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Found 48 results

  1. Covenant84

    UoP DoH - Warlord stage 2

    He's my entry for stage 2 of the warlord community build. I'd also like to claim DoH credits for: Landscape Design - Trees 1 Advanced SNOT (if you feel this isn't large enough is it possible for a sideways rock credit instead?) General building - minifig posing Military Science - Battlescene apologies I forgot to take a photo without minifigs- will try to add one tomorrow. Gorrick hired out his talents to the Red Dragon knights, offering to help guide he through the Nocturnus Wilderness to seek barbarians to recruit to their elite siege troops. They hired a couple of clansmen made camp in a nice sheltered spot and Gorrick offered to hunt some food before settling down for the night before the morning march home. Unlucky for the Dragon Knights, Gorrick didn't return with food, instead Warlord BoneBane and a raiding party... for they had hired him fist to find new souls. Even worse the sheltered spot allowed the raiders to sneak right up to the camp before being spotted. The battle looks like it's not going to go in favour of the Dragon nights.. but what will BonBane do with fresh bones? I wanted to make a tree in-keeping with the lands BoneBane my come from I think it turned out OK but would like to collect more ones and try a much bigger version I future one day. Thanks for looking. C&C Welcome Stage 1 - http://www.eurobrick...topic=100863=
  2. He's my entry for stage 1 of the warlord community build. I'd also like to claim DoH credits for: Landscape Design (studs up rock) Landscape design (extreme environments - lava) Geography (cliffs) I give to you Lord Bone-Bane. From long forgotten cavern he rides forth to decimate his enemies. He lay hidden for centuries, arising once again from among the bones left from battles between warring clans of orcs and dwarves deep below the Nocturnus mountains. His armies collect the bones from log dead battles and draw power from these by conducting long lost rituals. There's even rumours that should enough die I battle, Lord BoneBane can summon extra power then and there... and has been know to use this to summon al manner of monsters to join battle with him against the world of the living. Many have foolishly tried to attack his keep thinking to destroy him, little realising the futility of battle against such a foe. Several times he has been thought to be dead, his bod smashed and bones scattered, yet he continues to rise up. Perhaps he's a spirit rather than the undead warlord he's commonly believed to be....
  3. One of the oldest parts of the Contemplative Gardens was built by a gentleman named MacDubh. Like many, he showed up in Ruadh one day, stayed for a while, and then disappeared into the desert with no notice. MacDubh had unusual ideas; he seemed to think that all of Kaliphlin should be united under a single tartan, and couldn't be dissuaded from the notion, no matter how many times we told him that Kaliphlin aren't really interested in homogeneity. Undeterred, he decided that he would subliminally change our minds by incorporating his vision of a Kaliphlin plaid into builds across the Guild. Now, none of the travelling artists have seen this pattern anywhere else, but perhaps we're looking in the wrong places. At any rate, we enjoy this piece of the gardens he built for us. "The Contemplative Gardens: a collection of gardens and religious structures located in the southeast corner of Ruadh. Popular with locals, students, and tourists alike as a quiet, calm location, perfect for meditation and inspiration." from Ruadh: A Guide, coming soon to a forum near you The tree in the center is meant to be inspired by the Joshua Tree, native to the Mojave Desert. According to Wikipedia, most trusted of resources, it was named for its resemblance to a man reaching his hands up to the sky in prayer. Seemed appropriate. As always, feedback and constructive criticism are most welcome! I'd like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture: Round Walls (approved) Landscape Design: Flowers and Dense Foliage Landscaping (pending: 2 for, one against, one undecided)
  4. TheRedViper

