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Found 7 results

  1. de-marco

    [MOC] Farmer Truck

    Farmer truck building instructions
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pigge had settled on Alicentia with their prized possessions. Harry, Mary, and Carrie were the best bacon producing hogs in all of Corrington. At least that was the belief of the Pigges. They have built a small plantation two miles from Mooreton Bay. Some of the residents were not pleased to have a smelly hog farm nearby. However, the Corrington love of bacon proved overall stronger than the disdain for the wind blowing from the wrong direction. Mrs. Amy Pigge was also a very good seamstress, and quickly made friends with some of the ladies who wished to lighten their own sewing work. Today, their grandson is out at the cabin "helping" Grandpa care for the pigs as Grandma takes a couple dresses into town. SAM_7523 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7525 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7526 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr A birdseye view: SAM_7527 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Notes: The cabin design was borrowed from a combination of Mike's log cabin, with an attempt to combine it with the roof from Kai's log cabin. It was built for my entry to the state fair, but the cabin ended up not being stable enough for me to trust it to other people for a month. Thus, I decided to build this small hog farm around the cabin. It was also my first attempt at a non-square base. C&C welcome.
  3. This is Mine! Jan Zwartbaard has seen a lot of places in his life. With the non-stopping growth of MAESTRO and his good friendship with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, he became an explorer for the mighty trade company. After the "Prince of Stedor" picked him up at Breshaun, he boarded the "Golden Star", starting his adventures. The "Golden Star" went first to "Ile de Romantica", where Jan Zwartbaard was received very very well. The governor of that island even offered him his own medium residence. Zwartbaard graciously accepted the offer as it would become helpfull as his headquarter. Once the construction of the residence started, Zwartbaard went to the new Eslandolan island "Isla Philip" as he heard rumours of silver floaking around. With a few miners and a dozen MAESTRO Elite Soldiers, he started searching for the silver source. Following the stream of the river, they saw a isolated small rock where the water came from. If there was a silver resource somewhere, it should be here! And so the digging started... Jan Zwartbaard Meanwhile a few pigs where doing their everyday business as it still is the island of pigs... - Licenced as a mine set-up Thanks for watching!
  4. First off, here is a small story with <sarcasm> wonderfully crafted characters and a stunning plot. You'll be sucked in in no time, I promise. </sarcasm> Peter the common, an average pig farmer, lived a boring life. He provided just enough money to keep food on the table, obeyed laws as much as possible, and didn't get drunk at the tavern. One day, while going about his chores, the captian of the guard in Farrveil rode up to the lonely farmstead. "What brings you here today good sir?" Peter questioned "Avalonia and Farrveil need an army. You have the honor today of joining the militia of Farrveil. Conform to our ways, and you'll be back to your farm in no time." Captian Liam responded. "Sir, I can't just leave my family here sir, someone needs to provide for them. My daughter is sick. Please, I can't help you." "Well, peasant, you can help and will help. come along." The tone of Captian Liam's voice was enough to get Peter moving in a hurry. Eric, an archer in the Farrveil militia and childhood friend strode up to Peter as the company made their way to Farrveil Keep. "It isn't so bad, we may be able to serve in the same division," Eric tried to comfort Peter. Peter decided that 'not so bad' remained to be seen... Plus the house has an interior, so I'd like to submit this farm for the agriculture category for the 4th Avalonia challenge. Highly praiseing comments appreciated.
  5. Hello everybody. My little MOC. A Farmer after a long-long day of working. Thanks for watching!
  6. FinalFeature

    Doctor Who Daleks of Doom

    When will those silly Daleks learn not to mess with the Doctor? Especially if the Doctor is a Scottish one. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Tristan Kilmer as the Doctor and Daleks #1 and #2 Thanks for watching!
  7. Admiral Croissant

    RvB: Commander Red Hat goes to the cinema

    Enjoy! Thanks for watching! Funny thing is, first I came up with the name Piglet Johansson, and then it turned out that Scarlet once played in a movie called "My brother the pig". So that's why I gave it this name.