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  1. My small loop will be a single one. While I was waiting for your reply, I came up with a little bit different connection from yours. This is the bottom. This is one of the other connections on the small loop. I plan on making all these parts red. I was wondering if you had tried the connection like this one below on the big loop and how it compares to yours? Your connection is probably stronger?
  2. I'm interested in two things. 1. How do you make the connections on the large loop (the ones using the 4x4 plate with rounded corner)? And 2. What is the sequence of parts used on the bottom of the small loop? I looked at your flickr album but I'm still trying to figure out how you accomplished this. BTW, you have inspired me to make a new connection using plates with clips. Those little buggers are handy!
  3. 1963maniac

    Custom minifig help?

    I don't have this hair piece. I have a female pharaoh. Have you seen this one col078 Egyptian Queen - Minifigure only Entry Series 5 Minifigures on Bricklink.com? She has Egyptian styled hair.
  4. 1963maniac

    Custom minifig help?

    Do you know the part number?
  5. PayPal is the best way to go.
  6. Also check Lego shop replacements, it's at the bottom of every page.
  7. 1963maniac

    Inventory help needed

    I thought brickfactory might have it, but no, neither Rebrickable nor Brickset. I'm sorry, I'm not much help.
  8. Listen folks, you really have to have decent hardware to make building instructions (BI). The Lego parts files are not small and when there are a lot in your MOC, It just does take a lot of RAM, high speed HD, a very good GPU, and a very fast CPU!! It just does need it. I don't even use a HD, I have a SSD. What a DIFFERENCE!!! In fact I use a "gamers" PC. And, I'm wishing for a display that is way bigger than 27 inches. My current project has nearly 2700 parts. I am more than 2/3 done and it is starting to slow in LPUB3D. You may have to save and restart many times to get through.
  9. 1963maniac

    Hummer H1

    Well done! EXCELLENT work!!
  10. 1963maniac

    My eldest sons collection

    If anyone can help with model number for the red racer on the bottom row... Check Blakbird's Technicopedia. He'll have it there. Your son has the "B" model on display. Here is the Lego BI link. https://www.lego.com/en-us/service/buildinginstructions/search#?search&text=42005
  11. I'll vote for that as long as LXF files can be easily converted to LDRAW or STUD.IO formats.
  12. 1963maniac

    Amazon Sales

    What is TLM2? And, what does it have to do with lego?
  13. 1963maniac

    Stickers isn't a big deal! Or is it?

    I have many sets with stickers. Over the years they start peeling and will not stay on any longer. The adhesive goes bad!!!. Most of the time I don't use them.