sil. With this, families risk being split, businesses risk being separated from their suppliers, and trade between the two parst in danger of petering out. To avoid this, both sides have agreed to keep trade open and at the old bridge, originally built by the Mardierians, an islet in the middle of the river has been designated a free trade zone. Although this show of benevolence on the rulers of the recently warring territories has given rise to considerable hope for a peaceful future, there is still a significant mistrust against the new neighbors and defenses has been erected by either side. "Normally, I should never have recommended carronades for fortifications" Cooke observed to Allcock and L'Olius. "However, in this particular case, they will serve well." His listeners each raised an eyebrow to see this peculiar, and distinctly inelegant, naval weapon mounted upon the recently completed gatehouse. "Some may lament the low accuracy and range of these brutes, and I should be hard-pressed to challenge such claims." the sea captain acknowledged "...however, for clearing a narrow bridge, nothing can compete. You see, the weight of metal and the rate of fire is unmatched by long guns!" "And to that, the inability to effectively target the opposing defenses makes them less of a provocation for our blue-coated counterparts." Allcock added "...and it would take but a short while to set up proper siege artillery, should the need arise." L'Olius nodded, visibly impressed. Corlander pioneers, with a workforce of Terraversan militia and craftsmen, had erected a new gatehouse in record time, and overseen the mounting of the carronades, posing a potent defense for the Commonwealth's northern border. Trade and traffic was passing through largely unhindered, but should conflict arise the heavy gates, artillery emplacements, and crenelations would pose a formidable barrier for anyone trying to attack his new fiefdom. _________________ Collab with @KotZ and @Thomas Waagenaar. It has been a fun collab! Other parts of this collab can be found here: Checkpoint North by Thomas The center-river trading zone by Kotz
  2. Dawn was just breaking as Major Brickford arrived at the top of the hill and extended his spyglass. There it was in the distance - the freshly constructed wooden fort at Tarlor. Corlander intelligence suggested the fort was manned, but that there were no additional Oleon expeditionary forces in the town. Brickford figured that by arriving from the east, the sun would likely be in the eyes of any defenders atop the fort walls peering at him. He sent a rider back to notify Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock that they had arrived. Allcock, the expedition commander, was traveling with the main body of their 500 man force marching overland from Westface. The force, composed of various regiments from across the Brick Seas, stretched back a lengthy distance to the southeast. After Oleon's assault on Terraversa left Kings Port, Sillitholina, Tarlor, and Pilnton in their control, Corrington came to the aid of the Terraversans to support their liberty as free citizens of the Brick Seas. The Corlander forces had been amassed in Westface, training and preparing for eventual action on the island of Terraversa. In particular, the cavalry had been running drills and leading reconnaissance missions to scout enemy locations and thoroughly know the terrain. The recon as well as additional effort spent improving roads had made their journey from Westface to Tarlor go off without a hitch, quite a feat considering the large number of 12-pounder field guns and mortars they brought with them. Brickford had strategized earlier with Allcock and the other company commanders as to the best way to take the wooden fort, and they had decided they would set up incendiary mortars behind the crest of the hill to fire westward over the fort walls. Perhaps the new wood of the palisade walls would burn. Continuing to survey the scene before him, Brickford saw some wagons full of hay halfway to the fort. As a large column of 26th Foot came over the hill, Brickford ordered a squad of 18th Hussars toward the wagons to set them ablaze. He would have them douse the fires with water to create a smokescreen. Seeing the first two of the haycarts set ablaze, Brickford tasked Captain Redding of the Royal Artillery with setting up the mortars out of sight of the fort on the far side of the hill. He knew once Allcock made his way to the front of the column the fight would commence. via @Ayrlego OOC: BTS: @KotZ @Bodi @CapOnBOBS @Ayrlego @Bregir @LM71Blackbird
  3. While most Corlander officers found quarter at the inns of Westface, NCOs and troopers kept camp in a number of large tent cities. Strategically, the presence of the encampments in the outskirts of Westface added another layer of defense to the town. As Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock looked on at soldiers from the 26th Foot, Elizabethville Militia, and Royal Artillery standing in line together for delicious-smelling fresh fish porridge, he thought fondly of how the gathering of different units from across the Brick Seas presented an unusual opportunity for diverse groups of Corlanders to mingle and share stories of their colonies. Even if the seemingly inevitable fight with Oleon didn't materialize, for the soldiers rallied at Westface the gathering would be a reference point for years to come.
