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  1. efferman, does that represent your Shapeway's LA?
  2. So at this point in the project, the instructions should be gerger's revised carrier, efferman's revised superstructure with new counterweight and flyjib winch, and his large LA from Shapeways for raising the boom. That would make quite a sophisticated crane.
  3. Sure would like to see your results with efferman's LA.
  4. Beautiful work and design, Rōshi!
  5. efferman, which set is shown in the picture above (Blakbird's post)?
  6. Firgelli, or for a more realistic option, maybe use efferman's LA from Shapeways. Has anybody tried it yet? http://www.shapeways.com/model/2595675/xl-linear-actuator-18-studs-stroke.html?materialId=6
  7. You're welcome. Easy conversion, efferman. You did all the work. Just noticed how nicely done the tracks are with the slight sag. Very nice. I'd like to build this one, but being a beginner, I don't have a library of parts to choose from. Just have to try to reduce the number of stores to order from. The shipping will add up!
  8. I redrew the D11 with yellow parts, and tried to eliminate as many of the rare parts as I could. The colors you see are based on using more common parts. For example, the yellow grills on the side of the hood are not available in the US, so I changed them to black. There are other minor changes, and they are noted on the Excel file. There is a LDD file, and also the Excel BOM file. There are also prices that I got from Brinklink yesterday, but they are US prices, and from quite a few different stores. http://bricksafe.com...ow city D11.lxf http://bricksafe.com...w city D11.xlsx
  9. Effe, do you have the lxf file of the white D11 with the added details? The last one I could find in this topic is the yellow one, but doesn't have the new details. Thank you.
  10. Instructions would be great. What a wonderful job you did with this.
  11. A definite "Smile to the Face" project. Well done!