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  1. StickFig

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    OK, cool, wasn't sure if I was missing something. Loving the new Veterans picture!
  2. StickFig

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Was there a group photo? Did I miss it? I can't find it in the quest or the hall.
  3. At least you connected fhomess and me - despite me never being let into confidence fully, it was super helpful to hear some of his ideas in PM! I did my best to alleviate it, but there is just no way to avoid it. I was thinking that the whole game, but it's so risky! If there is a town miller already, then at best you can claim first and cause a big fight, but it'll all be over when they flip town on the next morning.
  4. I'm not - I'm desperate to lynch scum. But you seem awful desperate not to get lynched, which is scummy. And, since you also seem to be conveniently overlooking what I've said, here it is laid out nicely: Note the explicit callout where I even tagged you by name. Note what I said about your scummy attempt to lynch a townie yesterday, and your lateness to the party for lynching a scum.
  5. Yes, yes, fine, he voted (how strict are we being on formatting?) before me, but the very first reply in this thread is me calling you out. Scum.
  6. It's almost like you haven't read anything else I've posted in this thread. Feigned indignation does not suit you. Difficult to jump a bandwagon I started.
  7. Not sure how my mistake adds up to my miller claim, but whatever. Yup. He said up front that he was OK with the Sattler vote and did it when town was ready, instead of putting forth a bunch of reasons for it and then not doing it until everyone else did and the lynch was already done. Which is what you did. You're all correct; he's not technically cleared (as far as I know), but I can't imagine scum doing that. If he is scum, then he had an incredible chance to more or less win the game by pushing us all into a town lynch yesterday. But he didn't. And if you look before today, you will not find me defending him, but I just can't see a scum doing what he did yesterday and still winning. Which means I can't imagine someone as experienced as him doing it, if he is scum. So I don't think he is any more. However, I can certainly imagine a scum getting caught as the only vote remaining on someone they knew was town and then having to make a terrible decision about whether to leave their vote where it was, or move it to try to avoid suspicion. ... I've just realized, I can also quite easily imagine the scum killer taking out Khscarymovie4 just to show that he was town so that we would go after the people who voted for him yesterday. Or I can imagine them taking out Khscarymovie4 because he was the only one left voting against Bob - if Bob is scum.
  8. As far as I'm concerned, @Bob may as well be confirmed town based on yesterday, and I have little suspicion for @fhomess. @Lady K, care to give us a reason we shouldn't lynch you today? That vote for Mrs. Sattler came a mite late for my taste.
  9. This is what I get for playing when I should have been sleeping... I call out the wrong player, and I fail to properly cross reference the lists. Ahh yes, please coalesce around the all-powerful Bob, everyone.
  10. Dangit, I got you and LegoMonorailFan mixed up. My apologies. So, I'll point this out again.... @LegoMonorailFan, everyone who voted for you on Day 1 is dead. Care to comment? Vote: Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailFan)
  11. From your point of view, it's a claim. From my point of view, I've stated exactly what my role said. There is nothing else to say. My role doesn't say "loyal cosplay miller", it says "town miller". But I don't think you care. I think you're scum, looking to take out one more town vote.
  12. I've already told everyone what my role is. Town miller. You know what I just noticed, Lady K? Everyone who voted for you is now dead. ........
  13. I bring up something about another player, and I'm suspicious because I noticed it? Lady K is the only one who uses that term ever.