  4. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Dirk, Davy and Sergeant Gowan weren’t the only new crewman the Black Oak had taken on of late, and soon after boarding they were assigned various tasks and duties. It was not long before they turned up good intelligence on the privateer either. The crew were more than willing to talk of the rumoured Eslandolan treasure fleet they were going after and there was much speculation on how they would take prizes from the fleet. Dirk also discovered that on the way to Leopoldis the Oak had taken a Corlander merchantman and that deep in the hold approximately half a dozen Corlander prisoners were being kept in captivity. In Dirk’s mind, this fact, more than any other made the Oak a legitimate target for Captain Cooke and the Ironsides. Further evidence was uncovered when a ship named Shareka arrived in the bay with supplies for the Oak. The captain of the Shareka, Corvus Rohgert, came aboard briefly with a load of cannonballs for the frigate. He disappeared into the Captain's cabin with the Captain of the Black Oak, Hendrick Janszoon and the quartermaster. The trio emerged after an hour or so and Rohgert returned to his vessel. Of course the plan upon boarding the Oak had always been to conduct a quick reconnaissance, gather any information they could glean, and then sneak off as soon as possible. Unfortunately however that wasn’t quite how it worked out… Janszoon, now fully re-crewed and resupplied, had decided to quietly slip out of Leopoldis that very night. With no chance to sneak ashore, Dirk and his companions had little choice but to put to sea with the privateer with the hope that the Ironsides would catch up with them before too long. The three meet on the upper decks to conduct a whispered conversation. “Well a fine pickle we find ourselves in now isn’t it” declared Davy “Indeed.” answered Dirk, “The plan was always going to be for Cooke and the Ironsides to intercept the Oak after she left Leopoldis… of course we were supposed to be aboard the Ironsides and not the Oak!” “Aye well, when the Ironsides turns up we’ll swap sides I imagine” injected the Sergeant Gowan nonchalantly . “Yes, and if we can free the prisoners in the hold it will bolster our force – hopefully we can give Cooke the advantage he needs.” continued Dirk. "Some gossip you may be interested in Major, it appears that Rohgert bought the Captain some interesting news" said Davy. Apparently a portion of the greenback treasure will be disguised as cannonballs...." “Oi, you three, back to work you lubbers” screamed the quartermaster, spying the trio talking. With that the three men went back to their tasking. After three days sailing the Oak had spotted the sails of the treasure fleet on the horizon, but there was still no sign of the Ironsides. The next days were spent stalking the fleet from a distance. Janszoon was confident that a chance would arrive to pick off vessels one at a time. On the forth day cannon shot could be heard over the horizon, and it was assumed that the fleet had engaged other pirates somewhere to the north. The Oak’s chance came shortly thereafter. During a small squall that night, one of the fleet’s galleons became separated from the rest of the fleet and lagged behind. Janszoon took his chance and pounced, at full sail the Oak surged through the waves and gave chase. Dirk and Davy observed the Galleon from the deck. “Rather old fashioned looking” commented Dirk “An older galleon” stated Davy. “The greenbacks have been using them to transport their wealth back to the mainland since men first sailed out here.” “So the pirate’s confidence in taking her easily is well founded?” asked Dirk. “Nay,” answered Davy, “Don’t be fooled by her gaudy colours and stubby old fashioned appearance, the greenbacks still use them for a reason – they are strong and extremely tough and well armed for a merchantman. Also her decks are higher than ours, which makes her less manoeuvrable, but also means we will be at a disadvantage when boarding.” Davy pondered the situation some more. “This crew we find ourselves part of is new and has been hastily thrown together. Most of the men have never worked together before, although there are a sprinkling of old salts through the crew and most have had individual experience at sea actions.” “The notable expectation being me of course” quipped Dirk. Although an experienced army officer he had never fought on the high seas before. “Aye, except for you and the good Sergeant, landlubbers you are” replied Davy. “If we catch her it will be a close thing I predict. Her crew will be good and they know there will be no mercy from pirates – they’ll fight hard. I suspect that the Captain knows it too, that’s why he beefed up the crew in Leopoldis. The question I have for you Major Allcock, is what do we do in a boarding action” Both men pondered that for a while. While Dirk was still silent Davy added, “If things don’t go well for us we’ll never convince the greenbacks we are Corrie spies, they’ll execute us as pirates – if they even allow us to surrender… and even if the Oak gets away, the pirates here will know we didn’t fight and we will probably meet the same fate… or worse…” Dirk look up. “Then we hope that we don’t catch her… but if we do….” This next part came hard for the usually law abiding Major. “… then I guess we fight as pirates and hope Cooke catches up with us soon.” There really wasn’t any other alternative. Unfortunately for Dirk, a few hours later it seemed inevitable they would catch the smaller vessel. As the first cannon crashed out Dirk found himself crewing one of the cannons on the gun deck of the frigate. Thus Major Dirk Allcock, temporary military commander of the Corlander colony of Alicentia and Secretary of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy reluctantly became a pirate. The two ships exchanged fire for only a short time. Janszoon closed in on the galleon, who was revealed to have the name Alejandro de Vargas. The approach was made as fast as possible as to not overly damage his potential prize. A lucky cannon ball from the Oak knocked out the Alejandro’s rudder meaning the Oak was able to rapidly approach alongside for boarding. The men abandoned the cannons and Dirk found himself with Davy and Sergeant Gowan forming up with the aft attack party on the main deck. Small arms fire began to ring out as the Eslandolan Marines opened fire with their muskets. Sharp shooters from both ships masts began their own deadly duel. Sergeant Gowan, the best shot of the trio, joined in the shooting, and to the delight of the nearby pirates managed to hit a marine perched in the galleon’s main mast. The first grappling hooks were thrown across from the Oak and men heaved the two ships closer together. It was now, with the two vessels locked in a deadly embrace that disaster struck for the pirates. Just as the men were about to surge forward and leap onto the galleon, a wave lifted her out of the water enough to give one of her forward guns a clear shot of the deck. The Eslandolans manning the gun had been waiting for just such an opportunity, and had charged the gun with a musket balls and metal scraps. The deadly grape shot crashed across the forecastle of the Oak, cutting down most of the waiting forward boarding party, including the ship’s Quartermaster. Before Dirk had time to fully comprehend this event, the ships crashed together with a terrifying crack of timber and Dirk stumbled and was pushed forward with the rest of the aft boarding party. He leaped up onto the deck of the galleon and had barely scrambled to his feet before being knocked back down by the body of the pirate before him. A group of Eslandolan marines, led by a Sergeant in an old fashioned breastplate, polished to a gleaming silver and carrying a wicked looking poleaxe. The marines charged. Dirk just had time to lift his pistol and dispatch one before the lines crashed together. Hastily discarding the pistol, his sword came up desperately to parry an attack from an Eslandolan sailor. In those first minutes of the melee, the greater numbers of pirates began to slowly overcome the defenders. However this ended when a party of Eslandolan marines and sailors who were stationed forward to repel boarders rushed aft to join the battle. They were no longer required forward due to the fact the survivors of the Oak’s forward boarding party remained onboard the Oak. Now evenly matched, things were becoming desperate for the attacking pirates. Dirk found himself alongside his trusted Sergeant and the two fought together as they had many times on land. Dirk found himself facing the Marine Sergeant with the breastplate and poleaxe. He was able to somehow parry the first two crushing blows, but was completely off balance for the third. It was then a pistol ball struck the marine’s breast plate and deflected up, lodging in the man’s jaw. Dirk glanced behind to see Davy holding a smoking pistol. “Was saving that one” he commented laconically. Eventually the Eslandolan defence collapsed due to the greater numbers of pirates and sheer ferocity of their attack. The survivors, including the trio of Corlanders, stood exhausted on the blood soaked deck. The casualties were enormous however, far greater than anticipated – almost half the Oak’s crew were dead or maimed to the point where they were useless. Not a single Eslandolan survived. Night was fast approaching, and to make things worse it seems so was another squall. Desperate repairs began on both ships. Dirk could never recall much of what happened in the next few hours, the men feverishly worked in a state of trance to repair the ships in order to get underway. It was clear that they would need to return to a safe harbour with their prize before attempting another attack on the fleet. Janszoon was furious. Soon both ships were limping forward, a skeleton prize crew including Davy aboard the Alejandro. Dirk and Sergeant Gowan remained aboard the Oak. Then as the last light was quickly fading on the western horizon, a cry from the lookout alerted the crew to sails on the southern horizon… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An extra shot