    A Long Journey

    Lord Rohan and a small escort make their way to a big Avalonian event, the journey has been a tedious one, accompanied by mainly rain and fog with little to no sunshine. The Lord of Ironhedge and his men grow weary on their travels, but are spurred on by the excitement if the big event. C&C welcome. Would like to claim UoP credits for minifig posing.
  5. Some years ago . . . When Mateus first tried to farm, things did not go well. It turns out, Kaliphlin sand is not particularly fertile, and nothing grew. After a lot of trial and error and blood and sweat and tears, he finally came up with a solution. By adding a mix of eastern Avalonian soil and chobo droppings imported from Muninn, Mateus finally managed to get crops to grow in the hostile Kaliphlin environment. (Thank you mccoyed for the droppings!) I like the organic build shape and the way the ground texturing and changes in elevation came out. I struggled with creating a visually pleasing base that worked with the shape, though. The pattern of 1x2 palisade bricks and 1x1 round bricks works best of the the options I tried, but . . . it just doesn't look as polished as I would like. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome! I would like to claim the following UoP DoH credits: - General Building (Other Techniques): Forced Perspective (edit: withdrawn) - Agriculture and Zoology: Crop Farming - Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin
  6. Before you, you see a busy corner of the Kaliphlinite market in the Trifork. Situated in the old town amidst the Kaliphlinite neighbourhood surrounding the South Gate, it offers all the heart may desire in both exotic and common goods. People of all kinds frequent the market to trade or to seek anonymity amongst the masses for more or less shadowy business. Frederick the Fishmonger is hawking his wares, while a travelling baker is trying to get the attention of the visitors: "I bet you a nice, fine loaf o' bread would go nicely with that fishie, Ma'm!" The visiting elf sends a dissaproving glance towards the traders and their sales strategies. Nearby, the master of the Kaliphlinite Market Gold Exchange offers his services in exchanging the multitude of currencies brought to the market from the people passing through from all corners of Historica. All that matters here is the weight in gold. Passing through, a leander soldier is amused by the bustle of the marketplace. Please let me know what you think of this vignette. I quite like it, and think I got a good deal of life into a small space. (Which proved smaller than expected...) I hope I captured the Kaliphlinite feel quite well, although I would have liked some more space to put in more developed market stands. I experienced a bit with photoediting, which is why there is some difference in colours/etc. between the pictures. A specific detail: The scales - I couldn't seem to find any examples of others building scales, but I think it turned out reasonably well, although the stand is still bugging me. Further, I would like to claim the following UoP credits: Anthropology - life in Kaliphlin (Although it happens in Avalonia, the influence is heavily Kaliphlinite - Let me know if that is acceptable.) Trade and Law - marketplace Thanks for looking!
  7. Dear all, Hereby my entry for ch. II, Cat B, deGothias side. (Plague prevention) In the City of Brevis, in the heart of Avalonie, the old city walls have been manned and the gates are watched vigilantly to ensure no spreading of the plague. Further, keen eyes scout the outskirts for any sign of the drow. Only locals are allowed to pass through the gates, and patrols have been increased on the walls. Within the walls, life goes on as ever, the locals seeing to their chores and duties. However, the rumours of plague have left a tense atmosphere over the city. So far, no signs of the plague have been seen within the walls... However, something is amiss. Young Peter is feeling ill, which has left its mark upon the porch of the family's house inside the walls. His aunt Marian rushes to clean up the mess. Under the tense, nervous atmosphere, it takes very little to spark unrest. Distracted by a trader trying to force his way into the city, the guards fail to notice the gathering of an angry mob, spurred on by fear of the plague and the words of someone, who heard someone say, that young Peter may have caught sick with Plague. Armed with pitchforks, shovels and torches, they lay a temporary siege to the family's home. In the adrenaline rush someone throws a torch, lighting the haystack by the house,making the mob dissolve in seconds. As evening falls, it becomes evident that haystack and thatched roof does not go well with fire... EDIT: Sorry for photo quality. Comments and criticism welcome. Good luck all EDIT 2: I would like to apply for the following UoP credits: Landscape design - Trees. Wall techniques - Half timbered tudor style Anthropology - Life in Avalonia Anthropology - Village scene
  8. On the great lake of the Trifork, where multiple rivers meet, Beorthan has joined the vessel Swiftsure on a patrol. From the deck of the ship he greets two elven traders, approaching the city with their cargo.... The Swiftsure is a "Ship of the Isles" commisioned by the city council of the Trifork to patrol the lake, which shores the city stand on. It is larger than the typical "Ships of the Isles", but maintains the speed and grace of the smaller patrolcrafts normally travelling the narrow channels between the Mystic Isles. This was a requirement from the start, as a swift and manouverable vessel with the capacity to sail the lake, as well as the deep sea was needed. Its speed, together with the shallow draft and sleek hull, allows it to follow most other ships and boats whereever they may go to escape, while the broad fighting platforms fore and aft gives it the necessary punch in a fighting situation. Normally, its main purpose is customs and rescue duty, but if necessary, it will be able to hold its own against almost any other vessel traversing the lakes and rivers of the Trifork. The Swiftsure is rigged as a Xebec, allowing it to hoist both square and lateen sails on its long booms. Thus, with the right rigging and an experienced crew, it will be fast both before (with square sails), and when tacking close to the wind.(With lateens.) Further, it has oar propulsion, giving it great speed and manouverability in still weather. The oars are driven by three oarsmen through a clever Mitgardian gear mechanism with leg powered boost function, allowing the oarsmen to really put their backs into it when needed. At the back, a large rudder gives the vessel the necessary steering power to be effective both at high and low speeds, and allowing the Swiftsure to turn in a very short radius. Apart from its crew of well-disciplined sailors (and their experienced captain) the vessel is armed with a powerful ballista, able to fire a deadly bolt almost halfway accross the lake with reasonable precision. Any comments and critiscism is welcome. I quite liked how this one turned out, but I am always interested in improving! I would like to claim UoP Credit for "Trade and Law": "Shipping by sea/Water". May the brick be with you Bregir/Beorthan
  9. StickFig

