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Found 5 results

  1. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 5 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure.Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom.Chapter 3 : Rehearsal in Rassilon Chapter 4 : Hurriedly hiring help. Character list in spoiler brackets. Whilst Yiroe and Ruri attended to their business, Ragnar took the opportunity to observe and record the ecology of the nest of thieves. This was largely 'uncharted territory' as though there were an odd few but by and large sea rats were not scientists and cared little for the natural surroundings on their isles. Ragnar Also though that he could use this time to continue his instruction of his apprentice in the disciplines of ecology. So they went along the coast to "This should be a good site to start with" "Are you not going to systematically measure along the to gather your sites?" "No we have not the time for such frivolities, and I have found stratified sampling methods to be more favourable anyhow." "No overall slope angle." "This we have here is a soil pin, you stab it into ground to measure the depth of the soil, you should be able to tell when you have reached that depth as you can feel the difference and hear the sound of the rocks below." "Right, should I be taking notes?" "This is mostly stuff you should already know, just to refresh your memory, feel free to take notes if you'd like." "We'll want to place down the quadrat over this area" The quadrat was large and hefty, Ragnar needed Satoshi and Calder to carried it over and placed it on top of the environment. "I don't recognise this type of palm tree. We should of course double check the reference books but I think this may be an undocumented species." "i can't find anything like it in the reference material for this ecosystem." "Brilliant, sounds like a new discovery to me, I'll note it down as the Man-wide palm foe now, we can work on its scientific name once we've determined it's genus" "The Man-wide palm? why the Man-wide, I'd have expected you to call it the Alfredson tree or something like that." "Well at 3 studs wide it is close to the width of a man, and there is already a tree named after me." " Ah soil samples, this is my favourite part. Could someone fetch me somwthing to dig with?" "Here ya go." "That's not quite what he was asking for." "Yes, using a shovel for soil samples would be like using a musket as an oar." "Is this better?" "Ah my trowel! Thank you Satoshi." "Grr" Ragnar filled up jars with earth and then went to sit down and note down his observations. "Calder look at these results, do you notice anything odd about them." "The habiat looks inhospitable with the salty sea breeze, but it somehow supports the tree." "Yes, quite. This is however as expected, remember that palm trees and the like are the exception and not the rule." Meanwhile in Corrington ,the navy were training the Marines on how to use a musket as an oar, though some of the officers were concerned that they should first make waterproof muskets. OOC: This is a very little one but I like it. I haven't been posting theses in the same order that I built them and this one was photographed before I swapped backgrounds. Thanks for reading, comments are criticism are welcome.
  2. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 4 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure. Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom. Chapter 3 : Rehearsal in Rassilon Character list in spoiler brackets. The Khan's Stallion was not the best tavern in Rassilon nor was it the loudest however, both those titles belonged to Marco's but what the Khan's Stallion was, was close it was very near to the bandstand where Satoshi, Ragnar and Calder had listened to the Weelond Players. "Well how does one find Labourers to hire?, ." "Rassilon is a place full of opportunities, we just have to hope we find one" "Well I doubt people will just show up out of nowhere and ask for a job." Two rough looking blokes came together in front of them, one of the had come from the concert, whereas the other had just exited the Khan's Stallion, yet the men stood together and clearly had ties. Ragnar headed closer to the men and they neared him, surprisingly eager to strike up a consersation with strangers on the street. "I saw you fellows down by the bandstand, did I not overhear you looking for workers?" "You did." "Me and my friend here would be willing to volunteer for such a position and for a very reasonable fee too" "Deal!" "What, are you just going the hire the first people, you see! No background checks or anything!" "You said We should get this over with quickly." "This was not quite what I had in mind." "Trust me chaps, you won't regret it." The other ASTG marines returned bringing with them a cannon from the local factory. "Lovely craftsmanship, that will do nicely." The marine turned to face Ragnar "Yiroe said we were to assist you with your studies whilst we waited for him and the doctor to finish their duties." "Splendid, why don't we start here, find out how a tree can grow simply from sand with little proper soil, exciting no?!" "It sounds great