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  1. Really nice B-model for 42069!
  2. I wouldn't get too hyped yet. Isn't this a bit early for next year's set names? That being said a rally car would be fantastic, IF done right (looking at you Porsche)
  3. If you're using that wheel hub, then spring attached to the top arm gives you more options if you wish to use different length suspension arms.
  4. Fastest LPE Car- 30km/h+

    I would suggest putting some cushioning on the surface you are driving towards, I see this resulting in some bent parts for no good reason.
  5. Volcano RS Supercar

    Looks mean as hell, great work.
  6. Show us your Working Place

    After getting back into the hobby I created a new workspace, with more organization and cleaner layout than ever before. 4 wall mounted organizers that I still need to create labels for, as well as a bit of extra storage for wheels & tires/plates & bricks. And a sneak peek at my current build My Lego/writing space is split from my computer space, which makes for a nice look and it's easy to switch back and forth when looking at pictures or designs on the monitor.
  7. I decided to sell all the rare wheels/tires that I don't need anymore, and I'm down to a couple lots - 4 used Power Puller tires from set 8466, and 4 rims from set 8448. They have been used in some outdoor MOCs but they are still in quite good condition: photo I will wash them before shipping. My price for all four is 40$ plus shipping or best offer. I have them on BrickLink at the moment, so let me know if you're interested before they're gone! Also the 8448 rims I'll let go of for 14$ plus shipping.
  8. WIP Tesla S 100P

    I like the decision to reduce scale and weight. Behold the limit of purist construction! What wheels/tires do you plan to use, or are you going to stick with the ones in the LDD model?
  9. WIP Tesla S 100P

    Definitely possible guys, it'll be a beast I'm sure of it. All of my large RC vehicles used the quad buggy motor setup in the rear, which was more than enough to propel them at blazing speeds. My batteries offered 11-12 volts, but that's not too far off of BuWizz. I never thought of making the front axle driven because I took advantage of high steering angle with my proportional steering. I can imagine that this vehicle will pull like hell off the line, just like a real Tesla Again, I don't have any experience with BuWizz, but my main concern here is how do you plan to avoid ripping apart u-joints and the 3 prong 'CV' joints... In my experience I could never make those last unless I held off the throttle when accelerating and avoided sudden stops, which is no fun. I guess because you don't employ any complex suspension geometry you can focus on the reinforcement of the half-shafts as you do with this design, but I still am skeptical of its longevity when accelerating and steering at the same time, or jamming reverse and forward throttle. Good luck, it's coming together nicely!
  10. [MOC] RC Hovercraft

    Looks really natural in its movements, great work
  11. Looks unique, almost rover style. A good throwback, 8048 was my first Technic set ever
  12. Purism

    @Sariel Hilarious Good point, there are some clear levels to this madness, and it makes sense to rank these 'offenses' based on their impact on a model and to Lego pieces. Sort of a 'how low can you go' scale
  13. Purism

    Up until my large scale RC models, I was purist simply because I did not have the means to acquire or make custom parts, I maybe cut an axle once or twice, and it always made me feel bad afterwards. It didn't feel genuine. I built with what I had and made the most of it. A lot of my Lego creativity was cultivated in that period. Since then, my collection increased dramatically, and I started to take on larger ideas. I found that I was always drawn towards vehicles, and making them as realistic and practical as possible. This quickly lead to my conclusion that there is a clear limit to what Lego parts can handle, and I danced around that limit for quite some time - I still do today. When I began my series of large scale RC vehicles, there were many prototypes created that simply ate up Lego pieces during operation even after dozens of purist re-designs. I decided, for the sake of the pieces, to look towards custom batteries, electronics, modded pneumatic suspension, 3D printed parts, etc. I was simply bored with playing around at the limit of purist design, since my concerns have always been for high performance practical operation. Still, I only use it where I know purist solutions will not satisfy the goals. In a future project, I will abandon buggy motors and use some hobby grade motor. Why? Because I successfully completed 5 iterations of a vehicle using 4 buggy motors, and I've exhausted all the options, all the techniques, and I seek better performance. Why not quit Lego and move on to hobby RC if I care more about performance than these perceived 'rules'? Because Lego is still cheaper, allows for modular, re-usable construction, and provides a challenge given the weaknesses of plastic. But most of all, it's my hobby and I do as I please. A lot of people enjoy my creations, but I know there are some that don't count my work as legitimate. So be it, I'm doing it for myself, I simply share it to get feedback or to help others attempting similar projects. I respect purists, though. We're all having fun in the same hobby, after all.
  14. What precedes a dark ages?

    Lack of time for me during a big move. But it was also paired with lack of resources for a new idea. But now that it's been almost a year, I'm ready to get back into it and I'm in a better position to obtain the resources I need to undertake a new project(s?). It will be difficult to find time during university to build, but my imagination is fresh.
  15. (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    Yes, 4 of them. Definitely my favorite Lego motor but they have gathered some considerable wear the way I use them.