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  1. brummer

    12v Grey Era train motor replacement

    In the 1990s I repair some some "blue era" motors with diverent B├╝hler parts. In this time "Carrera" Slotcars use this typ of motor too. Maybe look there for parts. buehlermotoren-reste-klein by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  2. brummer

    Classic train wheels

    At one Foto it looks like the 12" Wheels are "open" at the backside.
  3. brummer

    Classic train wheels

    I try to make a picture The middle passenger car has the normal 10 spoke, the INT EUROPE the 12 spoke wheels. 20221223_184920 by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  4. brummer

    Classic train wheels

    Bricktsar make some at youtube with 242
  5. brummer

    Classic train wheels

    Hi, Yesterday I look in the old (German) 242 "Der Lego-Motor" book and find some interesting. The first Lego trainwheels was the "4 studs at the side and riffle" . 113, 116... Then there was the "10 spoke no riffle" 720, 171,.... But in 242 are a lote of pictures with some "12 spoke and riffle" wheels ! I have a lot of old 60s and 70s Trains but never sutch a wheel. Does someone this typ of wheels in real ? Or was it just a test branch for the designer. Torsten
  6. brummer

    Potential 1/35th Scale Trains

    Maybe the "Jake Stone " figures are fit in 1/35 scale
  7. Why not version 1 with side moving middle axle ? Torsten
  8. What sort of meta axles did you use ? The typ used in the last years, metal axles but plastic points at the wheels, or the old typ with long meta axles and metal points at both ends ? The older runs better. Torsten With this old metal axles we do the record for the longest only pulled lego train, long time ago....
  9. brummer

    Think very big, 125 for 7 1/4 gauge

    Here a picture with normal size Lego 125 Baum by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  10. brummer

    Think very big, 125 for 7 1/4 gauge

    Yes the bricks are 3D printed, most parts in PLA the grey plates are PETG. I take the 5 to 1 scale to be neare the 7 1/4 wide gauge. By the way, the LEGO wood minifig was also 5x Legosize. Torsten
  11. For the 7 1/4 Garden Steamtrain I build this 125 Tipper in 5x Legosize. This first version have no ballbearings and dont run really at this tracks. Next year at the BSBT in Schkeuditz we hope to run a full LEGO 7 1/4 gauge train. Torsten 125 hinter 7 1,4 Zoll Lok by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr 125 gross1 by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr 125 gross2 by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  12. Hi, you insire me to pic up my, may be 15 yaer old, Western Train for the 2022 BSBT in Schkeuditz Germany. ( only the Train is from me ) Argggh, why the BBC code for pictures dont work...... Western Zug klein by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  13. Yea, the classic 121 !
  14. brummer

    7777 sticker sheet

    The Book 222 has a sticker sheet in the middle, with some train relevant signs
  15. brummer

    7777 sticker sheet

    in one book at his era was a train sticker sheet..... I must dig deep in the papers... Torsten