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  1. Aussie BJ

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Where at? Prices any cheaper than RRP?
  2. Aussie BJ

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    Thanks guys I wasn't sure what would happen with dirt and dust but suprisingly it's been pretty good. The floor is cleaned at least once a week and because we don't live in the garage there isn't much dust. Also the car lives outside most of the time and only enters of a night or if storms are around.
  3. Aussie BJ

    MOC - Reece Plumbing Store

    Tiny but cute. The blue parts bins are great!
  4. Aussie BJ

    MOC/MOD - Tractor & Machinery Dealer

    Looks great LT. Really like the decals. Might have to give it a go myself one of these days.
  5. Aussie BJ

    MOC IGA Supermarket (Large)

    Hi All Here's a little something I built a while back. It's based on a new proposed supermarket which is to be built in my local town. As you'll see I had to build it twice when I found out the developer had changed the original design. It was a great build and I even got to display it in the local RSL when a town meeting was held by the developers to update the community on the progress of the supermarket. Early design and layout taking shape. Some more initial ramp designs. Facade coming along well. Just after finishing this, I found new plans for the updated supermarket so it was back to the drawing board. Just a mess! It was actually good to build the first one which gave some sense of scale. So when I started the new one I basically started with the underground car parking and went up from there. It ended up having a full interior complete with shopping trolleys, automatic (HOG) entry door, carpark lighting, HOG ceiling fans and much more. I hope you enjoy Cheers Brendan
  6. Aussie BJ

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    Thanks all I'm very happy with it. Here's a couple of updates on the town layout. Still a WIP with lots more planned. Thanks again for commenting. Brendan
  7. Aussie BJ

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    Hi all It's been a while since I posted last but as you'll see I've been busy working on a new layout and storage. I was sick of having to pack up at the end of the day so decided I needed something permanent. But it was catch 22 with our Lego room being in our cars home too. After some research I came up with this and I hope you all enjoy. Trains on the cold concrete floor are no more. The new large table so I can now have a permanent display. But what about the car? After a few rough layouts and a bit of paint we now have a base to start our township. But what about the Car? Well, I hooked up a winch, added some cable and pulleys and now the car can park underneath while I get to enjoy a permanent layout (when down of course!). Here's a link to a few more pictures of the lifting design. It's still a work in progress in regards to the layout but it's getting there and I'll post a few updates soon. and done...! Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers Brendan
  8. Yep picked up both sets at myer and all arctic sets plus some road plates. Lady even scanned my myer one code and I got the extra 10% off. All my savings ended up going when I bought a fire station modular at the GC show today. $370 bit pricey but you just don't see them any more. Though I could of sold it twice before leaving the show.
  9. I'm hitting Robina tomorrow with a $500 budget so disappointed about Myer's stock. Its always been like that. How was David Jones stocks? Anyone have a cargo train and station on special?
  10. Very strange maybe one last push before they get discontinued? Also strange that the new advent calendars aren't showing up under new items, they are under 'exclusives' though. Not a sale or deal but I've just order 3 Exo-Suits and 2 research labs and have had an email saying Research Labs have been shipped and a Sept 28th for ship on the ES. So even though it says Sold Out on the website give customer service a call and they will help you. Cheers Brendan
  11. Yep got mine too. Wasn't looking good at Robina though, I hit Myers up first and they had nothing new at all! oh sorry! they had some new train track packs. Then hit Kmart and nothing again. So down in the dumps I strolled into BigW and I was like a kid in a candy shop, one of those and one of those um no not one of those yet one, um one of those then I turned around and see new train sets, stations etc. I could of spent a couple of grand in there today but stopped at $400 and ended up with a SSS the black air ship thingy and a Arctic Boat set. Can't wait for a sale as another SSS is definitely on the cards. Sorry didn't check Target or DJ's. Asked BigW if they would match Shop4me but sadly they wouldn't.
  12. Well I'm hitting Robina this Saturday and I've got everything crossed and hope one of them put all new ones out early. I need 2 SSS for both my boys and a cargo train set and new station for me. ;-)
  13. Hi All, has anyone purchased through Hobby Warehouse before? They seem to have a lot of stock and 20% - 25% off RRP. I was just looking for a local stockist of Benny's Spaceship and this site came up in my searching. They also have a few other new sets listed but no TLM Rescue Reinforcements (Is this an exclusive to TouyrUs?) Cheers Brendan
  14. Aussie BJ

    MOC: My home town 'Maclean' NSW Australia

    Thanks again LT, Lego Man Poop was packaged up M&M's. The kids thought it was hilarious. Thanks Timmyc, No breakages during transport and nothing was dropped on the way. It was the talking point and I'm still getting stopped in the street with people telling me how good it was. Wish I had more time to tell you all how it went but I've been slammed with work and finding 5 minutes over breakfast is about all I've got at the moment. All I can say is it was a fantastic day with 100's of kids and adults commenting on the display. Some adult faces dropped when they realised it was actually replica of our town. Some said to me that looks like the Bank down town then I would point out all the other buildings and the look on their faces was priceless. Our Lego display manage to raise just over $100 for our school and all the stalls combined it was close to $10,000 raised. The school P&C is purchasing a bank of Laptops for the kids which will be great compared to the dinosaurs their using now. When I get a chance I'll upload a few photo's from the day. Thanks for all the comments guys and gals, it's be a great experience and I hope I can do it again soon.
  15. Aussie BJ

    MOC: My home town 'Maclean' NSW Australia

    Well today is the day of the Fete but yesterday was setup day and here a few pictures. All packed up. I'm such a purist I even used Lego numbers from the business card set to help with remembering the road plate locations. Heaps of room in the school hall has really made it easy to setup. I allowed 8 hours and it took like 3. All done, just a few finishing touches this morning before the crowds come. Not sure if I mentioned it earlier but for a fund raising I have a Lego guessing comp with Lego stationary as prizes and we have bags of Lego Man Poop for sale.