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  2. Eraman

    [MOC] Airport Crash Tender

    Great and very impressive MOC! Waitng for the video!!
  3. Hi all! As i promised you can download the LDD file from HERE! ( I hope it is good and correct (maybe some pins can be in wrong place). The file doesn't contain 2 extension cable with 50 cm long from the 2 M motor to the infra receivers.
  4. Thanks to everyone who supported me with his/her vote, and of course Congrat to winners! I will share the LDD file soon.
  5. Congrat to the winners, great MOCs, especially the 1. and 2. places! I am sad, that Katipo is not in the top 3:(
  6. Great job, i am waiting fot the whole one! little OFF: Is there any GOOD tutorial on internet about "how to make building instruction"? I found more tutorial about different method, which method is the simplest?
  7. Eraman

    [TC6] Hot Rod Wrecker [WIP]

    It is a very nice hot-rod, especially i love the suspensions, great work!
  8. 34 : 10 5 : 6 21 : 4 26 : 3 6 : 2 28 : 1
  9. upps, sorry, my fault, i saw the comment time incorrect, i thought that today morning new entry was uploaded, but it was yesterday, sorry
  10. It is correct to hold open the entry topic 2 days after deadline? I have very-very little time to build(i work a lot and i have a babygirl), but I finished my model until deadline. If I would have known that i will have 2 more days, i did not build in hurry, I would have been with my family more time...
  11. Eraman

    [TC6] Whirligig

    really cool model with very good functions! Congrat!
  12. This truck exists in more variant, i built this one, because of the "bus door", it seemed more interesting:) Here is the donor pic:
  13. it is a super quad, good colours and nice details!
  14. This car is really cooool, i like it! Can we get a video?