    [GNAR] The Ahok

    My entry on behalf of Kaliphlin for the Great Naval Arms Race Contest (also Approved UoP DoH credit for Trade and Law: shipping by sea / water): While the Ahok is really only a shallow-bottom cog used to ferry customs inspectors from the pier to merchant ships arriving in Kaliphlin's harbors, don't tell that to Capt. James T. Kaulk or his pointy-eared first mate. In his mind, every time the Ahok sets sail it's to defend Kaliphlin against the invading horde - and in the end, his boat could be used to move boarding parties in a naval battle... if no one else was available.
  10. This is my entry to the third Avalonian Challenge, describing the lands of the Trifork. Where the waterways meet and the roads intersect, many a traveller from all over Historica has passed through over the years. In time, merchants and craftsmen made camp at the intersection, servicing the travellers, shoeing their horses, filling their bellies and keeping them well supplied for the road ahead. With wealth came bandits, making away with the spoils of hard labour in the dark of night. As the settlement at The Trifork grew and permanent dwellings was erected, a wooden wall was built, soon to be replaced by masonry walls with fortified gatehouses and towers. In time, space within the walls grew sparse and earthen ramparts and a new gatehouse was erected north of the river, allowing the town to grow and prosper once more. Further, a chain mechanism to block of the river was established between the twin towers to the north-west. In combination with a number of warships patrolling the lake, this allows the council of The Trifork full control of the waterways in times of conflict. That is the Trifork you see today. As you approach the settlement, getting within a mile of the walls, the wet marshlands give way to firmer ground inhabited by a number of farms, all with strong doors and shutters, some with arrow slits in small stone towers. Apart from these, no buildings inhabit the lush plains. Entering by one of the Trifork's three gates, a completely different world will show itself. A humming, dynamic market town appears, bustling with life, the market stalls selling every conceivable good of Historica, and even some of the lands beyond. The great keep stands watch over the city and the drawbridge connecting "Old Town" south of the river with "New Town" north of the river. While the Avalonian influence is the strongest, all cultures of Historica have set their mark on both architecture and inhabitants of the Trifork. Today, the Trifork is rich in trade and culture, an outpost towards other realms of Historica. It is ruled by a city council with the young knight Beorthan at its head. But what will the unruly times of current Historica bring to its doorsteps, and will it stand against the rising unrest of its surroundings? C&C welcome. I would like to claim UoP credit for microscale :) (Or try, at least!) Thanks for looking! (Edited for grammatical errors)
  11. Hemresa is one of the most fertile of the Mystic Isles. Farmers settle the fields surrounding the Hemresa road. Ploughed lands with vegetables and fruit trees sprout from every corner. Small villages spring from the ground and economy on Hemresa start to flourish. Nar Bilu visits every single one of them to ask for their loyalty and sign up trade contracts to insure that his troops will have plenty to eat. I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Landscape Design (trees) Landscape Design (flowers and dense foliage) Agriculture and zoology (crop farming) Anthropology (country side)
  12. I finished the Hemresa Legion Recruitment Office (plot nr. 67) - the Hemresa Map Library (plot nr. 66) and the Hemresa Barracks (plot nr. 65) The Hemresa Street in Albion I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Anthropology (city scene)
  13. By the sight of the elven Sha the border guards of the snow elves of Crow clear way for Nar Bilu. Together with his elven henchmen, Nar Bilu rides to the elven Lord Rothilline who has a settlement to even with Raavage. Nar Bilu is welcomed into the community of the elves and is led to their leader. They feast all night. Besides the festivity they discusses a strategy and both decide to take part of this mission. Nocturnus should not fall in the hands of The Black Spire. It would be bad for business and they will most certainly cross borders if they manage to conquer Nocturnus. Rothilline agrees to accompany the wood elves and fight the war against the Black Spire. Read the backstory - challenge A - challenge B I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Landscape design (trees) Landscape design (snow and ice) Anthropology (tribal scene) Anthropology (life in Nocturnus)
