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Found 32 results

  1. (due to lack of time, I post this as a freebuild instead of Categorie C of our last challanges) Is this the end of this Era? Hemresa, Narbilu and his men was preparing for the final battle with the Spire. The Tower of Doom was set to travel to the north east corner of their controlled land to wipe away their border post to give access to the army to finish the job. One last good night of sleep before the journey. In the midst of the night a large explosion woke everybody up. A mushroom cloud lit up the square where the Tower of Doom used to be standing. Everyone, not caught by the explosion, rushed towards the burning structure. The fire and destruction was massive. everyone was there except their leader, Narbilu. An observant officer noticed that and send two guards to his tents, when the church bells started to sound. Odd for this time of night and even stranger, because everyone was watching the blazing tower. The officer send two other guards to check it out. When the two entered the church, a gruesome scene wrote a nightmare in their memories. The Lord of Hemresa was nailed to the main cross behind the altar. The Spire was one step ahead of them, was this their victory? Was this the end of Historica as we know it? - to be continued -
  2. While Lord Nar Bilu spends his days rebuilding his city on Hemresa, he sends out his great great grandson (future Narbilu, or the Green Shade as he was named here) to try and find out what is happening in Nocturnus. Weeks passed, roaming the wild woodlands and swamps of Nocturnus ground until an anomaly appeared. Narbilu reacted somewhat startled at first, but quickly he recognised the ghostly form. It was the commander of the fallen Avalonian warriors. It only spoke a few clear words “War already started, take this home now, haste back”. It handed a letter to Narbilu. A bit disoriented Narbilu turned his head to see where the ghost went, but he had vanished in thin air. The ground beneath his feet started shaking and as Narbilu jumped aside a large bonelike monster erupted from beneath the soil. It hovered a few feet above the ground, patiently awaiting Narbilu’s response. As Narbilu saw that the beast meant no harm, he threw a rope around the neck of the beast and climbed his back. Swiftly the animal flew away, clearly heading west. Back home. For more pictures, check my FlickR account
  3. As the Green Shade returns and hands Lord Nar Bilu the letter from he fallen warriors, he looks sad. Again their assistance is required outside Avalonia. Maybe even a battle for life and death of Historica as we know it. He assembles his entire army, speaks to them with words of encouragement and honour. They all line up and march east, leaving Hemresa behind...
  4. The Civil war and the events which occurred on Hemresa left a lot of folk in despair. The elves took over the Avalonian island with the help of the dark and vicious drow. Every man, creature and other inhabitant of Hemresa was enslaved by those ruling the island. Nar Bilu was banished to the island of Norra and disappeared when he faced the wars in Kaliphlin. Recently he was released of his curse by his future great grandson and together they travelled back to Hemresa to reclaim their heritage. The tremendous amount of loyal followers gave them the opportunity to fight off the elves and gain control of the greater part of Hemresa. This event reached the outer parts of the island, freeing the slaves and giving Nar Bilu the opportunity to make new alliances with the races of the island. Now it is time to pay some respect to those who fouled the pride of Avalonia. Nar Bilu decided to take a hand full of archers and footmen to Nocturnus. The drow will have to face their trial. Out of the northern, rocky part of Hemresa came an unexpected alliance. Those of the Giants of Rock. A strong ally who will surely make the difference. The master builders of Avalonia designed an armour for the Giant and together with the army they faced the Kelra Labyrinth. With the towering creature looking over the walls, every challenge was dealt with and almost in a straight line they found their way into Nocturnus. Ready for a fight!
  5. After a small month Nar Bilu and his compagnons gathered together to discuss strategy how to regain control of Hemresa. The Elves are brutalizing the island, claiming taxes, crops and any other kind of resources that Hemresa provide. The folk is not satisfied with the reign of the elves and is moving back to Albion or feel enslaved when they stay. Nar Bilu draws out his plans and everyone learns their task of the plan. Nar Bilu awaits back in his tent for the others to complete their tasks before heading to his assignment. Rothger visits the largest of Hemresa’s towns, where the elves try to keep a hardened control. In a dark alley he summons some of the rebellious townsmen and confines them that there will be a change on it’s way if they co-operate. The townsmen recruit a hand full of strong men to fight the elves and draw them back out of town. The nobleman Thungsen heads into the mountains, where it is said, that some of Nar Bilu’s old guard is training. An army worthy of Albion is preparing for the rumors, that Noct will be the next place where Avalonian armies will fight their way through civil wars. The nobleman talks to one of the commanders. The commander is surprised to hear that his Lord is still alive and willing to fight for his land. They comply to the request and start packing their rations. After the word is spread that the townsmen are grabbing up arms to liberate them of the elves, future Narbilu (now called the green shadow) gears up and heads to the forests close to the king’s castle. From the bushes he attacks two guards and forces them an audience with the king. A long discussion takes place and the king is not convinced that the Avalonion Lord is returning from a land he is banished from. The green shadow tells the king to send out some scouts to check out the army that is approaching. Only a day later the scouts return with their tails between their legs. The king asks what the Lord wants. The terms are reasonable. Hemresa will be split in two, the west if for the elves and the east is for the men All troops will be retreating to their own territory Lord Nar Bilu will build a border wall to ensure the treaty Free passage to all non-hostile The king agrees after a nights debate with his loyal servants. Now that the green shadow completed his task, Nar Bilu travels to Dunholm. It is told they specialize in the strongest walls and the best fortifications. A spy made contact with one of the official architects, who is willing to sell the original floorpans of Dunholm for a large stack of gold. Nar Bilu does the tradeoff himself and heads back to Hemresa with the plans. Every night Nar Bilu sits with the plans in front of him at the campfire, studying the structure and the materials which are used to build this wall of indestructibility. a new era will start for Hemresa, for men of Avalonia.
