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  1. With the project on built at the moment, I've been using one of the older 9V cables to connect 2 extensions cable running from the switch to the Servo- motor in my build, with that set up I can control the Servo-motor either with PF IR Remote, or by using the switch itself. It does need 2 extension wires + 1 9V cable at one line, but it does works just fine. Just attached a quick sketch
  2. Well..... been long since last post ...... but by now I'm at my final stages at this month I found the 42043-Unimog again.... got a lot of dust since last time .. haha .... I kinda rebuild the whole chassis, to make the 4x4 work proper, stronger and with front diff. but that meant less room for other functions ....... Well, the cab, Front and bonnet is the same, as I really liked that part .... :D ... Only 1 note for the 4x4 build...... I wasn't easy to build the 4x4 with that few U/CV joints in the 42043 set..... so for connecting the FWD, I simply had to add a CV/joint extra to the set .....
  3. I have 40K parts in sets, and about 1500 spare parts. so +- 41500 parts
  4. So far i will mount a 5th wheel, for a lowbed trailer, maybe a tibber trailer later. But there's plenty of room, so a cargobox, flatbed, crane will be possible to build It is exactly the same video
  5. Well, I don't actually know if a 3643 CrewCab Tractor unit exists. But this one has been my main inspirations. But it is a 2933 but the idea of my zetros build, started after seeing this 3643 AS tractor truck in a YouTube video
  6. Nope, in the new there's no gearbox. The model are powered by 2 xl motors, 1 mounted on the front axle, and the second one mounted on the rear axles.... The old gearbox was geared really low, but could handle the Weight still, axle and gears got broken due the high torque. With the new chassis, it drives a little faster, but still have enough torque to handle to haul a big trailer
  7. Well, reading your comments made me really happy, Thnx guys, I'm really glad you like it so far. Newer seen the truck irl, while there is only 1 zetros in whole Denmark. So the build are only based on pictures and data, blueprint etc. I'm going to make instructions for it, but dono when. While I have 2 finish school also. I don't mind share my progress so far. Just need some more time.
  8. Hi everybody. last month I started a new project, while my 42043-C Unimog U4000 is on standby. I kinda like the Mercedes Benz team. so this one will be another Zetros. while my 42043-C Zetros was a C-model, this Zetros 3643 AS 6x6, will be way bigger, and not a C-model. Below is the blueprint I'm actually building from. been during a lot of research, blueprints and calculated a proper scale many times..... so by basing the scale on the wheels I figured out that a 1:12.5 scale would fit very well. I got some RC wheels 108mm, which kinda looks like the Zetros tires, but the Claas Tractor tires will fit the model very well too. Now let me show some pictures of my actual model so far. This one was my first atempt to build a proper fitting chassis for the Zetros But after a month with rebuilds and testing, I got to scrap that design, as the gearbox wasn't strong enough to power 3-4 kg of lego. also was the chassis a bit to flexible. so during january I ended up with this design: And by now I have finished most of the chassis, on moved on to the cab. As told it is the CrewCab model I'm building, mostly because it is the one I like most, and think it fits the size of the truck very well. By finishing the Chassis, it also means that bumbers and headlights are done. I'm not quite sure about the headlights yet, but it will work for now. The picture above, is the current prgress. More will follow. more pictures at:
  9. HI! . I'm sorry, but haven't got the time for it. have got a lot of schoolwork the past months. as soon as I get some time of, I will continue the build
  10. Cool... thnx.. I will take your idea in mind it looks pretty solid...
  11. Want to use the rims from 8110 unimog, (can't remember the number) With some big custom crawler tires(1/9" 108mm)
  12. Hi EB!. I need some inspiration for a live axle, which I'm gonna need in my 1:12 scale Zetros I want a compact, but strong front axle. Built as a live front axle. Features: lockable diff (pneumatic), servomotor in the axle, 2016 portal hubs, 17 studs wide, and really compact Springs and linkage points ain't important, kinda easy to make, but I really got some troubles making that kinda live axle.... Sorry no picture of my current progress, but I'm gonna post some of my ideas tomorrow.
  13. Great job! ... Looking forward to build it ... may I ask which 3D software did you use for instructions? .. looking really good
  14. Yeah... I will try calculate some at first.