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  1. Jeffinslaw

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Injection molded side rods, injection modeled Boxpok drivers, we would be set! I would happily pay the price for that. Would probably be slightly cheaper since a larger amount can be produced. -Jeffinslaw
  2. Jeffinslaw

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Any possibility for injection molded Boxpok drivers in various styles? -Jeffinslaw
  3. Jeffinslaw

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    Great to hear. Hoping to adapt them to the variants on the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and SP&S. -Jeffinslaw
  4. Jeffinslaw

    [MOC] NYC J3A 4-6-4 Hudson - Empire State Express

    Careful with this. You might have a lot of binding. Also, you need to make sure your gears are locked into place and can't flex out of contact. With your current setup, as soon as your wheels hit any sort of resistance, the gear on the axle coming out of your motor will pop out of contact and grind/skip. I would suggest incorporating 87408 into your gear setup. Also, go with a 20 toothed beveled gear for a bit of speed boost. -Jeffinslaw
  5. Jeffinslaw

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Well guys... have some bad news on part 48336 in reddish brown. Received an email from LEGO support that TLG is only producing enough of those pieces for that one specific set and they are not available for sale on their own. So that's a bummer. - Jeffinslaw
  6. Jeffinslaw

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    I would really love to see a collaboration between Shupp (Nate), Ben and zephyr1934 (Benn) for ABS molded train wheels and drive rods. That would be lovely. Thanks, Jeffery
  7. Jeffinslaw

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I'm torn... I'd really like to back but... it's not 9V. While I understand why it isn't, it's just a little tough for me because I'm not ready to give up 9V yet, especially after purchasing well over $500 of ME models 9V curves. I'll think about it some more. Great to see the kickstarter though! -Jeffinslaw
  8. Jeffinslaw

    Building BMR Freight cars

    While these aren't from BMR, they do fit in quite nicely with their other offerings! They even use similar design wheel sets! If you are interested in building a few, you can purchase a set of instructions from my eBay page. Link is in the description of one of my photos in my Flickr stream. Pacific Fruit Express by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr -Jeffinslaw
  9. Jeffinslaw

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    Anyone heard from Nate in awhile? Hoping he will make the Scullin style drivers in the XL size. Only available in XXL right now. -Jeffinslaw
  10. Jeffinslaw

    Washers For Technic Axles

    Wouldn't work quite well since they are metal Will have to get some of those and try them out! Thanks for the link. -Jeffinslaw
  11. Jeffinslaw

    Washers For Technic Axles

    ACE was my first stop. Found some that were really close to being perfect. ID and thickness were great but OD was about 2mm too big. -Jeffinslaw
  12. Jeffinslaw

    Washers For Technic Axles

    Hey guys, I am looking for some washers to fit on technic axles to help with some very marginal space issues. I'd like them to be roughly the dimensions of the 1/2 bushings. Anyone have any links or suggestions? Thanks, Jeffinslaw
  13. Jeffinslaw

    New Haven Railroad GP-9

    Well done!
  14. Jeffinslaw

    Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    This is a very long term project for coaster. There won't be any updates for several months at least.
  15. Jeffinslaw

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Here are some pictures of my USRA/AAR/PS1 custom boxcars. These were designed and built a long time before BMR released their PS1 instructions. I've got a ton of these things already built and will be building another ~9. Union Pacific & SP&S by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr SP&S 1 by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr UP 1 by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr UP 5 by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr Here's a few of them altogether: 2018 So Far by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr Thanks, Jeffinslaw