  6. narbilu

    Lord Nar Bilu's Army

    Narbilu With the knowledge that the elves pull back and accept the fact that the Avalonian Lord is returning, Nar Bilu has taken up arms. Ready to face the elves and whatever menace is taunting Hemresa, Avalonia and the other lands of Historica. The numbers of his army is growing by the day, cheerful men and women who are loyal to their Lord, walk with him, fight for him and even die for him when necessary. Nar Bilu is back to his old self. Green Shade and Biter The future Narbilu has taken on a new name, when he decided to stay here in Avalonia for the time being. No-one knows his real identity, him being the far descendant of the Lord himself. His former profession as a scout and explorer for Kawashita makes his skills exceptional for leading the rangers or taking on spy missions. The new army has no real cavalry, except for a few biters which the rangers use to travel large distances in short time. Nobleman Thungsen and Rothger The most loyal servants of Lord Nar Bilu are both the Nobleman Thungsen, who kept an eye on Hemresa in the Lord’s absence. Not that he could do much against the reign of the elves, but he tried his best to keep everything at bay. His task is clear, be the voice of the Hemresa folk and local affairs. Rothger was the shadow of Lord Nar Bilu, following his steps all over Historica, from a distance. Keeping track of where the Lord was fighting, writing the tales and reporting to the nobleman. Axemen When the word was spread that the Lord will be returning to Hemresa, a hand full of commanders recruited, trained and prepped full sized armies. The most hardened men will be on the front line, armed with axes and shields. Versatile, agile and bloodthirsty. Real men of honour. Bowmen As a support group and one of the Lord’s favourites, a large amount of men are trained in the longbow. Ready to strike the incoming adversaries with a dark cloud of arrows and thinning the raging front line of the enemy. Never leave without them. Rangers The Green Shadow trained a small group of men to be his additional eyes and ears on scout missions. Intelligence is most important for every battle, if it is even necessary to go into battle. They will be the judge of that, or at least advise the leaders in what they can expect. Still, Nar Bilu isn’t ready growing his army, more will follow. For now he is confident that his strong arm can claim his lands and assist Albion where necessary.
  7. Grant a wish After the debacle of the spell, causing a black hole sprouting fallen spirits into Historica, the one taking up the position of leadership called (the future Narbilu) to him. As a grateful gesture for their release, he would grant him a wish. And although Narbilu opened the portal to get home to the future, he paused. The past couple of weeks he found out that his ancestor had vanished after the Kaliphlin Civil Wars. He wished for Nar Bilu to return home, to Hemresa. Remove the curse The room filled with a blinding light. A split second later the two found themselves inside a tomb. A manlike figurine was dead or resting on a large stone altar. Up close they saw the leader of the Wingless Serpents, of which Narbilu read a lot during his travels in Historica. The creature seems to be hibernating. The ghost wizard asked Narbilu to leave the tomb and wait outside. Generations apart meet Narbilu grabbed his gear and walked out the tomb, passing dozens of hibernating Wingless Serpent warriors until the sunlight and the harsh temperatures of the Kaliphlin desert struck his face. Fortunately a small group of palm trees gave him the shade he desperately yearned for. Moments later a second person exited the tomb. A majestic person, in full armour closed on Narbilu. He presented himself as Nar Bilu, Lord of Hemresa, Defender of the Southern Forests, Lord of Avalonia. (Future) Narbilu introduced himself as Green Shade, ranger of Avalonia, in search of a lost leader. Nar Bilu was pleased to be released of his curse, but disappointed he had to leave his army behind. They talked for a while and then set course back home. Set foot in Avalonia There is a lot to do in Avalonia before he can reclaim his heritage, Hemresa. They had to keep low when they returned to Avalonia, not alarming the return of a Lord. An army has to be forged to expel the occupiers. Green Shade and Nar Bilu became friends during their travels. The plan was to split up when they set foot on Hemresa and search for followers. Followers of the Lord of Hemresa. People who are willing to fight for their freedom. On both ends they seem successful. Nar Bilu even met a couple who directed him to go north, to the encampment called Backom. Which was build out of the ruins of Bow’s Arch, one of Nar Bilu’s projects when he was facing the civil war in Avalonia. With a smile on his face, he sets forth his journey. Not forgotten by his folk and still the acknowlegded leader of Hemresa.
  8. Prequal: A Leader Lost - Part 4 I climbed down the cliff with all I had, leaving the ridge with the closed portal behind me. Before descending I left a homing beacon, but it still seems all electronics malfunctions here. It was a rough climb down, being used to using jetpacks. But the soft soil containing grasses, mud and pebbles reminded me of the Salvaged Gardens back home. This place, this planet has it all. All the beauty of the stories my grandfather told me home was like back in the days. I shuffled my feet around, just being able to stop myself from taking off my boots to feel it with my bare feet. I looked up, everywhere towering trees with green leafs and pine blocked the burning midsummer sun from reaching the moss on the open spot I sat down to rest. After an hour, my head was clear again, my hunger was appeased and I was ready to investigate the surrounding area. Rations were getting scarce, so the main goal for today was to find food of some sort. But without my com-pad I was unable to scan or identify what I would find. Every bite would be a gamble. With sharp eyes my head glanced between and past the dense foliage, scanning for any form of life, food, but foremost; residences. Because where is folk, there is shelter and food. Probably some kind of functional weaponry also, which could come in handy in questionable situations. I was in luck. Something that looks like a building, just ahead. I circled the building from a distance for three times, before I stepped out of cover towards it. Up close, the building looks decayed. It is decayed, abandoned. The technique used to construct this seems outdated. Layers of bricks, uneven and stacked together with some kind of cement in between. Very old school, almost medieval. The door was hanging half broken down in its hinges, so entry was a piece of cake. Inside, I was surprised how spacious it was. One large room, some wooden furniture, stone floor and small stuff scattered all around on the floor. No light switch, not even a bulb to switch on. A small window in the roof provided me with a single beam of sunlight, casting large shadows on the floor. Phase one accomplished, a roof over my head. In a large trunk I found some rags, strings and a small blade. Could come in handy. The rags seemed to be of a fine quality, so I changed clothes in the hope that I would blend in more easily when I engaged the locals of this planet. The hood on the rags could cover most of my face when necessary. Now for the most important step, finding food. From the floor I grabbed a leather water flask, which I stuffed in my pouch. Nothing more of importance was scattered around this shed. I took a moment to collect my thoughts. I need a weapon of some sort, and this knife won’t do the job. Just outside I cut down a large branch and a few smaller ones, which I used to