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  1. Now Bluebrixx sell there own R 56 and R72 curves. I buy some R56 and it looks ok. Torsten
  2. Looks very good ! How is the price ? Avelable direkt in Europe ? Torsten
  3. Hello, does anybody make a listing for the 9V trainmotors ? I find a lot of diverent numbercodes on the motors. there are D5, J2, J3 11.1 25.1 (4 x) 28.4 e, 28.8 h ( 5 x) 35.7, 36.3 f, 37.1, 37.6 h, I only know that one of the 28.8 h are from 3225 . The 3225 i buy in lager numbers, so it is possible that all 5 of the 28.8 h Motors from there ( but I dont want open more of the sets...). If there are allready a complett list it will be helpfull. ( sorry about my bad english ) Torsten
  4. brummer

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Great Model !
  5. brummer

    [MOC] DB E10 12v - "Rheingold" - in "Blue Era" style

    normaly I clear my Lego room, but I cant resist to build it. Now my 1x2 clear plates are realy rare..... Torsten
  6. brummer

    20 Years old 12V MOCs

    last week I sort a big box 70th Lego I by from a friend. Some 4,5V trainset parts was in it. So if I find this . this was the result OK not all, 1 137 and 4 Shell i build, the rest i dig out from my old 12V train box Torsten
  7. brummer

    20 Years old 12V MOCs

    Hi Davide, the blue locomotiv are "oldshool" made 2x2 turntables Torsten
  8. brummer

    20 Years old 12V MOCs

    Hi , here are two Models I build 1999... automatic link dont work, sorry Torsten
  9. brummer

    [MOC] DB E10 12v - "Rheingold" - in "Blue Era" style

    Ups the link dont works... "" may so Torsten
  10. I dont touch this boxes the last years, thanks that you remind me.... .. I sorted the bags in my storage in: "train service box" ( you see ). There are also a "elektrik service box" and a "normal sevice box" (duck and run )...... Torsten
  11. sorry Davde I dont want spam your tread.... but here a pic inside the LEGO Service box and some train spareparts you cane find in it... Torsten
  12. In the 1970 to 80 it was the only way to get spare parts from Lego. The Lego dealer (can) have one of this box under his desk, to sell some parts .
  13. Hi, (sorry for my bad english ) the Motor problem was around 1990 allready actuell. So I visit the lokal elektroniks shop, at this time thay sell industrial rest parts, include motors from B├╝hler. After your post I search and find the old box with the rest parts from the special motors. A few yaers later the problem was solved. We plunder all Legoshop 50km around and found some "Service Kasten" in there back office. (ups , sorry but I can only uploade 1 picture..... ) Torsten