in theory but I think that the fine people of Rassilon probably don't want you laying your, uh whats it called...?" "Quadrat" "That's it, thank you laddie, yes , they probably don't want you laying your quadrat across the street." "Not the mention the city environment will probably have an affect on your results." "Ah yes, a fair argument, I suppose, We'll head away from civilisation to carry out our field work." "Good call" Out of earshot of the Laborers Calder again addressed his grievances to Ragnar, something Ragnar and now Satoshi were becoming used to. "Do those men not look like brigands to you?" "Calder, they are just men out for an honest living, no more dangerous than a simple insect like an ant." Calm down Laddie, you seem to think everyone in this town is some sort of pirate, which is quite plainly, absurd" "They did have a skull and crossbones as the flag on their fort!" "Fair point" Satoshi replied chuckling. Little did Ragnar know that the ants you find in Rassilon are the size of a man's head with venom that will paralyse you with one bite. "Argh Aiie, Ahh!!!!" OOC: Out of the Mocs I've built for BotBS so far (including some I haven't yet published") this one has to be my favourite. I think I'll start a list of the chapters in my signature, anyway thanks for looking I hope you had fun, and as always C and C are most welcome. Bonus pictures on Flickr and in the spoiler tag below.
  3. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 2 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure. Character list in spoiler brackets. The Autumn Blossom was an odd ship. It belonged the All Seasons Trade Guild (ASTG),they were a group of traders from the Lotus Kingdom. It had been built in Corrington but was stylised to better to fit the style of the foreigner's small fleet. Of the four ships that the guild had in Northern Halos and it's colonies the Autumn Blossom was the smallest. It did however still retain a striking visage with an excessive number of lanterns.The vessel was staffed by a small crew of ASTG marines who were ever present on the ship and slept in shifts to ensure that there were always hands on deck. Ragnar Alfredson and his apprentice had brought an incredible amount of equipment with them, more than Yiroe had presumed.After all their cargo was loaded Calder Norrington headed up onto the ship. Calder headed up the ladder causiously. "Are you sure this is safe?" "Absolutely, It is perfectly safe ,don't fret" Ragnar laid back in the row boat and took in his surroundings. The Autumn Blossom easily dwarfed the little rowboat, and Alfredson was intrigued by the Lotus Kingdomish lanterns that adorned the vessel. After everything was stowed on-board Yiroe briefed Ragnar and Calder of the planned route of the journey, Ragnar and Yiroe had already agreed upon most of the details "We will be stopping at the town of Rassilon and then our next port of call will be Quinnsville" Ragnar nodded but Calder was aghast. "What!, we are going to stop on a pirate island and hang about in a pirate town!? Surely this is pure folly!" "I have business in Rassilon, stopping there is non-negotiable. You'll be fine, don't let the tall tales of drunken bragards upset you, Rassilion is perfectly safe" Calder was not fooled by this but he stopped his dissent nonetheless. Yiroe continued "Whilst in Rassilion, I'll leave to attend to my business. My crew will contract us some labourers while we are there, they will also pick-up some new cannons for the ship. However this shouldn't take them too long and you are welcome to their assistance if you should need it." "Need assistance for what exactly?" "To, um" Yiroe had to pause to allow his words to come to him "well, To study the habitats there, uh, is that not what you do?" "That's sounds like an excellent idea!" Ragnar was clearly a lot more enthusiastic about stopping at the Nest of Thieves than his apprentice. " I hear they have wonderful Palm trees!" This was not Ragnar's first time in the new world, however leaving the mainland was a new experience to Calder and he felt uneasy about the trip. That was not his only discomfort, as he found that the gentle sway of the boat left him feeling rather queasy. He went below deck to see the ship's physician, Doctor Ruri. "Not much we can do about this, I suggest you get some fresh air" ILuckily for Calder the ocean breeze was accessible from both below deck and up on the deck. "What's troubling you?" "Something feels off about this whole deal we've got going." "You do love to worry, don't you Calder, I'm sure everything will work out fine. What ever you think is off about this, tell me one thing that makes you suspicius." "Well for the first thing, why didn't they dock at the port, why wait for us out at ocean?, Tell me that's no suspisious!" "Oh Calder you are too cautious for you're own good, It was most likely just a measure to avoid docking fees." Calder remained unconvinced, and continued to assert his suspicions to Ragnar whose laissez-faire attitude was a result of either eccentric naivety or a genuine effort to stop Calder's growing concerns but which of these it was was a mystery to Calder. Yiroe sat alone in the captain's