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  1. I have at least 4 versions, two of which are different than any in your picture. None of mine have mold numbers.
  2. I would really like to build one of those. Are there more pictures, information, or building instructions?
  3. I had this same issue. Yesterday, after I downloaded and installed the newest version of LPUB3D. I "generated the fade color parts list". Restarted my PC. Then the parts did not appear in MLCAD. So, I downloaded and installed the parts library and/or updated those parts in MLCAD, LDVIEW, and LPUB3D. I clicked on "generate fade color parts list" in LPUB3D and restarted, many times because it kept failing. This morning the fade parts are displaying correctly in LPUB3D and I would like to know what I did right!!
  4. How to make a fun/interesting railway?

    https://bluebrick.lswproject.com/ BlueBrick is a wonderful and free software I use all the time. It's good for basic layouts all the way to complex, multi- layer layouts. You can create layouts according to the size of your table.
  5. Check this out! This switch works great! It can easily be remotely controlled. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-11841/1963maniac/pf-motorized-actuated-train-track-switch/#comments
  6. Alternative Couplers?

    These are available on Bricklink for less than a dollar/Euro. Train Buffer Beam with Sealed Magnets - Type 2 (flat bottom)Item No: 91968c01
  7. Check out this new Lego powered train track switch. It works very well and is 100% Lego. Once connected to the IR receiver and battery pack, it can be remotely controlled. Building instructions and inventory available. www.rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-11841/1963maniac/pf-actuated-train-track-switch/#admin
  8. Stud.io is still a beta version. But, I still use it a lot to convert from one format to another. It's also very easy to do a render of anything digital. I use the parts catalog all the time at Bricklink. I cannot enjoy this hobby without the wealth of information available on Bricklink. The LDRAW group of software is archaic and not so easy to learn and use, but it is kept up to date. And, therefore worth the effort it takes to learn to use it. The names of parts are very similar between Bricklink and the LDRAW softwares. Familiarity with Bricklink part names will help to find them in MLCAD for instance. Keep at it and you will get the knowledge you want, even if it's only a step at a time.
  9. If you are going to use Lego Digital Designer, check out the user manual in "help". Take some time to play with it and learn. LDD does not have all the parts. It is limited. Lego is no longer updating it. It is easy to learn and it's files end in lxf. "Stud.io" is a new free software put out by bricklink.com. Get to know bricklink! LDRAW.org has a whole host of free software for Lego enthusiasts. Those files end in .dat, .ldr., or mpd. I use MLCAD, LDVIEW, and LPUB3D.to make builing instructions. Stud.io can open any of these and export the files in these other formats. So, if you find any files that you do not know how to open, download the appropriate software and open the files. Rebrickable.com has a lot of MOCs (my own creations) all with building instructions and parts list. Its a good place to start. If you open files in Stud.io, it can also give you a list of parts from the file. I hope I answered your question. Maybe i have caused you to have more. Also, I have found it easier to search Eurobricks by using a search engine and then navigate to eurobricks form there.
  10. I got this to work once, But I have 9 more to do and all I get is errors.
  11. I tried the above solution. I created the submodel in MLCAD. In LPUB3D, the PLI appears as unassembled. The assembly is made up of 14 parts. Is that too many? It is not working for me.
  12. LDD does not respond to the order it is built. I just tried it. The order can be changed and controlled in Ldraw. I use MLCAD. the line of code for for a part can easily be dragged and dropped into any order necessary. To get the file from lxf to ldr I use Stud.io from bricklink. Import the file as Ldd and export it as Ldr, of course save a copy. I have made building instructions many times in this way. At the end I just use LPUB3D to create the pages. Also, I use Stud.io for rendering. It's relatively easy and does a great job.
  13. Sorry about this question but, sometimes frustration overtakes common sense. Have you checked that the channels are set the same on the remote and IR receiver?
  14. LEGO Is Plastic! When it's all said and done it's still plastic! A lot of good comes out of digital building. BUT, it will still be made in plastic!
  15. I just checked bricklink. Those brackets in America are $8.75 each. That $17.50 plus shipping for just one pair! Whew! Alternative builds are what I need help with.