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  1. 1963maniac

    [MOC] RC Cable Excavator

    This looks really awesome! It works well! But, what is a PF BB?
  2. 1963maniac

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    That is a beautiful example of Lego Mastery. I'm just wondering why it was only today that I got an email about it, thirteen days late!!!
  3. I have started working on this 8854. I own one.
  4. 1963maniac

    Lego declining drastically?

    In USA I've seen some stores stock amounts not making sense. Two Lego "reseller" stores ( Bricks & Minifigs) at opposite ends of the country are very different from each other. One is well stocked and the other is very poorly stocked. As for chain stores like Target and Walmart their shelves are a little empty, I think because Lego is selling better since people are staying home with their kids. The toy departments in general (in stores) are a little more sparse.
  5. 1963maniac

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Check this out!! https://www.hellobricks.com/2018/11/looping-parfait-lego-10261-rollercoaster/ A perfect looping (and a genius idea) for the roller coaster LEGO 10261 Rollercoaster History not to talk only Black Friday and LEGO novelties, let's change some of the subject with this impressive custom version of the LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Rollercoaster set : to look even more like a real roller coaster, Florian Lochner had fun doubling the circuit with a bonus curve and a looping loop, while keeping a very compact ... Finally, barely larger than the original set! The stroke of genius: turn the rails 90% to perform the looping. And it works perfectly ... Is this something that LEGO had planned in the design of its rails or is it just a happy coincidence? The result is in any case both aesthetic and effective! For the curious, the circuit is controlled by the Mindstorms EV3 which controls four M Power Functions engines: one for the climbs, one for the wheels located in the upper corners, one to open / close the doors of the passenger loading dock (with an infrared sensor), and one for the output of the train. https://www.flickr.com/photos/168123198@N08/45159348804/in/photostream/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/168123198@N08/sets/72157702098098561/
  6. 1963maniac

    Timeline for all Lego Themes?

    I've never seen any kind of chart like that for the whole of Lego for all time, No. It would be very interesting to see! I wonder if Brickset has one or any of the other websites like that, Bricklink or Rebrickable, etc.
  7. 1963maniac

    What is Your Dream LEGO Set?

    In 1988 it was 8865 Test Car. I was starting my family, so no money went to Lego. I certainly wasn't going to buy "toys" for me. I eventually bought the parts to make it in the nineties. Then, in 1994 it was the 8880 Super Car. Ooh!, I wanted that one, so many cool new parts. In the nineties, I didn't know I was an AFOL. I thought I was the only foolish adult that wanted Legos!!! Two years ago, I could have bought it for $100 but no longer wanted studded Technic. Now, I have a nice collection of Technic Lego. And lately, it's roller coasters.
  8. 1963maniac

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Here is another great idea for roller coasters : the Drop coaster; It has an elevator!! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/56b31583-12c0-42f0-9250-6694be3ffe90 LEGO GBC Roller Coaster Scary Mimi This one has a pusher at 0:11 Is your chain drive running a little jerky on your 10261? The problem is the wheel pushers at the top rail. If they are disengaged, the chain runs smooth! I have disengaged mine and designed a separate motor drive for it. It works great! I have also modded my chain drive to go faster. So many roller coaster MODs are using support girders instead of stacked bricks with an axle. TLG needs to consider this building technique for the next big roller coaster set!! It would be a little cheaper and much easier to build and MOD.
  9. 1963maniac

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    Thanks very much for the clarification!! Yesterday, I successfully made Ultraviolet's cable modification (above). Now I can use my old 9V buggy motors with an IR receiver and RC remote control. I also recently received some batteries with smart technology to stop overcharge and over discharge. Love it!!
  10. 1963maniac

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    I want to make my own. Thanks for your response. So connecting the C2 and 9V wires to the "+" 9V battery wire, usually red wire. And then connecting the 3 remaining wires together is correct (C1, GND, and "-" 9V battery wire, usually black wire). This is correct?
  11. 1963maniac

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    UltraViolet, If a person wanted to make something like a 9 volt lead connected to a PF cable, how should it be wired.
  12. It seems to me you would want all pictures to be taken from a single point of view and distance. That way stitching them together will look right. Maybe I need to understand more about what it is you are working on. Is this a digital file or actual plastic?
  13. 1963maniac

    Issue with 10261 Roller Coaster

    See my post from May 2.
  14. Sorry this is so late. I have been working on a MOC. The parts orders take so long to get here then you find out you needed something different. Then you order again, and you do that seven times and still more is needed. Anyway, the problem is with the wheel mechanism that brings the coaster around the half circle at the top. If that system is disengaged, everything will run smoothly. But obviously you need the coaster to go around up there, whether you crank or power it. Some MOCs use a 24738 track immediately following the chain and they do not use those wheel mech's at all. However this requires a redesign. I developed some work arounds that have increased the speed of the chain and wheel mech and cuts down on gear friction. That idea helps a lot but still is jerky and slows down. I am now thinking about powering the wheel mechs separately from the chain mech.
  15. 1963maniac

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Whoa! zephyr1934 that's a lot of parts!! And, a whole lot of creative thinking Whew!! Here is more from Masao Hidaka: Pretty cool!