cabin, he inspected the payment, he was most curious as to what it was ,for that was a point that Lady Red Winter had neglected to divulge. He dared not open the bag as the seal had been especially designed to prevent tampering. The winds were generous and carried the Autumn Blossom across the open ocean towards the sea of storms. OOC: This is the second part of Doctor Alfredson's story, thought this chapter had a greater focus on Calder, I hope you all like it. C and C are welcome. (This is the first boat I've moc'd for BotBS, the next one will probably be more orthodox.). I hope that what I've done with the ASTG and the Lotus Kingdom is alright, if not let me know and I can edit the text. I've hyperlinked some of references to other peoples builds ans settlements. Bonus Images are in the spoiler and on flickr. Thanks to @Bregir for the background suggestion.The lanterns on the back were taken from the temple of resurrection set from ninjago.
  4. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 3 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure. Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom. Character list in spoiler brackets. On his journey through the sea of storms Ragnar had bonded with one of the All Seasons Trade Guild Marines, a jolly old man by the name of Satoshi. At Ragnar's request Captain Yiroe had allowed Satoshi to go off with the scientists on their field work on the island, as long as they hired the labourers first. Upon Arriving in Rassilon the first sensation to reach the men was that of a lyrical melody. The Weelond players had deiced to practice in Rassilon, far away from the prying ears of their Esolandian rivals and managed to get permission to use the bandstand on the premise that there music was a free charitable gift to the people of Rassilon. "I see bright hills, and pasture's green, the grapevine gives freely it's fruit." "What does it mean to love the sea? To see the land so fresh and clean, but run back far from our home, to the ocean that I have known." The players sang their song in background.Calder was not softened by the tune the flute nor that of the paino and he was still extremely anxious, and eager to done with this whole ordeal. He had hoped they'd be in Cocovia by now ,with his limited seafaring experience he had assumed they'd get there much quicker. "Should we not get moving? Time is not a finite resource, it would be safer for us to continue." "It's a lovely melody.So needless to say you'd regret it if you missed out.Besides we have no idea when Yiroe will be back so there isn't any need to rush, we should make the most of this oppertunity," Satoshi chipped in saying "It's no better to be safe than sorry." Calder let out a resigned sigh and submitted. "I suppose it is a nice tune." "There we go, you're slowly learning that life is okay" A small crowd had gathered to listen to the song. The Weelond players were glad that there song was well recieved. "Land is full of toil of pain, but life at sea is much the same" "flute noises" "and yet when I feel the salt in the wind and taste that ocean breeze I know where I belong." "I know where I belong ,Within that deep blue throng" "In a vessel bought from the Weelond wharf, I'll sail contented and free." "I'll sail with the wind behind me, and I won't let the sun blind me," "No one's here to berate me, I'll sail contented and free, Knowing it's where I'm glad to be" "Traveling from port to port, cashing in on my trade and bringing glory with me back home." "Oh glory comes home to Esol..." (the players decided to omit that word to make the song more appealing to their current audience.)" Thanks to the love of the sea!" "All thanks to the love of the sea!" "Woo,Encore Encore!" Calder still had his grivences and tried again to address them to Ragnar. "I'm odds and ends,You seem so positive about this trip, but can you really be so without doubt? "You seemed happy to sign up in the first place, We're talking away I don't know what I'm to say, I don't know how to help you." "If you want to help then tell me, these things that you say is it life or just to play my worries away?" "Honestly I think we'll be fine, we should back on Corrish soil in a day or two ,Are you fine to carry on or do need some rest?" "I'm fine thanks, It will be over faster if we get it done, I just hope Yiroe and Ruri don't take too long." They left the bandstand ready to hire some labourers. The music they left behind still rang out across town.Much to displeasure of those in Rassilon who did not like being awake. OOC: This is the Third part of Doctor Alfredson's story and also my entry in category 3 of the Musicians Talent Fair Mini-Challenge , whilst its separate parts are spread over an area it is too big but it can all fit on a 16 x 16 so I hope that's okay, if not then could you count the bandstand on it's own as my entry. C and C are as always welcome. Calder's temperament in this chapter is more intense intense than I'd originally intended but I couldn't miss an opportunity to reference my favourite song (The first person to spot all the references to this song wins a free no-prize prize). Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it .
