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  1. 1963maniac

    Lego stores

    "Lego brand stores" and "Legoland" are owed and operated by Merlin Entertainment. They stick to highly populated areas. Also, look for "Bricks and Minifigs" stores, they are Lego resellers.
  2. This works fine. The studs do not actually touch the dbg part.
  3. 1963maniac

    Running Man Automaton

    He's reaaly cool! Any building Instructions? I'd like to build him.
  4. 1963maniac

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    WHOA! This is passed words. My mouth is hanging open.
  5. 1963maniac

    [MOC] HMS Imperial

    That is IMPRESSIVE!!!
  6. Thank You for the info on Archive.org. Wow!!
  7. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Ten years later, it's still a good link!! MANY THANKS DLuders!!!!
  8. 1963maniac

    [MOC] Pirate Paradise 🤩🤩🤩

    I love it too!!!
  9. I don't know what you are trying to do. I'm wondering why you are not using the free building instructions from rebrickable?
  10. Oveall it is 14 x 14. The 1x2 attatchment points are 13 x 13.
  11. These are the settings I use for images for building instructions: PhotoReal Render quality: medium, more is not nessessary Background and light: Default and transparent (transparent background lets you put the image on any background you choose) Light: Mechanic and right front, I would try several to see what looks best for your subject. Change only one thing per try. Device: GPU if you have good hardware! Camera: default and perspective Image size 1920 x 1080 Format: png 16 bit Most of the time I'm doing Technic stuff so "mechanic" lighting may not be best for your application.
  12. I figured it was. Is the file available for others to use?
  13. WOW!! Huge exibit of Technic Lego. That is awesome!!! There are several Archimedes screws. What part is used to make the screw?
  14. 1963maniac

    [MOC] Rumble seat

    Well done!! You are funny, chuckle, chuckle.