  5. Before leaving on his expedition Colonel Dirk Allcock came to the realisation that after almost two very successful years in New Terra, he needed full time staff to manage his many and varied investments. Thus he hired a small staff and charged them with the construction of a suitable office in the dockside area of Jameston. His office manager is a man by the name of Samuel Woodruff, a very experienced accountant and book keeper from Belson. Leaving a major old world trading company for the colonies, Woodruff is at home anywhere he can compile neatly ordered lists then plan the growth of the numbers on those very lists. Not just a bookworm, he also has a keen sense of what constitutes a good and a bad investment. He is however, getting quite advanced in age. He plans to run Allcock's interests from Jameston. Thus a roaming manager was also required, someone not afraid to get their hands a little dirty travelling from one end of the brick seas to the other looking after the interests of the company. Somewhat unusually the man picked by Allcock for this job is actually a women. Little is known about Jessica Campbell. Able to comfortably blend into anything from a high society ball or a disreputable lowlife tavern, Campbell is not a women to take likely. Highly intelligent, proficient with blades and firearms, she has left a string of defeated enemies behind who under estimated her. The pair can be seen here exiting the office. Campbell is to leave Jameston shortly on a secret mission for Allcock. Woodruff has dispatches to go out on the next Corlander ship to depart the settlement. A small commerce for Jameston, this thread will double as a place I can list all the properties and ships licensed in my name in the EGS for my own reference. This is the first of hopefully a whole series of 20x20 modules that I am planning to try and add together to get a street scene of Jameston. My vision for Jameston at this stage is for a more colourful an vibrant settlement than the settlements I have previously worked on (Mooreton Bay being a lot of tans and Port Woodhouse being stucco or 'classic Lego pirate style')! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships licensed The Lady Jacqueline - Class 4 The Alexander Keith - Class 6 Properties licensed (Only includes properties licensed to Allcock personally eg. not ETTC/RSNP/Settlement or Faction properties) The Captain's Daughter Tavern - Arlinsport - Small Artisan (+5DB) Lavender Patch and Apiary - Arlinsport - Small Plantation (+5DB) Cocoa Plantation - King's Harbour - Small Plantation (+5DB) Quarry and Brickworks - Mooreton Bay - Medium Factory (+11DB) The Corunna Tavern - Mooreton Bay - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Banana Plantation - Mooreton Bay - Small Plantation (+5DB) Matthew Sawkin's Residence - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Fishmonger's Stall - Mooreton Bay - Small Commerce (+5DB) Abigail Park Barracks - Mooreton Bay - Medium Residence (+3DB) The Yellow Mermaid Tavern - Mooreton Bay - Small Artisan (+5DB) Militia Barracks - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Salt Pork Factory - Mooreton Bay - Medium Factory (+11DB) Large Factory - Arlinsport - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Large Factory - Mooreton Bay - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Governor's Hall - Mooreton Bay - Small Residence (+2DB) Allcock Residence - Arlinsport - Small Residence (+2DB) Widow's Hattery - Stormhaven - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Rice Fields - Mooreton Bay - Small Plantation (+5DB) Department of Time Bell Tower - Mooreton Bay - Small Art and Culture (+5DB) Small Residence - Weelond - Small Residence (+2DB) Tavern - King's Port - Small Artisan (+5DB) Widow's Hattery, Mooreton Bay Branch - Mooreton Bay - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Crabber's Rock - Port Woodhouse - Small Commerce (+5DB) Small Residence - Jameston - Small Residence (+2DB) Tikal Temple - Myzectlan - Large Art and Culture (+40DB) Potter's Workshop - Port Woodhouse - Small Artisan (+5DB) Beer Garden - Trador - Small Artisan (+5DB) Bayonet Course - Port Woodhouse - Small Educational (+6DB) Sugar Plantation - Jameston - Small Plantation (+5DB) Allcock Trading Company Office - Jameston - Small Commerce (+5DB) Oktoberfest Street Festival - Weelond - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Tailor's Shop - Jameston - Small Artisan (+5DB) Barbershop - Jameston - Small Artisan (+5DB) Twin Palms Inn - Mesabi Landing - Medium Artisan (+10DB) The Lavender Inn - Jameston - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Small Wharf - Jameston - Small Commerce (+5DB) Chocolate Shop - Jameston - Medium Commerce (+10DB) Seafood Stall - Port Woodhouse - Small Commerce (+5DB) Fish Drying Plant - Jameston - Large Factory (+16.5DB) Blackwood's Lodgings - Port Woodhouse - Medium Residence (+3DB) Sugar Mill - Port Raleigh - Medium Factory (+11DB) Dockyard - Jameston - Large Commerce (+15DB) Lotii Residence - Port Raleigh - Medium Residence (+3DB) Sugar Press - Jameston - Medium Factory (+11DB) Wainwright - Jameston - Large Artisan (+15DB) Merrynight Inn - Jameston - Large Artisan (+15DB) Armoury - Spudkirk - Medium Artisan (+10DB) Total Income: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. After a couple of months fascinating and peaceful interlude in the ancient city of Myzectlan, the time has come for Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock to leave, and resume his duties as Colonial Governor from a more accessible location. Sir Dirk and Dr Brickingstone approach High Priestess Zia to announce Dirk's imminent departure. Dr Brickingstone wishes to remain with the Myzec for the time being, so Dirk has made him the Corlander representative. He has been instructed to continue working on a draft treaty which will make the valley of the Myzec a semi autonomous zone within the Corlander colony of Cascadia. "Colonel Allcock, I believe you will be leaving us shortly" said Zia through Dr Brickingstone as the interpreter. Although usually able to pick up languages quite fast, Dirk had yet to master Myzec. "That is correct your Highness, I must leave your beautiful city for a while, as pressing matters require my attention elsewhere. In my place, and with your permission, I will leave a small party with Dr Brickingstone." "That is acceptable Colonel. As you are aware, most Myzec have no desire to leave our hidden valley. Sometimes, rarely, individuals amongst us venture outside, most to never be heard of again. Indeed one of my most promising young apprentices has expressed a desire to explore the world beyond our domain. This is Cuxi" Zia said, indicating to a young women at the base of the throne. "I would ask you to take Cuxi and a small party of attendants with you as my representative, so she may learn of your world" "Of course your highness, it would be an honour." Soon the arrangements were made and Dirk was ready to depart. He would miss Myzectlan, however his responsibilities weighed heavily on him, and he needed to return to Port Woodhouse and Jameston. Also he was beginning to worry about the disappearance of his good friend Don Isaac Montoya, last seen heading to the Sea Rat haven of Tortuga to treat with the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan. He would depart in the morning for Camp Isaac, and seek information from the Royal Pioneers there before deciding on his next destination. One thing was sure, he could not help his friend from Myzectlan. An additional scene of the throne: A special thanks to all those who made suggestions/comments in the WIP thread for this build!