  5. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 1 Arlof upon Sea was a small Corrish town, one its main landmarks was it's prestigious university, It was not the most renown university in Corrington but it was fairly decent, if university league tables existed it would probably be quite near the top, or at least that what the board of directors would have you believe. The board of directors had thought that Arlof University needed something to to put it on the map ,as the saying goes, so when one of their doctors of ecology suggested going on a journey to New World, they fully supported him, hoping that it would bring fame and praise to their humble establishment. Alfredson however had plans of his own that he had to chosen not to divulge to the board of directors. Doctor Ragnar Alfredson stood out on the Arlof docks quietly waiting for his contact. The silk trader arrived right on que, Ragnar had been waiting for about twenty minutes before he arrived but this was due Ragnar's promptness rather than any tardiness on the part of the captain. "So, is there space for me on the Autumn Blossom?, I hear you're headed to the new world and me and my apprentice have the very same destination in mind." "Yes, we will be docking in Cocovia, but if you want more stops along the way then I'm sure you could afford them." "Do you have the payment?" Ragnar nodded and handed the captain a sack. "As discussed." It was lighter than the captain had been expecting, too light to be Doubloons at any rate ,but it bore the correct seal and seemed to be the package his superiors were expecting, they had not told him what the pack would be and he had naively assumed it would be mere coin. "The ship will be waiting out in ocean," He gestured to a small rowing boat, "you can use our rowboat to get across, oh and since you'll be the on voyage with me I'd like you to address me as Captain Yiroe" Ragnar nodded again in agreement as Yiroe left the dock house. He then went about making the proper preparations and found his apprentice Calder Norrington to help carry the equipment. They worked together to load up the rowboat and ended up having to make multiple journeys out to the Autumn Blossom. Ragnar was lucky that his fiancée Alice Elieasdottir was not as forgetful as he. She met him outside the dock house and brought him his compass, an essential tool which he had neglected to remember. "Aha, I knew I had missed something, thank you dear." "You're welcome, but I'm afraid that's not all you forgot..." "Oh" "You were going to tell your colleagues where to wish farewell from." "Yes of course, how about here?" "Sounds good to me." Ragnar looked down at his compass, musing. "Would it be better to call compasses space clocks or to call clocks time compasses?" "What? Oh I guess the time compasses sounds better." "I think it fits better if the naming system is uniform, yeah, time compass does sound better." Ragnar nodded. After they were informed, they came to wish farewell to Calder and Ragnar. ( from left to right :Alice Elieasdottir, Argus Wyld Professor of Archaeology,William Jayek head of the board of directors and chemist, Keith Marcoson Doctor of Botany, Magnus Pertwee Professor of Physics , Gwenive Dorn Professor of Military History and Angus Keltch Student of Economics.) As the others waved gentle Keith sound out asking for a souvenir, The little rowboat pulled back past the crowd as Calder and Ragnar neared the Autumns Blossom. "I mean both of you get me one!" "So you only want one but from the both of us." Ragnar teased Keith but all were in good spirits as the boat slowly drew out of sight. OOC: This is the first part of Doctor Alfredson's story I hope you all like it. C and C are welcome. (This is my first, introductory freebuild I hope I did it right )