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  1. Building BMR Freight cars

    Part 48336 and 2540 are indeed getting hard to find and expensive. I emailed altbricks inquiring if they could start manufacturing those parts to help with the demand (I cited that for people modeling boxcars from the first half of the 20th century need a lot of these parts). Wondering where they are on that... -Jeffinslaw
  2. Yikes... not great for the community...
  3. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening! I have also been one of those individuals buying large quantities of the train couplers and magnets... -Jeffinslaw
  4. Building BMR Freight cars

    Great use of the pistols on the trucks, I did something similar with the trucks for my Great Northern Empire builder: -Jeffinslaw
  5. Glue is your friend... I had to glue all of my ME 104 and 88 together.
  6. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    Excellent job on these. My favorite is the Rio unit. Bright light orange is an exact CMYK value match to the real world color they used. -Jeffinslaw
  7. ME Models currently uses code 100 track for their curves and rail joiners. They have to use straight pieces of rail which does provide a little bit of issues on tight radius curves I believe. That's all I know. -Jeffinslaw
  8. This looks exciting! Since it is 3-D printed, can you design the switches to have groves cut out to fit HO code 100 track? -Jeffinslaw
  9. My Bad Experience with ME Models Curves

    This. My girlfriend and I spent a good solid week gluing 180 sections of track. WELL WORTH IT. This stuff is solid and doesn't break apart, rather "explode" when you touch it. Take your time and glue it. ME Models does plan on doing solid pieces for their plastic track eventually. -Jeffinslaw
  10. New MOC: Union Pacific 4017 "Big Boy"

    Looks great! Can't wait to see a video of it running! -Jeffinslaw
  11. Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014

    Looks killer! -Jeffinslaw
  12. Home Layout WIP

    Replace the black 1x1 and 1x4 with grey 1x1 and 1x4 to simulate concrete sleepers :) -Jeffinslaw
  13. Home Layout WIP

    Looks great! I would have gone with light bluish grey tiles for the sleepers to represent concrete sleepers since you're running a modern layout. Just my two cents! Looks killer. -Jeffinslaw
  14. Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    Got my wheels in today. They look great. Just wish they had that polished appearance like actual bricks but not much can be done about that since they're being printed. Will post some pictures when I post pictures of my Cab Forward. -Jeffinslaw
  15. The ME models 9V curves come with code 100 HO rail already in them. They use rail joiners to connect together. So, all he had to do was file down one end of them :) -Jeffinslaw