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  1. 1963maniac

    MOC - The Lair of the Green Goblin

    Highly creative!!! Your gargoyles are great!
  2. You know I find those buffer exchanges hard to do. I did one successfully once. It was more accidental than purposeful. It was when I was first learning MLCAD. I just kept at it. Finally one attempt turned out right. But, I never really knew why it finally turned out the way I intended.
  3. https://jc-tchang.philohome.com/model/LDCad_a.htm This is a very large LDCAD Tutorial that includes Buffer Exchanges. It's in french but "Google translate" can help with that. I have found it to be very helpful on other issues. He also has a LPUB3D tutorial: https://jc-tchang.philohome.com/model/LPub3D.htm. I think I would just make separate page images for your second windshield version. Then you could insert pages and add pictures to show that 2nd windshield in LPUB3D. Many times I've made separate pages or a picture to work around just such a problem. Make the LPUB3D file show the complete building instruction with the first windshield. Let's say that the BI has that winshield on page 98 of 100. Now, change your LDCAD file replacing windshield 1 with windshield 2. Now, go to page 98 of changed LPUB3D file, and export those last pages as PNG images and add them to the end of your BI. Don't forget, you can add text too. If you're successful with the group command, please share how you did it here.
  4. 1963maniac

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Yup, I have one of those from about 56 years ago. Mine are slightly more yellowish. they are probably made out of nylon.
  5. Are you going to be making building instructions?
  6. 1963maniac

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks soooo muuuch!!!! I figured they had something to do with Bionicle, But just could not find them on Bricklink. It was obvious there were several versions too. BTW, I have now found my favorite store in all the world, called "Bricks and Minifigs". Here in the USA they are a chain that are Lego resellers.
  7. 1963maniac

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Can anyone offer a part number, name or set this comes in? Thanks much for any help.
  8. 1963maniac

    Stud.io Noob Questions

    The first thing I do with an LXF file is convert it and save in a format/ version I will be using. It's probably unnecessary to even say this at this point.
  9. This is a good place to try. Give "The Lego Group" a shot and ask them for the building instructions. Or, you might have to build it from the pictures. Let us know how you do.
  10. 1963maniac

    Angle Panels That Don't Quite Match

    For posting images on EB, it's best to post them on flicker, bricksafe, etc. (somewhere else) and post just the link. They will appear on your post just fine from a link.
  11. The first time I saw a Lego Rubic's cube solver, It achieved a solution in less than 5 seconds. Knowing and following Technic from it's beginning til now. I was not shocked at it's amazing ability. Of course, I knew something else very different came before it. This is one such Lego machine. But this was done with old school Technic made with studded elements, no servos and old low torque motors. The program to run this had to be written, no drag and drop here. This really is impressive!!!!!
  12. 1963maniac

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    Maybe, you could share a video.
  13. 1963maniac

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    I think He is working on an RC Sian with same size/shape motors but better performing motors. If no one else wants to know about it, I do!!
  14. 1963maniac

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    Buggy motors and Buwizz is the way to go, Kbalage is right along with many others. The Lego buggy motors are $100+ US, not cheap! You can get after market ones from China that are supposedly equal to the Lego performance and much cheaper. There are threads about both topics here on EB, just Google it.
  15. Administrator?, nope, I don't get that deep into the program. I figured out a way to get the Chiron parts into MLCAD in 2018 and was able to make BIs for the gearboxes coming out in 2018. I like free, it's good. This last year they have really started asking for money more on Rebrickable. I understand it but I still like FREE! Thanks for the kind words. And you and everyone are welcome to the free BIs I do. Attika and I worked for many months on that project. And I'm stuck on our current project because LPUB3D can't redraw"page cut off images". Anytime you want to learn more about submodels/ call outs or anything else. Just contact me, I'd be happy to help you.