  14. Despite Lord Ssilyrrlith wishes, General Grimm still believes the Noct has some allies and there are enough opposers of the Black spire in other parts of Historica who can and will help. General Grimm himself travels into the far ends of Historica to seek out these allies. Suited in the Hemresa breastplate he once received from Nar Bilu, his heads to the centre part of Avalonia. On the break of dawn the Hemresa druid, called Killian, searches the Woods surrounding the Northern Tower for herbs and mushrooms, when a unfamiliar sound whispers in his ears and gets his attention. Killian sneaks up on the sound and from the east à dark man in armour approaches. Before the man can even notice the druid, roots sprout from the soil beneath him, strangling him and lifting him over twenty feet above the ground. The thundering sound of the magic alarms the guards at the Southern Tower, they haste to the scene. Under strict escort of the finest guards he enters the room and sits down at a designated seat. A moment later Nar Bilu arrives, looks surprised and falls in the arms of his friend. They talk for hours, about the old days until Grimm explained what is happening to Nocturnus. They negotiated the rest of the night and part of the morning, to come to an agreement. Nar Bilu is going to head to Nocturnus, accompanied by a reasonable sized regiment to aid his old friend of the east. By Avalonian law it feels like treason to Nar Bilu, but his old friendship with General Grimm, he feels obligated to send some form of reinforcements to his aid. To recent events of Drow encounters on Hemresa, Nar Bilu decides that most of his legion will be left to guard his beloved Hemresa. He decides to ride proudly with the Avalonian flag. His title of Sha of Elves will make it easier to recruit more elves on the way to Nocturnus. Continue to Challenge 1B... I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: General Building (minifig posing) Militairy science (battle scene)
  15. Story 2.1 continues... The great advantage of today’s raid is that we are familiar with the area, all the weaknesses and secret passages of the building. On the far eastern end of the wall, against the mountain foot is a path leading into Hemresa. It will be guarded, but it will be one of the easiest way in. I send out the two hunters to scout the area and report back, what we have to deal with. Awaiting only a few hundred yards behind the scout team, my legion prepares for battle. The scouts return. A brief and positive report, nothing the legion can’t handle. Three swordsmen and two backup archers guarding the passage. From behind the bushes we unleash a volley of arrows... all five were hit, only to be alarmed. None seem to mind arrows are sticking from their torsos. What are these creatures. Our swordsmen stampede into the blockade with pace. When they encounter the enemy they finally see what they are really up with. Undead creatures, zombified soldiers, maybe even friends from the past. They slash and stab without success. One soldier runs back to collect intel. Nar Bilu consults amongst his men. One of the hunters steps forward to inform that we have to cut off their heads to silent them. Nar Bilu, the swordsman and the dwarven soldiers speed back to the front line, where the legion bravely holds off the enemy without casualties. Now three against one and the knowlegde how to kill them, the creatures stand no chance. Nar Bilu slays the last black robed undead soldier. The fight is over within seconds. Hemresa, we are home. With great cheers the Hemresa legion enters their settlement. Nar’Bilu and the team leaders discuss tactics and everyone rushes to their posts. Again we have a 360 degree visual of the Hemresa road west and main land Avalonia to the east. It is time to plan how to re-conquer what is ours. First thing is the treetop watchtowers southwest of here, then the caves to the southeast. I hope the creatures left our small village in one piece. Hemresa village will be third on our list. When we got the strategic settlements back, it will be time to figure out where these creatures came from. Two teams of scouts were send into the hunted grounds of Hemresa to make report of what is ahead. After a brief periode, we are summoned for what is called Book II - Civil War: continue reading I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: landscape design (flowers and dense foliage) military science (fortification) anthropology (life in Avalonia) Geography (mountains or cliffs)