construct a simple bow. The next hour I took the time to sharpen the smaller branches to make a small dozen of arrows. Enough to keep adversaries at distance or hunt for small creatures. I practiced a few rounds, before strolling into the woods. My days as a sniper came in handy, the hunt for food didn’t last very long. A swine popped up from a large bush and before realising it was stared at, an arrow whistled through the air hitting the poor thing in the neck. Before nightfall, I was back in the cabin, next to a small fire, roasting the animal. With a filled belly, I had a good night sleep. Nothing was more true, the fire attracted someone or something. As I opened one eye, I saw something luring in the shadow of the western wall, just beside the door. I jumped up and charged in. The man lifted his hands to show me he was unarmed, so I did the same. We stared at each other for about a minute or two before speaking. I took initiative and it seemed we almost spoke the same language, his turned out to be the old, or even ancient, version of my native language. I invited him by the fire and gave him what was left of the piggy. His name was Fredrick, his eyes grew a size when I told him my name. Narbilu. Because that is the same name of the lost Lord of this region, Hemresa. (could it be?, did I travel back in time?). So I let the man talk for over an hour and my suspicions were correct. I am back in Historica, the time of my great grandfather after who I was named. All my senses sharpened and the rest in my head was gone. Dawn came quickly. I asked the man where to go to learn all about the Avalonia and its history. He promised to accompany me to Kaliphlin, a land far away, where the University of Petraea is. All knowledge is lodged there. We travelled for a month, I had a lot of new impressions, learned the way of Historica and blended in pretty easily. Maybe I will share this journey later with you. Fredrick somehow got me in the university, said his goodbyes, gave me a hand full of coins we earned on our way to Kaliphlin and left. We promised each other that we would meet back in Hemresa. A promise I can’t hold, if the university grants me intel how to travel back to Andromeda. Three whole weeks I stayed in the library of Petraea, reading all about the journey of my great grandfather, his role in Avalonia, Hemresa, his battles and where he disappeared to. Halfway the third week, in a dark corner of the library, I came upon a book about gateways, called “the portal to the unknown”. Could it be a way out? A quick scan of the content, made me decide to study it further. I snuck out, with the book under my clothes. It was no easy way out, guards everywhere, checking everyone before leaving, preserving their knowledge. I needed to wait until the shifts of the guards ended and security was at the lowest point, but I managed to pull it off. In the harbour I got on the first ship sailing for Avalonia. The captain was kind enough to drop me off on Hemresa for a few gold coins. The four day travel was useful time to read the book. The book described how to open a gate to whatever you think of. Sounds dark, unreliable. Still, it could be a way back to Andromeda, where my fellow Kawashita members count on me. Reading further, I come to the conclusion that it will be no easy task to perform. I need a hand full of supplies to craft a rod, but the hardest part will be finding a magic vein. After digging back in my mind about all the information I gathered about Hemresa, it popped to mind. Bow’s Arch was going to be the pride of Nar Bilu, a home town, a refuge, build on an ancient elven vein on the northeast side of the island. As expected most of the supplies were easy to find or buy. Except the emerald green stone. For a later concern, first I will try to find the location of where Bow’s Arch was supposed to be build before the Civil War. Knowing the elves still rule over Hemresa, I had to be careful. But when I strolled around the island I bumped into a few kids playing my great grandfather, a solid lead. I asked the small ones if they knew anything more about him, especially about the mystical place he was going to build. It turned out, I was close and for a small fee the little brats showed me the location. From a distance, because their parents told them never to walk upon Death Row, what it is called nowadays. With a pounding heart I walked the dusty part of the island, bones scattered all around, no living organisms and a single ruin were lit up by green, yellow and bluish sparkles. The magic vein, surrounded by emerald green marbles. I was thrilled, excited and humble all at once. I just couldn’t wait. The entrance of the ruin offered me a path down a stairs, where a trophy room awaited my arrival. As I sat on the floor with the book next to me, I started constructing the rod. I stood up with in one hand the rod and the other holding the book open at the page with the instruction how to open the gate. A little too enthusiastic I started to wield the rod and speak the phrases from the book. The earth started shaking, the floor cracked and my thoughts wandered off. Then it happened. Greenish glows, light beams sprouted out of the floor. Devastating screams filled the room. I was pushed down, blown back by ... ghosts, armed men with transparent faces. The gate closed when I stopped the murmuring. The creatures hovered along the ceiling till one stood still before me. He called me by name. Calling me Lord also. Instead of thinking about Andromeda, my mind wandered off to my great grandfather and his fallen soldiers. How I might be able to win Hemresa back for him, for our family. That thought caused not a gate back into the future, but a portal to the lost souls of Hemresa. To be continued....
  9. After the civil war in Avalonia, Hemresa was occupied by the elves, making it difficult to re-strengthen in their mids. Nar Bilu had a secret, a settlement where he could regroup before taking back what is rightfully his. So for the time being, this will be his home. map showing Norra Norra Norra is a small island northeast of Hemresa, hidden in a thick fog from the outside world. Little men, that weren’t invited have visited. Norra was already discovered two decades by Nar Bilu on one of his journeys up north. The deserted island was ideal for refuge. The love for the island grew on Nar Bilu and he settled a small town on southern the shores. He founded a family, protected from the events in Historica. Till recently, peace have ruled on Norra. Now that Nar Bilu has returned, the folk of Norra is at high alert and preparing for war. the village Framför Framför Framför Framför Grathall and Farmstaed A. Places: Coastal village - Framför The Wall - Vägg (WIP) Beyond the Wall – Bakom (Soon) ​B. Society & Culture · A strong feeling towards the Avalonian laws, lords and their beliefs · All are equal, still they follow a commander (called a Garl) and the all-father · The runemaster is their celestial advisor, they tend to follow his leads · Mostly highlands with farmland and some forest · They are seeking revenge for the elves taking their beloved Hemresa · Slavery is against human rights · Seasonal Feasts: 1) Yull, a mixture of Christmas and New Year 2) The Thing, a ceremony where the lads that have reached adulthood pledge their brotherhood 3) Midsommer Nat, celebrating the longest day and the start of summer · Magic is common, but mostly in the form of runewriting and celestial interference. · They tend to be self sufficient, professions vary from fishermen, farmers, woodworkers and smiths. · Traderoutes to Avalonia, Kaliphlin and Midgardia ensure they have enough minerals for tools and weapons. In return the Norrmen supply food, leather and wool. · The army is nonexistent, but consists of the