  7. With the Weelond regiment eliminated in group play from the Soccer Cup, Governor Willem Guilder was finally able to attend to other matters. A short trip from Trador to Hojaroja on Otoño was in order. The island was known for the fall-like coloration of the foliage of its trees, apparently due to the mineral composition of the soil. Colonel Dirk Allcock of Corrington had made some generous gifts to the settlement in the wake of Operation Pax Corlandia, and the effort to patch relations between Corrington and Eslandola deserved recognition. Guilder knew Allcock had expressed interest in studying Otoño's unique flora, so Guilder had his men dig up two saplings and pack their roots in barrels filled with local soil. "Captain Merker, please see to it that these saplings are delivered to Colonel Dirk Allcock, along with this letter expressing my gratitude for his gesture of friendship. He may be on Trador at the moment, as his team was still alive in the Soccer Cup. If he is not there, perhaps his cousin, Commander Matthew Allcock, is still there and can arrange to forward them to him. And please pass along my regrets that I am not able to deliver them personally." With that, Governor Guilder was off to attend to other matters. ----- The full build: I was happy with the effect I achieved with the uneven dock, and I think the shore and hill turned out OK as well. I'm still working on my trees; more leaf pieces would help. All C&C welcome.
  8. Previously.... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir ------ At the same time as Captain Jonathan Cooke (RN) was dispatching his urgent message to Montoya on Cascadia, Colonel Dirk Allcock was in his temporary office in Jameston with his cousin Commander Matthew Allcock (RN) when the soldier entered with a message. The pair had been reviewing plans for the Corlander colonies in the Paradise Isles. Matthew Allcock had recently been appointed military administrator of the settlement of Port Woodhouse and Dirk was still coming to terms with the vast responsibility of Governorship over the three fledgling colonies of Celestia, Cascadia and Garma’s Key. “Sir, there is a Mardierian officer here to see you” announced the soldier with a sharp salute. Dirk raised an eyebrow at his cousin, the appearance of a Mardierian officer was highly unusual in the new settlement. “Bring him in thank you Tom.” Replied Dirk to the soldier. The officer entered, making an impressive figure in the orange uniform of a Mardierian cavalry officer. "Sirs, May I introduce myself as Major Silvano Modignani" he said with an elaborate bow. "A pleasure Sir," replied Dirk, "I am Colonel Dirk Allcock, Governor of the Paradise Isles, and this is my esteemed cousin from the Royal Navy, Commander Matthew Allcock" "A pleasure" nodded Matthew, "May we enquire to what brings you here Major? We have heard your forces are hard pressed on the Isle de Medio" "Indeed, and it is for that reason I am here, I come with an offer which I believe will be of mutual benefit to both our nations." Dirk nodded for the Major to continue. Major Modignani then dramatically pulled an enormous piece of gold from a large sack he had been holding. The gold had been worked into a large plate with an intricately carved patterns on the outside and a human head carved in the centre. The style was unlike anything either Corlander had seen before, although it vaguely reminded Dirk of some of the local natives old stone carvings. "Well Major, I believe you certainly have our full attention now, do please continue" stated Dirk. "Of course Governor," he smiled. "This has recently come into our possession from an Eslandolan we captured. We ah, managed to persuade him to tell us where it came from and, to our surprise, it apparently originated from your very own Cascadia. It appears he was part of an Eslandolan party charged with sneaking onto your new possession in search of a fabled lost city of gold, and he claims that his expedition found it. They removed this gold seal from a temple in the jungle outside the city, as they were a small party and the natives were great in number. However on departing, they were ambushed and the entire party was killed, save our man, who escaped with the gold. He was on his way back to Eslandolan headquarters to organise a stronger party to raid the city. It is claimed it contains enough gold to fund an army." "An interesting story to be sure Major, but it still doesn't fully explain why you are here, of course we will happily take possession of an artefact plundered from Corlander territory..." smiled Matthew Allcock, allowing his cousin to remain silent in contemplation. "Well, we couldn't allow such a horde to fall into the hands of our enemies, if I am frank with you gentlemen, they are already far better financed here in the colonies than we ourselves are. We could go after the gold ourselves, but of course we respect the sovereignty of Corrington too much" "You mean you are already overstretched and can ill afford to make another enemy at this time" stated Matthew. Dirk noted a flicker of annoyance cross the Major's face. "Not at all. We were able to persuade the pirate greenback to reproduce a map to this lost city. I am here to offer it to you gentlemen." "Just like that, you would give us this map?" scoffed Matthew, still allowing Dirk to remain a dignified silence. The pair had used this routine often since assuming duties in the Paradise isles. "Not exactly, as I admitted, we are hard pressed on the Isle de Medio. The mercenary greenback scum and there piratical Garvian allies must be driven back into the sea. Mardier went to some expense to obtain this information and return this seal it you, naturally we would like some small compensation..." "ah and there it is," smirked Matthew, "my guess is that 'small' will prove to be expensive - how do we know you are selling us the real thing?" "I am to remain here until you have verified the information. If it proves incorrect, you need not pay me. If however it proves solid, I will rely on your honour as gentlemen to honour our bargain" With that the negotiation began in earnest. A suitable figure was agreed on (strictly confidential of course!), and Major Modignani left to find accommodation after handing over a rough map. "Well cousin, what do you think?" asked Matthew, "I have a feeling you'll be handing your Gubernatorial duties to me while you gallivant off around Cascadia?" "Indeed," replied Dirk calling for the officer of the day outside. On entering he gave the young Captain his orders. "Assemble the Light Company for immediate departure, call for Dr Percival McCallum, he is the Royal Society anthropologist who recently arrived. Also get my Davy Russell. We depart for Camp Isaac and Montoya before nightfall."
