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  1. TheRedViper

    [GoT] Craster's Keep

    Love this, very true to the show!
  2. TheRedViper

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    It isn't good Bye to Middle earth, only official sets, as long as we still have pieces and our imagination anything is possible!
  3. TheRedViper

    Hero & Villians in Medieval time

    Great build, lots to admire!
  4. TheRedViper

    MOC: The Blacksmith

    Superb build, the roof is a very original idea, nice!
  5. TheRedViper

    The Algus Saga: The Beacon of Bruns Fall

    Cool build, lots of detail!
  6. TheRedViper

    Burning Tranquility

    Lots of detail packed into a little scene, nice!
  7. TheRedViper

    [MOC] Roman Legion Breaks Camp

    Awesome build, good work!
  8. TheRedViper

    Watchmen Minifigs

    Nice work, the comedian and silk spectre are my faves!
  9. TheRedViper

    Mirkwood Elf Guard

    The first picture is my fave, nice pictures!
  10. TheRedViper

    The Fires of Vengeance.

    Cool scene!
  11. TheRedViper

    MOC - Morisledge Cottage

    Awesome colours and textures in his MOC!
  12. TheRedViper

    [MOC] A delivery for the Forest Witch

    Great treehouse, nice work :)
  13. TheRedViper

    A new guy and his Castle

    Welcome to Eurobricks, really like your castle, look forward to seeing what other builds you can conjure :)
  14. TheRedViper

    The Elven host marching to war

    Nice army!