  16. Wymond took aim at the target. His winter was not as quiet as he had hoped. For while all of the painters who had disturbed him over the summer had returned home to Avalonia, the painter who had started Wymond's troubles had returned. His paintings of a Mitgardian warrior weren't selling as well in Avalonia because of all the paintings his fellow painters had done of the same subject. So he had journeyed far from his warm home to try and paint Wymond in situations that none of the other painters could rival. The arrow struck the target, causing some more snow to fall off the tree. He was glad the painter had tired of asking him to shoot icicles off the tree. "I've been thinking," the painter said. "I can take you down to the village as soon as I've gathered my arrows," Wymond said. "You must be cold." "That's very kind of you to stop your practice for my sake, but this hood has been doing wonders for me." The painter cinched up the hood tighter around his face. "I've realized what you need to do to get me a unique painting--start an archery school." Wymond was speechless for a few moments. For once he liked the sound of the painter's suggestion. All he had to do was train some people from the nearby village for a little while and then he would be free of the painter. What could possibly go wrong? Wymond takes aim while the painter waits to be struck by inspiration. How I got the snowbank to curve. The snowbank, I feel, could use some work, so I would appreciate suggestions for future snowbank building. It was a pain to get the "arrow" to stick in the target, especially since the tree well was hard to fish it out of when it fell in. This is probably my favorite of the shots I took. This used up almost all of my white bricks and tiles! So it'll have to be deconstructed before I can build anything else involving snow, but I'll hold off on that for a few days unless anyone wants me to take any more pictures. I'm quite pleased with how most of this turned out, especially since it was my first major use of SNOT. To the Avalonians viewing this: I invite you to suggest names for this elven Avalonian painter who has made life interesting for Wymond. I will choose the one I like most. ^^ I'd also like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Landscape Design: Trees (first of three techniques) Landscape Design: Snow and ice
  17. Nar Bilu and a small regiment of woodelves leave Hemresa to assist his old friend Grimm with the battle over Nocturnus. His title of Sha of Elves will make it easier to recruit more elves on the way to Nocturnus. Nar Bilu remembers an elven lord protecting the border of Mitgardia and Nocturnus, on the foot of Rakath. After a weeks journey, Nar Bilu reaches the defence structure protecting the pathway leading to the snow elves. Solid rocks, icy roads and dead trees cut this scene. With no sense of loyalty these elves work for both The Mitgardians and the Noct and are perfect for assisting Nar Bilu on his promises. Read the backstory - Challange A Continue reading - Challenge C I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Military Science (fortification) Anthropology (life in Nocturnus)
  18. Here's my entry to Challenge I category A. Alek the Avalonian was on his way to meet up with his fellow soldiers, but he never arrived... I've actually had this built for awhile, I just now got around to posting it. Oh, and purple is my new second favorite color! Ch1_Horse 001 Ch1_Horse 007 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ch1_Horse 015 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ch1_Horse 019 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ch1 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Oh, and I'd also like to claim UoP credits for the following: -Sand dunes (are these big enough?) -Extreme Environments (the water) -Studs up Rocks More pics on Flickr:
  19. -Carson Haupt-