  9. After his brief stop in Stormhaven, Major Dirk Allcock and his expedition have continued to their destination in the East Prio Sea. Here they have began to explore the islands that have been claimed by Corrington, namely Celestia, Cascadia and Garma's Key. He has slowly, yet methodically, made his away along the coast line, and has made a series of preliminary charts. Soon he will have compiled a preliminary map of Queen Annetta's latest possessions, complete with recommendations for future settlements. His main focus has been on Celestia. A much larger island than any claimed by Corrington so far, it is covered with verdant and thick jungle, much thicker and wetter than the colonies in the Sea of Thieves area. Large mountain ranges are visible in the interior. For now he has identified the site he believes is the most suitable for Corrington's first settlement in the Prio Seas. On the Western side of the Island, a large spit of land forms a huge natural harbour that he has dubbed Vanilla Lagoon after the abundance of the valuable epiphyte growing amongst the trees of the jungle on the leeward side of the bay. On the Southern side of the bay, opposite the promitory formed by the southernmost point of the spit, the jungle thins on a flat plain. It is here Dirk plans on establishing Jameston, named for Queen Annetta's Grandfather, King James IV of Corrington. Here he can be seen making landing on one of the beaches to the east of the settlement site. --- I've been planning this one since October but it just never seemed to come together. Several large BrickLink orders of 1x2 trans-blue tiles later and the motivation of the need for the scene for both the RPGs that I participate in, and here it is (finally). Jameston will be established shortly, and Major Allcock will be planning a mini-challenge to explore into the interior hopefully soon. The boat design is from Lego Monster's US Navy whaler on flickr, although the seating is quite fragile, the hull holds together well!
  10. After leaving Mooreton Bay on his voyage of discovery to the west, Major Dirk Allcock makes a brief stop in the Corlander settlement of Stormhaven. His visit is to pay his respects to the mayor, Jack Bain, satisfy his curiosity regarding the island (Serentia was his intended destination before he was asked to supervise the settlement of Alicentia) and visit one of his business investments, a medium artesian which was producing quality head wear for the discerning gentlemen. As you may well recall, Stormhaven is unique in that it is situated in a mangrove tidal flat and buildings are built on stilts and connected by boardwalks. A few months ago, Dirk was approached by a women named Martha Harris. Mrs Harris was a widow who wanted to settle in Stormhaven to be close to her son, who served their as a minor civil servant in the administration. She wished to buy a plot of land and set up a hattery to fund her self. Thus Dirk provided the capital, and now he is here to see his investment first hand. The widow Harris already has gained a formidable reputation, producing quality hats and even winning the contract to supply Corlander troops in the region with replacement tricornes. To keep up with the demand, she now has three ladies working for her. Here she can be seen greeting Dirk at the front door of her establishment. Licensed as a medium artesian in Stormhaven. Well, it's been a while in the making, but I finally have finished (sort off) my Stormhaven project (I had planned an interior, but didn't actually finish it - I ran out of tan bricks!). I had ordered the mangrove parts for the Stormhaven minichallenge, but they arrived slightly too late to submit anything. I've tried to match the style set by Mike S in his settlement - Hopefully this should blend in well! Also a smaller version of his and Gideon's mangroves. The slanted panel technique I found on Flickr here. Anyway I really like this build, I think it's probably one of my better ones! Hopefully you agree! C&C are always welcome!
  11. Before departing Mooreton Bay, Major Dirk Allcock's agent in Arlinsport contacted him with the news that a small residence had been constructed there for Dirk's use when visiting the Colony. While not planning a visit to Arlinsport anytime soon, Dirk has heard rumours his younger brother may be travelling to Arlinsport to review Dirk's investments in the New World and decide whether or not to direct some of the Allcock family wealth into New World investments. Typical of the rows of terrace housing appearing in the colony, the house is a narrow property with a small street frontage which shares side walls with the neighbouring properties. A view of the back of the house. The house has three stories. The ground floor has a small sitting room and a small area for simple food preparation. The second level is a large room for entertaining guests, either for dinner parties or conferences. The top level is the sleeping quarters, with a large four post bed and an assortment of hats for a fashionable gentlemen! __________________________________ Licensed as a small residence in Arlinsport, Tiberia. While I have been away I have not forgotten BoBS! While I haven't had much of a chance to comment recently and my physical bricks are at home, I have had a chance to play around in LDD. It's been fun, having an unlimited supply of bricks is very cool. It's the first time I've rendered anything, and while it looks great, I feel alot of the detail is probably lost (although admittedly that happens IRL as well!). Looking forward to getting back to my real bricks, although I won't rule out future LDD builds!
