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  1. Time to revive this account I guess... I am now making a LEGO replica of a city bus Iveco Streetway 12M, with currently working drivetrain and steering with a very big angle. The doors are pneumatic, I am planning to put an air tank inside, also the front door and the rear ones will have seperated switches. The rear is not done at all. Same for the interior. I am not really happy with the current look of the lights, does anyone know how to make them smaller? All you can see bellow is a WIP of course. Photos of the real thing: https://seznam-autobusu.cz/en/vuz/111410
  2. WIP It's my first time making a copy of a real model, and I think the start isn't that bad... The front will be probably reworked, I don't like how it looks now. It has two motors - for drivetrain and steering, another two will be on roof for each door. Some pics: Photos of the real bus: More progress soon.
  3. Thanks. 1964 parts according to the 3d model. Low-entry urban 9m bus. They're just too short. I even had to adjust the position of the hub to meke them reach all motors. That was actually the goal.
  4. After a half year of work I present you this bus.The goal was to make as functional bus as possible with least amount of motors.The result is fully RC bus with openable doors, propulsions and steering using only 3 motors. The steering angle is really good. Steered by Large angular motorPropulsion uses XL-motorDoors work smoothly & flawlessly. They are powered by L-motorPowered by C+ hub.Lots of interion & exerior details. Building and programming instructions for $9.99: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-100999 Video:
  5. The concept was to try out how a simple wheeled vehicle would do on snow, the result was even better than expected :)
  6. Skid steer off road vehicle. The PF elements are fully protected from snow, and it actually works on harder snow. Driven by two PF L-motors, one motor per side. As a power source can be used BuWizz or any other 4-port battery box (not in the parts list). Building instructions+parts list: https://reb.li/m/95837
  7. You can buy instructions here: https://reb.li/m/94973
  8. A trial truck with HOG steering, suspension and winch.The suspension and the steering is the same principle as the A-model's one but the chassis is two studs narrower.The winch has a knob on the side and it's easy to use, also it can hold the whole truck.No openable doors but the truck has full interior, and some detailing. 42122 Alternate.
  9. A fast RC racing pickup, Driven by Buggy motor steered with PF M-motor.Powered by buwizz which is not in the parts list. Instructions and parts list: https://reb.li/m/91218
  10. mic8per_

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    No it's not so good idea. I have tried them: XL motors work ok, M motors are running at different speed and one of them has no friction at axle hole, so the axle doesn't holds there, and second one has extreme friction at axle hole, so its extremelly hard to insert axle there, L motors seem ok, but they are faster than original ones (maybe it's even advantage), SERVO is extremelly easy to disasemble, so I had to super glue it, because it was taking apart at every crash....
  11. almost correct, the 4th axle is not reduced. I ran out of parts, and space (yes it is hard to fit al these functions to 42108 scale base.) Is it ok now?
  12. Yes, it's same, but a bit bigger Thx:) Yes, but it was steered by all axles, but this model has one driven axle that is not steered. In this case it's better to do steering like i did. Sorry 😐 I will fix it later.