locals who are willing to follow a commander. ​C. Ruling class Nar Bilu Nar Bilu - The All-Father His name is actually a contraction of three Elven words: Narn, Bileg and Ilúvatar. Meaning Saga, mighty and all-father. The local folk call him Ilúvatar and do as he pleases, without really being servants. Nar Bilu take advantage of this position, he just wants peace and prosperity for his people and makes sure the laws he believes in are met. The house Bilu Without the outside world knowing, Nar Bilu has a family, a wife Æwyl, a daughter Gæyl and his successor Bran, who is almost old enough to explore the world himself. Very little is known about the bloodline Bilu, apart from what is written on the large runestone. Bog the Brave Bog the Brave – Garl, commander Bog is mainly responsible for keeping the island save form uninvited guests, next to controlling small struggles between locals. He has enough battle scars from before the time he was appointed this post. D. Important persons and heroes Bran Ilu Bran Ilu – Son and successor He just went to the Thing, meaning he is old enough for travel, an official profession and marriage. The next few missions he will tag along the right side of his father. Gæyl Gæyl – Daughter and warrior Throughout the years she trained to be one of the best blade wielders of Norra. As the daughter of the All-Father she doesn’t work much on the fields or other workshops. Rænall Rænall – Blacksmith Without his tools, the work on Norra would be depended on traders. Next to his skills as a smith, he is one of the most loyal friends of Nar Bilu and has fought by his side for years, wielding two hammers into the skulls of everyone in his path. Kræl and his wife Kræl – Runemaster The gods are the creators of the path we follow. The runes speak to the runemaster predicting the outcome of any action, or so is believed. Kræl is also a capable druid and herbalist. Yunill Yunill – Merchant The greatest seafarer of Norra, sailed across almost every coastline of Historica, defied many seas and traded in most harbours. He speaks a dozen different languages and dialects. Yunill recently got appointed responsible for the Norra fleet. Wictor Wictor – Freeman The first freeman choosing Norra as his new home. He acts as an inspiration to those who followed his lead as a resident of Norra. E. Normenn army A better reflexion of the army will be posted later and seperately Two of Norra's finest Townfolk Because Norra is a hidden island, not well charted and visitors are scarce, Norra has no official army. The men and sons of the island are well trained with axes and swords. Some master the bow, but those are mainly the hunters. Guards Vykr These stout men have seen war, they are hardened, bloodthirsty and will stand strong in a shield wall when the opponent cries for battle. They are the guards of the island and report to the Garl. Freemen Are the those recently acquired slaves, that chose to live alongside the one who gave them back their freedom. They choose to fight for freedom and release those still in captivity. Arsenal The arsenal contains mainly salvaged axes and swords from fled and slain footmen. The smith only crafts weapons on demand or when a special occasion occurs. A local workshop always makes sure that enough wood with iron inlayed round shields are available. Yunill on one of the ships Fleet A proud asset of Nar Bilu is the fleet Norra has docked. A flagship, three merchant ships and a hand full of small ships suitable for swiftly transporting a full regiment of Vykr to the main land. F. Current Events – Book II Nar Bilu, Garl Bog and Yunill have been freeing slaves until all the riches they had are vanished. We can’t wait for the trade to fill up our treasure, so Yunill is send out to raid the occupiers of the coastal settlements of Hemresa. The men and women of Norra are preparing to invade Hemresa, taking back what is rightfully theirs and seeking revenge on the elves responsible for their recent actions.
  10. Part II: Scouting The scout, Pojk, that was send out by Nar Bilu encountered the Kaliphlin army on his way north. Fortunately he didn’t get exposed, but it alerted him enough to follow their trail back to Bow’s Arch. From a distance he observed the whole scene. Disgusted by the betrayal of the elves he seeks out two of his kin, which he sends out to the two legions that Nar Bilu send away. He arranges a secret spot at the most northern edge of Hemresa, called Norrhorn”, where the scouts will report back to him, before he leaves the island. Only hours later both of them return with the bad news, that both legions were also slaughtered. A few men return with the scouts, but not more than a hand full. Pojk sends the two scouts to deliver a message to Albion, both to follow a different path, to improve the odds of at least one reaching our capitol. He then talks to the elder of the footmen, they agree to be loyal to Nar Bilu and wait just outside the borders of Hemresa for further instructions. A trade ship with an odd flag docked in a sandbank on the most northern point of Norrhorn, in plain view of Pojk and the few footmen, he decided to take with him. They managed to reach the ship through the waves of the ocean. The captain shouts, the oars decent and the ship backs out of the sand, back into the ocean. The sail bulbs, catching wind and swirls around its axis. Like a sword through tender lambs meat the ship sails the waters between Hemresa and the in fog concealed island of Norra. Pojk, who is not a real seafarer, is relieved that the journey is a still and easy one. They dock. A few curious boys come running towards the ship, jumping on board to be chased away by some of the stout men from below deck. Every end has a new beginning Pojk can’t believe his eyes. A complete village arises from the, with ships filled, docks. The sailors escort Pojk to the main hall, where the footmen are pulled to the inn. Beer and meat are served continuously. The escort introduced Garl the Great to the visitor, next to Garl sits a young lad. That would be me, Bran Narbilusson. As my name announces, the son of Narbilu. Pojk hands me the sealed note which my father gave to him and tells us the unfortunate story of the past weeks ending with the betrayal of the elves. I hardly can control my feelings. I retire to my quarters. Within minutes Bog enters without notice. Me: We have to avenge my father’s death and conquer back what is rightfully mine to begin with. Garl: You are right and we will, soon, but not now. Me: [looking disappointed]. Garl: Don’t be my boy, I promised to keep you save until adulthood. That is what I will do. Me: [now smiling, cause that’s only two weeks away]. Garl: I will prepare the men to war after Yull. They will fight better with filled stomachs and high morale. Me: Thanks chief. With that said, Garl leaves me for mourning, not too long though. That night, a miracle happened. A survivor In a small storage, deep in the forest of Hemresa far away from civilisation, a local called Knæl pulls a man on his quickly emptied table. He searches his cabin for jars, herbs and other stuff with haste, while his wife binds the wounds of the in blood soaked man. They need a hammer and chisel to remove the dented armour, but soon enough they freed the victim of his restrains. Two days, the cabin sheds green light out of every crack, window or other opening, supported by chanting and continues rune writing. The woman rubs ointments one the open wounds, washes his pale lifeless looking face and wets his mouth with a damp cloth. After the two days, both take a rest on their bench outside their cabin. Suddenly they hear coughing coming from inside. They rush back in, to see the man on their table was breathing heavily, but steady. The woman grabs some bread and pours a cup full with water. The man collects his strength to sit up right, still with his eyes half closed. The offered beverage and food is binged away and by the end of the midday the man has enough energy to stand up and start to talk. The man can’t remember his name, and Kræl isn’t going to tell him what it is. That way he will be saver on Hemresa. They talk for hours, but the man can’t wait to leave. Some things he does remember, one being that he lives on an island up north. Kræl offers him a robe, in return the man asks the two to join him. With the recent events on Hemresa, they start packing without hesitance. to be continued... go to part 1