    Journey through the Plains

    During the Elemental Plague, the villagers and townspeople of Historica traveled across the land to the safety of the mystic refuges. Often, they took all they could carry with them. Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Horse by Carson Haupt, on Flickr I decided to see how much I could cram on a horse and rider after seeing this Moc: I'd also like to claim UoP credits for the following: -dense foliage
  20. (I'm sort of assuming that the 'second semester' is in swing, though if it isn't, free build all the way!) In the halls of Petraea University there are many sections devoted to displaying models, statues, and other historic content, and here's one of them! A boat and statue honoring Yoursulf the Yed, one of the most famous Kaliphlin merchants, trained in Petraea University. A statue of a reading student: And a model gatehouse on display. Comments are appreciated! It actually took me quite a while to come up with all the little details, but I'm happy with how it worked out (though it could have been around a more cohesive theme, admittedly.
  21. Azc strolls leasurly through the Hall of Ancient History of Petraea University: Don't forget to take notes! If you ever catch me doing a stand-glass window again... for some reason, this gave me loads more trouble than the floor! A few minifigureless shots (as I am planning on entering this in CCCX Medieval Architecture Detail as well): This is my last University build (as there is no way I'll be able to do one before 12 tonight!), so I hope you enjoy it! C&C are welcome!
  22. Kai NRG

    Language Class!

    The professor of language (perhaps you remember him from my gardens?) teaches in this classroom: Apparently he is currently teaching the meaning of nothing... at least if one may judge by the board. I always have to include a sleeping student... Just a quick little build, I know I wasn't going to do any more for the University but I've been having a lot of fun with it! And I also have one more planned... C&C are welcome!
  23. At the East Gate of Petraea University, there is a lofty tower that stretches for the heavens. It is the Astronomers Tower, connected directly to the Astronomers House of Learning. Here the wonders of the vast Lego Universe are discovered. Planets such as Mars and Gallant V are among the most recent discoveries. This is also where the discovery of the shape of the planet was discovered to be that of a cube! The reason of this anomaly of space still goes without conclusive fact but still is very believable, especially among sailors who said that they have "Journeyed beyond the edge of the world." Many classes are held here during all hours of the day. More of the work done on scrolls is done during the day while the stargazers take the strenuous climb to the top of the observation tower every evening. The Petraean weather is wonderful for such activities as it only rains every other week or so during the winter, which can be looked into thoroughly through a course taken at the Hall. Today, Professor Leogali is teaching a simple telescope orientation to some new students. As can be seen, the students are quite enthused. There are many people of Historica that come to Petraea for learning. This Nocturnian is well accepted by his newly befriended Kaliphlics, as well as many others who pilgrimage their way here. The top of the tower has several scattered telescopes and is also a place where many hold Club Meetings. Owlan is making his way past the wooded supports of the tower into the University. Apparently some news awaits him in... ... The Dawn of Ages: Chapter 1. Coming soon... This is my entry for the Petraea University contest. It seems like my pictures are quite dark, what with the never ending cloudy weather here. Does anybody know of a good way to get some better lighting? Any way, Tips, tricks, comments, and criticism is welcome!