  12. After spending some time recovering from a slight wound taken during the action to take the Garvian privateer 'Black Oak', Major Dirk Allcock has returned to his duties administrating the growing Corlander settlement of Mooreton Bay. One morning, the signal cannon from Fort Denison sounded the arrival of a small Naval Brig that served the Corlander colonies in the Sea of Thieves, transporting people, mail and goods from Arlinsport. After the vessel came alongside the makeshift pier, a small party came ashore, including a somewhat familiar looking figure in the uniform of a senior Naval Officer. As the group drew closer, Dirk recognised the officer as his cousin, Matthew Allcock. Although never particularly close, it was always nice to meet a familiar face here on what often seemed like the very edge of the world, and the two greeted each other heartedly. Matthew, 5 years older than Dirk, had been promoted since the last time they had seen each other and now held the rank of Captain, roughly that of a Colonel in the Army. He explained that he was in Mooreton Bay to take command of the captured Garvian privateer, which would be commissioned into Her Majesties Navy as HMS Royal Oak. Excitedly Matthew Allcock's attention drifted from his cousin to the frigate that stood moored in the harbour. Although repairs continued, under the watchful eyes of a master naval carpenter left by Captain Jonathon Cooke, Governor of the Southern Isles and commander of HMS Ironsides, that had eventually taken the frigate, she still made for an impressive sight, her modern lines, long gun line and dark green hull dominating the harbour. Dragging his attention back from his new command, Matthew Allcock turned to the well dressed civilian who stood patiently at the head of a small entourage, waiting for the two military men. "Forgive me Cousin, Please allow me to introduce Mr James Hume, who has come bearing important news from the Colonial Ministry." After the introductions were complete, Hume revealed he carried new orders for Dirk, who suggested the party retire to the building that was serving as a temporary administrative headquarters for the settlement. Matthew Allcock excused himself, and rushed to find a lighter to take him out to the Royal Oak. Dirk and James Hume continued to the headquarters, where they retired to the room serving as Dirk's office. "Major Allcock, firstly on behalf of the Colonial ministry allow me to congratulate you on your most excellent work here in Mooreton Bay. You have served both your Queen and country well. Due to the skill at which you have demonstrated here, I come bearing orders from the ministry for an important new task for you to undertake, and a commission from the ministry formally relieving you of your duties here so that you may do so." It was revealed that Dirk would be placed in charge of an expedition to the islands recently claimed by Corrington in the Prio Sea. The expedition would be required to conduct an initial survey of the islands, identify the best locations for initial settlements and pave the way for further expeditions and settlement. Dirk was authorised to establish an initial settlement on the Island dubbed Celestia and recommendations were being sought for the location of a military base and fort on the island known as Garma's Key. Key members of the expedition, including scientists and commercial groups interested in the claims of the extensive presence of the rare spice Vanilla on the island of Celestia, together with military re-enforcements were due to arrive in Mooreton Bay shortly. Major Allcock was instructed to conduct a handover of his duties in Mooreton Bay to James Hume, who would take over as Mayor of Mooreton Bay. For Dirk the news was bittersweet. Mooreton Bay had been his project, he had been allowed great freedoms in developing it, and he felt deeply invested in the settlements success. However a new commission, into uncharted territories, full of wonders to be explored, excited Dirk greatly. Not to mention rumours of the unique flora and fauna of Corrington's latest processions. Two weeks later, with the handover complete and the expedition almost ready to depart, Major Allcock formally handed over administration of the settlement to James Hume, in a ceremony in that included many of the leading figures of the settlement. ---- A small build mostly for story advancement purposes. I didn't quite realise how many named characters I had in Mooreton Bay until I had to assemble them for this build! Most made it in! Soon Dirk will depart for the Prio Sea, (He is planning on taking a small detour via Stormhaven first!), to formally claim procession of the Corlander Islands there for the Queen, and establish a new settlement. Unfortunately however, the story will not continue until towards the end of the month, as I am now away from my bricks for a short while I will be by no means abandoning Mooreton Bay - development will continue! In fact I will be licensing this build as a small residence!
  13. The next part in my collab with Ayrlego and my category 4A entry. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Continuation: TBD What Major Allcock had to report made Cooke regret the orders he had given Ferguson. The Athena could have evened the scores somewhat, but she would be halfway to Cocovia by now. The curse of hindsight. Cooke pushed aside these fruitless thoughts and considered recent events. Just earlier this day he had stepped aboard the old Ironsides, only to be greeted by a widely smiling version of his old friend Ferguson. "I have been given the honour of being the first to congratulate you on your promotion, CAPTAIN Cooke," he had said, presenting Cooke with a set of glorious golden epaulettes and the news of his promotion. "Post-captain" - he had yet to fully grasp his own bliss. And while the Ironsides was not the frigate he had dreamt of, nor exactly a flyer, she was still a powerful tool if only used right... And he found himself endearing to her already. His orders reaffirmed his position as commander of her Royal Majesty's armed forces on and around Cocovia, and in Ferguson he had been given a competent officer to assist him in this task. Which is why only hours ago, it had seemed so natural to dispatch him with the Athena to Cocovia with the newest orders and directives. Cooke had to admit other duties had forced him to neglect the colony recently, but Ferguson would surely make up for this. It was in the capacity of commander that he was now talking to Major Dirk Allcock, the ranking Corlander military officer on Alicentia and temporary military governor of the colony, and a friend and colleague of Montoya's. Being responsible for the colony, Allcock had been concerned by the build-up of military forces in the neighbouring Garvian colony Leopoldis, which had led him to investigate recent rumours of a large warship being stationed there. "Let me see if I understand you correctly, Major. A Garvian frigate sailing under a letter of marque has arrived in Leopoldis, rumoured to after the largest ever prize of the New World?" "Correct," Allcock interjected. "And you believe the prize is an Eslandian treasure fleet?" "So everything suggests, sir." "You have done good work, Major, very good work. One might take you for a man of intelligence one day. Intelligence work, I mean." Cooke said, forcing a smile. "Thank you, sir! All in the line of duty." Allcock said, bowing his head politely. "Diplomacy be damned... Even though we know all this, there is nothing I can do without risking diplomatic ramifications... We need proof," exclaimed Cooke after a short pause. "Might I suggest getting someone on board the privateer to investigate? We could arrange for certain crewmembers to... fall ill, opening up for replacements..." "A sound suggestion that might give us conclusive evidence," Cooke responded before letting out a sigh. "But it is a dangerous mission... And we would have to ensure our men get picked..." "One of my advisors... Russel should be able to arrange for me and him to fill those openings. He is somewhat of a rogue, but rather well-connected in the relevant... eh... circles..." "Are you willing to take that risk?" Cooke asked, and Allcock nodding in the affirmative. "Very well. I shall row you out myself to see you off. And you must get off that vessel the moment you have the necessary proof - take no chances! When you return, the Ironsides may have to re-earn her nickname..." And so, late next evening, a new purser and his mates were being taken to the "Black Oak" in the port of Leopoldis after the original crewmembers had suffered from alcohol induced comas... "Godspeed, Major Allcock, Godspeed..." "Thank you, Commander Cooke. I shall return as soon as I have the evidence..." ----------------------------------------- Hope you like the story and builds - C&C is, as ever, more than welcome. Stay posted for more. Extra photos in the spoiler.