  11. Word of the author ::: I also finished part 2::: go to part 2 In order to link my character Nar Bilu to my newly obtained ideas and storyline, I wrote a story. Hopefully fun to read and backed up by small builds. I recently finished the story and found the time this weekend to start building the scenes. Enjoy: I am Bran and I am going to tell you what happened in Hemresa just after the battle over Avalonia was fought. The end of an era The shadow that has been torturing Avalonia is breaking up by the morning sun, pushing away clouds and revealing a beaten up land. Around a extinguished campfire just outside the massive hole leaking out of the Hembrugga walls, Nar Bilu and a handful of his henchmen evaluate the fight, while a group of volunteers remove the casualties from the battlefield. Drow are thrown in the river and the slain Avalonians are given a proper burial. Every hour another scout arrives and join the evaluation, each with the same story about their journey into the designated outskirt of Hemresa. Fortresses are destroyed, fields are burned, forests are chopped down, villages are abandoned and the surviving folk living there are scattered around our country finding salvage wherever they can. Nar Bilu divides the remaining men in three regiments, one to follow him to the site where Bow’s Arch was going to be built, one to recruit local builders and folk who are still loyal to Nar Bilu and the last is send to Albion to do the same and inform the Lords of Avalonia of the current status of Hemresa. Now the infestation of the plaque and the drow are suppressed, Hemresa can be rebuild. Nar Bilu feels, despite of the victory, lost. So many died for nothing, so much is destroyed. It will take a decade to fertilize these lands again. Horses are packed, carts are loaded, men are armed and with a commander in front of them, they leave and wave Hembrugga goodbye. Nar Bilu enters the great hall and thanks the Elven Kings for their support before he leaves. After a days travel, the regiment arrives at the building site of Bow’s Arch. Nothing but sand, rocks and ruins. They set camp in the ruin of the warehouse, where they start planning. Night set, Nar Bilu was one of two not sleeping. He gave a secret order to the scout, who swiftly left in the woods. In the meantime Only an hour after the Avalonians left the sight of Hembrugga, two delegations arrive. One carrying a red and the other a blue flag, both supported by the colours of Avalonia. They are welcomed inside the gates. Once inside, they are summoned for an audition at the Kings. The leaders, both with one commander sit around a large table in the great hall, together with the King Elder and his commander. The Kaliphlin lord, Azural Djun, rides in red with his legion of lions. A strategist with lust for battle. But his lust for gold is even bigger and this is what the elves promised him. He will be duke of Hemresa if they will follow the Kings wishes. When they control Hemresa, he will be made responsible for tax collecting and keeping order on the island. The Midgardian tradesman, Gorl Weighn, sails with a blue flag. Wealth can never be great enough. The road between Avalonia and the Enchanted Forest will be the pearl of his empire. Elven resources from the west and Dwarven craftsmanship from the northeast makes a damn good profit. The Kings promises both men control of their part of Hemresa in return for the removal of the sitting Lord and loyalty to the elves. After some small struggles on rules and compensations, the company agrees. Losing a leader Dawn is breaking, a bright sun sets upon the coastline to the west, while a horn clangs from the east. Alerting everyone in the camp. Shields up, swords pressed into fists, bows strung with the arrowheads pointed over the first line of defence. From the eastern hill arises a red flag, pikes and a strange looking cavalry. The first batch of arrows seem to miss their target, we just weren’t prepared for battle. Before we could even march towards the opponent, the first line was killed by the fearless pikemen of the lions. Fortunately our swordsmen had more success. We pushed them back into the open field, making both of us vulnerable, but we still had an advantage in numbers. On both sides men fell. The fight didn’t take long. The lions pulled back, forcing us further away from our camp. That is when we got outflanked. Out of the blue... the blue came from the south. Golden crowns on their shields, crossbow bolts piercing us from the side. We were surprised and we paid the toll. Before midday, Nar Bilu stood surrounded by a small dozen of his own men cornered by two regiments, on a pile of corpses, awaiting his fate. But the two opponents stood still, when the sun was blocked by a dark cloud. Unfortunately is was no actual cloud. A hail of elven arrows landed in the remaining men of the Hemresa Legion. Nar Bilu looked up when the cloud hit him in the chest, shoulders and back. Kneeled on the ground he watched how the two leaders took down their flags and raised the green flags of Avalonia. ... to be continued
  12. The Battle for the Enchanted Forest Book II - Challenge II - Category C Unfortunately the numbers were to big to hold them back long enough to prepare for battle. Nar'Bilu heard a disturbing sound. Screeming of elves, breaking trees and battle cries filled the air with a terrifying thunder. The war started. A massive monster under the control of a dark mage, tore hole in our walls enabeling the drow to breach our lands. When our walls were beaten, darkskinned blademen entered Hembrygga killing the frontline of our defence. Nar'Bilu rushed to the battlefront summoning every swordsmen he had available, pushing the drow back to the field. It took only a few minutes before the field was covered with bodies, from both sides. But the drow did not expect the Hemresa Legion... they thought they would fight only elves. Hundreds would die, but the forest entrance was saved. We were victorious.
  13. Losing the dwarven tunnels Book II - Challenge II – Category A the complete story Vessla and Okänd are the two half-elf scouts who are send out to investigate the forest to the south. As swift as their feet can haste them through thick thorns, dense foliage, over rocks and streams they map the area. Little activity of the dark blooded are in these even darker woods. Until they take a minute to chow. They overhear the whisper of a language they are not familiar with. Alerted they try to find where the sound is coming from. Not far from where they were taking their brake a large hollow tree functions as a ventilation shaft of one of the larger dwarven tunnels leading in every direction of Hemresa just ten feet under the grass they are standing on. Fortunately the hole is big enough for a slim half-elf, Vessla being the smallest of the two was chosen to ascend. Okänd can hardly hold the line, but together they manage. Lowered into the tunnels, Vessla is just in time to watch a small army of Drueggar heading to the west. Only a couple of hours away from Hembrugga. He is pulled back up and both haste back to report to their lord.
