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  1. Matthias begins methodically prepping, powdering, and loading his cannons.
  2. Matthias opens his mouth to give an indignant answer, but finds he has no idea whatsoever what they're doing. And to be honest, neither do I.
  3. Matthias inhales a Smelling Salts, washes it down with a Nostrum, and gives his hat a good quick brushing with the heel of his hand. "Ready when you are."
  4. Matthias shrugs, beginning to weary of the kid's unsettling uncertainty and hoping that Half-Born's previous experience in the area leads the vindicator to the correct plan.
  5. Matthias stands by, uncharacteristically unsure of the "right" path, but just wanting to get the whole distasteful business behind him.
  6. "Shall we head to the front door, then? Or the cistern?"
  7. "I am under the impression that the city guards will be ...sympathetic, if not outright supportive, should we come to blows with the Dens," Matthias replies. "Is that not correct?"
  8. Matthias, tired of the preliminaries, is ready for a situation report. "You say you've got a good view; what are the biggest dangers you see?"
  9. "I agree, and what will we do if they accept our proposal? Tell them we poisoned their water? Let them die?"
  10. Matthias nods his readiness and assent to the plan.
  11. "Let's get to knocking on their door, then," Matthias urges.
  12. "I doubt they will just let us destroy it, young Master Petaldan, but if Master Vindsval can get us past the outer guards then we will have much less killing to do, regardless of whether we are escorted or not." Matthias, impatient to get on with it, taps his foot absentmindedly while the others debate.
  13. Matthias tackfully fails to mention that he is, in fact, already immortal.
  14. Matthias waits silently for a decision to be made. His eyes smile a little at Parfenius' suggestion.
  15. Matthias gives the Captain an expectant stare, ready to depart the area.