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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Eraman, i'm newbie here. This is my first contest, I'm very excited The idea of my mini lawn tractor came from my older creation. 2 months ago I built a bigger lawn tractor. I thought, it is enough good to try to publish on lego cusoo(lego ideas). When I saw this contest, I knew, it will get a "little brother:)" Function: 1. Front wheel steering 2. Rotating blade 3. Openable hood It's not too much function, but it meets the requirments(i hope so ) Rather I tried to create a good-looking tractor. Number of parts: 200 pieces Dimension: length: 18-19 studs width: 9 studs (with wheels ~12studs) height: ~9studs Tyres: lego 42008 (43,2x22), 9390 (30,4x14) Some thoughts about the development: My vehicle was designed in LDD, I worked a lot on it. It's always being under development. Tomorrow I share my first LDD rendered pic and maybe the first real shot. Unfortunately I do not have all color of parts, what I imagined, but LDD pic will show my conception. If i have enough time, i will share some previous and coming problems/moments of the improvement. The promotional picture (black edition): More pic here! Part list: An LDD picture of the final version(green version): (All parts and their colours are official!) LDD file: ver.7.6final Building Instruction here Thanks for reading! ps: sorry for my poor english
  2. Hi all! I am making this project for the contest, i did not finished it yet, but here the time is to share some details about it. Unfortunately i have little time to build(5-10 hours weekly), but i try to finish this vehicle until deadline. The project is a Mercedes Econic garbage truck. I tried to build the truck (mostly the cabin) the same as the real one, but the garbage treatment section is an own creation. I used these pictures for guide: More pics here and here! So let's see some details about the vehicle: dimensions: LxWxH: 80x21x23 stud (63x17x18 cm) pieces: 4100-4200 weight: about 4 kg fake engine: 4 pistons in a row 3 axles, 1. and 3. axles are steerable in different angle, also the steering wheel is turning in the cabin 6 motorized functions with 2 M and 2 L motors and 3 gearbox. Functions: 1 L motor: changing gears 1 L motor: driving / blade sweep 1 M motor: steering / tailgate raiser 1M motor: garbage ejector / slide packer Manual function: cabin tilting Little functions and details: tilt seats, dashboard, openable grille, openable doors on both sides, etc. The video: You can download the LXF file from HERE! (*.rar) Thanks!
  3. Hi All! You could figure it out from the title, i would like to build an artic truck. The idea came from the model of 2015: I will use 2 small sets: 9391 Mini Crane (218 parts) and 8259 Mini Bulldozer (165 parts). It is far from the 600 parts, but sometimes fewer parts is bigger challenge. UPDATE!!!! Sorry for late, I'm glad to introduce my C model of 9391 + 8259 an ARTIC TRUCK! It counts 342 pieces (80 pieces of track) from 383 pieces(118 pieces of track)(+extra parts). I used some of the extra parts. The truck has a lot of geared and non-geared funtions: Geared functions: Articulated steering front blade up/down boom up/down Non-gear funtion: boom rotating winch bed tipper openable bed tipper rear door Other attributes and details: seats imitation exhaust tips headlights on top and a small taillight the bed is covered, it doesn't loose the cargo Leftover parts: More pics soon! Thank you!
  4. Hi All! First of all, sorry for my poor english My name is Eraman(Bal√°zs) from Hungary. I'm 30 years old. This is my second lego era. I started it 1 year ago with set of 9396. Until nowdays i bougth 42009,42008 sets. The reason why I registered here is "the technic mini build contest", it seems to be a good challenge. This is my first contest, so I try to do my best! I hope that my visit will be permanent and I may join this good community of lego fans.