  14. narbilu

    Hembrugga (free build)

    At the request some fellow Avalonians, I present: Hembrugga: an elven settlement at the far corner of Hemresa. This settlement splits the Enchanted Forest from the Mystic Islands to mainland Avalonia and is considered a strategic home for all those fey that want easy access to both worlds. overview east wall gates west wall great hall
  15. Roadblock Book II - Challenge II – Category B the complete story The disturbing news of Vessla and Okänd means we have to act fast. Nar’Bilu sends out a reasonable sized legion, under command of Vidkvist, to the road ahead, where the closest exit of the tunnels to Hembrugga surface. Long enough to hold back the Drow and give the elves time to reassemble. The other scouts have reported that the Drow are merging their armies above and under the surface to clear the way to the Enchanted Forest. Nar’Bilu fears a massive slaughter soon to come. When Vidkvist and the elves have taken position and formed a defensive formation, a large amount of Drow exit the dwarven dwellings and surface the bitter sun, they hate so much. They must be eager to conquer Hemresa. Will the elves be able to hold them back long enough? the drow rush through the corridors the elven archers form a defensive position around the exit the blademen and eagles await the drow stampede
  16. The journey to Hembrygga Prologue Nar’Bilu and his worthy friends sit around the table in his tent, judging the progress of Bow’s Arch and discussing strategy against the upcoming threat of the Drow. They leave the tent for chow. While the others eat, Nar’Bilu takes the time to stroll around the building sites. The warehouse is finished, dwarves stoutly work and protect this facility. Nar takes the time to make small talk and get status reports with the dwarven elder. He thanks the dwarf and heads to the seaside, where a group of half elves inhabit the fishery. At the time Nar’Bilu arrives, a full load of the fattest fish is pulled ashore. Another full week of fish at the dinner table. “It’s better than just berries”; Nar’Bilu thinks. The delivery of meat is thin, common folk is just scared to travel great distances. Afraid to be ambushed by the vicious Drow. The third building site Nar’Bilu visits, is the most important one, for the moment. The start of the main gate and it’s walls. All craftsmen are momentarily at these grounds. It is important to finish this, before the black spread of Drow arrive on our beloved Hemresa. And recent reports tell us they are not far. They have reached Hemgång already. Back at chow, Nar’Bilu was exactly in time to fill one final plate of food, before all was consumed. With a piece of burned fish hanging from his lips, two guards arrive with a third party. A hooded man, holding a sealed letter from Lord Simon in his hand. Nar’Bilu recognises the seal of the Avalonian Great Lord, so the guards are dismissed and the hooded man is welcomed at the table. A few scraps are shoved on a plate and handed to the messenger. In return he hands Nar’Bilu the letter, which he takes with him to his tent. Again he and his loyal servants take place at the table, when Nar’Bilu folds the letter open: Loyal Avalonian Lord Nar’Bilu of Hemresa, It is no news that the Drow have invested Avalonian mainland, and it seems that they are seeking passage over the shortest landpath to the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately that is Hemresa. Only in a few days time they will reach your Southern Tower, as you call it. Protect it with your life, the life of your followers and even the lives of any farmer, fisherman or other craftsman you have available. Go immediately with every available soldier to protect the path into Avalonia. Sincerely, Grand Lord Simon Leaving for The Southern Tower The dwarves are ordered to stay and protect Bow’s Arch, while every possible half-elf and elf with bow and sword is summoned to travel with Nar’Bilu to the east. A procession of uncountable green suited soldiers march past the building site of Bow’s Arch heading to The Southern Tower. The high pace covers a lot of ground and before dawn the outlines of the tower show above the mountain, which it is build against. At the end of this path is a passage into the mountain, into The Southern Tower. Every step they come closer the building rises, but the dark silhouette doesn’t fade away. Nar’Bilu sends two scouts ahead to check the situation. It felt like only moments later, when one of them return. Tears roll down their cheeks and almost breathless they try to explain that a dark flag is raised over the tower. They managed to sneak in a secret entrance to investigate. But we are too late, Drow took the east coast of Hemresa. A large army within the walls and a small dozen ships lie not far from the shore. After a short deliberation, Nar’Bilu decides to head back to Bow’s Arch, to make sure the rest of the island will stay in Avalonian hands. He rallies the elves together and in a skirmished formation, the army of woodmen take a sidetrack through the rough forest of Hemresa. It will be less likely to be caught by surprise this way. As if the wind was on their side, the footmen progressed within a day time back to the building site. Already from a distance, a bright light rose up above the trees. A couple of dwarves crawled from a dark corner of a hill where the men stood still to evaluate. It is told that dwarves can’t cry, but that myth evaporates by the second the dwarf started talking, taking long breaths: Lord Nar’Bilu, the hour you and the longears departed, we were ambushed by surely a hundred dark skinned. They burned everything to the ground. We could hold the warehouse till sunrise, but they were with too many. Lord, blood was shed without remorse, all my brothers are killed. The few that were strong enough to survive the blows of arrows or blades are taken hostage, to become slaves. Lord, there is no way back to Bow’s Arch, there is no way back for Avalonia. We are heading for the shores, in the hope to find a Mitgardian merchant ship without being slaughtered on our way there, so we can find refuge in the save mountains. Godspeed m’Lord. The few surviving dwarves head back to the hill they came from and shelter in the cave it offers. Nar’Bilu and the elven commander stick their heads together: Nar’Bilu: Commander Vidkvist, we are betrayed, the messenger led us away from the only possibility to stand ground on Hemresa. We must retaliate. But a hundred may not be impossible to handle, but it is useless to fight our way through, if the possibility arises that only a few of us will stay alive to keep Bow’s Arch. One way or the other, we must gain numbers before we can claim back what is ours. Any suggestions? Vidkvist: Maybe, but I’m not sure if you are going to like the idea. You have to surrender to the high elves of Hembrygga. Hembrygga is the settlement between Hemresa and the Enchanted Forest. The royals may not like half-bloods like yourself, but they dislike dark-bloods even more. The elven arrows at their disposal can darken the horizon. Their armor is as dragon skin and their swords make dwarven steel feel like butter. But