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Found 3 results

  1. Location: Jameston Type: Medium Factory Agnes and a WTC Elite walked to the edge of Jameston, where the new musket factory had opened. They had been told to only build their buildings on the edge of town for reasons everyone knew. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Two Bored WTC Infantrymen stood in front of the factory. "Woah Woah Woah" Said the First. "We're guarding this building. We don't need any of you elites around!" "Yeah, Scram! We don't take your type here." Said the Second. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Agnes sighed. "What is it with you grunts? Is someone jealous they aren't called elite?" "No..." Said the first sheepishly. "Good," Said Agnes smugly, "Trooper, stay out here and show them how to guard a building." Agnes entered the building leaving the three soldiers to argue outside. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr The Foreman greeted her. "Sorry for the delays, countess. We had some trouble constructing the building." "All in good time, mr. foreman. Now, show me how this factory works." "Of course!" Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "First, Metal is pounded into the rough barrel of the gun." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "It's taken over to the furnace, where it's heated, sealing the cracks." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Once it's been forged, we let it cool over here." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Meanwhile, we assemble the flintlock mechanism." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Additionally, the stock is cut out of wood." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "All of the pieces are brought to the master craftsman at the crafting table." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "And the musket is assembled." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Then we just package them." Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "You see, we run an efficient and productive factory here in Jameston. And now that we're operational..." Agnes cut the foreman off. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Now that the factory is operational, I can put you out of your misery and put one of Mordo's men in charge." Said Agnes, with a rare smile. "Did you just pull those out of the box there? Because those aren't loaded..." The foreman said calmly. Musket Factory by North White, on Flickr "Damnit." FIN Thanks for viewing my latest factory! I hope to get one more out before the month ends. I'll take my 200 Dbs, thank you. C&C appreciated. I hope this is accurate enough for musket production. I'm not entirely sure how the barrels were made, so that part might be a bit off.
  2. Soldiers need somewhere to live too, so a barracks complex has been started in Abigail Park, a reserve close to the centre of the settlement of Mooreton Bay. Constructed of rough convict hewn sandstone, similar to Fort Denison, canny observers will note firing slits in the ground floor of the utilitarian structure. A while ago Major Dirk Allcock was able to arrange for a shipment of the New Pattern muskets that are starting to equip Corlander line regiments back in the old world. The detachment of the Light Company of the 47th Regiment of Foot that he commands will be armed with the new musket as a New World trial. Here, they conduct a demonstration of the new musket. Some Royal Marines, including the newly promoted Captain Stewart , together with some visiting Naval Officers, have come to watch the demonstration, as the new pattern musket has yet to be approved for Marine or Naval use. A quick build mainly to show off the Brick Arms muskets I was able to obtain at Canberra Brick Expo earlier in the month. I'll license the barracks as a residence. Any resemblance in the uniforms on the targets to the uniforms to those of other nations is purely... well intentional... you've got to train how you expect to fight right?!? I'm sure someone will call me a warmonger in outrage but seriously, no malice intended to our bluecoat friends Oh and the cannon design is from Captain Braunsfeld's Eslandolean 8th Army MOC.
  3. Gary The Procrastinator

    Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815

    Displaying at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on April 11th, I had to come up with something featuring the USMC and also what’s apparently become my theme this year, the Anniversary of Something, so here’s my take on this iconic conflict. I only had about 6 hours to build it, so no border, and I would have liked to build up those ramparts higher but overall, fairly satisfied with this one. 100% LEGO except for the custom flags. Click on the pictures below for more detail. —————————— Ever forget something that was really important not to forget? The Battle of New Orleans, fought on January 8, 1815 was the last major combat of the War of 1812. 4732 American combatants, commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson, prevented nearly 11,000 British infantry and Royal Marines, commanded by General Edward Pakenham, from seizing New Orleans as a strategic prize to end the war. The war was actually over by the time the main battle was fought, ended by the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814, but since the US government had not yet approved the treaty, the fighting in Louisiana would continue until the British withdrew on January 18th. One of the most lop-sided victories in history, the British advanced under very heavy fire only to find once they reached the American ramparts that the ladders necessary to ascend the fortifications were not available, having been forgotten by the negligence of the Colonel in charge of them. With limited access to the Americans and taking fire the entire time, all British officers over the rank of Major in the front ranks were killed, leaving no one to sound the retreat. Their casualties were therefore disproportionately high, losing over 2000 in just 25 minutes of fighting, compared to less than 100 American casualties (only 13 were actually killed). As for the USMC, 58 US Marines fought at New Orleans, and they are the American troops portrayed here (hence the USMC uniforms). Hope you like it, comments are welcome! Correction: This was the last major land battle of the war. As 2Maxwell points out below, the last combat was the naval battle between the USS Constitution vs. HMS Levant and HMS Cyane...which would make an outstanding LEGO build sometime as well!