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  1. Alright... it's the middle of January, when do we get to start preordering?? :D
  2. Looks like prices were posted incorrectly. The smart bogie was expected to be priced around $100. Michael Gale never specified a price for the switches but said it would be “much less than $100.” - Jeff
  3. Jeffinslaw

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    Some really great things going on here! Love it!
  4. Jeffinslaw

    The last guide you will need to repair Lego Train 9v Connectors

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  5. Jeffinslaw

    My Updated Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Model

    Not sure yet! Parts are arriving this week to build it. It should work just fine I think. -Jeffinslaw
  6. Jeffinslaw

    My Updated Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Model

    I'll have to check it out, thanks! I am partial to the modified plates with handle and closed ends. I do still wish to retain a little bit of LEGO-ness to the model. I may revisit this part though... thank you for the comments!! Thank you! Appreciate the kind words. Thank you very much! -Jeffinslaw
  7. Jeffinslaw

    My Updated Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Model

    Both correct! It takes some serious time to create the flex tubing in LDCad and then exporting it into Studio. It will be done eventually. Just not ready to fight with that just yet. I have several to to as well: left and right main hand rails redo left and right hand rails for the pilot truck there is a U shaped handrail that goes over the front of the headlight some other L shaped hoses that come down from the boiler to underneath the cab Thanks for the comments guys!!
  8. Posted with Moderator approval Hey guys! I am super happy to present my latest steam engine MOC! It is an update of my original Big Boy model. This version has been completely reworked from the ground up with the idea in mind of what a museum quality/collector piece of the real life Big Boy would look like when modeled in LEGO. I will let you guys decide if I achieved that goal! Some of the updated features of this build are: correct boiler diameter with correct boiler expansion and contraction as you move back towards the cab strength improvements to the boiler/drive train accurately modeled details such as boiler backend, piping, and valve gear a display stand for the model when not running it on a layout Remaining pieces have been ordered for my test build. Should be arriving late this week, early next and will have it built soon. Expect lots of videos once it is complete! How about some pictures? Would love to hear all of your comments/thoughts on the model whether positive or negative! Finally, you will be able to purchase this model as a full kit. Featured in the kit is: all of the brand new LEGO pieces required high quality and highly detailed printed instructions decals printed directly to bricks display stand with UCS style plaque two custom printed minifigures all custom pieces needed (battery box, train control method of choice, 3D printed drivers and side rods) lights and sound from BrickStuff and Fx Bricks, respectively (available as add-ons) Kit can be pre-ordered from my site at: - Jeffinslaw
  9. It's definitely not end of life, just out of stock.
  10. One thing people seem to miss is that these speed regulators can also be used by the GBC community. I'm not in that community but they buy up the old 9V style speed regulators in droves.
  11. Dental pick or very carefully slide a blade underneath them.
  12. Jeffinslaw

    Increasingly losing patience with Lego

    Got any more info on this? And just because you belong to a SUBSET of a board LEGO forum that loves trains, please understand that we are in the minority of a minority. I'd say there are probably between 500 and 1000 people who may be seriously interested in LEGO trains. That market might as well be non-existent as far as TLG is concerned.
  13. Jeffinslaw

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Oh, sadly you won't find wheels with that much detail unless you design them yourself.
  14. Jeffinslaw

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    All wheel sizes in all design are offered on
  15. Or you could go with a company that doesn't rip off designs: