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  1. OOH! This IS a thrill. I'm so happy with this , I don't have to set up a studio anymore. These renders are GREAT!
  2. You might want to consider 9398 Crawler. It's fun to play with as well as build. It has has 2 large steering ball joints, 4 portal axles, 2 large motors and 1 servo motor amonst it's parts. Plus 4 shock absorbers with extra hard springs.
  3. I guess I need a little more direction on how that is done. Thanks I figured this out myself. You have to save it on your PC first without the ".txt" on the end of the file name.
  4. Philo, Thanks for this work. But, how do you open it in LDCAD or MLCAD?
  5. I use MLCAD for virtual building plus adding steps, rotations and etc. I use LPUB3D for making the instructions. I use Stud.io because it is easy and gives a great render (using a high enough quality setting).
  6. The first time I used Technic it was studded. But, I wished for studless even then before we knew what studless was. I'm so very glad LEGO eventually went to studless Technic.
  7. and ERIC LEPPEN said: For me, relaxation is a big part, and Lego is a great medium because it's limited to fixed-shape elements that can be combined in lots of ways to create interesting things. It's limited enough to be manageable and not overwhelming, yet offers enough possibilities to stay interesting for many years. But what is it that attracts me in the act of Lego building? I think it's the combination of, being alone, escaping from the real world, relaxation, familiarity, focus on something abstract, creative expression, the sensation of touching the Lego bricks, and probably there's even more things. Many things come together in Lego building. It can't be said any better than they did!
  8. 1963maniac

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    You are not going to be able to press the track directly onto a baseplate without using riser plates (in between tracks and baseplate) to connect straight and 90 degree portions to the plate below. Those curved areas of track will not do it.
  9. 1963maniac

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    Are your track connecting points on the switches damaged in any way? I guess I'm not much help.
  10. 1963maniac

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    If you're assembling this layout with the so called "corner tracks" also being known as "curved tracks" then it should fit perfectly. I assembled it on "Bluebrick" software and it works there. Maybe check your connections, fully seated?
  11. 1963maniac

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    Which switches you are using makes a difference on the answer to your question. Get a part # for your switches from bricklink.com. What do you mean by corner tracks? Do you mean cross tracks?
  12. If they are exactly the same, then "2X" works. But if they mirror each other, I would want two instructions.
  13. 1963maniac

    Tribute Model 8880 Evo

    There is both an LDD and an LDRAW file here https://bricksafe.com/pages/1963maniac These are both Attika's. The LDR was converted by "Stud.io". I don't know how to bend the soft axles. So, you''l have to imagine then bent properly.
  14. Thank you! And, I'm sure I will have questions sometime.
  15. Would you be willing to post them somewhere free like "bricksafe" and post a link here?