most important of all, they will do everything to protect the Enchanted Forest. Nar’Bilu: What is the real catch Vidkvist? Vidkvist: The royals will claim Hemresa upon victory. A long cherished wish. Hemresa is full elven treasure. Like the magic vein we found under Bow’s Arch, there are many flowing under our island. Are you willing to give up your lordship for the sake of Avalonia? Nar’Bilu: I’ll think about diplomacy on our way there... lead the way. Both the Lord and his commander inform the troops of their initial plan. The elves are thrilled, the half elves a little less, but still happy to find a safe haven. Hembrygga WIP for Category C Nar’Bilu and a reasonable army of elven, half elven and elfling followers travelled to the gates of Hembrygga, a settlement ruled by the four kin of Yggdrasil. Four elemental mages who protect the passage from Hemresa to the Enchanted Forest. Trädgren Lord of woods and flora (the oldest of the four) Jordsten Lord of rock and earth Djurkalla Lord of land, sea and sky fauna Brunnbölja Lord of sea, lakes and streams From the pathway rises a wall of trees, stone and towers. The only way into the facility is by ferry. The small boats are steered by dedicated elves, who judge and check every passenger they lead into the walls of Hembrygga. By the sight of the small regiment the elves bow towards the Lord of Hemresa and offer him and one guard the ferry. The lord is welcomed inside, brought directly to the leaders of this fortress. Nar’Bilu: (bows) Thank you for receiving me Trädgren: Of course my lord, what is it we can do for you? Nar’Bilu: I am in need of assistance, the Drow have reached the eastern borders of our beloved Hemresa. Some have already been spotted on land. It will not take them long to realize this is the main road to the Enchanted Forest, when travelling by land. Jordsten: What do you exactly need, my Lord. Nar’Bilu: There are some strategic points where we can cut them off, sending them back to the dark caves they came from. But I fear our numbers are too low, too many farmers and craftsmen with swords and too little skilled soldiers. I would like your army to my disposal to drive the Drow back. The four take a minute to debate, but need not much more than that. Trädgren: On one condition you will get access to our military resources. There is a second struggle going on in Historica. A much greater struggle. Petera and Dugal are going to war. We are opposers of Petera’s ideas of how to govern Historica and Dugal has approached us to send reinforcements also. In order to avoid being biased, we really don’t want to choose sides. No elves of us are being send to the battle field. Nar’Bilu: So you want me to send a legion of my troops in your behalf, without them knowing it’s on your behalf. So when the other side wins, you can deny being participants. Clever. Brunnbölja: I agree. Will you do it. Nar’Bilu: I will send a small legion to the Wither Woods. But I need forces much larger. Trädgren: You will have our army to your disposal. Our blades, bows, eyes and beasts. We will help you cleans Hemresa. Nar’Bilu: Thank you, I will assembly a legion to head up north. The five say goodbye and will meet up later today for strategic means. Nar’Bilu heads back to his legion, who are still waiting outside the walls. Together with his second in command, they select a small group of soldiers and a suitable commander to help Lord Dugal. Nar’Bilu shakes the hand of Vidkvist, they settled this without the fear of losing Hemresa. At least not to the elven lords. - link Narbilu sends out four teams of his best scouts to every corner of Hemresa to map the Drow activity and report back before day’s end. Losing the dwarven tunnels - link Book II - Challenge II – Category A Vessla and Okänd are the two half-elf scouts who are send out to investigate the forest to the south. As swift as their feet can haste them through thick thorns, dense foliage, over rocks and streams they map the area. Little activity of the dark blooded are in these even darker woods. Until they take a minute to chow. They overhear the whisper of a language they are not familiar with. Alerted they try to find where the sound is coming from. Not far from where they were taking their brake a large hollow tree functions as a ventilation shaft of one of the larger dwarven tunnels leading in every direction of Hemresa just ten feet under the grass they are standing on. Fortunately the hole is big enough for a slim half-elf, Vessla being the smallest of the two was chosen to ascend. Okänd can hardly hold the line, but together they manage. Lowered into the tunnels, Vessla is just in time to watch a small army of Drueggar heading to the west. Only a couple of hours away from Hembrugga. He is pulled back up and both haste back to report to their lord. Roadblock - link Book II - Challenge II – Category B The disturbing news of Vessla and Okänd means we have to act fast. Nar’Bilu sends out a reasonable sized legion, under command of Vidkvist, to the road ahead, where the closest exit of the tunnels to Hembrugga surface. Long enough to hold back the Drow and give the elves time to reassemble. The other scouts have reported that the Drow are merging their armies above and under the surface to clear the way to the Enchanted Forest. Nar’Bilu fears a massive slaughter soon to come. When Vidkvist and the elves have taken position and formed a defensive formation, a large amount of Drow exit the dwarven dwellings and surface the bitter sun, they hate so much. They must be eager to conquer Hemresa. Will the elves be able to hold them back long enough? The Battle for the Enchanted Forest - link Book II - Challenge II - Category C Unfortunately the numbers were to big to hold them back long enough to prepare for battle. Nar'Bilu heard a disturbing sound. Screeming of elves, breaking trees and battle cries filled the air with a terrifying thunder. The war started. A massive monster under the control of a dark mage, tore hole in our walls enabeling the drow to breach our lands. When our walls were beaten, darkskinned blademen entered Hembrygga killing the frontline of our defence. Nar'Bilu rushed to the battlefront summoning every swordsmen he had available, pushing the drow back to the field. It took only a few minutes before the field was covered with bodies, from both sides. But the drow did not expect the Hemresa Legion... they thought they would fight only elves. Hundreds would die, but the forest entrance was saved. We were victorious.
  17. Floating Tower The ground started to shake, green lightning springs upon two wielding staffs. The druid, Lynrem, casts a spell pulling a tree from its soil and taking it for a journey to the battle fields. Tree, roots, the surrounding wall and the offensive soldiers behind that wall all float to the front line, where the bloodshed is about to start. If you need detailed shots of the structure, please PM me...
  18. Foldable Ballista Together with the small legion, Nar’Bilu arranges for a foldable ballista. The device is easy to transport and perfect to handle within dense forests as well as on the open field. Only two men are necessary to operate it.