  14. With tensions rising throughout the Brick Seas, Major Dirk Allcock has authorised the raising of a company of Colonial Militia to augment defences on Alicentia. He can be seen here with their officer, Captain Fredrick Stanley, inspecting a position outside the Militia headquarters overlooking Mooreton Bay. Captain Stanley wears a metal gorget displaying his commission and as a symbol of his authority. A quick vignette for the raising of a company of troops to augment the forts at Mooreton Bay. I will also license the building as a small residence. Full credit for the cannon design goes to workshysteve's MOC here. EDIT: Added detail picture of the cannon construction here
  15. This is the second part of a multi-part collaborative with Bregir which will consist of our Challenge 4 entries as well as a free build or two. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to make C&C as usual! Also I plan on licensing the tavern as a small artisan in Mooreton Bay. Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Following builds: Arriving at Mooreton Bay _________________________________________________________________________ “Major Allcock, you asked me to notify you if our agents heard significant news from Leopoldis, well this morning I have received some troubling correspondence from my contact there” opened ETTC Agent for Alicentia, Colin Jenkins. “Do go ahead my dear Sir, what are our neighbours up to?” asked an instantly interested Dirk. “It appears a large warship has recently arrived in the harbour there, my man claims it is a sixth-rate frigate….” Dirk instantly sat up, that size vessel was larger than any Corrington naval vessel currently in the new world. “A sixth-rate? Is he sure?” he asked. “He is ex-navy, so I assume he would know.” “The vessel is from the Garvian Navy?” asked Dirk. “Well this is where it gets interesting,” said Jenkins, “apparently she was, although her status is now unclear. The crew are rumoured to be serving under letters of marque and it has reported to have been seen flying the black – so I assess it is currently serving as a privateer.” Dirk by now was quite visibly worried. This was indeed major news. The presence of such a large privateer so close to the Corlander possessions of Alicentia and Cocovia was very concerning. The fact it was a Garvian privateer, apparently using the the Garvian settlement of Leopoldis on Alicentia as a base was equally worrying to Dirk, who had a latent fear of conflict between Corrington and Garvey for possession of Alicentia. “This is indeed troubling, is there any other information?” asked Dirk “No, that is all he had to report, that and the name of the vessel, The Black Oak.” Replied Jenkins. “We must find out more. I will need to alert Commander Cooke and Sir Thomas Smaugton on Cocovia, but without more information on the vessels intentions the news is of little value.” Dirk paused, Commander Jonathan Cooke was the Military Governor of Cocovia and Mayor of King's Harbour. Sir Thomas was the mayor of Quinsville, the other Corlander settlement on Cocovia. “Actually Cooke is due to visit here on his way back to Cocovia within the next fortnight. I must have more information to present to him then.” With that the two men exchanged salutations, and Dirk rushed off to plan how to obtain more information. A couple of days later….. Davy Russell, former Captain of the pirate vessel Bonne Voyage, now convict in Mooreton Bay, entered 'The Yellow Mermaid', a seedy tavern, with a suitably disguised Major Allcock. Davy enjoyed a privileged position for a convict – while some of his more roguish former comrades laboured away in penal work parties around the island, the charismatic and educated former pirate had integrated his way into the Major’s inner circle. Using knowledge accumulated over his years of experience as a mariner and his contacts throughout the Sea of Storms and beyond, he provided advice and information to Dirk to assist in the running of the settlement. It was such information that led the two men to this tavern. Yesterday a sailor had appeared in the settlement claiming to be from Leopoldis and bragging about a privateer crew poised to take a prize so big, they would never have to sail again. Davy, knowing the Major was actively looking for information on the rumoured privateer in Leopoldis, had dutifully reported his presence. Dirk, desperate for more information before Commander Cooke arrived, had donned a disguise and had accompanied Davy to the tavern to find out more. On entering the tavern, the barman, an associate of Davy, silently nodded towards a drunken and dishevelled sailor in the corner of the room, who appeared to be mumbling into an empty cup of rum. “Hello matey!” exclaimed Davy. Dirk waited back in the shadows. “Looks like you be needing a refill of that there cup! – Barman, two more of your finest if you please” “We only be having rotgut and you well know it Davy” rejoined the Barman, slamming two cups of sickly smelling rum on the bench. “Aye well, it’s all grog ain’t it!” then Davy turned back to the drunken sailor, who was looking around blankly, startled at this sudden intrusion into his misery and yet not believing his luck in a full cup. “What brings you here friend?” asked Davy. “They kicked me off” explained the indignant drunk. “Who kicked you off what?” “The Captain kicked me off the Oak” explained the drunk as if that made perfect sense to all. “Just kicked me off…. Told me if I ever showed my face around the settlement again they’d keelhaul me…. Me Rotgut Roger. Keelhaul me….. “ As Dirk observed silently, the conversation continued back and forth at a rather painful pace. Davy draw out that the drunk, whose name apparently was Roger, had been run off the Garvian privateer accused of breaking into the rum supply – an accusation Dirk had no problems believing. What was interesting is that the drunk constantly mentioned the huge amount of treasure the ship was expecting to plunder. Could this treasure be from plundering Mooreton Bay? Dirk didn’t think so, surely there wasn’t enough in his small settlement to attract such rumours. However try as he might, Davy couldn’t extract any more from the sailor, who had now lapsed into a drunken stupor, and was incoherently babbling in the corner. The two men turned and left, Dirk generously tipping the barman on the way out. Now he had confirmed the frigate in Leopoldis was a privateer, and one intent on some large scale plunder… but where and or who???? The next day…. Dirk was awoken early in the morning when Xochitl unexpectedly arrived in his quarters bearing news. A Halosian man had been found by her father’s warriors wandering deep in the jungle. The tribesmen believed he was fleeing from Leopoldis, and knowing Dirk’s interest in that place had sent for him immediately. Later in the day, guided by Xochitl and her attendants, Dirk arrived at the scene where a tattered man lay. Several warriors stood around, although none ventured to close to the man, who was clearly not in a good way – pale, with a visible fever and several seeping wounds. Dirk approached and indicated for Xochitl to bring water. “Ho friend, help is here.” Said Dirk in a soothing voice. The man looked up, his cloudy eyes not really seeing. “dying” he croaked. “must warn the fleet…” he gasped. “We’ll have you back in civilisation soon” replied Dirk, although he realised the sad truth, it was too late, the man was clearly dying. Xochitl passed him a piece of paper she had found in the man's pocket. It was a personal letter and quickly scanning it Dirk learned the man was named Juan deLuna and was a treasury clerk from the Eslandolian settlement of Nellisa. “Who are you?” asked Dirk, “kidnapped… taken from Nellisa…. you must warn them….” “Warn who friend, who kidnapped you?” “Pirates, Garvians…… warn the treasure fleet….. the secret is known…. You must warn them….” With that the man made a final effort to clear his vision, unfortunately he must have recognised the red uniform coat Dirk was wearing as he gave a startled gasp. “You’re not Eslandolian!!” he exclaimed. With that what remaining colour was left in his face drained, his eyes rolled back into his head and he died. Dirk stood up, shook his head at the watching Sergeant Gowen, who now approached. “Most interesting Sergeant,” commented Dirk, “It would seem the pieces of our puzzle are coming together” “If you say so Sir,” replied Sergeant Gowan. Dirk stared into the jungle pensively and reviewed what he had discovered. A large Garvian Privateer had arrived in Leopoldis. The crew of the privateer were boasting of a potentially huge prize. Now an Eslandolan man turns up, claiming to have been abducted from Nellisa and who died fleeing his capturers – capturers who were almost certainly those same Garvian privateers. And the dying man clearly concerned with warning the ‘treasure fleet’. Yes the pieces to this puzzle were starting to make sense. Another fusilier approached through the undergrowth. “Sir, our lookouts are reporting the approach of Commander Cooke’s ship” reported the private. “Excellent, let us go and greet him and Don Montoya.” replied Dirk, confident he now had enough to make a report and informed assessment. _______________________________________________________________________ And a final image to prove it's all in the 32x32 footprint!
  16. Greetings All, I apologise in advance for the small builds. I promise you this is not about doubloons! Instead this post is much more about advancing Dirk's story line to the point where I can next post my Challenge 2 Category A entry! So if you enjoy the story, please read on. If you came only to see some impressive builds, probably best you skip this thread! Bregir's characters have been used with his permission. Dirk's previous story can be found here --------------------------- On taking to the high seas again, the Lady Jacqueline came across a small Corlander supply vessel. Surprisingly, she carried two letters for Dirk Allcock! Both were from a gentleman Dirk only knew by reputation, Don Isaac Montoya. Montoya was a well known name in the scientific community and his interests in the area coincided with Dirk’s own. The first letter was a business proposal; apparently Montoya had come into a quite substantial fortune of late. The second interested Dirk far more – an invitation to assist with the founding of a New World branch of the Society of Natural Philosophy. Montoya was currently in the new Corlander colony of Cocovia, establishing a settlement at a place called Kings Harbour. Dirk decided to proceed there at once. King’s Harbour was a beautiful natural harbour on the west side of the island that Corrington had recently christened ‘Cocovia’. The area was bustling with activity as the serious business of establishing a settlement began. As was his duty, Dirk’s first step on proceeding ashore was to report to the temporary Governor of the settlement, Captain Jonathan Cooke. Dirk found the Governor supervising the unloading of supplies from a newly arrived transport vessel. As the crates and barrels piled up before him, Dirk stopped to watch the naval officer. Relations between the Army and Navy were sometimes strained as the two services competed for funding and prestige. As Captain Cooke held his rank in the Royal Navy, he far outranked Dirk, whose Captains commission was held in the army. The peculiarities between the two services meant that a Captain in the Navy was the equivalent of a full Colonel in the Army. Dirk was impressed with what he saw. Captain Cooke directed and controlled the bustling chaos before him. Aides and civilians would rush up and were dealt with quickly and purposefully. When he felt he had seen enough, he approached the Naval officer and waited to be noticed. As if waiting for his approach, Captain Cooke turned and raised an eyebrow. “Captain Dirk Allcock, Her Majesties 47th Regiment of Foot, newly arrived Sir and reporting as a courtesy” announced Dirk with a crisp salute. “and what brings the Army to King’s Harbour Captain Allcock?” queried Cooke. “I am on detached duty, with a special roving commission of exploration from the Army board Sir” “Right… and does this commission specify any specific duties Captain?” “Well actually no Sir, I have with me 15 men of my light company and am to assist with any exploration or colonisation efforts for the crown as required, I am in town to meet with Don Montoya, with whom I have business and to offer any assistance that I can to your good self Sir.” “Well Captain, it just so happens I require some assistance, my dear friend Montoya will have to wait! You see, I am devilishly short of Officers - have you, by chance, had any experience with artillery” “Indeed Sir, as it happens, I was assigned to a Major of the Royal Corps of Artillery for a six month period as a Lieutenant, we toured fortifications conducting inspections and supervision maintenance of batteries in the southern districts of Belson.” “Ah that is most fortuitous; I have established a prefabricated colonial half battery on the southern arm of this bay, but I need someone to sight and supervise the construction of a second half battery on the northern arm, somewhere over there” Captain Cooke pointed across the bay to the cliff lined northern peninsular. “It is rough country I’m afraid, and I haven’t the time to supervise the placement myself. The second battery is important so that the entry to the bay is completely covered and at this early stage the settlement remains very vulnerable to attack. Do you think yourself capable of this task Captain Allcock?” “Why yes of course Sir, it would be a pleasure to assist.” replied Dirk. “Excellent, I shall assign you Midshipmen Knowles here as a liaison, he has the details for the half battery, report back when the battery is complete, now if you will excuse my discourtesy Captain, I am extremely busy.” Captain Cooke announced with a tired half smile, while beckoning over an impossibly young looking Midshipmen who was hovering in the background. “Yes Sir, I shall begin at once” Dirk replied and saluted. Cooke promptly returned the courtesy, before turning back to the chaos on the beach. ----------------------------------------- Dirk's story continues here