  19. Ch II - Prologue - Dark times - Uprising Word is received from Lord De Gothia's messenger that in every corner of Avalonia the drow activity is growing. So Nar Bilu decides to place scouts on every corner of Hemresa. It doesn't take long for one of the scouts to spot the drow... and he is startled by how close they are. The small island east of Hemresa, calles Hemgång, is invested by the dark skinned damned brothers of the elves. And they are gaining ground and approaching Hemresa fast. When the scout hastes back to report his findings to his commander, the commander in her place rushes to Nar Bilu. She, the dwarven commander and Nar Bilu gather around the Avalonian map just outside his tent to evaluate the situation and restart all plans on the construction of the new settlement. The also forge a new strategy on how to deal with the drow. A messenger was send back out to Lord De Gothia and Simon with the new born plans... A second messenger was send to the lords of the Enchanted Forest in the hope that they are willing to send extra support to Hemresa, the most important road between them and the main lands.
  20. Bow’s Arch Foresters (Hemresa) Finding a location Bow’s Arch Quarry The dwarves did their part on the large rock to the east. A crew of elves under command Killian started collecting and cutting down wood. Large logs are piling up, ready for construction. Killian made a pact with his earthly deity that he would never let the size of the forest shrink. Two of his apprentices channel their magic to the tree stumps. Green leaves and small branches almost instantaneously sprout out of the fresh stumps. Bow’s Arch Storage I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credit (APPROVED): certification: agriculture (logging)
  21. narbilu

    HSS: Bow's Arch Quarry

    Bow’s Arch Quarry (Hemresa) Finding a location Nar Bilu, Gideon and the diplomats, talked all night about strategy, city planning and the benefits of the location. The plan was finished by dawn. Wig Glin and his crew of dwarves started at first sun. Stout dwarves sweating for days. Already after a few days one fourth of the big rock on the east side of town was cut down upgraded to stone bricks. Enough stone to build a fortification. Enough tore down for the city plan of Bow’s Arch. Bow’s Arch Forresters I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credit (APPROVED): Trade & Law - manufacturing
  22. Bow’s Arch Fishery (Hemresa) Finding a location Bow’s Arch Quarry Bow’s Arch Forresters Bow’s Arch Storage Now that the construction is up and running, defences are acceptable and the races of Hemresa have joined forces the next priority is to become self-sufficient. A small farm just ahead supplies crops in different forms, which suits the elves but can never be enough for the dwarves. They need meat, in whatever form they can get it. A couple of half elves made a strong building at the corner of town, at the shore of the sea. It seems that not only the lands are fertile, but also the waters in this region overflow with life. The minute the half elves start fishing, the nets fill themselves without much effort. They use whatever necessary, even magic, to stock up and fill our warehouse.
  23. Challange II - The road to civil war - new leadership - arrivals It is hard to tell if the residents of Hemresa are satisfied with the new leadership. However, it seems it does not disencourage them so far. Everybody works hard to build and protect Hemresa, and thus Avalonia. A still disturbed Nar Bilu was called to the edge of the forest near the location where Bow's Arch is being build. The construction is taking longer than planned. The elves made some sort of platform. They helped him on top so he could get a good view of the area. Loud noises of cheering came from the road ahead. To his joy a caravan of small carts arrived. Craftsmen, soldiers and complete families he recognized from all over Avalonia came to help build and inhabit this new town. Humans of Albion and Hemresa Elves of Hemskog Dwarves of Hemkulle And even the half elves of Mount Raven (Nocturnus - challange I) All came to help out the new Lords of Avalonia to protect their beloved lands of the dark clouds hanging over Historica.
  24. The town of Bow’s Arch (Hemresa) In the early days of the Civil War, which started in Nocturnus, Nar Bilu ordered the start of a new order within the Hemresa Legion. He foresaw that, if he survived all the local wars, he needed an army worthy of the final battle. In the meantime this army could give support to everyone who is in need and loyal to our cause. Till the last penny, Nar Bilu is prepared to invest in this town. He will donate these buildings to the best of their trade, he could find in Hemresa or Albion, who are willing to follow his course. He consulted his friend Gideon and Rogueang for the best strategy. He even got Gideon to help with the architecture and planning. The recent drow activity and the rumours that are spreading gives Bow’s Arch a high priority. Bow’s Arch is highest priority, we have to find a secret location, suitable for our plans and finish before the drow reach our borders. The constructor, who made his posts in Albion, was the first to arrive at the Southern Tower. Only hours later Gideon also arrived. Both were summoned to Nar Bilu’s quarters. The three men searched the Hemresa map for a suitable location. It has to be remote and kept secret until Nar Bilu is ready to reveal it to the rest of the world. Fortunately Hemresa, being a Mystic Isle, has enough of these. The basics are put on paper, location… check, number and architecture of buildings… check, city planning… check. Now it’s time to recruit some blue collar and put this project in motion. Nar Bilu, Wig Glin, Yillia d’Nathill together with Gideon, Killian his loyal druid and enough craftsmen are to leave by morning to find a suitable corner of Hemresa to start building the town of Bow’s Arch. Val Kyri was send out to track down, capture and sentence Robin Rascal. By dawn all commanders, with an escort, left the Southern Tower in different directions to perform their tasks. (sorry Gideon - I made you a fleshie) After a day’s travel Nar Bilu’s party arrived at the designated location. Then the druid tapped his shoulder and whispered something in his ear. The druid had sensed a vein of natural magic close by and advised to build right on top of it. Second advantage of this spot was that it was near water and solid rock. Nar Bilu consulted the whole night with his party. In terms of warfare, defence and commercial value, plans are ready. The only thing now stopping us is the lack of qualified people. Nar Bilu already sends out Yillia d’Nathill to recruit the best of the best. This village has to become the birthplace of legendary archers. The location was hard to find, somehow magic seems to hide itself perfectly. Which will come in handy for our secret project. Nar Bilu only informed Rogueang of his plans, but not the location.
  25. Bow’s Arch Storage (Hemresa) Finding a location Bow’s Arch Quarry Bow’s Arch Forresters The dwarves did finished their first job taking down one fourth of the large rock to the east. First priority is that we can store the raw materials, building equipment and rations somewhere save. With the help of everyone available, a storehouse is finished within a week. ground floor 1st floor For the eye a small warehouse, but nothing about that is true. A dungeon like labyrinth of caves dwell within these walls. Enough storage facility to hold food and materials for over a hundred good men. To keep thieves and other shadows of the dark away and the progress of Bow’s Arch save, the dwarves made some defensive possibilities on top of the warehouse. Now we are ready to really start our town. I like to claim the following University of Petraea credit (APPROVED): Architecture - wall techniques (wooden walls)